Top 5 Most Talkative Zodiac Signs
Let’s now know who all are the top talkative zodiac signs. Photo: KnowInsiders

From small talk to big ideas, humans love conversation. There are nearly seven thousand languages spoken in the world today (and that’s not counting those that grew out of fictional worlds, like Klingon or Elvish — we love to talk so much that even linguistic systems from stories catch on and become real languages).

In an astrology chart, the third house rules speech and communication, so you might want to see which zodiac sign rules that section of your chart. Look for your natal Mercury’s position, too. This planet is named after the god of eloquence and its location in your chart will show where your own gift of gab will serve you best. Don’t forget to check your daily horoscope, too, to see if you speak your mind today or just keep your mouth shut.

Here are the 5 most talkative zodiac signs who make it impossible for others to get a word in edgewise:

1. Gemini

Gemini is the chattiest zodiac sign

With Mercury, the god of communication and intellect, being this sign’s ruling planet, it’s only right that Gemini tops this list. An intelligent zodiac sign with a knack for adapting, a Gemini can talk for hours on any given subject with a stranger they meet early today. Their witty and diverse speech means that their conversations never seem forced, even with the most introverted zodiac signs and people.

Gemini loves to talk. Whether they are a deep conversation about his feelings are with a friend or talk about the latest ideas on how to save the world, the Twins just keep talking. They communicate with everyone: employees at the pharmacy, the people on the train, the chief and everyone else.

The first thing they need to do to get better - is to recognize that they are too much to say. If they are able to realize this, they will be able to deal with a bad habit.

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2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an enthusiastic talker

Sagittarius is undoubtedly one of the most laid-back zodiac signs but they spring to life in an instant if they catch wind of a meaningful conversation. This optimistic sign sees the best in life and is therefore easily fascinated by the world around them, leading to enthused and well-informed discussions. Once they get going, it can be hard to stop a Sagittarius mid-flow.

Top 5 Most Talkative Zodiac Signs
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Sagittarius is very worried when it comes to new people and new things, and it may become too talkative. Sagittarians feel all awkward pauses and easily fill this space with their own voice. They can be a bit annoying when they are in "joke mode" and try to make someone laugh. It seems they do not care, right time for their humor or not.

Sagittarius must become more sensitive to signals that emit people. If Sagittarius says, and other people in the conversation, just listen to with a faint smile, without enthusiasm, and they look bored, you need to step back and let someone else talk. A good conversation is a fact that a person says and listens.

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"Much talking is the cause of danger. Silence is the means of avoiding misfortune. The talkative parrot is shut up in a cage. Other birds, without speech, fly freely about" - Saskya Pandita

3. Aries

Aries loves an assertive chat

This fiery sign likes asserting their dominance and being the focal point comes with speaking first and the loudest. Aries is all about action and they often speak before thinking, which can occasionally lead to others taking offense around them. If they feel like their opinion is being ignored, this stubborn zodiac sign will simply ramp up the noise level until everyone has heard their point of view.

When Aries says too much, it becomes reckless. He tells people what he thinks, even when it is inappropriate. For example, if your boss is angry with you and your company does not have such relations with subordinates superiors when each other can say all that in mind, you have to leave your comments to yourself. But impulsive Aries and conflict - a bad combination, if the situation calls for prudence, diplomacy and tact.

The best thing to do is to Aries - calm, count to ten, take a breath and think, it is necessary to do to quarrel with a man.

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4. Leo

Leo is the master of assured chat

The center of attention and being talkative typically go hand in hand, especially when it concerns the demanding zodiac sign, Leo. When you speak with a Leo it can sometimes feel like you’re at a performance, waiting for them to finish so you can finally clap and give your opinion. Their confidence only increases as the audience gets bigger, with each laugh slightly inflating their ego.

Top 5 Most Talkative Zodiac Signs
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Leo likes to say. Remarkably, the Lions are not only fascinating speakers, but people really want them to talk. However, when you always give a platform to express their opinion, you can not feel that talking too much.

When Leo talks too much, it is because he has so much energy. Star predators can not remain motionless and silent for a long time to listen to others.

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I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers. - Khalil Gibran

5. Pisces

Pisces is a patient talker

As perhaps both the most tolerant and sensitive zodiac sign, a Pisces is more than happy to just listen to and observe the person speaking. They are very quickly capable of understanding and empathizing with others as natural empaths. Once given the platform to speak, Pisces will unveil all of their thoughts and advice they’ve been stockpiling while listening to you.

One of the most emotionally conscious signs, Pisces’ fondest wish would be for everyone to be able to read what’s in each others’ hearts without having to put it into words. Unfortunately, we’re not all natural empaths, so we need to use speech to express our feelings.

Pisces has a lot of feelings. If you give them an opening, they’ll tell you all about it... and then probably tell you all about yours, too.

How To Stop A Lot To Say

You may not even realize that talk too much - you can think what you say in the same way as an ordinary person, and do not understand that monopolize every conversation. When you are constantly talking about yourself, you show yourself selfish, vain and boring.

Perhaps you rarely talk about themselves and spend most of their time gossiping about others. There must be a balance between what to say much, speak little and have appropriate content for conversation.

Having the ability to seamlessly communicate with people is something that only a few have. Such people often turn out to be the most social, fun and extroverted. It’s a delight being around them! However, such people also turn out to be quite the chatterboxes as well. Some people may deem talkativeness to be an annoying quality while others may appreciate it for the honesty and openness.

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