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However, Australians working in well-paid jobs have revealed the lucrative career paths you can take without having a university degree - and one is certain to surprise you.

Why you can get a high paying job without a degree

There's a good reason why the notion that a college degree equates to a high-paying job is so ingrained, especially in some cultures. There were only a few routes to wealth for a very long time (think centuries!). Either you had a lucky break and became a wealthy person, you were born into a wealthy family, or you attended college to become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. That meant that getting an education and selecting from a small pool of jobs were the only ways for someone to have some assurance that they would advance in life.

In the last couple of generations, especially the last 30 years or so, that has changed significantly. First off, technology has fundamentally altered the way we live. There are new occupations that didn't exist when your parents or grandparents were young, but they are now prevalent. The labor markets are much more interconnected, and the economy has opened up considerably. Thus, some skills are in higher demand and face more competition, while others are in lower demand. After World War II, this entire process began, but it really took off in the 1970s and 1980s when major nations (including Australia) repealed some of the laws protecting their national economies.

Note: There is a broader selection of stable, well-paying jobs available to people today.

Skills more important than time spent in a classroom

There are incredibly few jobs for which a degree is legally required. That basically means that it's up to the employers to decide what they need in a candidate. Many employers take the time to evaluate applicants' actual skills and relevant experience, including their demonstrated results and ability to do the job, in contrast to some who use a degree as a quick way to weed out some candidates. Some also use intricate questionnaires and tests to gauge candidates' suitability for the position, but that is a topic for another time.

Additionally crucial is practice time. Depending on the program, degrees typically take three or four years to complete. It takes much less time to obtain work experience, internships, certificates, diplomas, and other entry pathways. The extra time can be used to repeatedly practice and improve your skills in the workplace, giving you a competitive edge.

No such thing as ‘unskilled’ jobs

Have you ever heard of the terms "skilled" and "unskilled" jobs? This distinction between "simple labor" and "brains" is a traditional method of classifying jobs and justifying pay disparities. However, many (very intelligent) people hold the view that there is no such thing as a truly unskilled job.

Even jobs that don't necessitate having access to enormous technical libraries can still require a great deal of skill, safety risk, intelligence, precision, etc. Consider it this way: You couldn't expect a CEO of a large company, who earns, say, 20 times the salary of her lowest paid employee, to perform 20 times as well as other employees in a front-line position like a factory floor or customer service.

Top 10 highest paying jobs that you don't need a degree in Australia

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The Top-Paying Jobs That DON'T Require a University Degree in Australia

10. Senior aged care worker ($83,000 per year)

Due to Australia's aging population, this industry is only expected to grow, which will result in pay increases. You must earn a Certificate 3 in Individual Support or attend TAFE to earn a nursing diploma in order to be qualified for this position. The importance of gaining first-hand experience cannot be overstated if you want to advance through management positions. Volunteering is a fantastic way for students to gain work experience while they are still in school.

Taking care of the elderly and disabled when they are unable to do so is the main responsibility of the position. The responsibilities of managers will also include managing and overseeing the facility's staff.

9. Electrician ($84,000 per year)

The process of becoming qualified to become a sparky is very simple and can be started as soon as you graduate from high school. Before completing your training to become an electrician, you must complete an apprenticeship that lasts for about 4 years. Most likely, you'll begin at minimum wage, but after four years, you can start earning big money.

An electrician's primary responsibilities include testing, setting up, and maintaining electrical systems and parts. You could work on anything from cars and machinery to homes and businesses, depending on the field you want to specialize in. Given the lack of skilled workers in Australia, becoming an electrician is a top industry to enter.

8. Gym manager ($86,000 per year)

Your credentials must include a certificate in the pertinent field in order to work in the fitness industry. Then, to demonstrate that you are both book smart and practice smart, you will need to actually gain work experience through placements in vocational programs. After completing your placements, you will need to register as a fitness professional in Australia before applying to teach. You must acquire years of experience with how the business's operations function in order to advance to the manager position.

