Top Best Free Sites & Pages to Watch Live UFC Fights Online
Top Best Free Sites & Pages to Watch Live UFC Fights Online
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC is Mixed Martial Arts’ biggest promoter across the globe. Kicked off in 1993, the UFC has put on about 500 fighting events. UFC is one of the largest mixed martial arts companies with millions of fans now tuning in worldwide.

There is no doubt that modern technology has given us lots of pleasure in life, and watching sports without cable television is one of those.

No matter where you live, you are easy to find some free sites, pages, platfroms or apps to watch live all the UFC fighting events. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans will doubtless have heard of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). UFC fight fans can watch these exciting matches from almost anywhere

Watching live UFC (MMA) is very simple today. There are hundreds of web pages (sites) to watch UFC online for free.

Here we provide you with a list of reliable free sites, best free streaming pages, streaming platforms and apps to watch UFC fights live online from every country around the world.


*To enter the website and start watching UFC for Free, you must copy and past the link below.

*Some free streaming sites are unofficial, so MMA fans will face many inconveniences when watching live.

*Because of broadcasting rights, some free streaming pages may not be in your country.

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Top Best Free Sites, Platforms to Stream UFC Events Online

If you want to watch MMA live streams for free, here are the best free sports streaming sites that will help you stream UFC for free online from everywhere on earth.

1.UFC Streams

Link to the free site:

Top website for free MMA streaming is UFC Streams.

Streaming links are updated one day before the event. UFC Streams offer MMA streams, Boxing streams, UFC Fight Night Live and Crackstreams MMA streams, UFC 272: Covington vs Masvidal streams watch live stream. You can find UFC Streams on Reddit: r/mmastreams/, r/boxingstreams.

You can watch fights on this website for up to 1080p resolution for free. You won’t have to pay anything to stream MMA fights on this website. However, the website only does live streams, and you won’t find the archives of older fights that have been streamed on the website.

When you open the site, you will be able to see all the upcoming fights with all the necessary details including the opponent’s fighting, time and date, quality, and all about it.


Link to the free site:

After acess Reddit website, you can search some passwords of MMA Stream, UFC Stream, MMA Free Site, UFC Free Page or Free Link UFC etc.

You’d be surprised that Reddit can help you access UFC events and also other sports streaming content as well. This is because since it is a trendy social news platform in the first place, many sports enthusiasts would post latest MMA links there.

Also, some sites stream sports that will share their free link on Reddit to increase their outreach. Reddit is surprisingly one of the best places to find unofficial free streams for any sport, including UFC fights. You’ll be able to find several Reddit communities dedicated to each sport.

The streaming quality given by such links is usually of excellent quality as the users highly recommend it. However, be cautious as there is still a risk that you could click on harmful links. Thankfully, Reddit users upvote or downvote posts, so bad links get revealed reasonably quickly.


Link to the site:

Crackstreams is another stream that streams MMA fights along with NBA, NFL, XFL, NCAAF, boxing, and various others. In terms of design, the site is quite similar to UFC streams, but you get to stream many other sports apart from just free MMA streaming.

The site of course is free to use, and you will be able to stream MMA fights without paying for the stream.

4.Mama HD

Link to the free site:

Mama HD is one of the largest free platforms for broadcasting sporting events, including the UFC. This site streams free sports, including UFC, as well as matches and activities.

The free site allows you to watch content in the best quality. Unlike all the other sites, you can interact with other like-minded people. You can have interactive sessions with people while you watch your favorite sports on the site.

Being free one of its disadvantages is that many ads and tedious advertising can appear, which makes navigating the platform a bit tricky.


Link to the site:

RojaDirecta is one of the best known sites to watch live UFC fgihts Online for free. This platform is very complete, despite not being paid.

Broadcast most mixed martial arts matches like other sporting events And, although it shows advertising, because it has to live on something, it is not usually excessive, tedious and annoying.

Its interface and mode of use is very fast and simple, so you can easily enjoy your favorite UFC fights through this website. In order to access the UFC fights you must use its search engine, located in the upper right. Since on the main page, you will find a broadcast list but only of the most popular or highest demand events.

