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One can never go wrong with eggs, and in fact, eggs are not only filling, but they also aid weight loss and are packed with other nutrients too. However, some countries in the world treat eggs way to differently. Right from storing it for decades to boiling them in various substances, people across the world have prepared various egg delicacies that you surely wouldn’t want to try. Here are some egg delicacies from around the world, that will truly shock you.

1. Century Eggs

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They are dark brown in colour with a moss green/blackish slimy center. Century eggs refer to special Chinese preparation wherein chicken/quail/duck eggs are preserved in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quick lime and rice hulls for weeks or months before being consumed. The catch is that the eggs are known to emit a strong urine-like odour owing to its high sulphur and ammonia content, Food.ndtv noted.

2. Virgin Boy Eggs

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This is something that I could have never imagined! How many of you like to have boiled eggs? Well, if you ever happen to be in Zhejiang province of China, chances are that you might get a 'virgin boy egg' served on your plate.

Dongyang City is in the center of the Chinese province of Zhejiang. People of Dongyang City follow a tradition where boys aged 10 years or younger urinate in a bucket and this is then used to boil eggs. Eggs are first boiled in urine with shells and for the second time with their shells cracked. That's not all, virgin boy eggs are known for their great health benefits as reported by the locals.

3. Yam Kai Yeow Maa

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This delicacy is quite popular in Thailand, and it is known as their special Thai salad. A Thai salad is prepared using duck eggs. While duck eggs are famous across the globe, this salad is not. The eggs are preserved to become gelatin-like and dark brown. Duck eggs are blended in a mix of black tea leaves, salt, sodium carbonate, calcium oxide, zinc oxide and water. Some Thai Salad? No, please!, Curlytales expressed.

4. Larb Mote Daeng

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This is considered to be one of the most delectable dishes in Thailand. Imagine eating a dish prepared with red ants and their eggs! People who have tried it say that the ants taste lemony while the eggs have a buttery texture.

5. Turtle Eggs

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Since various species of sea turtles are endangered, eating turtle eggs is taboo in most places. Depending on the species, the mature nesting female brings herself ashore and finds a place in the sand to dig a hole for the depositing of a clutch of 50 to 200 soft-shelled eggs. After covering the eggs for incubation, she returns to the sea and leaves the eggs to hatch.

If left undisturbed by any number of predators (from seagulls and jaguars to man), the little turtles may hatch, reach the ocean, and carry on. But beyond eggs, turtle meat and shells have found their way into markets (many of them black markets) in places that are mostly dependent on tourism. The future of the turtle remains unknown — it's not just the eggs that are at risk, Delish indicated.

6. White Ant Egg Soup

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White ant eggs are commonly found and utilized as food in Southeast Asia, predominantly Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The ants are often piled high and fried, ready to be consumed as a quick snack. One of the weirdest is white ant eggs soup, a mixture of eggs, partial embryos and baby ants. People say the eggs pop in their mouths, releasing a sour flavor, according to Backpackertravel.

7. Egg Embryo

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With foreigners in Vietnam, an embryo doesn't seem a good idea the first time they met.

A balut is a developing bird embryo (usually a duck or chicken) that is boiled and eaten from the shell. A healthy and common snack food for locals, it is believed to be very rich in nutrition and addictive in taste. Baluts are sold in informal street stalls or you will often hear, in the evening, vendors carrying lidded baskets and belting out, ‘baluuuuut’.

If you can’t bear to try this dish on its own, this sometimes served in different styles, fried into omelets, sauté with tamarind sauce or hidden as pastry filling. Eating baluts the right way is an art and eating with a fork in a bowl is a mistake you will regret forever. The real alchemy occurs when you eat the egg in its shell, with a spoon or with your bare hands, studentexchange regarded.

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