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If you’re traveling around Australia, I’m sure that you will come across some weird Australian foods. There are quite a few foods you eat and ways of eating things that are at odds with what the rest of the world finds palatable and I’m talking about more than just Vegemite. Here are some of the weirdest foods in Australia to eat that the rest of the world just doesn’t understand:

1. Kangaroo Meat

Can you believe that kangaroo has its own section in the supermarket! You will find kangaroo meat, sausages, and burgers that you can cook like beef. High in protein and low in fat, this unique Australian food has a strong gamey flavor of its own and tastes better when not overcooked. Kangaroo tail soup is well known and consists of kangaroo tail, carrots, celery, onions, herbs, and seasonings. For many people growing up in the 1950s, it was a family dish.

Kangaroo is often found in regular restaurant menus across the country, not just the specialty restaurants. Some people may not see this as strange meat to eat because so many places in the world eat local animals. You could only find kangaroo meat in Australia or Papua New Guinea up until 2010 when Australia then started exporting the meat to other countries.

The Aussi equivalent of oxtail soup, kangaroo tail soup doesn't sound like the most appealing starter. The soup is made from a combination of kangaroo tail, carrots, celery, onions, herbs, and seasoning (and sometimes potato dumplings are added to create a heartier dish).

2. Emu

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Emu actually has a few times the iron content of beef. It's virtually fat-free and is low in cholesterol. The Australian native animal works well when smoked and served cold or as a pizza topping. For a modern gourmet twist, have it in a pie made up of emu meat, smoked emu, feta cheese, red wine, sun-dried tomato, onion, and Tasmanian black pepper -- all in a filo-pastry crust.

The red meat has been consumed in the country for thousands of years, and it’s considered to be healthier than beef thanks to it being high in protein, iron, and vitamin C (as well as being lower in fat). Emu meat is tender, with grilling and pan-frying being the favored cooking methods — and it’s often eaten slightly rare. If you don't fancy sampling Australia's largest bird, stick with a steak!

3. Damper

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The Damper is a traditional Australian bread, made as a paste with only wheat flour, water, and a pinch of salt. It is then baked in the ashes of a campfire. It was improved by adding milk, butter, grains, or anything which gave it a taste, apart from chewing the coal. Today these weird foods from Australia can be found as traditional Australian fare made with milk, self-raising flour, salt, butter then a variety of extras like mixed spice, sultanas, dates, currants, mixed peel as well as yogurt, sugar, eggs, and even beer.

4. Witchetty grubs

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The most authentic of bush tucker, the grub is a nutty-flavored bite that has been enjoyed by indigenous Australians for thousands of years. The wider Australian nation has often struggled with eating it raw, but two facts remain -- it actually tastes good and it belongs to the land. These can either be eaten raw when it tastes like almonds or lightly cooked, where its skin crisps like roast chicken, and its insides take on the look and consistency of a scrambled egg.

5. Moreton Bay Bug

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Moreton Bay Bugs and Balmain bugs look like insects, but they are really crustaceans. Balmain Bugs also have a wider body that makes them different from Moreton Bay Bugs. They look a little like crayfish in terms of size. Unlike any other crustaceans, the meat of the Moreton Bay Bug can only be found in their tail; so only 30% of their total mass can be eaten. Translucent when raw, it is a white meat that is known for its firm texture. Their brown hard external shell changes to red-orange when cooked just as lobster or crayfish.

More widely known as the Moreton Bay Bug after Moreton Bay near Brisbane Queensland; they can also be found at the Queensland/ New South Wales border, south to Western Australia and Tasmania. To prepare for cooking they are often cut in half, drizzled with butter or oil, seasoned with salt and pepper then cooked on the barbeque in their shell. They can also be poached, steamed, or grilled. Their flesh tastes like rock lobsters and has a medium to strong flavor.

6. Fairy Bread

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Confusing to the rest of the world; Fairy Bread is an invention that is the pride of Australians. This rainbow-colored sugar sandwich adorns children’s birthday party tables and is Australia’s national party food. Fairy Bread first had its name mentioned in The Hobart Mercury, in April 1929, when the article asked people to ‘bring a plate’ to the Big Swan Party at a hospital for sick children. There is something sweet yet tinged with sadness about the thought of Fairy Bread being served to sick children! There is even a World Fairy Bread day in November that invites you to honor the Australian Icon.

7. Crocodile

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Despite not unique to Australia, film character Mick Dundee ensured that the crocodile became synonymous with the country. Crocodile leather is made into wallets, belts, and handbags, its meat is consumed by locals. It’s a tasty, succulent white meat that is low in fat and high in protein. It’s most popularly marinated in a simple sauce as the flavor is delicate, cooked, and served on skewers or as steak.

Here is the list of the weirdest foods in Australia you should try at least once when traveling to this beautiful country. If you like this article, tell us to know in the comment section and share it with your friends.

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