How to Watch Live NFL with Best Tottaly Free Sites
How to Watch Live NFL with Best Tottaly Free Sites

If you are a fan of the football NFL then you too might have searched for NFL streaming websites before.

NFL streaming sites are particularly those pages or services where you can watch NFL games, events online. It is not everyone can watch a live match on TV. Hence the need for NFL live streaming sites. You will find a diverse variety of sites on the internet. Some are totally free to use, while others are paid or free-trial. Some don’t even require registration or signup to watch their content.

The NFL (National Football League) has the right to broadcast football matches and does so on its website. You can also watch the matches on cable TV. However, how about people who cannot access both platforms or want to watch the live matches for totally free? There are complete free NFL streaming sites to tune into instead.

The streaming sites provide you with Live NFL streams. Services like Sling TV grant you access, but you’d have to pay for it first. We bring you totally free NFL streaming sites. Yes, we have the best websites to watch NFL games for free.

We have tried almost all types of websites, services, and apps that allow NFL streaming online for free and then came to a conclusion about the best ones.

If you are a fan of the NFL and often look for websites to watch NFL matches online without paying a single penny, then you should definitely try the websites mentioned below.

Editor Note - Totally Free Sites:

1.The best free NFL streaming sites that can be used to watch NFL games live online without downloading anything.

2.However, NFL free streaming sites typically are fraught with challenges. Thus, you will also find how to steer clear of the challenges of free NFL streaming sites no sign up.

3.Some NFL streaming websites are just clones and might ask you to submit banking or personal details. Instead of using such sites, we will recommend you to use free NFL streaming sites that are completely safe to use.

4.There are many illegal websites for NFL watching. We give you only legal sites below that will never give you any trouble.

5.Some of these sites also come in the app version, so you can also access them on your mobile devices by downloading those apps.

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Top 30+ Best Totally Free Sites, Pages, Platforms and Apps to Watch Football NFL Games Online

1.NFL Reddit Streams

The name says it all. NFL Reddit Streams is popular way to stream NFL. Reddit is not a streaming service itself but it sure is the biggest community platform maintained today on the internet. NFL streams is the official backup for Reddit NFL streams. Watch every NFL games free online in your mobile, pc and tablet.

There are a variety of subreddit page links that offer live streams of ongoing sports events around the world. These pages are curated as well for sports fans to get the best streaming quality. But most of the steaming links are unofficial here so you have to check the ones which are working and have not been blocked.

Link to the NFL free site:

2.Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a service provided by the Facebook platform that collates video content from a variety of sections into one spot.

Facebook Watch features a variety of sports videos, including American Football and other different kinds of sports.

Additionally, you can gain access to special content as well and common content across a variety of categories. To make use of this service, you must have an active Facebook account.

Link to the NFL free site:

YouTube NFL Channel

You should know that Nfl has its very own streaming site on YouTube that they use to upload various videos about the latest NFL matches so that you can be kept up to date with the current happenings in the world of NFL or the National Football League.

You would be provided with the most relevant information about any live football. The best part is also that you can see highlights, predictions, best moments, and other videos related to current and upcoming NFL matches.

Link to the NFL free site:


Top 30+ Totally Free Sites to Watch NFL: Without Paying & Signing Up
Free Site to Watch NFL - NFLbite

NFLbite is a streaming platform dedicated to offering NFL coverage for free. The users of NFLbite can watch any game and follow their favorite team for free. NFLbite is a hotspot for Reddit users and NFL lovers who want to catch the action without spending a dime. With its comprehensive NFL coverage, you get access to not just the live streams but also news and feature stories surrounding each team.

NFLbite official websites make for your requirement. the complete registration free HD NFL streaming site is nfl bite. this site is very update all the latest NFL matches and College football are schedules on their time. So simple go and watch any NFL live event online.

Link to the NFL free site:

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4.NFL Network

NFL Network would be another reputable source for NFL live stream free no sign up online without compromising the video quality. It is essentially a media service that supplies sports channels, particularly football, even on cable channels too.

Link to the NFL free site:

5.NFL RedZone

RedZone is an NFL streaming free service that allows users to stream incredible moments from Sunday matches. Not just that, you can also live stream presently broadcasted games.

NFL RedZone is accessible through a variety of streaming services, which include Xfinity, Spectrum, Verizon Fios, Dish Network, Fubo TV, Playstation Vue, and Sling TV.

