Top 5 zodiac signs who rarely forget and forgive
Top zodiac signs rarely forget and forgive. Photo: knowinsiders.

Which zodiac signs rarely forget and forgive according to astrology?

When it comes to people, there are several zodiac signs in astrology who are born in horoscopes and often have trouble letting their bitterness go, have trouble forgiving people and constantly hold on to grudges. While some find it easy to forgive and forget, other zodiac signs would rather move to another planet than let go of things. There are some zodiac signs out there who will hold a grudge against you until they die and even then, there's not a guarantee that their icy shoulder will thaw out at all.

Read on to know more about our top 5 star signs who are salty and can never forgive.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Holding It Against You Comes So Naturally To Them

Scorpios have high expectations when it comes to humanity. So when you wrong a Scorpio, you will have to stay away from them as much as possible until they forgive you. While they have the ability to forgive people, they will always be disappointed in them. Scorpio won’t utter a word about the time when you wronged them but their face will always give it away.

Scorpio will hold a grudge forever... and then some. She might seem like she's being unreasonable, but in reality, she's just protecting her heart from anything bad. She's the kind of zodiac sign who works hard and loves harder, so when she gets into a really nasty argument with someone, her immediate response is to give them the cold shoulder.

They never forget when someone hurts them or breaks their trust or just wrongs them. They tend to obsess over such negative emotions and tend to get vengeful. They hold grudges and moving on isn't very easy for them. For them letting go is a long and hard process and it leaves behind some scars and they simply have to find their own way to heal.

Top 5 zodiac signs who rarely forget and forgive
Scorpio zodiac sign. Photo: Knowinsiders.
One of Scorpio's biggest fears in life is to forgive the wrong person and let them hurt her for a second or third time. Even if you and she have known each other for years, her first response will still be to hold a grudge, just so that she can protect herself from anything negative and heartbreaking. It's not always the right response, but Scorpio doesn't care.

Whatever Scorpios do, they do it wholeheartedly, be it loving you or hating you! If they love you, they will go to any lengths to make you happy, but if they hate you because you have probably broken their trust, they will make it a point to make your life a living hell!

As a Scorpio, there's no need to pretend that your negative emotions don't exist. But addressing them in a healthy way might help you let go of grudges so that you don't have to carry that negativity with you. Talk about how you're feeling to a trusted friend or mental health professional so you can feel more at peace about the situation.

Scorpios put passion into every single move they make. They put passion into loving you. Now? They're going to put passion into holding a grudge against you. This is the zodiac sign of transformation we're talking about here and they can easily transform their feelings of affection into feelings of disdain. To their core, a Scorpio is strategic and working two steps ahead of everyone else. If they already know you're not trustworthy, they're going to make damn sure you don't sidestep them ever again.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): They Will Never Be Able To Forget What You Did

Taurus will hold a grudge until she dies — and then maybe not even forgive you then. She is the least forgiving zodiac sign. If she had her petty way, she'd probably even add it to her will that she is still holding a grudge against you so that you can think about it for the rest of your life. In other words, Taurus is one of the biggest grudge-holders of astrology.

She's incredibly stubborn and hates being wrong, so she'll often hold a grudge just because you didn't agree with her that she's always right. When she does realize that she's wrong, she'll be adult enough to apologize, but if she truly believes she's right, you'll never hear her wasting her breath trying to clear the air with you.

Taureans are very cautious and they're the kind of people who will remember the mistakes you made and they will hold onto their grudges instead of letting go. They do it in order to be careful the next time around and they know better than to trust you after the first mistake you made. They won't give you a second chance to hurt them.

Taurus didn't get their reputation for being stubborn for nothing. A Taurus really took their time before they trusted you in the first place and if you break that trust, they take it very personally. After all, they worked so hard to be vulnerable with you that they feel stupid for ever having trusted you in the first place. The thing is, even if a Taurus wants to forgive you, it's so difficult for them to forget about what you did. It'll always be at the back of their mind no matter how much time has gone by.

