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While streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have entirely taken over the world of TV viewing, it’s impressive that there are still free live tv streaming services available.

There are various reasons why many people prefer to stream television online. They can save money on cable costs, have a massive selection of free channels to choose from, and enjoy TV shows without any ads. Check out the list of 30+ best free streaming sites and services in Canada today.

What is Free Streaming TV?

Television can be costly, but with free online streaming tv, you can watch your favourite movies and series at no cost (or almost for free).

Streaming free TV shows online is “television programming that is free”. It comes in different forms: free-to-air, free-to-view, and free online streaming platforms or some sort of combination.

While all these options of free tv do not ask for a monthly subscription, free-to-air and free-to-view will require you to put down money on a decoder and set-top box.

But this is as far as your investment is required. You will now be able to enjoy every available digital tv and radio channels that are branded “free to air” as well as all free tv stations.

With TV services, you must purchase cable or satellite and sometimes for the channels you want. And considering the average person spends $52 on monthly cable bills, free streaming services in Canada can be very alluring.

How To Watch Free TV Shows In Canada?

Photo Privacy Savvy
Photo Privacy Savvy

To rejuvenate successfully, some people may need a whole week in the Bahamas.

For others, it may be as simple as shutting off all your devices and lounging in the sitting room as you binge-watch your favorite television series.

Maintaining access to your Direct TV, DISH, Comcast, ViaSat (or any other cable or satellite TV provider) can cost a ton. The amount adds up really quickly. That’s when watching free TV shows online comes to play.

Free tv shows streaming online platforms are different in that they do not need any created-for-purpose physical infrastructure. You just need to visit the service via a browser or dedicated app and you’ll have access to all the programming you love.

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Use OTA (Over The Air HD Antenna) To Stream Free TV Channels In Canada

Perhaps you’re not interested in any of the streaming services mentioned so far or still looking for more options.

You can enjoy a good number of free local channels by simply using an over-the-air HD antenna.

While purchasing the setup of this cheap plastic antenna is cheap, you must remember that this restricts you from free terrestrial channels.

Sometimes, you will be able to receive signals of channels from other areas.

The number of channels you get depends greatly on your location; as a general rule, city dwellers get better reception and more channels than those residing in rural areas.

Of course, a lot still depends on what kind of antenna you buy – directional or Omni-directional – or whether it’s placed indoors or outdoors. Regardless, most over-the-air HD antennas have a good reception range (50 – 80 miles on average) and can be purchased for as low as $50.

How To Set Up Free TV Shows Online?

For each free tv service, the setup may vary.

Some free tv platforms would require an HDMI cable; an HDMI-capable streaming device like the Fire TV Stick, the Android TV Box, and the Home Theatre PC, and a good remote.

Some free tv services require almost no setup; basically, just plug and play – or just play.

Either way, free tv setup cost will be nothing compared to what you would be saving by not using a conventional cable or satellite tv provider.

What are benefits of free streaming TV in Canada?

• It is entirely free for its viewers

• It is perfectly legal

• You can easily pause, forward or rewind in between shows

• Some streaming services allow you to download their content

• You can view some of your favourite shows in HD or 4K quality

How about downsides of free streaming in Canada?

Your selection of films and shows can be limited depending on the service

Sometimes you can only stream low-quality videos

Live games, especially sports, are rarely available

The best shows and films usually require you to pay

How do I get free TV in Canada?

Streaming free TV shows online gives you access to free TV in Canada using the platforms we have listed above.

Can I get free cable in Canada?

No. To get cable in Canada, you have to pay an installation fee and a monthly service subscription.

Where can I watch live TV shows online for free?

There are plenty of websites that will let you watch free online TV, like Pluto TV and Roku Channel.

Top 30+ Best Free Streaming Sites and Services In Canada Today

Photo Movie Binge
Photo Movie Binge

1. Youtube

Youtube is one of the best options for free content that you can find. Not only can you watch thousands of content creators, but you can also get access to a lot of movies and TV shows. It has a free version that you can access but it will have ads as most free services do, so you will have to deal with that.

The major network TV show catalog on Youtube is less impressive than you might want, but there are still some impressive names like Westworld, Euphoria, The Rookie, and more.

2. Roku

Roku is another interesting option but the one big caveat is that it isn’t readily available like Youtube. Instead, if you want access to Roku, you need to have a Roku device or Roku TV. Roku itself is free to access if you have either of those things.

As for the content library, Roku isn’t the most up-to-date platform, so it is best for a casual movie night or background noise. It is also ad-supported, so ad breaks will be there but they will be brief.

Can I Watch Sports On Roku?