Link to the NFL free site:

6.NFL WebCast

Are you looking forward to the NFL Games Live stream free online? Good news for NFL fans!

Similarly, if you’re searching for a totally free NFL live streaming site with high-quality video features, NFL WebCast might also be your alternative to consider. It simply links its users to top official NFL streaming channels such as WatchESPN, CBS, and Fox Sports, without requiring them to subscribe to any plan or meet any signup requirements.

This up and running NFL regular-season events can be seen live on this website with no signing up required! Also you will be able to watch Superbowl, Playoffs, Pro Bowl and even the Pre-Season games online in HD and SD quality without signing up or paying a penny. Bookmark to enjoy NFL streaming on your PC, Mac, mobile device, tablet, or smart TV.

Link to the NFL free site:

NFL Mobile Apps

NFL has its official mobile apps and website. This has also been rated to be one of the high ranked streaming sites through which you can watch live football.

The apps are available on Android and iOS platforms, and the apps are an extension to the official You can use the apps mostly for free, so you can get updated about the latest happenings in the world of NFL wherever you are.

It is also connected with the NFL GamePass and NFL RedZone services so that you can access these subscription services directly from the official apps.

If you’re not too concerned with randomly clicking on free NFL streaming sites no sign-up and you are interested enough to read their reviews and then use them, StreamingSites is a useful place to visit. Yes, it is the right place available for true NFL fans. Simply click on the ‘Free Sports Streaming Sites’ tab to access a comprehensive collection of available sports streaming websites such as 720pStream, NFLBite, and many more.

Link to the NFL free site:


Top 30+ Totally Free Sites to Watch NFL: Without Paying & Signing Up
Stream2Watch offers one of the most popular live NFL streaming services

Stream2Watch is one of the websites to watch NFL games for free. This platform gathers streams from various other sites. However, you may encounter pesky ads when you get on the platform.

This is, however, common with NFL free streaming sites.

If you are a sports-watching enthusiast, you must have heard about this website. Stream2Watch offers one of the most popular live NFL streaming services. You can also get information regarding players’ information, event schedule, sports names, etc.

The content on Stream2Watch is available in different video quality such as 1080p, HD, Full HD, and many more options. Although, this site has ad-supported content, so if the ads bug you, you can always use Adblock to use this website and enjoy ad-free streaming.

Link to the NFL free site:


Fromhot is undoubtedly one of the top NFL free streaming sites. The best thing about this website is that it does not support so many advertisements as other sports streaming websites do. From offers a variety of sports to watch including cricket, hockey (NHL), football, golf, baseball, basketball, MMA and cycling.

It has a very smooth and easy-to-use interface keeping in mind the convenience of the users. Also, the homepage has been created as very attractive to the eyes with all its colors and neat style. You can use Fromhot easily and it won’t take more than a minute to understand its functioning.

Link to the NFL free site:

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10.VIP League

Top 30+ Totally Free Sites to Watch NFL: Without Paying & Signing Up
Vip League is the best free NFL streaming websites

VIP League is one of the most popular and the best free NFL streaming websites.

VIPLeague site offers NFL streaming free on a variety of sports events from a variety of channels.

VIPLeague offers access to a wide variety of sports, such as the WWE, UFC, American Football, Fighting, Boxing, Formula 1, Hockey, Basketball, and Baseball.

While you can easily watch any sports channel for free, some channels require you to create a free account in order to watch the live broadcast games.

VIP League also provides information about ongoing matches. Though it is not accessible in every country. Some governments have blocked the site. Using a VPN in this case will be most suitable. Or you can also use other mirror VIP League domain extensions.

Link to the NFL free site:

11.VIP Box

The best place to watch NFL online free streamis through the VIP Row sports website. This website has an exceptional user interface that is fully focused on the convenience of the users. It offers live streaming of a variety of sports apart from the NFL including baseball, football, handball, basketball, and others. That’s why this website is so popular among sports fans.

VIP Row has a unique feature that not only provides live streaming of its content but also allows its users to upload their own sports videos. Pop-up ads between live streaming is a demerit of this website. But you can always use ad-blocker if it annoys you more. This site also functions with slow internet connectivity.

Link to the NFL free site:


A slick, neat tv streaming website for watching live sports from the United States. Unlike many other websites that are clumsy and overrun with advertisements, the USTVGO is straightforward and it run with few advertisements. It has a built-in video player, that quickly loads videos without buffering, even if your internet connection is somehow slow. The platform hosts a few sports channels, some of which may have broadcast privileges for the sports you seek for.

