Top 5 Most Dedicated Zodiac Signs, Accoring to Astrology
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Check out this article to find out which are the most 5 dedicated zodiac signs!

Dedication is a quality we all look out for in each of our relationships. Whether it is our friends, siblings, partners, etc. loyalty is something that helps us trust them and rely on them.

Let’s face it, you haven’t really had the chance to get to know your partner well enough, so you’re asking yourself the biggest question – are they devoted?

In astrology, Saturn rules our discipline, responsibility, and, you guessed it, dedication. For instance, if you have a fixed sign placement (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) in Saturn, you probably have a proclivity to dedication like no other.

If you’re not one to back down, even when the going gets tough, then you’re likely one of the most dedicated zodiac signs.

1. Scorpio

Top 5 Most Dedicated Zodiac Signs, Accoring to Astrology
Photo: Martha Stewart

Maybe relationships aren’t their strongest suit because Scorpios lose their temper over small stuff and it takes a long time for them to trust someone, not to mention they are jealous as hell.

But when it comes to being devoted, you can count on Scorpio being there for you until their dying day. Once you gain their trust, you’ll have it forever.

Even if they no longer love you, they will stick by your side for as long as you need them. If someone goes at you hard, even if you’re guilty, you can always rely on them to have your back.

You take dedication to a different level, Scorpio. You’ve earned a name for being a deep feeler, and that sentiment isn’t lost on your ability to sustain an undying devotion to others. “You’re ruled by Pluto, the planet of rebirth, which asks for a deep look into our desires, passions, and emotions,” says Quinn. “Wonder why you have a reputation for being the most sexual sign? It’s part of your devotion to the evolution of self.”

2. Cancer

Top 5 Most Dedicated Zodiac Signs, Accoring to Astrology
Photo: Martha Stewart

There is one bad thing about Cancers and that is they are prone to gossiping, but that is only because they can’t stand confrontation, so they vent behind your back.

Regardless of that, Cancer is a lifetime partner. The one thing that differentiates them from Scorpio is that they enjoy commitment.

If you’re in a relationship with a Cancer, you can be sure they will always be by your side – As the saying goes – for better or for worse!

The only reason why Cancer takes second place on the list of most devoted zodiac signs is that Scorpio will stay loyal to you even if you are not so close anymore, while a Cancer’s protectiveness will stop with the ending of the relationship.

You're pretty much dedicated to saving the world, which makes you come across as this great, caring person. It's another thing you dedicate yourself to: the image of being a great person. Saving the world's a cool idea, but only if you get to take credit for it.

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3. Leo

Top 5 Most Dedicated Zodiac Signs, Accoring to Astrology
Photo: Martha Stewart

Leos are always misjudged and wrongly accused of being selfish all the time, including in a relationship.

Although, it’s true that they may appear as arrogant and self-centered and that is not far away from the truth.

They enjoy the spotlight and all the attention they can get. With all of this being said, when it comes to a relationship, Loes are completely different.

When Leo falls in love, they are ready to share all their attention and centerstage with the person they love. They will defend that person with everything they’ve got.

When it comes to people they love, they are not afraid to show their claws and become overly protective.

Leo, you’re known for your warm-heartedness and loyalty, and that’s why you’re one of the most dedicated zodiac signs. “You give devotion to those closest to you in return for attention and praise,” says Quinn. As a fixed fire sign, you’re all about staying power and are motivated by passion, which means you know how to keep the spark alive in your closest relationships (romantic and platonic), or while striving to reach your highest goals.

4. Taurus

Top 5 Most Dedicated Zodiac Signs, Accoring to Astrology
Photo: Martha Stewart

Taurus will be devoted to you for as long as you are together. It will never cross their minds to cheat on you, not even in their wildest dreams.

The reason why they are not higher up on the list is because of their jealousy. Even if they will stay devoted and never cheat, it’s possible their jealousy will trigger them to accuse you of cheating.

Other than that, you’re lucky to have a Taurus in your life. Once a Taurus loves you, they will love you forever. They will use every second of their free time to spend it with you.

You are truly dedicated to love and connection. While it's easy enough for you to float through the world in a seemingly detached way, you know that in your heart, what makes you stay, what keeps you interested is in the idea of really connecting with another human being.

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5. Libra

Top 5 Most Dedicated Zodiac Signs, Accoring to Astrology
Photo: Martha Stewart

Libras have it in them to be committed to their partners for good. It’s in their nature to love for eternity. The biggest problem they have is their indecisiveness that always stands in their way.

Usually, it wouldn’t be a problem to stay devoted, but most often they are not sure if they are being faithful to the right person.

Other than that, Libras are more than capable of loving and staying committed, they just need to figure out whether they are committed to the right person.

You are dedicated to your own pleasure. And in order to keep this self-pleasuring on lock, you must also dedicate yourself to keeping track of all the lies you give out. So, between the continuous need to make sure your lies don't come back to bite you, and your desire to take photos of your genitals 24/7, you're one of the most dedicated signs of the zodiac yet.

Each zodiac sign comes with its own special interest (or two, or three), and depending on the sign, the dedication that is required can either be full speed ahead or "I'll see you when I get there." Either way, what each zodiac sign is dedicated to depends on our cosmic settings. Astrology gives us different experiences of what it's like to be dedicated and to what.

Our dedication can be devout or casual; disciplined or lazy. But when we get into something enough, it starts to become a part of our lives. We become defined by that which we dedicate ourselves to.

Look at sports stars. A lifetime of dedication to their sport allows us to know these players as excellent, masters of their skill. They are one and the same as the sport they participate in.

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