The simple answer is yes.

Roku has access to over 170+ sports channels including NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, and beIN SPORTS plus health, fitness and yoga channels. Some are free and others require a subscription.

3. Tubi

Photo VidPaw
Photo VidPaw

Tubi is very similar to The Roku Channel, as far as TV and film offerings go. Like Roku, all of Tubi’s content is ad-supported, so you’ll have plenty of commercial breaks in between.

The upside of Tubi is that it’s 100% free and you don’t need to buy any special devices. You can watch Tubi on your smartphone, Amazon Firestick, Xbox, Playstation, PC, Roku app, or Apple TV app.

The content is mostly older TV shows, movies, and documentaries. However, there are some real gems hidden in Tubi’s vast library.

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4. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a great option if you want a huge content library. It has one of the biggest content libraries for a free streaming service. It is also 100% free and you don’t even need to register to watch. Simply open the site and start watching.

Of course, there are a few cons, such as a slow and laggy website that is due to the ad-supported nature of the platform.

Is Pluto TV Really Free?

Of course yes. Whether you choose to download the App or visit their site, you’ll not find any adverts or subscription package information.

You can be assured that you won’t have to key in any card details or bank details here. Also everywhere on their website, it’s mentioned “FREE TV”. You can see the FREE message even while watching Live Television on their website.

Pluto TV is positioned differently. It feels less like a content streaming platform and more like a content curation (recommendation) service.

What Channels Are Available On Pluto TV?

On Pluto’s free tv streaming platform, you’ll instantly have access to more than 100 live television channels. Also, there is also a good selection of online TV shows and movies that are already available online. You can download the Pluto TV App for the Playstore or App Store to instantly watch 100+ live channels on your smartphones.

Once you visit Pluto TV’s website – You’ll immediately notice two options right at the top center of the page which says – Live TV and On Demand.

Under Pluto Live TV – You have the following categories – Entertainment, Sports, News, Binge Watch and Explore. Again, each of these categories has live channels within. So pick the category and the channel you prefer to watch.

You can watch and stream Pluto TV on the web, using their mobile app, Desktop App or on your TV by downloading the app.

5. CTV

This list wouldn’t be complete without CTV. It is one of the biggest broadcast companies in Canada and it is undoubtedly one of the oldest. You do have to sign up to get access but you can easily and freely catch up with your favorite movies and TV shows. It also has American shows in its selection.

CTV is ad-supported but the website is quick and doesn’t lag, which is a plus.

6. Food Network

Sometimes you just want to look at the food being made and drool over it. Or maybe you are interested in cooking and want to learn new recipes or even draw inspiration. Luckily, the well-known Food Network is free to watch. Though, if you want access to full-length episodes, you will have to get a subscription.

7. Vice TV

Vice TV has gained a lot of popularity recently for its authentic portrayal of global communities, cultures, and its unbiased coverage of world events compared to corporate TV networks.

Vice TV is free to an extent, it offers access to full episodes, interviews, and clips but it doesn’t offer this access to ALL its episodes, interviews, and clips, so you will have to consider getting a subscription for that.

8. Kanopy

Photo Kent District Library
Photo Kent District Library

Kanopy doesn’t have TV shows, let us inform you right off the bat. It also has mostly movies and documentaries. It is somewhat of an educational platform, as it is supported by local libraries and colleges.

So, as long as you have a library card or a university login, you can access Kanopy. The plus side is that Kanopy being supported by local libraries and colleges means that it is ad-free and easy to navigate.

9. Crunchyroll

Of course, we couldn’t let the anime lovers feel left out. Crunchyroll has a huge library of anime TV shows and movies that you can peruse. They even have mangas and graphic novels available for access.

Of course, while most of their content is free, it is interrupted by rather intrusive ads. So, if you want to get rid of the ads, there is a paid tier you can upgrade to.

10. CBC Gem

CBC is one of Canada’s oldest broadcasting companies. Their cable TV channel is free to most cable subscribers. For those who’ve chosen to disconnect from cable, though, CBC’s online Gem platform is a great alternative.

You can stream all of your CBC favourites on CBC Gem, including CBC originals, documentaries, and kids TV shows. Like cable television, CBC Gem is an ad-supported streaming service. You can eliminate the ads by upgrading to their paid tier, though.

How To Tell If A Free Streaming Platform Is Legit?

A completely legitimate and free TV streaming service will only show content that comes without copyright limitations

Red flags to Avoid:

Streaming platforms that provide a perfectly legal service will never hesitate to publish verifiable and legitimate contact information, including their physical addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. If they don’t, it’s a big red flag.

