In the colorful world of BL (Boys' Love) and Yaoi manhwa/webtoons, where romance between male characters flourishes, a new heartwarming trend has emerged — the inclusion of cute babies. These stories not only capture the hearts of fans with their romantic plots but also with the addition of sweet, lovable infants who add a unique charm to the narratives.

Here's a look at the top 10 BL/Yaoi manhwa/webtoons that perfectly blend romance and cuteness, featuring adorable babies. These BL and Yaoi manhwas and webtoons not only offer engaging romances but also showcase the joys and challenges of parenting through the lens of their adorable baby characters. Whether you’re looking for heartwarming moments or humorous escapades, these stories provide the perfect blend of love and cuteness. Dive into these captivating tales and let the charming babies steal your heart.

Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies
Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies

What is Yaoi?

Yaoi is a genre of fictional media originating from Japan that focuses on romantic or sexual relationships between male characters. The term "Yaoi" is an acronym derived from the phrase "Yama nashi, Ochi nashi, Imi nashi," which translates to "No climax, no punch line, no meaning," hinting at the genre's early focus on purely romantic or erotic content rather than complex plots. Over time, however, Yaoi has evolved to encompass a wide range of narratives, from light-hearted romances to deep, emotionally charged dramas.

Yaoi has a significant cultural impact both in Japan and internationally. It has a dedicated fanbase and has contributed to the broader acceptance and exploration of LGBTQ+ themes in media. Yaoi also influences other forms of storytelling and fandom culture, with fan-created works (like fanfiction and fan art) expanding on existing Yaoi narratives or creating new ones.

Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies

1. "Love is an Illusion!" by Fargo

Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies
"Love is an Illusion!"

Set in a world where alphas, betas, and omegas exist, this story follows the tumultuous relationship between Dojin, a beta who mistakenly believes he’s an alpha, and Hyeongseok, an omega who doesn’t want a family. Their lives take an unexpected turn when an accidental baby comes into the picture, bringing both challenges and deepening their bond in surprising ways.

Why It Stands Out:

This manhwa explores the fascinating omegaverse world, where societal roles are determined by alpha, beta, and omega designations. The addition of a baby complicates these dynamics and forces the characters to grow and adapt.

The story delves into the characters' personal growth and acceptance, particularly in navigating their unexpected roles as parents.

The inclusion of a baby brings out a range of emotions from the characters, making the readers experience everything from heartache to joy.

2. "Dear. Door" by Pluto

Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies
"Dear. Door"

When police officer Kyungjoon encounters the demon Cain, his life is turned upside down. As they navigate the dangerous world of demons and humans, a baby arrives under mysterious circumstances, adding a tender and comedic twist to their intense relationship.

Why It Stands Out:

The unexpected arrival of a baby in a supernatural setting involving demons adds an intriguing twist that keeps readers hooked.

The story balances intense action and drama with tender moments, especially in how the baby impacts the demon-human relationship.

The baby acts as a catalyst that deepens the complexity of the main characters' relationship, offering a fresh perspective on their bond.

3. "BJ Alex" by Mingwa

Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies
"BJ Alex"

This popular manhwa revolves around Dong-Gyun, a regular guy, and Alex, a live streamer with a secret identity. The story takes an unexpected and delightful turn when a baby enters their lives, bringing new dimensions to their connection and highlighting the growth of their relationship.

Why It Stands Out:

Set against the backdrop of live streaming and modern relationships, the manhwa tackles contemporary issues while infusing humor and warmth with the introduction of a baby.

The strong chemistry between the characters is amplified by their interactions with the baby, adding layers to their dynamic.

Despite the often intense and dramatic storyline, the baby brings moments of surprising tenderness and vulnerability to the characters.

4. "Love Shuttle" by Im Ae-Ju

Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies
"Love Shuttle"

Doyun is a dominant omega who often finds himself in awkward situations. His life changes drastically when he gets involved with Taehan, a powerful alpha. The arrival of a baby forces them to confront their feelings and responsibilities, adding warmth and humor to their evolving relationship.

Why It Stands Out:

The story challenges typical gender and societal roles through its portrayal of a dominant omega and the dynamics with a powerful alpha.

