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We all make mistakes, and we do so with regularity. Some errors are small, such as, “No, we don’t need to stop at the store; there’s plenty of milk left for breakfast." Some are bigger, such as, “Don’t rush me; we have plenty of time to get to the airport before the flight leaves.” And some are crucial, such as, “I know it was raining and dark, but I’m sure that was the man I saw breaking into the home across the street.”

According to astrology, there are five zodiac signs who are the most stubborn of all. They have never admitted mistakes. If they decide to do anything, they will go to any extent to achieve that thing. This kind of stubbornness is good for your work or study, but sometimes it can affect your life.

Top 5 Zodiac Signs Who Never Admit Their Mistakes






1. Leo: They Always Want To Be The One In Power

They say the customer is king but you, my Leo, feel like royalty anyway! You take pride in having built yourself up. You are well-respected in your social circle and while one can call you humble, you become defensive when someone close to you claims you are wrong. Just for courtesy, you might let a friend believe they are right but with a partner or your close friends, your pride doesn’t allow you to show vulnerability.

Leos that are known for being fierce and passionate, hate to be told that they might be wrong. With a superior complex inbuilt in them, they often get offended when someone points out their fault and find it extremely difficult to accept their mistakes without getting butt-hurt.

As a Leo, you're the most stubborn of the fire signs, which can make you an incredibly loyal and passionate partner once you commit to a relationship. "The downside here is that their healthy ego can be hesitant to budge on previously formed opinions, because it's difficult for them to see their own fault or admit that they were wrong," Gmyr says. If someone is trying to show you that you might not be right, you might tend to view it as a personal attack, when they could actually be trying to help you out. Instead of assuming that their intentions are harmful, try to give the people around you the benefit of the doubt. Once you let yourself imagine things from their point of view, you might realize that there's a lot of truth to their position after all.

They think being wrong means they’re unworthy

For some conceding that they're fallible can evoke a deep psychological anxiety regarding “the risks or the consequences associated with loss or failure,” says Dr Sharp.

“I think the reason some can’t apologise isn’t actually because they don't like to be wrong, but because it’s seen as an inherent character fault,” he explains.

Dr Sharp says, for non-apologists the irrational need to be always “perfect” rules their ego and they feel their fuck ups are unforgivable.

“The difficulty in admitting failure largely comes from the unrealistic expectation that I should get it right all the time,” he says.

2.Virgo: Always the right one who does not make mistakes

People born under the zodiac sign of Virgo are perfectionists. They like to do things their way, even if it means they will have to put more effort into doing things themselves. So when you’ve worked so hard to build that kind of discipline and perfection, it’s hard to let someone tell you that’s not how it should be!

She always feels very confident about what she is doing and if something happens to go wrong, it is definitely not her fault. Responsible is the weather, the wind, the rain, the dog, the cat and anyone who did not do things exactly as she said. Forgiveness will be like admitting her mistakes and it does not suit her.

They don’t value the truth

For some people the fact is they “don't necessarily value truth and honesty,” says Dr Sharp.

“While I personally value truth and honesty what I've come to learn, which I find hard to understand but it's just a reality, is that not everyone does value those things as highly as me,” says Dr Sharp.

Taking political discussion as an example, the expert says some people who eat up the “fake news” propaganda might not value facts. When it comes to the truth the expert warns some people “will literally say, ‘I don't really care.’”

“They don't care about it because they value other aspects of what they're perceiving much more,” he says.

3.Scorpio: If They Don't Understand It, They Won't Try To

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Photo KnowInsiders

"Scorpio is the most mysterious, rebellious, and stubborn of the water signs," Gmyr says. Before you invite someone into your inner circle, it can be difficult to open up to them and say what you're really thinking, and you probably feel the urge to control your loved ones, which can make admitting your faults challenging. "Scorpio is a well of emotion," she says. So, if you know that you need to admit that you're wrong about something, make sure that you take the time that you need to cool down and get your mind to a peaceful place, so that you can have an empathetic, honest conversation.

People born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio are passionate individuals who are strongly opinionated. You may love someone dearly but if you believe something is wrong, it can make you lose it. In that moment, no amount of reasoning will work with you. They are wrong, you are right and that’s it. You feel too strongly about it and someone else’s opinion is not going to change it.

