Top 10 Countries With Highest Job Opportunities to Start a Career in 2022/2023
Top 10 Countries With Highest Job Opportunities to Start a Career Right Now

Seeking a job has become the major survival tool for every other individual living on the planet.

Jobs are now being offered in a whole new dimension. With the industrial or technological revolution, a large number of vacancies for young, enthusiastic, and qualified individuals are now being created.

The number of jobs available in any country is entirely determined by the rate at which its economy grows. The greater a country's economic self-sufficiency, the more jobs it will provide to its professionals.

Furthermore, the system of applied or vocational education defines an individual's skill and potential for market survival. According to recent reports, only countries with massive development in the sectors of technology and innovation have the most available jobs.

These countries offer a wide range of job opportunities for expatriates and locals alike. Check out below!

Job Hunt Opportunity in The World

The outlook for job seekers in 2022 is positive, as a survey of 41,000 businesses found that hiring intentions are up in 36 of 40 countries around the world compared to the same period last year. The need for skilled workers is greater than ever, particularly in the banking, manufacturing, and information technology industries.

An estimated 38% more workers are to be hired in Sweden, making it the most ambitious hiring plan in Europe. We expect a similar situation in the Netherlands (36% growth) and Belgium (34% growth). Employment optimism has increased in twenty European countries over the past year, while it has decreased in only three. Both Paris (up 25%) and Munich (33%!) can thank the influx of new jobs created by employers in the information technology and financial sectors.

2023 Trends and Predictions for Job Seekers

As a result of the pandemic, many people had more time to reflect on their beliefs and priorities. Indeed1 recently conducted a survey in which 92% of respondents who have switched jobs at least twice since the beginning of the pandemic said the event made them realize that "life is too short to stay in a job they weren't passionate about."

Indeed found that workers are less likely to stick with a job that doesn't live up to their expectations and more likely to look for work elsewhere if they can't find anything suitable. Almost three-quarters of respondents said they had taken their first job with the expectation that it would be short-term while they looked for something more permanent.

About three-quarters of employees reported being encouraged to look for new jobs as a result of the labor shortage. Eighty-two percent of the workforce surveyed attributes this to the rise of telecommuting jobs.

Dissatisfied employees are less likely to stick around in their current positions after the pandemic has made it clear that people's priorities have shifted. The labor shortage and the rise of remote work have created new job opportunities, and 85 percent of the unemployed are interested in making a significant change in their professional lives.

Top 10 Countries With Highest Job Opportunities to Start a Career in 2023/2024

1. The United Kingdom

Photo: oracle
Photo: oracle

Right now, the United Kingdom is the best place to work in the world in terms of salary, and the unemployment rate is nearly nonexistent.

Employment prospects in the UK may change as a result of Brexit, especially for those who are not British citizens.

There is a critical shortage of skilled workers in the United Kingdom, so businesses there are actively seeking to hire professionals from around the world.

Those hoping to launch a career in the UK can choose from a wide range of work visas.

Examples of such visas include the Seasonal Worker Visa, the Charity Worker Visa, the International Agreement Visa, and the Youth Mobility Scheme Visa.

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2. New Zealand

If you're a young adult who wants to broaden your horizons by embarking on a major adventure and needs to earn money along the way, New Zealand could be the ideal place for you to do both. Short-term and seasonal jobs are available in a wide variety of industries, from adventure outfitters and tour operators to farmers.

There is no language barrier for native English speakers, which helps New Zealand's booming tourism industry. In addition, Kiwis are warm and welcoming, making it easy for most visitors to settle in quickly. The country is renowned for its scenic landscapes and active outdoor culture, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking new experiences.

On multiple global happiness rankings, including The Global Economy 2020's index, New Zealand has consistently placed near the top. The laid-back attitude and focus on work-life balance make for an extraordinary environment. Many travelers work for a season to save up for a season of full-time travel, then repeat this pattern because it can be difficult to find long-term work contracts in New Zealand as an expat.

Due to its status as a relatively small island nation, New Zealand has a high standard of living, so saving money while working there requires careful planning. Outside of farming, most non-agricultural jobs can be found in or near the larger cities of Auckland and Wellington or in smaller tourist towns like Queenstown.

New Zealand has some of the world's most expensive rents, and these neighborhoods are no exception. To help with this problem, many people who are looking for temporary work opportunities in order to finance their trips participate in work exchange programs.

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3. The Netherlands

Photo: Youtube
The Netherlands - Photo: Youtube

Despite not being among the world's wealthiest nations, the economy in the Netherlands is surprisingly stable. Its success can be traced back to its ability to entice both domestic and international innovation and investment.