USTVGO provides free access to NFL games on NFL Network, CBS, ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC, the sport’s official broadcasters. Although it’s not a very legitimate streaming site, it is the best option if you want to watch the sport for free.

Link to the NFL free site:

13.Live TV

LiveTV is a Russian-based site that’s been active since 2006. It’s proven to be one of the most reliable streaming sites on the web. Though it used to only be available in Russian, now there are options for several languages to browse with — including English.

Live TV shows live streams of NFL games about 30 minutes before kickoff. The website can be a little tricky to navigate and grasp when users first visit, but it’s easy enough to figure out.

Under Upcoming Broadcasts, users can click the sport of their choice. If they click on the soccer or boxing icon, for example, it will take them to a larger page of upcoming broadcasts where they can select American football. All live NFL games are available.

You don’t require any sign up for Live TV. It also has easily accessible iOS and Android versions to watch sports news. Although some pop-up ads may annoy you sometimes, you must give it a try.

Link to the NFL free site:


Top 30+ Totally Free Sites to Watch NFL: Without Paying & Signing Up
SportLemonTV is a live NFL streaming site that can be watched online for free of cost

SportLemonTV is a free streaming site that streams directly on its homepage. It allows you to watch a slew of sports without requiring a subscription.

SportLemonTV is a live NFL streaming site that can be watched online for free of cost. This site does not require any kind of sign up for watching. The available live matches can be seen right on the homepage itself so you can watch them with just a single click. You can watch a variety of sports events here apart from NFL like hockey, US football, tennis, basketball, etc.

The schedule is regularly updated on Sport Lemon TV. Sports matches from various countries are available here. It is also linked to some other websites that have NFL sports available to watch.

Link to the NFL free site:


Talking about sports, how can we forget Hotstar. This website is one of the best ways to watch NFL online. It is an Indian-based subsidiary of Walt Disney Company which mainly offers TV entertainment and movies, but the sports section of Hotstar is fairly developed. It mostly focuses on Football, Cricket, and Hockey.

Hoststar is not entirely free, and for sports, you have to pay for its subscription. Although it cannot be accessed worldwide and is restricted in some locations, but you can still access its content through a VPN or proxy. So if you are a sports lover, this website is definitely worth a try.

Link to the NFL free site:

Yahoo Sports App for NFL Free Streaming

Yahoo Sports App has a lot of sports you can stream. Even if you were interested in streaming just football, you can find other sports which may interest you and lead you to checking them out. It is connected with various official streaming sources, and as such, has really clear streaming quality.

It is available for Apple and Android devices, and this app is an extension of the main Yahoo Sports website. The perk of the free streaming site is that there are regular contests that you can participate in to win real cash.


There are NFL free streaming sites that also broadcast other sports; Cricfree is one of those. Actually, Cricfree mostly streams cricket. However, you can also watch the live streams of football, soccer, rugby, golf, cricket, etc. As with free streaming sites, Cricfree also has ad problems.

Though streaming fans mainly use Cricfree for cricket matches, it has plenty of other live sports streams — including the NFL. Once you hit their homepage, just click the American football icon. Any NFL games that are happening live will be posted in this section.

With CricFreeTV, you might also encounter invasive pop-up ads. Since the website doesn’t host its content, you also might be redirected to geo-blocked live streams of games or sites with even more pop-up ads. You can unblock restricted content by connecting to a server that’s based in the U.S. or Canada using your VPN.

Link to the NFL free site:


Laola1 is a live TV streaming service that specializes in providing NFL streaming free for a variety of sports matches. Additionally, this platform allows you to view highlight clips for different matches.

You could still stream some channels with advertisements or, if you sign up for a paid membership, you can opt to have all advertisements removed during your streaming sessions.

Austria is the home of the service.

Link to the NFL free site:


Top 30+ Totally Free Sites to Watch NFL: Without Paying & Signing Up
Sports Surge is an NFL streaming site with no sign up

Sports Surge is an NFL streaming site with no sign up that is comparatively new from other mentioned websites on this page. This website has streaming links inserted from streaming sources. It covers a variety of sports matches such as basketball, NFL, motorsports, hockey, MMA, football, and hockey.

Sports Surge may display advertisements while you are streaming online, but the homepage is completely free. The website shows ads to generate sufficient revenue because it offers free streaming. It can be accessed from everywhere around the world, and you don’t even need registration.