6.Sports Zone HD

Link to free site:

One of the aspects that most stands out to this website is that in its main page you can see all the sporting events with their schedules adapted to the time of the place where you are.

In addition to broadcasting UFC fights online for free, it also broadcasts other sports that you may like. In the same way, it not only provides live broadcasts, butIn addition, content of reports, analysis and statistics of all the sports that Zona Deporte HD shares.

Have a wide range of options and channel alternatives to watch your favorite matches. Likewise, if the event you want to see is not relevant, it will not appear on the main page so you will have to search for it in the search engine that the web offers you.

7.Fight Live

Link to the site:

Fight Live's platform focuses on broadcasting fighting, boxing and mixed martial arts events. It is not such a well-known website, but it is a great alternative to watch live the UFC for free and without interruptions or interruptions.

One of its great advantages is that it ppresents different alternatives and options to see the fights. This is due to the fact that if any of these options has a fault, you will be able to enter another without any problem.

Its biggest disadvantage is that shows a lot of publicity, which after a while tends to become intense and annoying.

8.Pirlo TV

Link to the free site:

One of the best free UFC streaming websites is Pirlo TV. This platform gives you a completely free service of the sporting events, including MMA fightings, that are usually only broadcast on well-known sports channels, such as: DirecTV and Fox Sports.

Navigation in its interface is extremely simple and fast, in addition to the fact that throughout the day you will be able to see the events that will be broadcast and their schedule. You have 20 channels at your disposal to enjoy the fights, where most are broadcast live.

9.Acho TV

Link to the free site:

This sports event broadcast website, allows you to watch live matches, championships and fights of the UFC. All this for free and easy to use.

Your live broadcasts are of excellent quality, although sometimes they occur with a margin of time, becoming broadcasts. In the same way, there is no need to worry because they are not delayed, so you can see the combat you want.

The only big disadvantage that we see to the Acho TV platform is that to be able to access the transmissions correctly, you must install the Flash app. This app must be downloaded or installed on the device where you want to see your favorite matches.

Note: Having downloaded or installed the Flash app, you should have no problem watching Eurosport live from Acho TV. In the case of not having it, you will not be able to see anything. So it is a completely mandatory process.


Link to the free site:

WatchWrestling24 is a popular sports free streaming site specifically for wrestling and fighting competitions, including UFC. Here, you can find former UCF PPV broadcasts and events from UFC Fight Night, Bellator MMA, and The Ultimate Fighter.

11.BG Sports

Link to the free site:

BT Sports is a well-known site for streaming free UFC fights.

In addition, to live streaming, the site hosts many previous fights that you can watch in full or only simply catch the highlights. Users can also find UFC social media posts, news, and interviews with top fighters all on the site.


Link to the free site:

You can watch UFC fights for free online on RedStreams from everywhere.

Redstream and Rojadirecta are the biggest free live Sports streaming websites. Redstream exists due to our own frustration in all Sports streaming websites and the last thing that we want is to become just another one. Redstream developed a user-friendly site clean and safe.

The site crawl the web to find the best live streams and we also list streams submitted by webmasters. Users can find many streams for each event and choose the one they like best and webmasters can get viewers to watch their streams.


Link to the free site:

Another web of UFC Free Live Online Streaming is SportLemon. This great alternative is one of the best sports streaming platforms, all said and confirmed by its users.

This platform not only shows UFC and other sports broadcasts, but also provides content such as reports, broadcasts and news, related to the great world of mixed martial arts or not.

The only counter that we give to this website is that It is not in the Spanish language, only in English. So to be able to move easily on its website you must, even if it is to have a little command in that language.

Also, as a favorable point is that On its home page you will see a very complete list of the entire sports itinerary for the day. So that you do not lose anything.

14.First Row Sports

Link to the free site:

First Row Sports is another site that provides free MMA streams and other sports without requiring you to sign up and log in. It is a very straightforward platform, and searching for the event you want is simple. You can easily access multiple live sports streaming matches.

