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Fancy being paid to live on a private island? Or for sleeping? No this is not a dream! There are actually such cool jobs in the world! Sad to say, they are in very short supply. But one can always dream right? Who knows, if you try hard enough and keep your fingers crossed, you may just score one of these cool jobs to earn money! Here are the top 10 coolest jobs in the world!

List of Top 10 Coolest Jobs In The World Everyone Likes To Do

1.Live-stream Eater (Muk Bang)

2.Professional Sleeper

3.Professional Mourner

4.Netflix Tagger

5.Movie Stand-In

6.Professional Wedding Guest

7.Gumologist/Gum Expert

8.Seat Filler

9.Panda Nanny

10. Professional Bridesmaid


What Are The Coolest Jobs In The World

1.Live-stream Eater (Muk Bang)

Photo Youtube
Photo Youtube

Job Description: Popular in South Korea, live-stream eaters would often consume large quantities of food for hours, eating as loudly and savoury as they can. They would also be required to engage with the online audience.

Salary: As much as $9,000 per month, depending on popularity.

2.Professional Sleeper

Job Description: You can work as a luxury bed tester and spend the day sleeping on the job, under different room conditions, followed by writing reviews about the bed or suggesting improvements. Another option is to participate in experiments where you will be 'forced' to sleep for certain number of hours or even days! The doctors would then monitor your physical and mental states for changes. Besides the obvious benefit of sleeping your days away, you are also actually helping to improve products, or in some cases, advancing science!

Photo PanelPlace
Photo PanelPlace

Salary: Around $1,200 per month on average for bed testers, up to $18,000 for 70 days for experiments.

How to get this job:To score a job as a bed tester, your best bet is by checking out luxury bed companies. You will be required to have a good command of language and writing skills to convey your experience to the company or via the blog. To participate in experiments, you can continually check out research institutes in their countries, like NASA, for the availability of such studies.

3.Professional Mourner

Salary: Up to $120 a funeral

What you do: Attend funerals to flesh out the crowd

Requirements: Acting and research skills, understanding of different religions, ability to think on the fly

Bottom line: We start off on a dark note. Professional mourners are actors that visit funerals pretending to know and love the deceased. As a professional mourner, you have to thoroughly research the person who passed and their family, come up with a convincing character, and trick friends and family into thinking you’re one of them.

The idea behind the gig is to make it seem like the lost loved one was loved a little extra. Because what’s sadder than a funeral with a pathetic turnout? To pull it off, serious acting chops and social skills are essential. You also need a thick skin, since you’ll need to hang out at multiple funerals per week to make a career out of it.

If you can cry on command and have a flair for the dark and dramatic (think April Ludgate from "Parks and Recreation"), this might be the job for you.

4.Netflix Tagger

Salary: Likely around $65,000

What you do: Watch movies on Netflix and add relevant tags

Requirements: A passion for TV and movies, and a degree in film studies doesn’t hurt

Movie lovers who can handle watching hours (days, really) on end of Netflix shows can actually get paid to do just that. As they watch each episode or movie, they tag it with metadata to help the content become easier to discover.

While some of the tags are straightforward, like length, age-rating, and how much violence and adult content it contains, others are more subjective. The romance category, for example, includes a broad range of nuanced topics, like first love, affairs, divorce, unconventional relationships, and so on and so forth.

This job is best for those who like to watch their movies and analyze them, too.

5.Movie Stand-In

Salary: From $160-$335 a day

What you do: Act as a substitute for lead actors on set

Requirements: Acting skills, with athletic talents a big plus

As a movie stand-in, you’ll spend your days on set acting like an actor. You’ll take an actor’s place during screen tests and in scenes that don’t show the character’s face much.

In some cases, you don’t need many other skills besides being able to follow directions. If you have experience riding motorcycles, dancing, doing gymnastics, or other athletic skills, you’ll likely be able to make more money.

If you can pick up choreography quickly and would love life in costume, give this one a try.

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6.Professional Wedding Guest

Photo The Knot
Photo The Knot

Salary: $20 a wedding, plus free food

What you do: Hang out at weddings and pretend to be a guest

Requirements: Acting skills and an affinity for dancing and free food

Some wealthy couples dream of a big, beautiful wedding. But they don’t have enough friends to fill the hall.

This is mostly a thing in South Korea and Japan, but if you live there, it’s a fun way to make a little extra money. During the wedding season, some professional wedding-goers attend three weddings a day, each of which includes amazing food and possibly an open bar.

7.Gumologist/Gum Expert

Do you like “gum?” How do you fancy getting paid to chew and blow bubbles for a living?

A Gumologist will spend their time taste and bubble-testing gums before giving a final verdict and advising on new flavours.

Salary: Up to $107,000

What you do: Taste gum and advise gumologists on how to improve the flavor

Requirements: A highly developed palate, and preferably a food science degree

The covetable job of gum tester is exciting and tasty, but also serious.

Gum tasters are responsible for evaluating every nuance of a stick of gum, from the flavor longevity and consistency to the size of the bubbles.

Gum experts must maintain neutral facial expressions, calibrate their tongues (what?), and cleanse their palates frequently to give accurate assessments.

8.Seat Filler

Photo PanelPlace
Photo PanelPlace

Job Description: To sit. Quite literally. All you have to do for this job is to fill up empty seats during award shows such as at the Academy Awards for aesthetic purposes. Sounds good? Sadly, there are lots of non-disclosure agreements you have to sign, meaning that you probably won't be able to talk to the actor/actress that sits beside you.

Salary: $0. This is more of a voluntary job and the only monetary benefit is that meals are provided. However, the intangible benefits like sitting beside your favourite actor/actress are tremendous!

How to get this job: By applying through websites like Audience Unlimited. You can also use any personal connections you might have to gain access to such jobs.

9.Panda Nanny

Salary: About $32,500

What you do: Babysit massive balls of fluff

Requirements: Be at least 22 years old with a basic knowledge of pandas, and preferably solid writing and photography skills

This job is one that almost no one will be able to land. Not because it’s difficult to do, but because so many people want to do it.

In China, the elusive panda nanny position involves spending day after day playing with pandas. Caretakers are responsible for feeding pandas, building them ladders to climb on, and (ew) weighing panda poop, plus documenting their daily life.

For their "trouble," these panda ambassadors also get free meals, accommodations, and a company SUV. Unsurprisingly, when the job was originally posted, over 60,000 people applied, crashing the website.

10. Mermaid

Salary: About $250 an hour

What you do: Wear a mermaid costume and perform routines

Requirements: Strong swimming and acting skills

Photo The Smart Local
Photo The Smart Local

With the invention of realistic-looking mermaid costumes came the dawn of a new career option: a professional mermaid. Professional mermaids work as performers in high-end clubs, bars, hotels, aquariums and at children’s events.

Wearing an expertly crafted silicone tail, mermaids hop into a massive tank and perform elaborate shows for a live audience. Regardless of the venue, the shows are rarely scandalous.

Most mermaids focus on grace, beauty, and magic, all while swimming in a heavy tail, possibly surrounded by live fish.

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