Many sectors, including agriculture, information technology, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and the energy industry, are growing rapidly in the Netherlands, making it easy to find work.

In December of 2019, the unemployment rate in the Netherlands was 3.2%, making it one of the lowest in the EU. According to Statista, this rate will fall to 2.8% by the end of 2020. In addition, the Netherlands has an adequate employment system and a decently compensated workforce.

4. The United States of America

The United States of America has historically attracted the most ambitious, innovative, and bright minds from around the world. The United States is justifiably proud of its reputation as one of the top places for skilled workers to develop their careers.

However, the State was not immune to the problem of a shortage of skilled laborers. The United States has increased its efforts to attract the best and brightest workers from all over the world. It is worthwhile to make the effort to find work with a company based in the United States.

Highly skilled foreign workers who are able to relocate to the United States may earn up to $252,903 per year in salary. That's why it pays well to secure a senior-level position in the United States's professional sector.

No luck finding a bargain for your foreign employees? You can rest easy knowing that the average American service industry salary is a comfortable $60,717 (roughly £44,903) per year. The average salary for those in upper management is $382,189 (£282,647), which is more than six times higher.

Key Industries Will Boom in 2023/24

♦ Human resources: Since before the pandemic, there has been a 128.5% increase in human resources job postings. It makes sense that businesses would invest in the division in charge of creating their recruitment and retention strategies given the fact that they are simultaneously recruiting heavily and fighting the Great Resignation. Coordinators of recruiting efforts and onboarding experts are positions in human resources.

♦ Software development: Since February 1, 2020, there have been a 125.1% increase in job postings for software development. These jobs frequently require working remotely and are well paid, with yearly salaries averaging between $85,569 and $131,842. Software developers and software engineers work in the software development sector.

♦ Logistics support: Since before the pandemic, job postings for logistics support have increased by 108.6%. Through transportation methods like freight rail and truck transport, the logistics and transportation sector makes sure that goods efficiently reach consumers. Supply chain problems will probably persist into 2022, so employers are looking for employees with the right skills. Transportation managers, supply chain specialists, and logistics coordinators are among the jobs in the logistics subsector.

♦ Production and manufacturing: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that manufacturing companies employ 219,000 fewer people today than they did in February 2020, despite a 101.6% increase in job postings. Employment in this sector is still below where it was prior to the pandemic. This indicates a desire on the part of employers to make up lost time. Quality control managers, assembly workers, and manufacturing engineers are among the occupations in this sector.

5. Sweden

EU nationals are not required to obtain a work visa in order to begin employment here.

Due to its excellent public services and national commitment to a healthy work-life balance, Sweden, a country known for its natural beauty, has one of the highest standards of living worldwide. With over 15 hours spent each day in leisure or sleeping, the nation comes in second on the OECD index for work-life balance. On the other hand, it can be challenging to navigate the Swedish economy, it can be difficult to find a place to live, and at first, native Swedes can be intimidating.

Swedish inventions like Ericsson, Electrolux, and Volvo, all of which have a rich history in the advancement of science and technology, may be names you are already familiar with.

Stockholm is undoubtedly a center for technology, and it is where Spotify and Klarna were founded, among other well-known tech firms. Malmö's tech sector is also booming outside of Stockholm.

6. Australia

Photo: kickresume
Best Jobs in Australia - Photo: kickresume

Australia consistently ranks highly in terms of happiness, standard of living, and quality of life. It is also among the top 10 countries in the world according to the Human Development Index (HDI). With such a beautiful country as this one, it's simple to appreciate life outside of work because the people here have a great work-life balance. Nevertheless, despite Australia's high cost of living, expats can live comfortably thanks to the country's high minimum wage.

Visitors interested in work exchange programs ought to think about Australia. Due to their lax visa policies, Australia is one of the easiest countries to find a work exchange program in. The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is one of many organizations that facilitates the exchange of volunteers for lodging and meals. For the past 40 years, thousands of volunteers have received safe, enriching work exchange opportunities from WWOOF Australia.

Australia is a diverse country with a variety of attractions, including vast outbacks, immaculate beaches, and thriving cities. It's not surprising that both Sydney and Melbourne are sought-after locations for those looking to settle down in Australia given their diverse and well-established expat communities. Australia is a formidable destination because there is no language barrier for English speakers and there is a need for labor in agriculture all over the country.

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7. Canada

Canada has always been one of the best countries for expats to find employment. Even today, moving to Canada is a common choice for people seeking to improve both their lifestyle and careers.

If you are a highly skilled professional thinking about moving to Canada in search of employment, you can anticipate earning between C$90,000 and C$150,000 annually. For instance, the typical salary for a software developer is C$63,905, and the typical income for a project manager is C$72,470.