Another major red flag is when the platform highly recommends using proxies or VPNs to view the content. Any legitimate free TV streaming service provider will not be looking to cover its tracks.

A free TV streaming platform with all the latest movies available in its selection, including movies that have just been released in the cinemas or are available on Blu-Ray and DVD

Most of these TV streaming services in Canada rely on running ads to generate income and keep their services free. If you see that the platform charges nothing and has no ads, you should consider other options.

11. Slice

If you’re looking for makeup tutorials, travel hacks, skincare routines, and fashion ideas, then Slice is a great place to go for inspiration. You won’t find major TV shows or movies here, but the content they offer is all very well done.

Slice’s goal is to, “Amplify emerging Canadian voices.” More than anything it’s an influencer platform that features videos and short films made by up-and-coming Canadian influencers.

12. HGTV

If you’re into real estate, house shopping, home improvement, or gardening, then HGTV’s free streaming service is a great option. Whenever I’m looking to get inspired and change some things up around my house, I can always count on HGTV to give me a creative spark.

You’ll be able to watch the same HGTV shows that you can find on cable. Most episodes will be posted online within 24 hours of the original cable TV air date.

13. CTV

CTV is one of Canada’s oldest and largest television networks and has been around since 1961. It’s one of CBC’s main competitors, and offers a wide range of Canadian and American TV shows, as well as a decent selection of movies.

CTV is a great way to catch up on your favourite shows (posted after the air-date) and also allows you to watch live TV, so you can watch with your friends and family.

There are ads, but the website itself is very quick and doesn’t lag, which we really appreciate.

14. Toronto City News

Top 30+ Best Free Streaming Sites & Services In Canada Today
Photo city news

Toronto City News has a free 24/7 live stream available to watch for free on their website. You can also watch clips of news that was streamed throughout the past few days.


• No subscription needed

• Free 24/7 live stream

15. Omni TV

Owned by Rogers, Omni TV is a multilingual and multicultural TV broadcaster in Canada. They have content in Arabic, Cantonese, Filipino, Italian, and more.

You can view live streams for free on Omni’s website by signing into your account with your TV service provider, as well as view the upcoming TV schedule online.


• The most multilingual and multicultural TV channel in Canada

• Watch live streams for free

16. BNN Bloomberg

BNN Bloomberg is Canada’s financial and business news network.

You can watch BNN Bloomberg Live by signing into your account with your TV provider. You can also watch 5 to 10 minute clips of BNN’s shows for free without logging on.

BNN Bloomberg is available online or as a mobile app for iOS and Android.


• Watch important clips for free without logging on

• Available for free with your TV provider

17. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video gives you one of Canada’s best streaming TV services and access to blockbuster shows like Mr. Robot and the Godfather.

Although it’s not entirely free to get the service, Amazon Prime Video has a free 30-day trial period, after which you’ll have to pay $9.99/month or $99.00/year.

No cable is required, and you can access the service using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can watch exclusive Amazon Originals, popular movies, TV shows, and sports.

18. Yahoo View

If you love Hulu’s services, you’ll definitely love Yahoo View.

Unfortunately, Yahoo View is no longer available, nothing to worry, they are coming up with something new. I’ll keep this article updated once that happens.

Of course, they’re more or less a brainchild of the free tv streaming service; but no one will raise an eye concerning that when you receive enough free content to not be bothered.

Yahoo View is a collaboration between Yahoo and Hulu to be able to compete within the free tv niche.

The involvement of Hulu makes it unsurprising then that this platform is focused heavily on television programming in lieu of movies.

19. TSC

TSC is Canada’s well-known shopping channel with various products that you can buy online or over the phone.

They have a free live stream you can watch on their website without signing up or paying for a subscription.

You can view on-air items and the program guide on their website with just one click.


• Completely free live stream, no subscription needed

• Buy products advertised on their website

• Cons

• As with any shopping channels, you may be convinced to buy things you don’t need

20. Crave TV

Many people call Crave (formerly Crave TV) the Canadian equivalent of Netflix – and with good reason too.

Crave isn’t a free service but speaking relatively, it might as well be.

In order to access Crave TV’s platform’s services, you will need to part with at least $9.99 up to $19.98 per month which is cheaper than most streaming platforms.

On the surface, it feels costlier than Netflix – Netflix’s subscription options max out at $11.99 – so why do we term it cheaper?

While Netflix offers a lot of content, probably the most robust streaming library on the planet.

21. Vice TV

On vicetv.com, you can watch a few free episodes of VICE’s most popular shows. As of this writing, they only have 2 full shows on their website.

VICE is streaming on MTV, MTV2, and Gusto during certain times and days of the week, which is listed on their website. There is no option to pay for a subscription.

