Top 5 Weakest Zodiac Signs According to Astrology

1. Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini is one of the weakest signs of the zodiac. This is due to the fact that such people cannot do without outside support. Because of this, it is quite difficult for them to take on new things, change their lives. Twins need people, this is the only source of their energy, and if it is not there, then life becomes much more complicated, even in usual matters. People, their support and communication is what Gemini needs.

Gemini is probably the weakest zodiac sign in everyday life. Their fickleness and mutability play tricks on them. Geminis lack staying power. They tend to never finish the job, preferring to stop halfway. In a critical situation, Geminis simply run away—they don't want any problems.

They can defend their opinions, argue with their superiors or prove their point to friends and colleagues. However, as soon as something leads them to disappointment, they immediately shut themselves away.

Very often, in difficult situations, Gemini are lost and can't find a way out. In such moments, they are forced to ask for help from people close to them. As a result, issues they need to face and tackle remain unresolved. Gemini is a very vulnerable and fragile zodiac sign. Although Mars is not formally in detriment in this sign, Mars and Mercury (Gemini's ruler) are enemies. Since Mars is the planet of action, it contradicts the mental energy of Mercury. These two planets simply act in different planes and diminish each other.

Gemini has all the advantages of the sanguine temperament type. They are sociable people who know how to make connections and make friends. But unfortunately, these qualities are not enough to become one of the most powerful zodiac signs in the financial and professional areas. Moreover, Gemini rarely plan purchases and act recklessly.

At the same time, Geminis are easygoing and outgoing personalities. However, they are definitely not competitive in terms of strength. They get tired of everything quickly, and they may give up at the slightest difficulty.

When it comes to physical, the twin sign might be susceptible to low immunity owing to unfavourable changes in its planetary positions. Rahu is in transit in Gemini’s house right now, which is why they need to be cautious right now and take charge of their health.

Include lots of Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables in your diet and focus on catching enough shuteye. Also, it seems like the astrological universe is asking you to put a little pause to your racing thoughts and practice some meditation. Remember everything else can wait, your health should always be your number one priority.

Poor Gemini is plagued by hay fever, colds, and coughs. When not bogged down with respiratory problems, gregarious Geminis speak with their hands and arms, often throwing their necks out of whack. The evil twin of the lively Gemini is nervous and negative. It’s not uncommon for Geminis to suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, insomnia, and nervous exhaustion.

Gemini rules the arms, hands, lungs and nervous system. This sign, in particular, must watch their stress levels. It's best to incorporate a meditation practice to manage anxiety, plus breathing exercises will be great for your vulnerable lungs. Take time to breathe correctly so that you can heal your body and mind. Calming foods like chocolate, berries, tea, salmon and asparagus are known to work wonders on mood swings. Meditation and a healthy lifestyle will soothe your aching soul.

Top 5 Weakest Zodiac Signs According to Astrology
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2. Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancers do not possess much willpower, character and energy, because they do not need it. They are submerged in their house, family hearth, comfort. All their efforts are spent on caring and paying attention to their loved ones. In addition, Cancers prone to be capricious and dramatic, which takes a lot of effort and energy. That's why Cancer is one of the weakest zodiac signs.

Vulnerable and sensitive Cancerians are often depressed because of their own weakness and helplessness. At such times, they try to rely on the help of others and the support of family and friends. However, left alone with their problem, they will do everything to resolve it with the maximum benefit for themselves.

In general, if Cancers spend their energy in the right direction, they can achieve great success. Of course, emotionality sometimes does not allow Cancerians to find the right way out of a difficult situation, but, at the same time, they try to learn from their mistakes.

Cancers are the most family-oriented, gentle and kind signs of the zodiac. They are always ready to help and support anyone. Especially, their children. Cancerians are strong enough to become rich and achieve their goals. Their weakness is to take everything to heart.

Cancers can become very powerful because they have many connections, have good and loyal friends, and have an entrepreneurial streak. They know how to present themselves, sell their skills at a high price, but they do not know how to spend money and do not like to keep up with the times, while this is very important for those who want to stay on top among the most powerful zodiac signs.