That said, be cautious, though, as First Row Sports is filled with invasive ads that you’ll likely encounter with every single click. Do not click on any of these ads as they may be linked to malicious content. So, always use an Adblocker. This will protect you against such dangerous links.

You’d be glad to know that new games are added all the time, so chances of you getting the latest streams are high. Also, you can access this site from both desktop and any mobile device on Android and iOS.


Link to the free site:

FromHots is a free third-party site that does not host its content but provides quality links to multiple live sports streaming, including MMA.

Just find the sports streaming link you want and follow it to the website itself. It is effortless to use. Bear in mind that although FromHots is a free service, the websites you visit may require a subscription to view the sports streams.

Also, you may experience invasive ads with links to dangerous sites along the way, so use an Adblocker. FromHOTs is popular because it’s not just restricted to being a directory of sports channels linking you to third-party websites; they do so for movies and TV channels as well. They offer highlights and IPTV channels for which they redirect you to quality sites.

There have been good reviews on its quality content coverage and links to live stream content. This is worth checking out.

More Best Pages, Websites, Platforms to Stream UFC Fights Online for Paid, Low Paid, Free-Day Trial

Top 30+ Best Free Sites to Watch UFC Fights Online - Streaming Pages, Platforms, Apps
Best Pages, Platforms to Watch UFC with Paid, Low Paid, Free-Trial

1.ESPN to watch UFC Online

We put ESPN first on the list, for being the TV and sports broadcasting channel par excellence. In 2019, ESPN acquired the broadcasting rights of the UFC for both its television channel and its ESPN + online platform, designed for Smart TV, desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones (Android and iOS) and tablets.

You are not required to make any payment because your online service is completely free.

Link to the site:


Feed4U is one of those web platforms where their UFC broadcasts do not present any type of cut or interruption. This being a very great advantage, especially since it is a completely free service website.

In addition to providing UFC broadcasts, it also offers broadcasts of other sporting events such as competitions and tournaments. Among those are boxing tournaments.

One of its disadvantages, is that so that you can optimally enjoy the UFC fights from this platform, your internet must be fast and stable. If not, we fear that many interruptions and pauses will occur because transmissions are often heavy.

This characteristic that the transmissions are heavy, happens precisely because the web wants to give you the best quality.

Link to the site:

3.UFC Fight Pass

Like the previous one, the name of being web says it all. UFC Fight Pass on the UFC website, where you can enjoy all the mixed martial arts matches of this championship.

Unlike the web transmission platforms that we mentioned earlier that are free, UFC Fight Pass is not. In order to enjoy all the content that this website offers, you must pay a monthly or annual fee or subscription.

This monthly fee has a cost of 9.99 $ and the Annual has an amount of 95.99 $. There are also other minor fees from 12 $ up to 35 $. Among the benefits of these subscriptions are:

Full access to the entire UFC catalog.

Live content of the events.

Exclusive content from UFC shows and series.

Over 1000 hours of live and recorded content from matches from around the world.

Link to the site:


If you want to live stream MMA and UFC fights. This website doesn’t host sports on its own, instead, it collects streams from other sites and then shows them. This site shows MMA fights and every other sport you are interested in. If you are interested in any other sports apart from just MMA and UFC fights, then this will be your go-to site for sure.

However, you will have to use a VPN or an Adblocker to stream content on this site, because this website has many ads that may interrupt your experience. These ads may be blocked by using a VPN or an ad blocker.

Link to the site:

5.Sky Sports

Sky Sports is highly popular for all the right reasons; it is an excellent platform to stream all your favorite sports games. Not only does it have UFC games, but it also has many other popular games such as football, cricket, rugby, F1, golf, NFL, NBA, boxing, racing, and many more.

You’ll be able to watch the live coverage of the games and, most important of all, for free! Having said this, you’ll still need an account to watch, though. Also, the ads on this platform are limited, and the live streaming channels are many, which is excellent.

6.YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the foray of YouTube into the world of premium video streaming platforms. It costs $65 a month – just like Fubo or Hulu – and consists of ESPN, allowing you to stream live UFC events. The streaming app offers over 85 channels from the start with premium add-ons up for grabs.

