Top 15 Best Scholarships For LGBTQ+ Students in the World
Best Scholarships For LGBTQ+ Students Around The World

LGBTQ+ students frequently face greater financial challenges than their straight and cisgender peers. LGBTQ students frequently face a lack of emotional and financial support from their families, as well as the anxiety and stress of being discriminated against in future employment, an inability to repay debt, and the fear of being denied financial aid because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

With all of the obstacles that members of the LGBTQ+ community face, having the financial means to attend college should not be one of them. But don’t worry, we have a list of Top 15 Best Scholarships For LGBT+ Students Around The World to help them to make the right choice.

LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and “plus,” which represents other sexual identities including pansexual, asexual and omnisexual.

Where to find LGBTQ+ scholarships

You can find LGBTQ scholarships at every level:

Federal. Federal scholarships are available to students all over the country.

State. These scholarships are only available to students who live in a specific state. They may be sponsored by the state or made available through state-specific organizations.

Local. Scholarships may be offered by counties, cities, and municipalities to students who live or plan to attend school in a specific location.

Institution. These scholarships are only available to students attending a specific college or university.

Top 15 Best Scholarships For LGBTQ+ Students Around The World

1. LGBTQIA+ in Advancing Tech & Data Science Scholarship - $5,020

The LGBTQIA+ in Advancing Tech & Data Science scholarship is designed to assist queer youth who want to pursue a career in technology or data science. First-generation and low-income LGBTQIA+ high school students who want to study science, technology, STEM, or coding are eligible for the scholarship.

The application requires students to explain why they are interested in this particular field of study and what they hope to achieve with their education.

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2. State Farm Scholarship for LGBTQ+ Students - $2,500

The State Farm Scholarship, which is available to high school seniors in the state of New York, was created to help ensure that LGBTQ+ students receive the support they require. If a New York high school senior in 2023 identifies as LGBTQ+, they are eligible to apply.

The application process requires students to write about how the scholarship would benefit them.

3. National Gay Pilots Association Scholarship – Amount: varies

The National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) provides scholarships to students interested in pursuing a career in aviation. While scholarships are not limited to LGBT students, the scholarship committee looks for applicants who have given back to the LGBT community in some way.

Each scholarship has different application requirements, but in general, applicants should be prepared to submit current flight certificates, logbook entries, transcripts, and a resume. Applicants must also be members of the NGPA.

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4. Acorn Equality Fund Scholarships - $1,000 to $4,000

The Acorn Equality Fund offers scholarships to LGBTQ students in Illinois (except Cook, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will Counties). A variety of scholarships are available based on academic performance, financial need, community service, commitment to public health, and political advocacy.

5. Pool Family LGBT+ Scholarship - $2,500

The Pools are a family with LGBTQ+ children and a proud mother who has been active in their local PFLAG organization for many years. Any LGBTQ+ undergraduate student may apply for this prestigious scholarship. To apply, students must submit an essay or a video describing their experiences as LGBTQ+ students as well as their goals.

6. The Pride Foundation – $12,000 maximum

Scholarships for current and future leaders in the LGBTQ+ community from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

7. Roy Scrivner Research Grants – $9,000

A US$9,000 grant for graduate students to conduct research which encourages the study of LGBT family psychology and LGBT family therapy.

8. First Nations Pride Scholarship - Worth up to $30,000

The University of Melbourne offers this scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a degree in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music. Students must identify as LGBTIQA+ or be of Indigenous Australian descent, or both.

9. The Kay Longcope Scholarship Award – up to $3,000

The Kay Longcope Scholarship Award provides tuition assistance to an LGBTQ+ student of color who wishes to pursue a career in journalism and is dedicated to the NLGJA's mission of providing fair and accurate coverage of the LGBTQ+ community. For LGBTQ+ students interested in pursuing a career in journalism, the Leroy F. Aarons Scholarship Award is also available.

10. Pride in Diversity Scholarship - $2,000

The Pride in Diversity scholarship is awarded to members of the LGBTQ community each year. This year, they'd like to make it available to students who have struggled to pay their tuition due to discrimination, medical costs associated with transitioning, or financial hardships.

Because this organization is fundamentally concerned with encouraging diversity and inclusion in the Silicon Valley tech world, this scholarship is aimed at students pursuing a degree in STEM, in order to further diversify voices in this space. Individuals must submit a one- to two-minute video explaining their role in the LGBTQ and STEM communities, as well as why this scholarship is important to them in order to continue their education.

11. Positive action for LGBTQ+ MSc Scholarship at University of Edinburgh Business School - £10,000

For students who are committed to making a difference in the LGBT+ community, particularly in the business environment, the University of Edinburgh Business School offers a £10,000 scholarship to fund any of their taught master's degrees.

12. Lambda Foundation Scholarship in LGBT Studies - $1,000

A $1,000 scholarship is available to University of Guelph students who are working on a thesis, research essay, independent research project, or coursework related to LGBTQ+ studies. Those involved in the LGBTQ+ community will be given priority.

13. LGBTIQ+ Leadership Bursary - $1,500

This scholarship awards $1,500 to one student who identifies as LGBTQ+ and is enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate programme at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

14. Pride Palace LGBTQ+ Scholarship - $1,000

Pride Palace is, at its core, a clothing company that wants to support and assist people in embracing their pride. Pride Palace believes in amplifying the distinct voices of the LGBTQ+ community and in bringing these special voices to as wide an audience as possible. Any member of the LGBTQ community with any level of education is eligible to apply. Individuals must submit their social media accounts and explain in three sentences or less why they are proud to be a part of the LGBTQ community.

15. LGBTQIA+ Shaping Futures Scholarship - up to $4,000

This University of Newcastle scholarship provides up to $4000 to one student who identifies as LGBTQ+ and is balancing study with personal circumstances such as carer responsibilities. Students must be enrolled in any year of a university's undergraduate degree program.


There are numerous scholarships available to assist LGBTQ+ students with their college expenses. Scholarship search engines make finding such opportunities simple. However, completing the applications and essays that are typically required takes time, so start your research well before packing for college. Make a note of the application deadlines so you don't miss out on applying.

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