Link to the NFL free site:

19.123 TV

123 TV is another way to watch NFL online free live streaming. It provides numerous entertainment streams from various TV channels. It uses peer-to-peer technology so the stream sources here are reliable and cannot be deleted from the internet. You can also adjust streaming quality according to internet speed.

123 TV can also be used to watch TV series, a variety of sports events, sports-related news, and other interesting things. The unique thing about this website is that it provides NFL live to watch from those channels which are exclusively broadcasted in the US.

Link to the NFL free site:


Crackstreams provides latest sport news and live sports streaming information for fans of different sports. You can find access to watch NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, UFC and football streaming here and watch online. It’s an alternative to Buffstreams, Sportsurge, StreamEast and any other sports streaming service.

NFL (The National Football League) is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams. It consists of a four-week preseason, a seventeen-week regular season, and a fourteen-team single-elimination playoff culminating in the Super Bowl. Crackstreams provide all NFL streams information.

Crackstreams Sports is a website where you can watch live NFL streaming free online. It has its own media player where you can get streaming links for various sports games from soccer to NBA, and watch them for free.

However, Crackstreams Sports is not accessible globally. Although you can use some kind of proxy or simply VPN to use this website. Whether you have to use a VPN to access it or not, depends on the time zone of this website. But it is worth giving it a try.

Link to the NFL free site:

21.Roja Directa

Top 30+ Totally Free Sites to Watch NFL: Without Paying & Signing Up
Roja Directa is a great NFL streaming site for free

Roja Directa is a great NFL streaming site for free. This website can be completely trusted without giving a second thought as it is very old and stable. You don’t need any registration to access its content.

All the games are present in Roja Directa as video links that can be streamed online. It has a hassle-free interface so the users won’t face any unnecessary problems while using it. Moreover, the best thing about this website is that it offers its content in multiple languages. You should definitely check out this website if you are a sports enthusiast.

Link to the NFL free site:

22.BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is an esteemed free NFL live streaming website. This website is accessible throughout the whole world. The BBC network is quite huge so this website can be relied upon for streaming sports events. It has an exceptional design and rich content of live streaming sports.

BBC iPlayer has a unique feature of allowing its users to connect among themselves and interact with the help of social media. Though it may not work properly on mobile devices. Besides that, BBC iPlayer is an impressive website and you must try it out once.

Link to the NFL free site: is one of the top websites to watch NFL live games that provides its content in multiple languages. It covers a variety of sports matches such as NHL, NBA, NFL, athletics, football, handball, boxing, and a lot more. If you register on this website, you will get many perks.

The registered users can also watch live TV shows along with matches. also shows information about live matches and their schedules. The interface is easy to access and quickly understandable so you can use it without facing any issue. has a channel of its own, where it shows all the live matches. The website can be accessed on Android and iOS.

Link to the NFL free site:

24.Fox Sports Go

Top 30+ Totally Free Sites to Watch NFL: Without Paying & Signing Up
Fox Sports Go is one of the best NFL streaming sites

Fox Sports Go is one of the best NFL streaming sites to use. This site has an advantage over providing several sports matches as Fox Sports Network is the official broadcaster of multiple sporting competitions. It also has an app version if you want to stream using your mobile. It has a good interface and easily accessible for the users.

Fox Sports Go is available to watch worldwide. Although it is not entirely free if you do not have a cable. But you can just register for a cable of the Satellite in order to watch this website anytime you want unlimited.

Link to the NFL free site:

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25.CBS Sports

CBS Sports is not just a place to watch live NFL streaming free app, but it also offers news and videos related to sports and sporting events. The app of CBS Sports is easily downloadable where users can watch any live sports. It offers most of the NHA, NFL, NBA, MMA, FOOTBALL, NCAA, MLB, NGO, etc. You may need to register or sign up to watch content on this website.

CBS is a very huge network, so the users can see official broadcasts and enjoy high-quality streams here. You can also see the sports-related information here like sports schedule, live scores, highlights, results, and many more interesting sports trivia.

Link to the NFL free site:


ESPN is another one of the best free live NFL streaming sites. You can watch almost any ongoing sports matches here but it particularly focuses on football or anime streaming sites without ads. It provides content in high quality to stream via internet providers like Sling TV, Cox, Hulu, and Verizon; or participating TV.

Other than live streaming, ESPN also provides up to date services like scores, highlights, news, commentary, and commentary free of charge. The rare events like MMA, horse racing, WWE, e-sports can also be watched on this site. But football, tennis, and basketball are its priority sports. So you should definitely try this website.