The baby introduces light-hearted humor and warmth, balancing the more serious elements of the plot.

The arrival of the baby forces the characters to confront their fears and responsibilities, leading to significant personal and relational growth.

5. "A Guy Like You" by Waje

Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies
"A Guy Like You"

The romantic tale between Go Siwon and Kang Jinha gets even more interesting when an adorable baby becomes a part of their lives. The presence of the baby provides both comic relief and touching moments, deepening the bond between the characters.

Why It Stands Out:

This manhwa blends elements of fantasy and reality, with the baby adding a touch of innocence and reality check to the fantastical elements.

The baby’s presence brings out deep emotional responses from the characters, enriching their backstories and relationships.

The story's charm lies in its relatable depiction of handling unexpected life changes, with the baby adding a universally endearing element.

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6. "Window Beyond Window" by Lee Aru

Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies
"Window Beyond Window"

Suhyeok, a man with a troubled past, finds solace in his neighbor, Gitae. As their relationship blossoms, a baby unexpectedly enters their world. The story beautifully explores themes of healing and love, with the baby symbolizing new beginnings and hope.

Why It Stands Out:

The manhwa focuses on themes of healing and redemption, with the baby symbolizing new beginnings and hope.

It offers a realistic portrayal of how a baby can transform relationships and lives, adding a touching and genuine aspect to the narrative.

The baby helps explore deep emotional scars and the journey towards healing, resonating with readers on a profound level.

7. "Sign" by Ker

Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies

Yoon, a barista, and Soohwa, a man with a hearing impairment, develop a sweet romance. Their bond is tested and strengthened when they have to care for a baby, adding depth to their relationship and bringing out their nurturing sides.

Why It Stands Out:

The story features a character with a hearing impairment, adding diversity and depth to the narrative. The baby introduces a new dynamic to their relationship, highlighting the challenges and joys of parenting.

The interactions between the characters and the baby are gentle and heartwarming, offering a soothing contrast to the typical BL/Yaoi intensity.

The baby acts as a bridge that brings out the nurturing and caring sides of the characters, enriching their bond.

8. "My Suha" by Mangaka

Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies
"My Suha"

Suha, a meticulous office worker, and Junho, his playful boss, find themselves in amusing and heartfelt situations. The dynamics of their relationship take a delightful turn with the introduction of a baby, making their story even more endearing.

Why It Stands Out:

Set in an office environment, the inclusion of a baby adds an unusual twist to the typical workplace romance, creating unique situations and challenges.

The baby’s antics introduce humor and lightness, making the story more engaging and entertaining.

The narrative strikes a balance between playful interactions and serious relationship development, with the baby serving as a pivotal element in this balance.

9. "Hold Me Tight" by Nabit

Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies
"Hold Me Tight"

This emotional rollercoaster of a story sees Wooyoung, a man with a dark past, finding comfort in the arms of Jiseok. Their lives are turned upside down with the arrival of a baby, which brings both challenges and heartwarming moments that strengthen their bond.

Why It Stands Out:

The story explores themes of trauma and recovery, with the baby playing a crucial role in the characters’ emotional journeys.

The presence of the baby adds complexity to the already intricate relationships, making the characters’ growth and interactions more compelling.

The baby brings tender and touching moments that contrast beautifully with the darker aspects of the plot, providing emotional relief and depth.

10. "On or Off" by A1

Top 10 Best BL/Yaoi Manhwa With Cute Babies
"On or Off"

Yiyoung, a young professional, and his boss, Kang Daehyung, navigate the ups and downs of their workplace romance. The unexpected addition of a baby to their story adds a fresh and charming layer, making their journey together even more captivating.

Why It Stands Out:

The manhwa navigates the balance between professional and personal lives, with the baby adding an unexpected yet delightful complication.

The characters’ interactions with the baby reveal their softer, more relatable sides, making them more endearing to the readers.

The baby's presence enhances the narrative's captivating and dynamic storytelling, adding charm and depth to the developing romance.


For fans of BL/Yaoi manhwa and webtoons, these stories with adorable babies are a delightful treat. They highlight not only the romantic aspects but also the warmth and joy that a little one can bring into the lives of their beloved characters. Happy reading!

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