11 Best Scholarships In Canada For International Students 11 Best Scholarships In Canada For International Students
Is College Free in Canada and How to Study for Free? Is College Free in Canada and How to Study for Free?
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Overview: Higher Education and Free Colleges in Canada

One of the most popular places to study abroad is Canada. This is so because Canada has some of the world's top universities. As a result, Canada's outstanding educational standards are renowned throughout the world.

As a result of Canada's reputation for having a top-notch educational system, many students from around the world choose to study there. However, for many students, the cost of tuition can be a significant barrier. Thankfully, Canada has a number of free colleges that provide high-quality instruction without the financial burden of tuition.

About 32 Canadian institutions are ranked among the top universities in the world, according to Times Higher Education's World University Rankings. The 32 Canadian Institutions include some of the Universities mentioned in this article. You thus get to study at one of the best universities in the world and obtain a degree that is widely respected.

IELTS is not required for admission to some of the Canada's tuition-free universities. such as McGill University, Concordia University, and the University of Winnipeg. IELTS scores are not required to apply to these universities if you are an international student. To find out how to study in Canada without taking IELTS, read the article on the Top Universities in Canada without IELTS.

There are some universities with work-study programs among the Tuition-Free Universities in Canada for International Students. University of Ottawa, Simon Fraser University, and McGill University are a few examples.

Students who have a clear need for money can use the work-study program to help them find jobs on or off campus. Because work-study hours are flexible, you can work and make money at the same time. Additionally, the curriculum can assist students in gaining knowledge and experience for careers. The program is open to international students who have valid study permits for at least six months. In the event that you did not receive a scholarship, you can still pay for your education through this program.

Students in Canada have a high standard of living in addition to a secure environment for learning. In fact, Canada is recognized as having a high quality of life.

In addition, living expenses are lower in Canada than in other popular study abroad locations. US, UK, and France are a few examples.

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Are There Tuition-Free Universities and Colleges in Canada?

No, is the answer. Most Canadian universities, if not all, do not provide free education to any student, domestic or foreign. However, there are a number of ways to study for free at Canadian universities.

Canadian educational institutions offer financial aid to their students in the form of grants, scholarships, fellowships, and bursaries. However, they do not provide free education.

However, the majority of the universities mentioned in this article allow you to apply for fully funded scholarships. You can benefit from a tuition-free education as a result.

The scholarship programs that can assist in paying the full cost of tuition and even provide allowances are the main topic of this article. Or, completely funded scholarships.

In this article, KnowInsiders.com explores the topic of "Free Colleges in Canada," which allow students to explore a variety of academic pathways without the financial burdens that frequently come with higher education. A number of outstanding colleges and universities that provide tuition-free courses for Canadian citizens and permanent residents have emerged as a result of Canada's dedication to open access to higher education.

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We'll look at some of Canada's best free colleges as well as the advantages of enrolling there.

Top 15+ Tuition-Free Colleges/Universities in Canada for International Students 2024

1. University of Calgary

Top 15+ Tuition-Free Universities in Canada for International Students 2024
University of Calgary - Tuition Free College in Canada

Website: https://www.ucalgary.ca/

Total Enrollment: Over 35,000

Address: 2500 University Dr. NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4, Canada

The list of Free Universities in Canada for International Students includes the University of Calgary. Calgary, Alberta is home to the public research university known as the University of Calgary.

The University of Calgary awards international students who enroll in full-time undergraduate degree programs with the international entrance scholarship.

This scholarship has an annual value of $20,000 and is renewable if certain requirements are met.

For doctoral students, the University of Calgary also offers Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships.

The University of Calgary's International Office and Faculty of Arts & Science both provide scholarships for international students.

The U15, a group of research-intensive Canadian universities, includes the University of Calgary as a member. The U15 was founded on January 1st, 2015 by Prime Minister Trudeau with the intention of fostering excellence and innovation among its members through joint research projects and other forms of cooperation between member institutions across Canada.