Innately stubborn, Taurus men are also incredibly traditional, and so don’t let just anyone into their lives. It takes a lot for a Taurus guy to open up to someone, but when they do, they love with all their heart, and so expect the same in return. If someone they care about insults them in a fit of fury, the Taurus guy might be able to forgive them owing to the heated circumstances, but their bull-headed nature will have them bringing up those hurtful remarks, again and again, proving just how deeply words can cut. Insecurity is one of the biggest weaknesses of this sweet sign, and even the smallest insults can sting.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Rarely Forget And Forgive According To Astrology
Taurus Zodiac Sign - All things you need to know. Photo: Knowinsiders.

Trust is what the Taurus woman believes in above all else. For her, no relationship can function without a solid foundation of trust, be it friendly or romantic. She also has an incredible memory, meaning any slight or scuffle will be filed away in her brain, slowly chipping away at her impression of the person who wronged her. For that reason, rumours about herself are what the Taurus girl cannot forgive.

It’s no wonder you made it onto the list. You are the most stubborn sign of them all and you will hold a grudge forever. When someone steps on your toes, you will never forgive them. It wouldn’t be surprising if you had a little black book with names underlined in red to keep track of who did you wrong.

Actually, you want to forgive someone and accept their apology, but you are too stubborn and too proud to do sot. Once someone makes you upset, you can even step on your pride and accept the apology, but you’re never going to trust that person again. Taureans find it increasingly difficult to open up to people and if they do, they expect the other person to respect it and not break their trust. If a person does break their trust, then they do not ever forgive them and keep the pain of betrayal in their heart forever.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): They Feel So Hurt Because Of You, And It's Your Fault

Cancer is one of the more emotional zodiac signs, so it's common for her to get caught up in how she's feeling and let that dictate how she handles arguments and other things that upset her (rather than try to be logical about it). When she holds a grudge against someone, she can do it for years, especially if she doesn't feel like she got closure from it.

Grudges aren't something Cancer enjoys, but she'll hold a grudge against you out of necessity. She's really just trying to show herself some self-care by not giving in to people who have hurt her. She definitely wants to forgive you, don't get me wrong, but it's not being able to forget that leads to these years-long grudges. Cancerians are extremely sensitive souls, who experience hurt much more than other people. If you play with their feelings and let them down, they never forget it and can never forgive you, even if they want to.

Cancerian people have two sides to their personality. One side is caring and emotional whereas, the other is dominating and devilish. When a person happens to trigger the devilish side of the Cancerian by disobeying or quarrelling with them, he or she makes that person their sworn enemy. In such cases, they are mostly by the third party. Cancer is one of the most emotional zodiac signs. So, it is common for a Cancer to get caught up in how they are feeling, rather than trying to be logical about it. Thus, when they hold a grudge against someone, they can do it for years.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Rarely Forget And Forgive According To Astrology
Cancer Zodiac Sign. Photo: Knowinsiders.
They never forget how the felt and the emotions they experienced and that's what keeps them from forgetting about things, be it good or bad. Their memories may fade a little or they may bury it but they will never truly forget a bad memory.

Every single sign in the zodiac gets their feelings hurt. Then, there's a Cancer with their feelings hurt. Believe me, it's much worse. Cancers feel things so deeply that when you betray them, it digs so deep into them that it might never really heal. In their mind, kindness and loyalty are the most important things in the world and it's mind-boggling to them that you would let them down. They wish they could forgive you, but a Cancer has a crab shell and it's already protecting them from future harm.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Lying Is The Quickest Way To Destroy A Relationship

Virgo is known to hold grudges for months on end, but only when she deems it absolutely necessary. She's another one of those zodiac signs that will always try to work it out with you first because she's an adult and not a petty child — but when you don't get the hint, she'll give you the cold shoulder.

Virgo hates when anyone tries to compromise her integrity. She knows that she can be very intense, but that's just Virgo. She can get over most things pretty quickly, but if anyone tries to make her feel bad for the kind of person she is, she won't stand for it and she'll hold a grudge until you apologize sincerely.