22. TVO Kids

Traditional streaming apps can be a bit risky, as far as kids are concerned. One second they’re watching cartoons and the next second they’ve somehow managed to start playing an R-rated movie.

TVO Kids is a 100% kid-friendly, safe streaming site for children’s shows and educational content. The site is easy-to-navigate, lets kids watch live TV, and even offers some educational games as well.

23. Vision TV

Vision TV is a channel offered by most Canadian cable and satellite TV providers. If you’re already subscribed to Vision TV, then you can stream all past episodes, series, and movies on their website.

If you’re not a Vision TV subscriber, then you’ll still be able to enjoy a fair amount of free content as well. They offer individual episodes of some of their most popular reality TV series, dramas, and documentaries.

Most of their free content is a bit outdated, but it’s still good entertainment and can be watched without signing up for a membership.

24. CPAC

CPAC is your one-stop shop for keeping up with domestic politics. You’ll be able to watch keynote speeches, live coverage of senate and house meetings, and stay up to date with legislative news.

The nice thing about CPAC is that it’s all unbiased political news. You’ll be able to stream live speeches and hear first-hand political updates without the personal commentary you’ll get from mainstream news.

The only downside is that it’s all just news. CPAC doesn’t offer any entertainment-related content. It’s great for keeping up with what’s going on in our country, though!

25. TSC

If you love to shop, then you’ll appreciate The Shopping Channel. It’s as close as you’ll get to a virtual shopping mall. TSC offers live streaming content 24/7, showcasing the latest retail products.

They showcase fitness gear, jewelry, clothing, shoes, home products, electronics, and beauty products. You’ll be able to watch the hosts provide live product demonstrations, which is something that you won’t get while shopping online with Amazon.

Plus, TSC offers a lot of on-the-spot deals and price cuts, allowing you to save a bit of money on showcased products.

The drawback of TSC is that it’s all shopping-related content. However, it’s a good place to check if you’re investing in some self-care or need to buy some thoughtful gifts.

26. Crunchyroll

If you love anime and manga, then Crunchyroll will be right up your alley. The platform currently offers one of the largest selection of anime series in the world, along with award-winning films.

As a Crunchyroll member, you’ll also be able to access their vast library of manga graphic novels. This is a neat option for those who like to read the manga behind their favorite anime series.

Most of their content can be viewed with a free membership. You’ll just have to put up with ads and commercials. They also offer three different membership tiers, for those who want ad-free content. As a paid member, you’ll also get access to special deals and exclusive content.

27. Streema

Streema hosts links to live streaming from major Canadian news broadcasters, including CTV, CBC, CHCH, CP24, CPAC, and more. They offer both French and English-language news, which is nice.

Streema doesn’t offer TV shows or movies, and is solely meant for streaming live local news. You can also stream local radio stations as well, if you’re looking for some tunes or you want to listen to radio broadcasts.

One of the cool things about Streema is that you can view global news networks as well. You can listen to radio news in Mexico City, stream French news, or tune into daily news broadcasts in every major city in the world.

28. Freevee

Freevee (formerly IMDb TV) is an ad-supported streaming hub integrated into Amazon Prime Video. Its content is nowhere near paid Prime Video quality, but there are lots of movie gems available.

29. Crackle

Crackle was founded in 2004 as Grouper, but rebranded as Crackle in 2007. It is owned by Chicken Soup for Soul Entertainment. The company is headquartered in New York City.

Crackle is a free, ad-supported streaming service that offers movies, TV shows, and original programming. The service is available in 21 countries.

Crackle was one of the first streaming services to offer free movies and TV shows. The service has a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and original programming.

What We Like:

A lot of British shows that you won’t find on US TV

Classic TV series.

What We Don’t Like:

You may not be familiar with a lot of the content.

30. MUCH

MUCH Music is a channel that many kids in North America grew up with. They played all the latest music videos from popular artists at the time. Now, they’ve taken their channel online where you can watch free videos from popular shows like Wild ‘n Out, The Simpsons, Drunk History, and more! So, be sure to check it out the next time you’re bored!

What We Like:

The variety of videos that are offered

The fact that it’s free

How easy it is to access the videos

What We Don’t Like:

The quality of some of the videos

Some of the videos are only available in certain countries

Free Streaming TV Summary

Best for watching non-fiction and reality shows: Slice, HGTV, VICE

Best for watching popular and quality shows: Roku, Pluto TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV+, DisneyPlus

Best for watching sports: Sportsnet Now, DAZN, FuboTV

Best for watching news: Toronto City News, BNN Bloomberg, CTV

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