What is The Most Expensive Perfume in the World?

Can’t decide on a present for someone who has everything? If money is no object a British company may have the answer - a $215,000 bottle of the world’s most expensive perfume.

A limited edition of the Imperial Majesty version of the fragrance called No. 1, which comes in a 500 ml (17 fl oz) Baccarat crystal container adorned with a 5-carat diamond set in an 18-carat gold collar, are available for the holiday season.

Created by British luxury company Clive Christian, it has been named the world’s most expensive perfume by Guinness World Records, CNN reported.

“The price included delivery in a Bentley,” Madalyn Bielfeld, a spokesperson for Guinness World Records, said referring to the luxury car.

Only 10 of the Imperial Majesty bottles have been produced and must be ordered in advance, according to the company. In the world of perfumes, there is nothing so luxurious, so truly special as Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty. In 2006, Clive Christian decided that for his very special customers he would offer 500ml of his No 1 perfume in the most exquisite bottle that he and the master glass blowers at the grand old French rm of Baccarat could devise.

Imperial Majesty: How much is it?

The fragrance is priced at $2,150 an ounce.

When creating and designing perfumes Clive Christian always strives for quality over quantity. Clive Christian is the world’s leading independent Perfume House who has a long-standing tradition in creating the most exquisite perfumes on the market, channeling its British heritage in every drop and scent. Imperial Majesty Perfume is, however, its so-far most luxurious and splendid product ever made.

Photo CNN
Photo CNN

Imperial Majesty: Why is it expensive?

This perfume is considered to be best perfumes for men and best perfume for the women too. But the thing is, not many men and women can buy this perfume.

The reason behind its price is that it is made with quite expensive things. First of all the body of Clive Christian Imperial Majesty Perfume bottle is made from crystal.

Yes, real crystals, and not just any crystals, these are hand crafted crystals. It has a five carat diamond on it and the collar of this perfume bottle is 18 carat solid gold. Now you know why it is so expensive. Plus when you order it, you will get a delivery in a range rover.

That's actually not as crazy as it sounds. There is a glut of new fragrances being dumped on the market from not only perfume makers and fashion houses, but also celebrities and movie stars--many of which scents have a shelf life as long or short as the celeb who introduced them. From Paris to Britney, there were over 500 fragrance launches in 2005 alone. Feeling overwhelmed, people are not buying more perfumes, but they are willing to spend more on ones they like. According to The NPD Group, a Long Island-based market research company, the U.S. fragrance industry grossed $2.8 billion in sales in 2004, the last year for which annual numbers exist, up only 1% over the prior year.

"If you look at the fragrance market, the category has been fairly static in terms of growth. It hasn't grown enormously over the last few years," says Paul Austin of Quest International, a fragrance house that has collaborated with such iconic brands as Hermès, Yves St. Laurent, Christian Dior and Karl Lagerfeld.

"A lot of women now go to a perfume shop and say, 'What's your newest perfume--the one that you haven't shown anyone? I want it no matter what it costs,'" says Virginie Morel, a spokeswoman for the International Fragrance Association, which has offices in Brussels, Belgium and Geneva, Switzerland. "Fragrances from the big houses have been tested a lot to please the most amount of people, and women don't want to look like their next door neighbor. Do you?"

"If you get a niche perfume, you won't smell like anyone else," she adds. "There's a demand for unique things, and it's a fact that people are more willing to pay."

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Imperial Majesty’s design: The perfume of Clive’s heart

Clive Christian celebrates the Guinness World record for the world's most expensive perfume (Anthony Devlin/PA Wire)
Clive Christian celebrates the Guinness World record for the world's most expensive perfume. Photo PA Wire

The bottle itself is of nest polished crystal and in the 18 carat gold collar, there nestles a five carat white diamond. So precious is the bottle that just ten of them were made. Seven were snapped up by private collectors and the remaining three tour the world as part of Clive Christian’s special collection. As for the perfume itself, all Clive Christian’s fans know that he considers his No 1 to be the best of the best and he calls it “the perfume of his heart”. There is no greater tribute.

“We designed it with the concept that price didn’t matter, just put in the very best that you can,” said Clive Christian, the creator of the fragrance.

For shoppers whose budgets don’t stretch that far, a cheaper version of the scent, a mix of exotic ingredients including Tahitian vanilla and aged Indian sandalwood, is also available for $2,350 for a one-ounce bottle at Saks Fifth Avenue. The upscale department store will also sell a less concentrated spray for $865.

“For me, perfume is the absolute ultimate luxury,” Christian said.

The first time this perfume that looks more like a jewel than a fragrance was manufactured was at the request of Queen Victoria of England. It is said that some people used to wear it on top of their clothes to show off the bottle of this exclusive essence. Its value is €205,000 and the fragrance of 170 roses is needed to make a drop of this perfume. Although its bottle can no longer be purchased, its essence can be found in Harrods.

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