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Best Scholarships in Australia by Government and University

A significant number of scholarships are made available by the Australian government and universities to international students who have an interest in pursuing higher education in Australia. KnowInsiders has compiled a list of the most prestigious scholarships available to international students for study at Australian universities.

Australian Government Scholarships for International Students

1.Australia Awards Scholarships

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade manages Australia prizes Scholarships, formerly known as Australian Development Scholarships (ADS), which are long-term development prizes. People from developing nations, especially those in the Indo-Pacific area, are given the chance to enroll in full-time undergraduate or graduate programs at participating Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes.

Full tuition fees, round-trip airfare, an establishment allowance, a contribution toward living expenses (CLE), overseas student health insurance (OSHC), and other perks are typically included in the benefits of scholarships.

2. Destination Australia Scholarships

The Destination Australia scholarship program, which the Australian government sponsors, supports both domestic and foreign students who choose to study in regional Australia. Each year, more than 1000 scholarships worth $15,000 will be made available to cover the costs of living while pursuing a Certificate IV to Doctorate-level qualification at a rural campus of an Australian university that qualifies.

3. Australia Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships

International students can pursue a postgraduate research qualification in Australia through the Australia Research Training Program and get experience working with esteemed Australian academics. For a Masters by Research degree or a Doctorate by Research degree, the scholarships are accessible for two or three years, respectively. The scholarship pays for both health insurance and tuition.

Australian University for Scholarships International Students

4. University of Sydney International Scholarships

The University of Sydney strongly advises candidates who meet the requirements to enroll in one of its Master by Research or Postgraduate Research Degree programs to apply for the University of Sydney International Scholarship (USydIS). For up to three years, the USydIS will cover both living expenses and tuition, with the possibility of an additional semester for PhD candidates.

5. Macquarie University International Scholarships

The Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship provides a partial tuition fee scholarship for outstanding students to study an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Macquarie University North Ryde campus.

The scholarship amount is varied up to AUD$10,000.

6. Griffith Remarkable Scholarships

For excellent applicants to Griffith University's undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs, the Griffith Remarkable Scholarship is made available. The scholarship pays 50% of the tuition costs, which will be subtracted from the total cost of the program.

7. University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships

The University of Melbourne established the Graduate Research Scholarship, which is given to outstanding domestic and international research students. The scholarship offers a living allowance, relocation assistance, tuition waivers, and health insurance for international students.

8. Adelaide Global Excellence Scholarships for International Students

The University of Adelaide Global Academic Excellence International Scholarship is a highly competitive award that recognizes international students who are starting undergraduate and postgraduate coursework and have excelled academically in prior coursework. 50% of the tuition is covered by the scholarship.

9. Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships

In order to pursue a full-time research higher degree at Flinders University for up to two years for a Research Masters degree and up to three years for a Research Doctorate degree, eligible applicants are given Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPRS). The scholarship pays the tuition for international students as well as their living expenses, relocation fees, and airfare.

10. Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor’s International High Achievers Scholarships

International students who have a history of academic excellence and high achievement and who wish to begin an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree at Charles Darwin University are eligible for a small number of 25–50% tuition fee scholarships.

11. UNSW International Scholarships

To assist international undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students beginning full-time study at UNSW, the university offers a variety of scholarships and awards. Some scholarships offer a stipend to help with the costs of your studies, while others may pay your tuition in full or in part.

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