AQUARIUS Horoscope: Astrological Predictions for Beauty and Health
Aquarius Beauty and Health Horoscope

Aquarius Health and Beauty Horoscope

Aquarius is an air sign and this influences the thinking processes and nervous system. These areas need careful consideration if you’re to maintain optimum health and vitality. You need to keep a regular regime of work, play, sleep and dietary habits, and by doing this you will be able to maintain good health and enjoy a long life.

Aquarius rules the lower part of the body, particularly your shins and ankles. Proper exercise is needed to strengthen these areas, increase flexibility and maintain good circulation. Hat-ha yoga will perfectly meet all of the above criteria. Aquarians are known for their circulation problems, especially as they age.

You have an active mind and an intense desire to do a lot of work. This will undermine your vitality if you don’t have a balanced diet, and you could become prone to vitamin deficiencies in the B, C, and K groups. These are vitamins that can rebuild your nerve and skin tissue and make your bones much denser. This will also help you to overcome such things as osteoporosis in later life.

You might like to take a supplement of these vitamins to give you the building blocks of health and vitality. Other foods such as soybean products, bean sprouts, egg, wheat germ and white meats are all-natural sources of these vitamins. Because of your progressive thinking, a macrobiotic diet is something you could try, and quite likely with excellent results.

Aquarius Ailments: Skip the stilettos! Ruled by the ankles and shins, Aquarians are prone to leg issues and injuries. Varicose veins and heart ailments may also become a problem down the line.

Aquarius Strengths: Aquarians believe in doctors, but also believe in new age practices. Their ability to believe, and ability to truly connect their mind and body, can be beneficial to healing.

Aquarius Weaknesses: Sometimes, Aquarians forget that health issues can truly have a physical reason behind it, and may try "wishing things well" instead of consulting with a doctor.

Health problems associated with Aquarius

Ruled by Saturn, Aquarius governs body parts including ankles, calves, and arteries (of particularly legs). Arthritis is a common complaint of Aquarius. You are also prone to thickening of varicose veins, arteries, and claudication of the legs. Those born with Moon in Aquarius particularly prefer warmer climates as they age. You may experience eccentric issues such as a spasm that won’t go away. Always in high-strung mode, you need a lot of fresh air. A simple routine, regular healthy food, and enough sleep will help make major improvements.

Aquarius also rules the circulatory system, thus often subsides to circulation issues such as hypertension, heart problems, Peripheral Artery Disease, nerve damage, numbness, blood clots, diabetes, etc. If you are a woman, think twice before donning those stilettos, as Aquarius also rules the ankles, thus high heels may lead to sprains or fractures. Wearing ankle supports may help when hiking or running.

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Best diet for Aquarius

When it comes to diet, Aquarius eat and drink things more for a psychological pick-me-up than actually to satiate your appetite. Craving for coffee, teas, sweet snacks, all shows that you are rarely concerned with what your body needs and rather feed your mind through these. You can satisfy your craving for snacking with nuts, protein shakes, and low GI fruits.

Your nervous system, which is always in high-strung mode, needs a lot of B vitamins and omega 3 to keep you away from stress and the mental strains of life. Fatty fish, walnuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds are all good sources of omega-3 while a B complex supplement, which contains a balanced dose of all B vitamins needed, is also a good idea, provided you consult the doctor first.

Manganese is also beneficial to nourish the brain and its sources include hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, cashews, chickpeas, soya beans, and so on. Since you are prone to ankle and calves spasms and sprains, magnesium is a good mineral for you. Foods that contain this include sunflower seeds, cocoa, pumpkin, nuts, grains, and so on. In order to absorb the mineral better, you need fish, chicken, and meat.

Aquarius Health and Wellness: Long-Living and Active

Suggested activities for Aquarius

Aquarius always seek to stand out from the rest, which makes you shift from the center and get out of balance. If you feel that your freedom is being restrained, you behave like you used to in childhood, by being obsessed with food. You either eat too much or get obsessed with healthy eating. If you can relate to these tendencies, then you rather need to solve the problems and find out areas where you think you are being constrained than resort to food extremes.

Breathing exercises, meditation and yoga works well to calm your nervous system and over-worked mind. It helps you cope up with day-to-day stresses and reduce anxiety. Walking, tai chi, gardening, swimming are all exercises that will help relax your nervous system over time. Acupressure and acupuncture can also be used in this regard under expert’s supervision.

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The Top 10 Ways Aquarius Beats the Blues

Aquarius may seem optimistic, but little things can bring them down in the long run. Aquarians need to regularly tune into their emotional health to make sure they're running at optimal speed. Here, some ways to make sure Water-Bearers feel good.

1. Get outside: It doesn't matter if it's raining. No matter the weather, Aquarians find balance in nature.
2. Book a trip: Exploratory Aquarians love adventures.
3. Take a group fitness class: Sweat and socialization makes for a happy Aquarius.
4. Get lost in a crowd: Sometimes, it's better if an Aquarius doesn't know anyone. Just being around people and getting lost in eavesdropping on other people's conversation is enough to get Aquarius out of their own heads.
5. Listen to music: Whether it's an old playlist or a newly reinvented one, listening to music can help de-stress an Aquarius.
6. Doodle: It doesn't matter if the art is good or recognizable.
7. Take a nap: Sometimes, all you need is to daydream or dream everything away.
8.Try a flower tincture: Aquarians love new-age healing remedies, and gravitate toward herbal and flower remedies to fight the blues.
9. Make a difference: Whether it's working in a volunteer capacity or signing a petition online, making the world a better place always puts an Aquarius in a better mood.
10. Meditate: It's not easy for an Aquarius to sit still, but when they can, it's magic.

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