Top 5 Best Dressed Zodiac Signs
From the classy Libra to the trendsetting Taurus, check out if your zodiac sign is among the most stylish. Photo: KnowInsiders

When it comes to dressing up, some people couldn’t care less about their clothes and feel that it is the personality that matters not the outfit. They feel that they are beyond such superficial things and don’t put in any effort in dressing up.

On the other hand, some people are always dressed up from head to toe and are fully aware of what they want to wear and where to wear it. They give a lot of attention to their accessories, clothes, and footwear and always dress to impress!

So here are 5 such zodiac signs who know how to dress well!

5. Gemini

Top 5 Best Dressed Zodiac Signs
Photo: Her Beauty

Give Geminis the most basic of clothing and wait for them to turn it into a style statement. They are neither too much nor too little, making their appearance look absolutely perfect and on point.

For Gemini people, less is more. They firmly believe in being minimal with their accessories and know exactly how to nail the “subtle negligence” look. They are always dressed to impress and don’t get too carried away with their fashion sense.

Gemini has extravagant style

Your quirky personality allows you to try new looks with varying degrees of success. If you're a Gemini sun Aquarius rising, you're the most forward-thinking personality in the zodiac.

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4. Aquarius

Top 5 Best Dressed Zodiac Signs

When it comes to Aquarians, they have the most delightful taste in fashion. Their looks and style speak for their personality and they can literally make any outfit look good. They like style which is evergreen and timeless.

Aquarians only go for the very best! They are always on the lookout for classy and chic accessories and clothes and prefer classic and simple fashion over loud and bright.

Aquarius loves avantgarde looks

All your outfits are thought out in advance, so there is no question of taking a random item of clothing from your closet. You can even advise your loved ones on style!

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3. Libra

Top 5 Best Dressed Zodiac Signs

Libras love fashion and they love to keep their sartorial choices flexible, practical and realistic. They love to give a classy touch to everything that they wear, making it a timeless striking statement.

People of this zodiac sign don’t go by the book when it comes to fashion. They don’t believe in following trends and instead, create their trends with their impeccable style and extremely high fashion quotient.

Libra treats life like a catwalk

You like to copy the style of the models of the big luxury brands. At Fashion Week, people could even confuse you with big stars.

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2. Leo

Top 5 Best Dressed Zodiac Signs

For this sun sign, treating themselves to looking good isn't much of a big deal. Their dressing sense expresses their personality and moods so they always dress up in a way to impress themselves. They let their sartorial choices speak for themselves.

Leo's are all for high-end fashion. They have confessed themselves to be shopaholics and are always aware of the latest trends. For them, dressing up is a way of expressing themselves and is all about showcasing their style.

You are an unconditional fan of fashion. You are always on the lookout for the latest novelties and always follow the trend. You live for new and exciting trends.

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1. Taurus

Top 5 Best Dressed Zodiac Signs

This zodiac sign has impeccable personal style and they always leave an incredible impression with their fashion choices. They can turn any piece of clothing into a statement striking number and we can agree here. They are the first ones to get their hands on the latest trends and pull them off like ace fashionistas.

Taureans can transform simple and basic things into high-end and are fashionable ones. They are blessed with an inherent sense of style and never go wrong in mixing and matching their clothes.

Taurus is stylish but relaxed

In public, you like to be at the cutting edge of fashion. But in private, you grab the first piece of clothing that comes along, to be comfortable in your cocoon. Comfort above all.

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