Link to the NFL free site:

27.Sky Sports

This platform covers every aspect of sports, which include live matches, breaking news, video highlights, and exclusive interviews.

Additionally, this channel covers a variety of sports, including the NFL, F1, Rugby, NBA, and Motorsports. You could even stream via their webpage or by subscribing to their cable service.

Link to the NFL free site:


NBCSports platform offers live streaming for a variety of sports, which include the NHL, the PGA Tour, golf, the NFL, NASCAR, and the Premier League. On the official page, you can view the timetables for all the sporting events.

Additionally, you can even make use of filter it to see which newly announced American football games will be broadcast live on this platform.

Link to the NFL free site:

29.YourSports Live

YourSports is a content-directory which has the best links to sports and entertainment content around the world. From EPL to NFL, you’ll find each prominent fixture on this network. Don’t let the name deceive you, YourSports can be classified as IPTV as well because it has an extensive library of sports and entertainment channels which you can stream for free. It is fair to say that YourSports is the most comprehensive platform because it caters to the needs of sports fans along with the entertainment ones.

The users can also check the schedule of ongoing matches here as they are regularly updated. It offers a stream of matches from anywhere around the globe.

The sports events trending for today will be shown on the homepage of Your Sports Live. The users are also offered an option to chat with other fans while streaming the same matches. So this is a must-try website.

Link to the NFL free site:

30.Live Score

LiveScore is another great place to watch NFL online for free. This website was initially formed just to provide live scores of sports matches. But it gained so much popularity that the creators of the site started with live streaming of various sporting events like Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, etc. It is also available in the app version for mobile devices.

The design of this website is made as per the user’s convenience. It is very simple and hassle-free. You won’t have to search for ongoing live matches, they will appear themselves on the homepage.

Link to the NFL free site:

31.Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is another free sports streaming option that offers access to the NFL. When you navigate to their Free Football TV page (under American Football), they provide live streams through various providers.

In addition to NFL games, they’ve got plenty of soccer, rugby, and cricket matchups that users can get to, as well. The website has a very user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate and that breaks up the site into sections by matchups, teams, and channels.

There are also scores from past games available for browsing. If users hit the homepage during live game time, they can check out any live sports going on at the moment.

Link to the NFL free site:


Top 30+ Totally Free Sites to Watch NFL: Without Paying & Signing Up
SportRAR.TV for NFL Free Streaming

When you seek free NFL streaming sites no sign up, SportRAR.TV immediately comes to mind. It gathers streams from other sources too. Nonetheless, you can relatively rely on it as one of the trustworthy websites to watch NFL games for free.

Link to the NFL free site:


Buffstreams is a straightforward streaming site. At the top of the homepage, you can click Live Now to see what games are happening or click Upcoming to see what’s on the schedule for the day.

If you want to search by sport, you simply click on any of the icons. In addition to the NFL, BuffStreams provides live streams for UFC, WWE, basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, and boxing, among others.

You can watch streams in standard definition via the site, but to access HD, you’ll be redirected to sign-up and registration windows. To watch in standard, you may be prompted to disable your ad blocker and allow cookies.

Link to the NFL free site:


For NFL fans looking for total access to live streams, BossCast is another solid choice. The streaming site provides access to channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, FOX, the NFL Network, and NFL RedZone. These channels cover primetime and local market NFL games. You’ll just have to figure out what channel your team is playing on.

The homepage provides a rundown of all the day’s matchups and upcoming games. You won’t get just the NFL though. The site covers plenty of NBA and NHL games and even has streams of all the Sky Sports channels to access the UK market.

Due to aggressive pop-up ads and links that may redirect you, we recommend using an ad-blocker.

Link to the NFL free site:


FirstRowSports provides a list of available sports matches on their website, which you can access and watch instantly when they become available.

The schedules are available on the homepage, allowing you to watch any sports that you like, including soccer, NFL football, basketball, baseball, motorsports, amongst others.

In FirstRowSports, you should expect to enjoy links that you can access to ensure that all streams are always available, the schedules for all sports are updated regularly as they become available for public viewing and you can also access the live scores of your favorite sports to see the current standings.

Link to the NFL free site:


Twitch is a popular live streaming channel that provides various live streams, including video games, music, sports, Also, like the 720p stream, can also discuss the match with the streamer directly or participate in the live chat.