Watch UFC via Mobile Apps

If you want to watch UFC from your cell phone or tablet, a few apps will let you enjoy UFC anywhere and anytime.


SopCast is a popular app for streaming content online via peer-to-peer sharing. Users can create channels and stream content of their choice. Many channels are themed to find many top UCF, NBA, and NFK matches available.


Wiseplay is a multimedia player that allows you to browse all kinds of online content, including sports competitions such as UFC. Simply follow playlists to find UFC fights or other specific content you hope to target. It's very intuitive and has an easy-to-use interface.

3.UFC Fight Pass

The UFC Fight Pass is the official UFC platform. If you don't mind paying for premium access for your favorite sport, use this app to access top-quality content! You can also access real-time updates on recent matches. In addition, access a backlog of older fights and related UFC news.

4.Live NetTV

Live NetTV is among the most popular streaming apps, and tons of individuals find it as the best app to stream UFC fights free of charge. Just like its moniker implies, the streaming APK is dedicated to Live TV streaming. It features more than 800 channels.

One of Live NetTV’s features that make it a top option for UFC fights is the app’s live event section. The live event section lists all upcoming & ongoing UFC events, which makes it easy for people to watch live events. This section of the app will suggest the event’s best stream. However, people can also opt for a random channel. If Live NetTV users want a different broadcaster, they can head to the sports section or search for the TV channel they like. Nearly all channels provide multiple streams to make sure better service.

5.RedBox TV

RedBox TV is an amazing streaming app that promises a load of entertainment. The streaming app stands out from other Live TV applications because of its consistent performance as well as the fact that it provides buffer-free streams.

The app lets you watch UFC fights free of charge via channels such as Sky, BT Sport, & Fox Sports. Also, you can enjoy TV channels from various countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Pakistan, India, Spain, Australia, and many more.

6.TVTap Pro

If you are familiar with the popular streaming app UKTV Now, TVTap Pro is its updated version. TVTap Pro is one of the best apps to watch UFC fights because of its modern interface, a large number of sports channels. This app provides quality streaming. You can use the app to enjoy over 900 TV channels.

Most of TVTap Pro’s channels are from Europe. The app provides a lot of UFC broadcasters, including Sky, BT Sport, DAZN, ESPN, and Fox Sports. This streaming app lets you locate the official UFC Fight Pass stream

TVTap Pro lets you disable advertisements by sharing idle resources. Also, you can customize the TVTap Pro to your liking.

7.HD Streamz

HD Streamz is a new streaming app but it’s one of the best applications to stream UFC fights for free. It provides users with more than 1000 live TV channels from around the globe. These channels are arranged into categories such as Entertainment, Sports, Movies, Music, Infotainment, Kids, and many more.

The sports section of HD Streamz consists of channels that people can use to watch live UFC matches. These include BT Sport, Sky Sports Arena, and Supersport. One of the best features of the streaming app is its modern interface. You can customize the HD Streamz app with a dark theme, disable advertisements by sharing idle resources, and floating-style streaming.

8.Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz is a great live TV streaming application and is one of the most searched apps on the internet. The app provides more than 700 TV channels from around the globe. These TV channels are divided into different categories such as UK TV, US TV, Sports TV, Kids TV, and much more.

The sports section of Swift Streamz has a number of UFC broadcasting channels that people can use to stream UFC fight events for free. In case a channel on Swift Streamz is not functioning, you can report it and request a new channel. Also, the Swift Streamz app allows you to customize the app to get rid of TV channels you don’t like.

More Apps

If you're looking to stream sports content online, there's no shortage of apps to try. We suggest some of the other mobile applications include Splive TV, FuboTV, Hulu TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, RojaDirecta, First Row Sports etc.


There are many MMA streaming free sites from which to choose as you decide on the best way to view your favorite high-level fighters as they lock heads in combat.

We’ve discussed the best sites for free HD streaming of MMA and UFC events.

The list of free sites, pages to watch UFC live are updated continuously by us before the matches. If you visit the site (the old url is usually not viewable).

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