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The perfect girlfriend doesn’t exist. That’s a fact. But there are some women of the zodiac that are naturally great at being in a relationship.

Going by astrology, the zodiac sign that you were born under has an influence on your life, including your love life. Haven’t you heard your parents say, ‘You are a true Taurean/Libran’ or whatever sign whenever you do something that best describes your star sign? So going by this general belief that stars have some influence, we have listed down 5 zodiac signs that make the best girlfriends.

1. Pisces

Feminine, imaginative, sensitive, and emotional are just some of the traits of an amazing Pisces, so it’s no wonder she rightfully owns the first place.

She has romance incorporated into her DNA, and she makes simple, everyday moments into sweet and extraordinary ones. There is not a boring moment to be spent with her.

Her sympathetic nature is her worst and her best quality at the same time. She is always there for people she cares about, especially for her significant other.

Sadly, she often doesn’t get as much as she is giving. She often gets hurt because she is too good for this world.

She has a higher understanding of life and love. That’s why she needs a man she can connect emotionally as well as physically with. She won’t settle for mediocre love. That’s why she will definitely end up marrying her twin flame.

Pisces women are extremely gifted at giving love and they spare nothing to make sure you are happy. They have a very lovely side to them that is based in creativity, and part of that goes to the kind of children she wants to raise with you.

While moody, if you come to understand the nuances of your Pisces lady, you will unfold a flower of immense beauty and understanding. Pisces women are loyal and intelligent.

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2. Sagittarius

A friendly and easy-going personality plus a positive outlook on life make a Sag woman a dream come true for any man.

She is positive energy herself, and she always chooses to look on the bright side of things. She is the support and light in the life of her man.

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Certain aspects of our personality are critically analyzed to determine whether we are compatible with a person or not. Photo: iStock

She is proactive, takes things into her own hand, and makes an adventure out of every moment. She is not afraid to try out new things in and out of the bed.

She is a social person and loves to hang out, so she has no problem with giving a man enough space to hang out with his friends because she needs the same space herself.

She values quality over quantity. That’s why she makes sure the moments she spends with her significant other are memorable.

If you like never knowing where you stand, then, by all means, marry a Sagittarius woman. These women are outstanding, as long as they get to do what they want.

Sag women are wonderful partners, as long as you can roll with their kind of weirdness, and weird they are. Then again, if you CAN roll with their weirdness, you’ll find yourself in a marriage that is close to perfection.

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3. Libra

Love, kindness, and mutual respect are the three cardinal things Libra expects in a relationship, and she is not wrong.

Without them, there is no relationship worth being in.

She is one of the most understanding girlfriends out there. She always puts herself into her partner’s shoes before making judgments.

With Libra, there are not many fights or conflicts which at first glance seems like a great thing but essentially it’s not. While the male side appreciates that there is no unnecessary nagging and bitching about every little thing, Libra doesn’t mention the big things either.

She lets the resentment of all the days that her partner made her nerves irritated bottle up, and once this bursts, it ain’t pretty. Libra should learn to deal with problems as they come—immediately and promptly. Silence makes things worse.

She is warm and cuddly, a great listener, an amazing friend, and a passionate lover. She is surely one of the best girlfriends of the zodiac.

This is the sign of the zodiac that brings forth the nicest people of them all. And that goes doubly so for the women. They are dynamic thinkers and have long term goals in mind that will inspire you as well as excite you.

You will never be berated by a Libra woman as she gets what she wants through kindness, rather than through manipulative means. Libra women love sex and romance and are willing to experiment.

4. Capricorn

The fierce Capricorn woman always has her man’s back even when he is not around to hear. She would go above and beyond for him and do the impossible to make things work.

When she has a boyfriend, she has a boyfriend. There are no backup plans or other options. She knows no other way but to be loyal.

She fully invests in a relationship, makes efforts, plans fun dates, makes sure her partner’s needs are met and that he is happy.

Whether you’re an ambitious Aries or a dominant Leo, every person has a “someone special” waiting for them and the right time. Photo: MENSOPEDIA

Sadly, she doesn’t always pick the right man. She is giving so much, and all she wants is some of it in return, but she has a hard time getting just that.

The lucky man who knows how to reciprocate her love and efforts will have the time of his life with this girl.

In her opinion, both people in the relationship should be happy and fulfilled for the better part of the time and go through difficult patches together. She isn’t asking for much, is she?

Running a household, business, and kids is tough stuff, but doing that while maintaining a happy marriage is the kind of stuff that only a Capricorn woman can do with great finesse.

When you marry a Capricorn woman, you marry into order, schedules, and on-time payments. This is a very organized woman and while she’s a devil between the sheets, she’s an accountant on the streets.

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5. Gemini

It’s a well-known fact that a Gemini woman can talk a lot. That’s why it won’t come as a surprise that her communication skills are her greatest asset relationship-wise.

She believes that talking things through is the best way to shield the relationship from misinterpretations and false assumptions. Thus, fights get more easily solved.

Her talkative nature makes her fun to be around. She is open and sociable, smart and versatile, so there is hardly any topic she is not familiar with.

Of course, she has to be with someone who appreciates and admires her just the way she is and who knows that the only way to seal her lips is with a kiss.

She doesn’t like monotony, and she likes to bring some newness into the relationship as well as spice up things in the bedroom.

Gemini women are some of the most loving and supportive individuals you’ll ever meet. She is creative to a fault and will provide you with great loyalty and affection, but she truly is a representative of The Twins, as the zodiac goes, and you may not ultimately like “her other side.”
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