Gym managers are in charge of running the facility and as a result, they are also in charge of supervising staff, hiring new employees, and performing administrative tasks. Consider it as being the instructor for the instructors and ensuring that things go smoothly at the facility where you work. This role may also include dealing with complaints and customer service.

7. Sales manager ($90,000 per year)

Sales are very lucrative, as we already mentioned, and working as a sales manager will increase your earnings. You can pursue a business or management diploma to obtain the qualifications necessary for this position. Additionally, having first-hand experience is crucial because you'll need to understand how the industry's internal workings work.

Within a company, sales managers are in charge of the entire sales force. You will be responsible for leading your team through training, analyzing statistics to develop strategies for improvement, measuring outcomes, and ongoing practice and procedure reviews. In Australia, this sector is also expanding, with an anticipated 5% rise in income over the next five years.

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6. Farm manager ($90,000 per year)

Apart from significant experience, you don't need any formal education to become a Farm Manager. It's likely that you are qualified to take over the manager position if you have previously worked on a farm for a number of years. Farm management, animal care, and crop production skills are extremely important, but you can only learn these skills through experience or through a relevant TAFE course. In these positions, agricultural diplomas are also useful.

The title of the role pretty much gives away what the role entails. You will be in charge of managing every aspect of a farm's daily operations. This includes running and maintaining machinery, taking care of crops, performing office work, and supervising employees.

5. Real estate agent ($95,000 per year)

Sales generate a lot of revenue, and the larger the items you sell, the more revenue you generate. When you are selling properties worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, that couldn't be more accurate. It is your responsibility to coordinate meetings with owners and potential buyers while leading the effort to sell the property. Real estate agents typically earn the majority of their income from commissions on the sales of the homes you sell.

You will need to closely collaborate with a Real Estate Agent who is already licensed and complete the necessary certificate in order to land a position like this. Making notes and paying attention to your superior can be very helpful because much of this role is picked up on the job.

The Top-Paying Jobs That DON'T Require a University Degree in Australia

4. Commercial pilot ($100,000 per year)

Although many pilots hold degrees in aircraft operations, there are other ways to enter this field. Many airlines offer cadetship programs where you can earn your credentials directly from the company rather than from an institution. You can also enroll in private training, but you must first accumulate 200 hours of experience. The Australia Air Force also offers these courses and training.

The majority of people are aware of what a pilot does, but you are in charge of flying the plane from point A to point B.

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3. Maintenance manager ($110,000 per year)

The requirements to fill this kind of position vary depending on the employer. In general, you should have no trouble moving up if you have a relevant trade and years of work experience. This is undoubtedly one of those jobs where you need to have been doing it for a long time to fully understand it and where you also need the right connections to advance your career.

Your job would be to oversee the upkeep, maintenance, and repairs of buildings, machinery, and other items. Again, the job description will vary depending on the employer, but in general, you will be in charge of staff supervision and safety regulations.

2. 'Ethical' cybersecurity hackers ($130,000 per year)

There is a huge need in Australia for professionals with expertise in the field of cyber security. While there are many degrees with a focus on cyber security, you can also enter the field with an ethical hacking certificate. You will learn about hacking and how to recognize any potential security breaches you may encounter in the course that you take.

You must learn how to hack yourself in order to catch a hacker. In order to properly secure a business and be contacted in the event of a potential breach, you will be familiar with common hacking techniques and tools. Similar to penetration testers, ethical hackers have broader responsibilities like identifying and repairing weaknesses.

1. Construction manager ($150,000 per year)

The high demand for construction managers is a result of the requirements for their qualifications. You can get a trade in construction and then build experience from there to get into a position like this. You can complete a Certificate and Diploma in Building and Construction at your local TAFE once you have attained a certain level of experience and expertise. While a degree in civil engineering or building science is not a requirement for this well-paying position, it can help you advance in it.

The actual job entails organizing and managing construction projects. You would be responsible for organizing, controlling, and directing the crew to complete the necessary tasks.

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