When it comes to physical, Cancer is ruled by the chest, the breasts and the stomach. This means take care of your torso. How? By exercising, and making your core strong. When your core is strong, all things become easier.

Also consider the foods you put into your body, as you may have a tendency to get stomach aches. Avoid spicy foods and consider a vegetarian diet. When in doubt, treat yourself to a cleanse, and don't forget the apple cider vinegar, cayenne and lemon juice drinks.

Depression is a common affliction among emotional Cancerians. To console themselves, Cancerians turn to food and often fight obesity, which can be depressing. Unfortunately, Cancerians are also prone to digestive woes, which are further exacerbated by overeating.

3. Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

At first glance, Pisces seems unusual and even strange to others. However, this is their main strength and peculiarity. In fact, these people always know what they want and achieve their goals.nThey rarely tell others about their plans and intentions, as they believe that they can achieve more solely by their own efforts. Even if something in their life did not go as they planned, Pisces will not be disappointed.

For a long time, they can dream, abstract away from reality and think about their future actions, because of which, eventually, they will be able to find a way out of even the most difficult situation.

In fact, Pisces simply adapt to their current situation and take the best of it rather than change their environment and break through. That's why we cannot say that Pisces is the strongest zodiac sign.

Despite the fact that Pisceans have a developed intuition and are endowed with magical abilities, it is difficult to call them strong people. Pisces is let down by excessive emotionality and dreaminess. They are very easily put off their stride. In a critical situation, they are lost because of their strong emotions. They can't look at problems objectively and sensibly.

They're used to things working themselves out, or everyone doing things for them. It's certainly not a sign of power. However, if they brace up and land on planet Earth, they really can do a lot.

These creative and very intelligent people lack motivation to become one of the most powerful zodiac signs. They often want to achieve something and become powerful, but they are too lazy to do so. They constantly find things to do that are more important to them than money and success. Proper prioritization can make a difference and help Pisces become powerful among other zodiac signs.

Top 5 Weakest Zodiac Signs According to Astrology
Although Pisces is one of the weakest zodiac signs, it is worth remembering that Pisces can fight back when they are highly motivated. Pisces is capable of making an effort, but they need a good rest after that. Their weak points are their feet and fragile psyche.

When it comes to physical, this is the sign of the swollen feet and bloated tummies. You are ruled by the feet and lymphatic system, which means you retain water and swell up very easily. Exercise will do you well as it will stimulate the air in your blood and allow you to process nutrients better.

Don't forget to rest! You're always on the go, and you need to listen to your body when it tells you to slow down. Avoid snacking on surgary sweets and stick to your goals when you change your dietary intake.

Enough with the salt! Put that shaker down. You don't need salt as much as you think, especially because that's at the heart of your bloated feeling.

Sensitive Pisceans often worry themselves sick. This isn’t difficult to do because Pisceans often have weak immune systems. If you’re a Pisces, you likely have corns, bunions, and athlete’s foot. If you don’t have these conditions, they may be in your future.

Besides, this water sign is well known for absorbing toxic emotions floating all around it, which wreaks havoc on its immune system. Dear Pisces, while staying informed and updated is a good habit, we suggest taking a pause from the non-stop consumption of coronavirus media.

Our advice would be to take extra precautionary measures to boost your immunity. If the lockdown has left you feeling down and out, we suggest video calling some friends and connecting with the people you love. You can also spend some time whipping out healthy meals for yourself. Trust us, it is therapeutic.

4. Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Despite their optimism, Aquarius can hardly be considered the strongest zodiac sign. They lack the energy and power to move mountains.

They do only what they like—only for this Aquarians have enough energy. There is a huge potential in Aquarians that they often do not fully reveal, preferring not to waste energy in vain.

The dreaminess of Aquarius allows them to strive for high ideals and, sometimes, unattainable goals. However, few people know that these representatives of the zodiac circle are very purposeful and strong in spirit.