Earnings range from $75,159 to $141,569 for senior managers in manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and construction. Senior managers in finance and communications earn between $77,805 and $129,62 annually. Engineering managers, $68,100 to $72,000

Depending on your experience and area of expertise, you may earn significantly more than the average person. Canada is also on the list despite not being a popular destination for job assignments due to the need for talented immigrants there.

8. Belgium

Photo: talentree
Job in Belgium - Photo: talentree

For EU and EEA citizens to legally work in Belgium, no separate Belgian work permit is required.

Similar to the Netherlands, Belgium enjoys good access to the rest of Europe, a high standard of living, and top-notch public services, all of which attract foreign workers and investment. Belgium has excellent housing, income, employment, and educational opportunities, according to the OECD Better Life Index. The perception of safety in Belgium is positive.

The European Commission is headquartered in Brussels, along with a growing tech scene that is home to household names like Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, and Cisco Systems. Numerous technology hubs, coworking spaces, accelerators, and incubators are located in the city. Both Ghent and Antwerp are expanding as a result of the presence of start-up and scale-up businesses.

9. France

France is hardly an exception to the lack of IT, AI, scientific, and innovation capabilities. France's IT industry, like that of many other European nations, yearns for the ability to employ talented workers with digital skills from the Middle East, China, and India.

In an effort to address the problem and make France the best country for skilled workers to live and work in, President Macron announced the creation of a technology visa last year.

The visa makes it easier for highly skilled workers to enter the country and for French businesses to employ people from outside the EEA. It also provides fantastic opportunities for international startups.

The average expat package for middle managers, if your company is relocating you to France, is estimated to be worth about $255,288 annually.

If negotiating a comprehensive expat package proves difficult, don't give up. Even without additional compensation, you won't be unhappy because service professionals in France make an average gross annual income of $38,787 (£28,826). Management-level employees make an average salary of $247,183 ($183,703) annually.

10. Brazil

Photo: whataboutbrazil
Photo: whataboutbrazil

Brazil provides the most opportunities for foreigners in South America due to its size. This beautiful country has a booming tourism industry. Despite the fact that Portuguese is the majority language in the nation, English speakers have many opportunities in big cities like Rio de Janeiro.

Since 1988, Brazilian law has been strengthened to encourage a better work-life balance and fair compensation for long workweeks. Work performed on the weekends, holidays, and for a total of more than 44 hours per week must be paid at time and a half. The 41 days of vacation that Brazilians get each year stand out, and they likely have something to do with their high levels of job satisfaction and top rankings on happiness indices. Learn to value lunch and a mid-afternoon break more than you would in the US or UK if you work in Brazil.

The majority of the false perceptions about how safe it is to live in Brazil are exaggerated, even though some of them are true. Like anywhere else, there are places to avoid and easy safety precautions you can take to stay safe. Overall, Brazil has many safe cities that are great for tourists, volunteers, and expats to visit, but use caution because fraud is commonplace there.

Tips for Job Searching in 2023/2024

Job searching itself can be a full-time job. Here are a few steps you can take to set yourself up for success and find the best opportunities for you this year:

1. Set tangible goals for your job search

Setting and achieving goals can help with decision-making and increase motivation. Make SMART objectives that are "Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound" and include a schedule of events and a list of things to do. Setting realistic yet ambitious goals is necessary to maintain confidence in the face of job search rejection. You might decide, for instance, to "establish a connection with one new person in my industry this week" or "apply to two new job openings every week." By keeping a record of your accomplishments, you can maintain your momentum.

2. Consider how to best showcase your recent accomplishments

The labor market has changed considerably since the pandemic's beginning. Update your cover letter and resume to reflect the year 2022 by emphasizing your most recent accomplishments. If you have experience in one field but want to switch to one with more growth in 2023, like human resources, emphasizing your transferable skills or including a summary section in your resume can help you reframe your career path to fit the new industry. This is especially true if you have experience in one field but want to switch. Background details are necessary for your cover letter. A prospective employer may be persuaded that you still have valuable experience to offer if you can demonstrate to them that the pandemic played a role in your decision to leave your industry.

3. Find the right jobs for you

Examining your motivations for changing careers is a good idea if you're looking for a new job in 2023. Is it your intention to carry on with the same tasks for a new business or to move into a field that is developing quickly? You can take the following actions to narrow your search:

  • Create a target list of companies you want to work for and a list of jobs you think you’d be a good fit for.

  • Determine your must-haves like salary, flexibility and health benefits.

  • Set up job alerts to get email updates about new jobs that fit the criteria you’ve outlined above. You can create multiple job alerts for different keywords, and have them sent to you either daily or weekly.


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