How a Stubborn Ego Can Impact Your World

In other words, saying, “Yeah, I messed up and I’m sorry” can be terrifying. However, stubbornly denying our own wrongdoing frustrates our peers, colleagues, family members and partners. In doing so, we cause people to grow distant and end up isolating ourselves. It also stifles our personal growth.

“Since underlying the refusal to admit one’s own mistakes is a fragile ego, our loved ones pushing away from us almost acts us like a self-fulfilling prophecy, confirming we are unlovable,” says Dr. Kaplan. “[Additionally, it] perpetuates the pattern of denial and psychological defenses being employed. By not admitting fault, we’re often not allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and let down our walls and defenses.”

She adds that when someone perpetually exists in a place of avoiding vulnerability, they hold on to feelings of shame, guilt and fear, which over time can take a toll on mental health in the form of depression or anxiety.

Conversely, Dr. Hafeez says, “Admitting we are wrong shows others that we are compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, and good listeners. It also shows that we are capable of being objective about ourselves and that we not ‘perfect’ or always right.”

4.Taurus: They Will Stubbornly Defend Their Position

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Even when all signs point to their position being the wrong one, a Taurus will stay loyal to their perspective. Being right is very important to this head-strong earth sign and they like being able to trust that they know what's best. Admitting that they're not right about something pokes a hole in their ability to trust themselves. If they're wrong about one thing, they have to consider the possibility that they're wrong about everything, which is completely and utterly terrifying for a Taurus.

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5.Aquarius: They're Unbelievably Strict In Their Beliefs

The earth sign Taurus is the bull which is a stubborn animal. Taureans are determined and persistent. They need to come to a decision on their own and nobody can push them to do it. They will be very cautious before making any final decision so that there won’t be any problem in future. Their stubbornness is a positive thing in a relationship as they keep trying to make the bonding better. Even for work or study as well, when they have an aim, they will keep trying to reach their goal. But Taurus people don’t like changes and will be very stubborn to not accept any changes.

The thing with Aquarius is that they have grand, sweeping beliefs that they take extreme pride in. They see their perspective as the perspective that's best for everyone and they take it upon themselves to enlighten all of mankind. If an idea conflicts with their's, they may see it as a threatening argument that interferes with their mission to heal the world. Thus, they'll do whatever they can to defeat it. The possibility that they might not be entirely correct on a subject could give them a total identity crisis. If they can't carry humanity on their backs and lead the way, who even are they?

5 Ways to Get Better at Admitting You're wrong

Dr. Kaplan says that we’re all born with the uniquely human ability to self-reflect. Therefore, we all have it in us to accept responsibility for our mistakes. Sometimes that skill isn’t nurtured, or we grow up in an environment where protecting the ego becomes priority number one. Still, with practice we can get better at admitting when we’re wrong. Start here:

Lean into the human condition: Dr. Kaplan recommends adopting this mantra and repeating it when you find yourself resistant to admitting fault: “I can admit I’m wrong because I am human, and we all make mistakes and I will still be loved in spite of this.”

Get introspective: Make a list of your flaws and ask yourself important introspective questions, says Dr. Hafeez. Good questions include: “Why am I afraid to be vulnerable?” “Do I have patience?” “Do I have anger issues?” “Am I overly jealous?” “Am I insecure?” “Am I selfish?” “What role did I have in a recent argument?” “How have my actions impacted others I care about?”

Ask for feedbac: “If it is challenging to personally take accountability for your mistakes it can be helpful to enlist those relationships in your life that are supportive, caring and willing to help,” says Dr. Kaplan. “While it may seem like a really big step to make yourself so vulnerable, just remember how it can open you up to the acceptance and deep emotional connection you need.”

Be open to critique: In cases of “blind spots,” — or when you’re not aware of your wrongdoing — it’s important to hear out others as they express frustrations or call you out. Dr. Hafeez says, “This skill involves taking the emotion out of the equation and looking at a scenario objectively and from the other person’s perspective.”

Enlist a therapist: Therapy can serve as a rocket toward personal growth. “Typically, people who have been through therapy have developed the skill set to be introspective and realize where their weaknesses lie and what their fears are,” says Dr. Hafeez. This process prompts a level of introspection that the average person cannot accomplish on their own.

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