In addition to providing excellent educational opportunities for undergraduate students at all levels, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) also offer certificates courses online.

Additionally, it provides graduate programs leading to master's degrees in specialized fields like the sciences of medicine or nursing, as well as other specialties like architecture if you prefer that field to the others mentioned earlier.

2. Concordia University

Website: www.concordia.ca

Total Enrollment: Over 51,000

Address: 1455 Boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal, QC H3G 1M8, Canada

In Montreal, Quebec, there is a public comprehensive university called Concordia University. For those who wish to attend Concordia University as international students, there are numerous scholarships available.

On the list of universities in Canada that don't charge tuition to international students, Concordia University comes in at number two. This is so because the university offers the Concordia Presidential Scholarship and Concordia International Scholars, two fully funded scholarships.

This public university, which conducts numerous research projects, is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Following the union of Layola College and Sir George Williams University, it was established in 1974.

Since they are being taught in the English language, international students from anglophone nations will fully comprehend their lectures. Each student at this institution must pay a tuition fee ranging from $2,000 to $3,000.

The University's most esteemed undergraduate entrance scholarship for international students is the Concordia Presidential Scholarship.

The full cost of tuition, fees, books, housing, and meal plans are all covered by the award. This scholarship will be available for up to four years of study as long as the student meets the criteria for renewal.

An undergraduate prize called Concordia International Scholars seeks to recognize students who excel in the classroom.

A total of two renewable scholarships worth the cost of four years' worth of tuition are given out each year to deserving applicants from any faculty.

The scholarship will pay for tuition and fees and is extended for a further four years if all conditions are met.

3. Simon Fraser University

Top 15+ Tuition-Free Universities in Canada for International Students 2024
Simon Fraser University

Website: www.sfu.ca

This is a federal building in Canada's British Columbia. It has three different campuses, including the main campus in Burnaby as well as Surrey and Vancouver. Over 30,000 students attended, and there were 950 faculty members in total when it was founded in 1965. Indigenous students pay CAD $2,770 in tuition, while international students pay CAD $12,125. Foreign and domestic students enrolled in the same postgraduate programs at this institution's majority of courses pay the same tuition rate.

SFU provides a number of scholarships for international students. However, the SFU International Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship with Distinction and Scholars living allowance will be the topics of discussion.

The Scholarship pays for the first undergraduate degree's tuition and necessary additional fees.

The value of the scholarship, which also includes a $7,000 living allowance per term, is dependent on the program of study. The scholarship has a value of about $120,000.

Scholarships are available to international high school students who have been accepted to any institution's undergraduate program and have a strong academic record.

4. University of Manitoba

Top 15+ Tuition-Free Universities in Canada for International Students 2024
University of Manitoba

Website: https://umanitoba.ca/

This institution, which was established in 1877, is regarded as one of Canada's tuition-free universities.

There are many courses to choose from at the bachelor's through doctoral levels. International students have the financial means to pay the annual tuition fee, which ranges from $4,000 to $13,600. For international students from various countries around the world, the institution offers a variety of scholarship opportunities. Despite having a low ranking among Canadian institutions with tuition, it offers students fantastic opportunities.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships provide funding to the University to support doctoral student education.

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships aid Canadian universities in luring in-demand doctoral candidates. The scholarship will be worth $50,000 annually for three years of doctoral studies.

5. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Website: www.sait.ca

Total Enrollment: Over 13,000

Address: 1301 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 0L4, Canada

Calgary, Alberta, Canada's Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SIT) is a public polytechnic university. As the Technical Training Institute (TTI), it was established in 1947.

It has three campuses: the East Campus, which houses the main campus, the West Campus, which offers programs in construction management, and the Airdrie Campus, which offers courses in auto maintenance and repair.

SIT offers more than 80 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. International students may enroll at SIT full- or part-time and receive scholarships from the school at no cost to them.