A loyal sign through and through, the Virgo man expects the same from anyone who gets close to him. Like a few others on this list, this isn’t a guy who trusts people easily, and it takes a lot of work to get him to show his vulnerable side. Most of the time, he observes people’s behaviour, being the analytical over-thinker that he is, and when they’ve passed whatever scrupulous test he’s mentally arranged for them, it should be all clear. Because of that, lying or dishonesty is the deal-breaker for guys born under the sign of Virgo, because it shows them that they were in fact wrong all along.

For a sign that’s always so hard on themselves, it takes a lot for the Virgo man to be open to love and friendship, and lying is the quickest way to destroy a relationship with them.

The Virgo woman is a textbook headcase. She’s neurotic and anxious and so worried that what she’s doing isn’t good enough or appropriate or whatever that she usually ends up overcompensating, in gifts, apologies, or basically anything else you can think of. She’s a perfectionist, so she refuses to leave any detail behind and, while she’s incredibly hard on herself, she’s not exactly easy on those around her, either.

Thoughtlessness is something the Virgo woman will always hold a grudge about, because she thinks it speaks to how you see your relationship as a whole. She spent days searching for and buying the perfect gift for you for Secret Santa and all you got her was a scented candle? Yeah, she’s made a mental note of that for next time.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Rarely Forget And Forgive According To Astrology
Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: Metropolitan girls
They're known to have a good memory and they don't really forget things, be it facts or general knowledge or bad memory. You don't want to be on the other side when it comes to Virgos because they rarely ever forget and if they do, they'll find a way to refresh their memory.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): They Feel Safer Knowing You Won't Hurt Them Again

Capricorn is too bad at forgiving anyone for anything. But if you wrong them, after a couple of months or years, it will appear on the surface that they’ve forgiven you. However, they will keep bringing up what caused such strife in your relationship. They will take any and all opportunities to remind you of what you did that had hurt them.

Capricorn has had her entire life planned out since she can remember: get a sweet job (and be the boss), start her own family, have an amazing group of friends she can count on for everything, and never let anyone control her or manipulate her. If you're not a part of her plan, she will ice you out faster than any other zodiac sign.

Capricorn does not have time for negative people. She can hold a grudge forever because she does not forgive and she never forgets. More than that, though, she wants you to know that you can't just get away with hurting her feelings or upsetting her. It's a harsh sentence, but Capricorn knows that life is way too short to let people dictate her life.

People born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn are generally counted in the category who make sworn enemies easily. It is often that they come under the influence of the people around them which increases their hatred towards the person they don’t like. In most cases, money is the centre of dispute due to which Capricorns turn into sworn enemies. Capricorns believe in living a stress-free and positive life. So if you have wronged them, they will not think twice before cutting you off from their life and breaking all ties with you.

Capricorns are really good at remembering things even if it's birthdays and anniversaries but if it happens to be a bad memory they'll simply find a way to make peace with it and forgive you even if they can't forget it. If you find yourself in this habit of holding grudges, even when you don't remember why, try to pick up journaling about these experiences. If you have your own writing to look back on, it might remind you that the situation wasn't quite as terrible as you remembered, and that the grudge isn't worth holding onto.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Rarely Forget And Forgive According To Astrology
Capricorn zodiac sign. Photo: Metropolitan girls
Is there someone that you're deeply angry at, regardless of the fact that it's been so long since the incident with them occurred that you can't actually remember what happened? That's pretty typical for a Capricorn.

Capricorn is one of the most committed zodiac signs of all. They're not wavering on their opinions once they've made them. They're not thinking highly of you one day and then low the next. When their mind is made up, they're sticking to it, and if you've broken their trust, they've decided you can't be trusted. When you betray a Capricorn, they see it as an affront to their success and a toxicity in their life that must be removed. Why taste poison twice just to make sure it's really poison?

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