If they understand that they need to say goodbye to the past for further growth and development, they calmly do so. And they are not afraid to start life from scratch. Sometimes, they do it too often and fail to build something stable. This is the zodiac sign of the permanent revolution. Sounds impressive, but, ultimately, this is not the quality of the strongest zodiac sign.

Aquarians are distinguished by their strong inner qualities, but for some reason they deeply hide them. Sometimes, Aquarians themselves forget what potential they have.

In fact, Aquarius often behaves like one of the weakest zodiac signs. The power of Aquarius is hidden and only manifests itself in a creative atmosphere. It is not so easy to unleash it, but there is something Aquarians can do.

Aquarians have all the abilities necessary to rank high among the most powerful zodiac signs. They have the right mindset, as well as all the necessary skills. In addition, they set themselves high goals—to make the world a better, more technologically advanced, safer place. Another secret of their success is that they grow all the time. They seek new skills and knowledge.

Top 5 Weakest Zodiac Signs According to Astrology
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The problem is that Aquarius is not practical enough to capitalize on all these positive qualities.

Aquarians are apt to be extremely graceful, though occasionally an Aquarian will swing the other direction and exhibit extreme klutziness. If you were born under the sign of Aquarius, you may have weak ankles and a map of varicose veins crisscrossing your legs.

The Water Bearer of the zodiac is also the water retainer. Aquarius rules the circulatory system and the ankles. This sign must absolutely kick the salt habit and try to eat less meat.

Because your blood is the most vulnerable part of your body, Aquarius, you'll want to supplement that system with plenty of water and fresh juice. You'll do good with temporary fasts as they will provide you with energy and a sense of power.

You are best when moving in an aerobic capacity, but don't over do it. Walk, but don't sprint. You need to be careful of those fragile ankles of yours.

5. Libra (September 23-October 22)

Libra is too kind and light to be a strong zodiac sign. They hate conflicts and avoid them in every possible way. But still Libra is not the weakest zodiac sign. It is better for them to stand on the sidelines and wait out the crisis than to act and solve problems.

Libras, by nature, are very soft, gentle, and attractive creatures. They simply don't have enough energy. It is nice to be near them. Libra is an aesthete. Libras love to look after themselves, enjoy quality things and appreciate comfort. This is the only way Libra can accumulate strength.

Representatives of this zodiac sign have a habit that does not allow them to reach the enormous heights and become the strongest zodiac sign: they always put things off or leave what they started unfinished.

Sometimes Libras need to pull themselves together and become more responsible, because by procrastinating they only waste energy in vain. When they take up a cause, they are ready to give their best, but as soon as they burn out, they stop taking action.

Libra, thought to be well-balanced as depicted by the scales, is anything but balanced, and being that they are ruled by the kidneys, skin, lower back and tush, they can expect things to run amok in the health department.

Acne is common, as are backaches and dry patches. Time to hydrate! Drink plenty of fresh juices, teas, healthful smoothies, Libra. Don't be afraid to get into self-care here. Your skin may regenerate, but if you want to look your best, that's going to depend on how much water you take in to your system.

People born under Libra can’t make decisions easily and are simply obsessed to look good. When manipulating, they’re acting like children and are more selfish. Because they’re hesitant, they’re also looking to increase their productivity by scamming others, from both a materialistic and emotional point of view.

Top 5 Weakest Zodiac Signs According to Astrology
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These natives are vain and always trying to be more efficient, but afraid of making decisions. For this reason, they may live a double life. Their promises are usually not kept and they often refuse to abdicate. As far as love goes, they’re dependent on others and capricious or vain.

While highly emotional, it’s also easy for them to become detached. When having to be loving and affectionate, if they’ve decided a situation doesn’t deserve their attention, they can become uninterested, which can make them blind to their surroundings.

Of course, you should not worry and take to the heart all of the above (crayfish, do not be offended), because your character traits depend not only on the month in which we were born, because different and internal and external factors influence their formation. But who knows, maybe this will help you to look at yourself from a different angle and change your life.
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