You can also see the schedule for the next streams if you want to participate in them. It is one of the very popular free NFL streaming sites to watch live football.

Link to the NFL free site:

37.TheScore App

This streaming site was made popular because of the great information it provides about live scores, highlights, news, and other information related to your favorite sports.

The app is available for iOS and Android platforms. On this streaming site, you can also chat and connect with other users worldwide to discuss your favorite sports events, such as NFL, NBA, MLB, and more.

38.Thuuz Sports App

Thuuz Sports app is another mobile app that is the extension of the official Thuuz website, allowing you to access the live scores, information, news, highlights, and multimedia content for your favorite sports on your mobile device.

It covers the NFL, NBA, MLB, and many other sports you can access at your fingertips. The app is available for Android, Amazon, and iOS devices.

In using this streaming site to watch football, you can personalize your experience with the app to provide you with the most relevant sports information you need and also stream all the live football you want from wherever you are, on your mobile device.

39.720p Stream

Top 30+ Totally Free Sites to Watch NFL: Without Paying & Signing Up
720pStream is a NFL free streaming website

720pStream is a sports streaming website that offers streaming links to its users. Their main job is to present reliable links that can allow viewers to access content without any hassle. Using 720pStream you can access links that will help you get great sports coverage, reliable links and top-quality streams.

This streaming site is also quite popular because it provides you with up-to-date links for various sport events, which you can stream online for free.

While streaming your favorite NFL matches, you can also chat with other users in real-time. Most other streaming sites to watch live football do not have these features, but it is still one of the things that make it really special.

Link to the NFL free site:

Challenges with Free NFL Streaming Sites from Around the World

As noted earlier, the best free websites or pages to watch NFL games for might be problematic. Some of the challenges you could encounter include:

Geo-restrictions: Geo-restrictions prevent you from accessing certain content in specific locations. Thus, if you are outside of that location, you will be unable to stream the content. E.g., if the video is meant for viewers in the United States, non-US residents cannot watch it. NFL free streaming sites routinely employ geo-restrictions.

Snoops & Monitoring: NFL free streaming sites may compromise your security. These free sites often are on the lookout for ways to recoup their gains. One tactic they employ is gathering data from users and selling to third parties. In fact, many websites to watch NFL games for free are notorious for this.

Ads & Interruptions: When you are looking to watch NFL streaming free, you should be prepared to deal with ads. Majority of free NFL streaming sites no sign up allow ads on their platforms. These apps can be disruptive, making for a less than ideal experience. However, even further, they can be channels through which malware infests your device. Many users have fallen right into the trap of hackers by clicking on a seemingly innocuous ad.

However, you can mitigate a lot of these challenges by using a VPN. Thus, while looking for websites to watch NFL games for free, you should also be searching for compatible Virtual Private Networks. A Virtual Private Network primarily creates a secure network between you and the internet. It serves as a cloak, encrypting your connection and swapping your IP address with its own. Thus, fellow netizens will be unaware of what is happening with your network. However, after perusing the best websites to watch NFL games for free, your next stop is getting a VPN subscription.

How to Get a Free VPN for NFL Streaming?

In any case, if you seek a trustworthy VPN service provider, ExpressVPN is it. It has been around for quite a while, delivering excellent services the whole while. It can assuage all your security concerns regarding websites to watch NFL games for free.

-First, settle on an ExpressVPN subscription you are comfortable with.

-Pay for the subscription either using your credit card, Paypal or cryptocurrencies.

-Download, install and run the ExpressVPN app.

-Access NFL free streaming sites with ease.

-Cancel your subscription and request a refund within 30 days.

-Receive the refund.

The trick here is that ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee window. Thus, you can sign up, pay for a subscription and request a refund within 30 days. As long as you are within this window, you can access NFL free streaming sites and request a refund afterward.


There are many free NFL live streaming websites available over the internet but the sites, pages, platforms and apps we have mentioned on this article are among the best free sports streaming sites and you can also use them to watch other sports matches.

There are many illegal websites. However, all of these 30+ free NFL streaming sites to watch live football are completely legal.

Most NFL streaming sites to watch live football are not free. However, the 30+ sites that listed above are completely free. You, even, may not be required to sign up.

Most NFL sites either do not work properly or are blocked by authorities for illegal activities. So choosing which site is worth watching can be slim pickings. If the site you chose does not work, you have a lot of options so you can leave that site and go to a different one for watching.