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Endowed with a great emotional capacity, nothing escapes these astrological signs. They are able to sense events before they happen and it is impossible to fool these zodiac signs: lying does not escape them. Photo: KnowInsiders

Ever get a “feeling” that something is…off? Or someone’s energy just doesn’t sit well with you? If your gut is usually right, then you might be gifted with the power of intuition. You’re not exactly Phoebe Halliwell (hey, we can’t all see the future), but your sixth sense is so on point, your friends think you’re psychic. While we’re all equipped with the power of intuition to some extent, some people’s antennas are a little more attuned, which could have everything to do with their zodiac signs.

Check out the three most intuitive signs to see whose ability to sniff out the B.S. is written in the stars.

#1 Cancer

Photo: Higher Perspectives
Photo: Higher Perspectives

Cancerians always come at the top of the list. They are highly intuitive people who can sense something instinctively without any reasoning. And that is why people feel comfortable also talking to them because Cancerians can understand other’s emotions without any explanations.

Cancers are extremely intuitive of not only their closest ones – friends or family but also of complete strangers. They somehow just know how a person is and what is basically going on in their heads at a particular point in time.

Ever the nurturer, Cancer is a homebody who likes things that are cozy, comfortable and familiar. So, when there is even the slightest change in behavior, Cancer notices. It could be in the subtle ways you didn’t hold her hand or the way you said, “Hi,” without making eye contact. No matter how big or small the change is, you better believe an intuitive Cancer has already picked up on it—even if you never uttered a word about it. Had a bad day?

Dreading a phone call? The crab can read the writing on the wall as clear as day. Good thing, though, because Cancers also happen to be the best sign to lay your emotional conundrums on—they can easily relate and are ready and more than willing to let you pour your heart out.

#2 Pisces

Photo: Higher Perspectives
Photo: Higher Perspectives

After Cancerians, it would always be Pisceans who are the true intuitive people. They mostly follow their intuitions to create something. They just listen to it and something unusual is created. So, they don’t really need any outer sources for their inspirations. They are sensitive people who get their creativity from deep thoughts.

Known for their empathic strengths, changes in the atmospheric energy don’t make it past this water sign. Whether you’re secretly obsessing over that one mistake you made at work or you’re not over a particular argument, Pisces are so in tune that they can tell something is wrong before you even realize it. This water sign is also ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, so it’s no surprise when—for better or for worse—they dream about something long before it happens. Pisces are known to be moody, and while that’s often fueled by their desire to be alone, sometimes it’s actually because they’re picking up on the energy around them.

They will listen to the voices in their head whether the voices have something to say about you or the person whose petting those voices in their heads. You can’t really pretend too much before a Pisces. They have sharp inner eyes that will catch pretense in no time.

#3 Scorpio

Photo: Higher Perspectives
Photo: Higher Perspectives

Scorpions are the lie-detectors. Whatever you do to hide something from them, they will sense it anyway and get to know that you are lying. So, it is impossible to hide something from Scorpions due to their intuitions. They are always self-aware and nobody can’t fool them.

Though widely known to be secretive and mysterious about their own lives, Scorpios are ironically masters at sniffing out everyone else’s deepest, darkest secrets. Scorpio intuition is more about vibes, so often times they can sense trouble brewing before it even nears the surface. Think long and hard before you tell your Scorpio friend you’ve reconciled with your on-again, off-again boyfriend for the millionth time. She might reveal some deep truths you are not ready to hear just yet. And don’t even bother lying to a Scorpio, they’re naturally inquisitive, so any inkling that you’re withholding information and you’re immediately persona non grata.

Scorpio too like Pisces is very intuitive. However, while Pisces is more intuitively inclined towards creative prosperity, Scorpio is intuitive with regard to other people in the sense that Scorpio is extremely paranoid and distrustful and so they are mostly on their toes always prepared to not step on a lie. Scorpios can sniff a lie from a distance.

You don’t have to lie in words. They’ll know you’re faking it without your having uttered a word. If you invite them to your house without meaning to, no matter how sweet the invitation seemed to the others, a Scorpio will instinctively know where it’s coming from. They’re reading you from head to toe, watching your actions, your facial expressions and everything that there is to notice in order to accurately read someone’s mind.

#4 Libra

Photo: Higher Perspectives
Photo: Higher Perspectives

Librans are intuitive and always aware of what’s happening around them. They will notice the intricacy of a situation and try to protect themselves. And due to their positive approach towards life, they can also stay optimistic sensing the consequences of a situation.

Libra is self-aware just as Cancers and also a little more. It is because that Libras are self-aware is why they can sense what’s in their way and whether it’s positive or negative.

They are extremely intuitive and also very aware of the intricacies of life. They know what’s happening and why it’s happening after all but they will not fail to remain optimistic in their mindset and in their approach toward future endeavors. Libra will see through the bright side of things when it seems to others as though they’re in deep mud. It is only because they are aware of what’s in store and have decided to take an optimistic approach toward it.

Libra also has the ability to realize different perspectives thus having the ability to outdo arguments among third parties.

They are very aware of their surroundings, feelings and thought processes. Their intuition is a blessing in disguise, especially during critical situations where their views are highly important. They have the ability to see and understand things when others can’t. They remain calm and evaluate the matter very carefully.

#5 Virgo

Photo: The List
Photo: The List

It is the only sign that is not part of the Water signs yet to be one of the most intuitive. Virgo relies a lot on what they feel to make decisions. Very attentive to detail, this Earth sign is overly vigilant and has blind faith in their intuition. The astrological sign of Virgo is able to notice what no one sees and spots every peculiarity that could betray the emotions of others. Her instinct pushes the Virgo to guess the intentions and it is therefore impossible to hide them from her.

This character trait is also one of their worst flaws. Virgo being very curious, everything seems mysterious to her and she must constantly find what is behind each situation. But it is also what allows him to flush out every lie at the slightest suspicion. With her sharp eye, it is practically unthinkable to surprise her: she will easily find out what is going on behind her back.

They are very critical and analytical of their surroundings. Other people may think their action has gone unnoticed, but Virgos always have a keen eye on noticing the little things. When faced with a situation, they try their best to keep their cool and come to a conclusion that affects everyone’s decision.

Now, you have a basic idea of how psychical each of these zodiac signs can be. If you fall under one of these zodiacs then you can use your capacities to your best advantage, now that you’re aware of it and the others who don’t fall under the category will also have a deeper understanding of the people they are close to, who fall under these signs.

Let’s make this even more interesting. Why don’t we share a few of our experiences relating to how our intuitions have come into play in different situations of our lives? Share at least one experience each (if you remember having one) in the space provided below and we shall get back to you with our responses.

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