Desserts are not just about dainty sweets on your plate. You’ve probably never thought that someone can prepare chicken with sugar, cricketers with chocolate, or pancakes with blood. It’s not a joke – these dishes are real, and some people actually enjoy them. Here’s a list of the world’s 9 weirdest desserts.

1. Cendol, Malaysia

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Pastry can be one of the prettiest things on the dinner table. Apparently not when it’s in the hands of traditional Malaysian chefs. What looks like a group of green, quivering worms is actually a combination of jelly noodles, shaved ice, green food coloring, and red beans known locally as cendol. Despite apparently being a deceptively delicious combination, you’ll need to be brave to try a mouthful.

2. Tavuk Gogsu, Turkey

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Tavuk Gogsu is a milk pudding common in traditional Turkish cuisine. Made from rice flour, sweetened milk, cinnamon, and chicken, and cooked up in a copper pot, Tavuk göğsü is a sweet, rich pudding not dissimilar in taste to rice pudding. Don’t expect to be munching on chicken bones though – instead, fresh chicken breast is boiled, softened, and separated into thin fibers, adding a creamy, slightly chewy texture to the blancmange-like dish.

3. Cherpumple, Los Angeles

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First came the turducken: a chicken stuffed inside a duck that is subsequently stuffed into a turkey and baked together to spruce up Thanksgiving dinner. Then, in 2009, it inspired L.A.-based humorist Charles Phoenix to create the cherpumple, which layers three classic American pies—apple, cherry, and pumpkin—using cream cheese frosting to seal each layer.

The pies are then all baked inside a massive spice cake, making for an impressive-looking tower of baked goodness. A year later, Philadelphia’s Flying Monkey bakery made headlines for its own stuffed dessert: the Pumpple Cake, which layers apple and pumpkin pie, slathered in buttercream frosting, at 1,800 calories per slice.

4. Bread and butter pudding, England

Never one to let a bit of stale bread go to waste, British housewives mastered the art of transforming pantry staples into delicious, hearty desserts long ago. Enter the bread and butter pudding, which dates back to the 18th century and still features on pub menus to this day.

Made with layers of, yes, bread and butter, the pudding is oven-baked with raisins, nutmeg, eggs, and milk, sprinkled with vanilla and spices, and served solo or with lashings of custard. Modern gastro-pub versions have ingredients like fruit, marmalade, chocolate, or even a splash of beer working their way into the mix. Bread and butter never tasted so good!

5. Ais Kacang, Malaysia and Singapore

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Another Asian pudding that looks like someone had a paintball fight in the kitchen, Ais Kacang is a real melting pot of ingredients. Red beans are mixed with shaved ice, sweet corn, grass jelly, lychee fruit, and evaporated milk, before being topped with sweet strawberry syrup. Ultra sweet and lurid, this dessert is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement.

6. Mákos Tészta (Poppy seed noodles), Hungary

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For most people, pasta is something that naturally comes as a part of salty dishes, but Hungarians seem not to agree with this assumption. Instead of covering their pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, they combine poppy seeds with sugar and pour the mixture over the noodles. It’s a typical dish, often prepared both at home and in cafeterias.

7. Deep-fried mars bar, Scotland

A chilled Mars bar (caramel and nougat covered in chocolate), coated in batter and plunged into a deep fat fryer, this calorie-laden dessert still frequents chip shop menus to this day and is best served with ice cream for maximum gooeyness.

Apparently discovered during a playful experiment in the Haven Chip Bar in Stonehaven back in 1995, this novelty item quickly gained notoriety thanks to media coverage in the local paper. Quickly becoming popular, the deep-fried mars bar kick-started a trend of deep-frying unusual items – the ubiquitous Crème Egg and snickers bars both took their turn and a deep-fried bounty bar even turned up in one of Nigella Lawson’s cookbooks. Yummy, but sickly.

8. Green Dysentery, Taipei

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Taipei’s cringe-inducing Modern Toilet restaurant delivers your meal in toilet-shaped bowls, and its dropping-like desserts are especially on the theme. The ingredients aren’t as strange as the names, which go for the shock factor: if you can stomach it, try the “green dysentery,” a shaved ice-based dessert topped with kiwi fruit sauce, or a bloody-looking version colored red from strawberries.

9. Almond tofu dessert, China

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Non-vegetarians have long scorned tofu as a poor substitute for a hearty steak, but even they might be tempted to change their minds once they’ve tasted this one.

Almond tofu (otherwise called Almond jelly or almond pudding) is a popular sweet throughout China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, often found on restaurant menus and even available as an instant powder mix. Confusingly, the Chinese Almond is actually an apricot kernel and it’s the almond milk that is used to flavor this sweet, gelatinous dessert. A smooth, creamy whip with a sweet taste, it’s a far cry from the bland jelly-like cubes floating in your miso soup.

Here are 9 weird desserts you can try once when traveling around the world. If you see this article useful, please share it with your friends.

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