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Who is Afshin Esmaeil Ghaderzadeh?

Afshin Esmaeil Ghaderzadeh is an Iranian guy. He has been in the news because he was declared as the world’s shortest man on Dec 14,2022.

How tall is Afshin Esmaeil Ghaderzadeh?

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At 20 years old, Afshin Esmaeil Ghaderzadeh from Iran is the new world’s shortest man living, with a height of 65.24 cm (2 ft 1.6 in)!

In fact, he is almost 7 whole centimetres (2.7 in) shorter than the previous record holder, 36-year-old Edward "Niño" Hernandez from Colombia.

In order to make sure the measurements were correct, Guinness World Records arranged for Afshin to fly all the way to our Dubai office, where they measured him not once, not twice, but three times in 24 hours!

"Continuing treatment and my son's physical weakness are the main reasons why he stopped studying, otherwise he has no mental problems," Afshin's father said.

Afshin Esmaeil Ghaderzadeh's Childhood

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Afshin grew up in a small village in Iran. When he was born he weighed 700 g (1.5 lb), and has grown now to be almost 6.5 kg (14.3 lb).

Afshin’s parents lost two children before he was born. Afshin is their only child.

Life hasn’t been easy for Afshin, especially since he couldn’t go to school due to his size. However, he is very happy to have recently learnt how to write his name.

Afshin, struggles to use a mobile phone because it is too heavy for him, was unable to attend school due to a physical weakness. However, he is delighted to have recently learned to write his name.

"Phones in general are heavy to use for a long time, yet I still manage,' said Afshin. 'I know who the Tallest man living in the world is. I might fit in the palms of his hands."

Afshin cannot travel around the village alone, and he is always accompanied by one of his parents. While he can actually walk, he sometimes prefers being carried.

He is very kind, outgoing, and popular with the neighbours and friends in the village. His parents and community all call him ‘Mohamad’.

What are his hobbies?

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He loves watching cartoons and his favourite is Tom & Jerry – although you might think he’d be a fan of tiny Jerry the mouse, Afshin actually prefers Tom the cat!

Afshin can’t really play any sports, but he loves to dance, especially to Iranian Kurdish music.

Afshin is a big soccer fan – his favourite players are fellow GWR record-breakers Cristiano Ronaldo and Iran’s former national captain, Ali Daei.

Unfortunately his size precludes him from taking part in any sports. Afshin also loves to sing and dance and he’s quick to show off his footwork when he hears his favourite Iranian Kurdish musi

As a child, he was not lucky enough to have owned any Guinness World Records books, but he says human-body related records have always been his favourite.

How did he feel when being named shortest man by Guinness World Records?

“Just thinking about being part of the Guinness World Records family is like a dream.I struggle to believe it sometimes. It is like you wake up the next day and the entire world now knows who you are. That’s magical!”

He said that what he likes the most is the attention he gets from people. “It makes me feel special,” he explained.

"This global recognition might help me achieve my dream.”

According to Afshin, his family often struggles to fund enough for his living expenses, medication and therapy, therefore he is hoping that his current status as the world’s shortest man will be beneficial.

Reactions from others

Many YouTube users congratulated the young lad after the Guinness Book of World records shared the video of Afshin being measured. Many wrote their views in the comments section wishing Afshin a happy and healthy life. Some of them even guessed that Afshin had a kind and generous personality.

Who are other world's shortest men?







54.6 cm (21.5 in)

Chandra Bahadur Dangi

Chandra was declared the shortest human adult ever documented and verified, measuring 21.51 in (54.64 cm). Height confirmed by Guinness World Records.



57.0 cm (22.4 in)

Gul Mohammed

Guinness World Records verified Mohammed's height at 22 in (57 cm). He was the shortest man ever verified up to 2012, when he lost the title to Chandra Bahadur Dangi.



59.9 cm (23.6 in)

Junrey Balawing

Former shortest living man in the world, measuring 22.0 in (56.0 cm), verified by Guinness World Records in 2012.Balawing became the world's shortest non mobile person following Chandra's death in September, 2015 until his own death in 2020.



65 cm (26 in)

István Tóth

Shortest man claimant, was said to be 26 in (65 cm). Verification by Guinness World Records needs to be checked. István died in May 2011 at the age of 48.



67 cm (26 in)

Khagendra Thapa Magar

Khagendra was the shortest man in the world until 2011, when he became the'world's shortest mobile man. Guinness World Records has since made multiple categories for World's shortest.... Khagendra died in 2020.



67.5 cm (26.6 in)

Lin Yü-chih

Yü-chih is listed as the World's shortest non-mobile man living, a title he has held non-consecutively since 2009.



70.21 cm (27.64 in)

Edward Niño Hernández

Named the shortest man after Pingping died in March 2010, at 27.64 in (70.21 cm), but lost the title in October 2010 to Magar.Edward re-gained the title of World's shortest mobile man living following Magar's death in 2020.



73.43 cm (28.91 in)

Dor Bahadur Khapangi

Confirmed shortest living teenager (Male) by Guinness World Records.



74 cm (29 in)

He Pingping

Once officially verified as shortest living man (mobile) at 29 in (74 cm), until death in March 2010.

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A grown-up or someone taller than you to help you

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A measure tape

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Step 2: Stand against the wall making sure your legs are straight, arms are on the sides, and shoulders are relaxed.

Step 3: Your helper will now use the book to form a right angle with the wall, while touching the top of your head.

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That’s your height!

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