6. Saint Mary’s University

Top 15+ Tuition-Free Universities in Canada for International Students 2024
Saint Mary’s University

Website: www.smu.ca

Total Enrollment: Over 8,000

Address: 923 Robie St, Halifax, NS B3H 3C3, Canada

Saint Mary's University recognizes academic excellence by allocating more than $7.69 million a year to student fellowships, scholarships, and bursaries. The university is consequently included in the list of International Students' Tuition-Free Universities in Canada.

The university offers a variety of programs that honor incoming students for their academic prowess or financial need.

With an admission average of 80% or higher, applicants accepted by Saint Mary's University for undergraduate studies will automatically be considered for renewable entrance scholarships.

7. Carleton University

Website: https://carleton.ca/

Total Enrollment: Over 30,000

Address: 1125 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6, Canada

One of Canada's most generous scholarship and bursary programs is offered by Carleton University. As a result, the university is included in the list of Canadian universities that don't charge tuition for international students.

The University offers ten renewable $30,000 ($7,500 for four years) Chancellor's Scholarships to full-time undergraduate students. Only high school or secondary students who are applying directly are eligible.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's Carleton University is a public research university. As the first university in Canada to offer an arts degree, it was established in 1867 and went on to become one of the top universities in the nation.

The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in a number of fields, such as business administration, computer science, engineering sciences, and the arts & humanities.

International students who wish to attend Carleton University may apply for scholarships.

A number of scholarships are available through the institution for international students, including the Carleton International Scholarship, which is given to applicants who plan to pursue an undergraduate degree there.

The scholarship is renewable for up to two more years as long as the student maintains their academic standing and pays all tuition costs for up to four years (including the summer terms).

8. University of British Columbia (UBC)

Total Enrollment: Over 70,000

Address: Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada

It was established in the year 1908 and is regarded as the most reputable institution in North America.

There are two main campuses for the University of British Columbia—one in Vancouver and one in Okanagan. The school's 400-acre campus is located in Vancouver and spans a sizable area of land. It offers a variety of courses, including undergraduate, graduate, joint university, and online courses.

UBC consistently ranks among the top 20 public universities in the world and is one of the top three universities in Canada.

Exceptional international students enrolling in undergraduate programs at UBC are given the International Major Entrance Scholarship. Additionally, the scholarship is extendable for up to three more years of study.

Only international students with Canadian study permits who are entering UBC straight from high school are eligible for this scholarship. Additionally, international students must exhibit outstanding academic achievement and significant extracurricular involvement.

9. University of Toronto

Website: https://www.utoronto.ca/

Total Enrollment: Over 70,000

Address: 27 King’s College Cir, Toronto, ON M5S, Canada

On the list of the Best Universities in Canada for International Students, the University is near the top.

The University of Toronto is ranked among the top 50 universities in the world and is the best university in Canada.

One of the best universities in Canada is the University of Toronto. With more than 43,000 international students, it is also one of the largest research-intensive universities in North America.

International students who wish to attend the university and pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees are eligible for scholarships.

International students who wish to attend the University of Toronto and pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees are eligible for scholarships.

For international students, the university offers a number of scholarship programs. These scholarships are given out in accordance with academic ability, financial need, and/or additional criteria like community service or language ability.

The University of Toronto offers the fully funded Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship. For four years, the scholarship will pay for all living expenses in addition to tuition, books, and other miscellaneous costs.

International students who exhibit exceptional academic achievement and are regarded as leaders in their schools are recognized by the program. Only undergraduate programs with first entry are eligible for the scholarship.

A total of 37 students will be named Lester B. Pearson Scholars each year.

10. Mount Royal University

Top 15+ Tuition-Free Universities in Canada for International Students 2024
Mount Royal University

Website: https://www.mtroyal.ca/

The university can be found in Calgary, Canada's Alberta province. It is renowned for being one of Canada's universities with no tuition. It was established in 1910 as a result of a charter issued by the provincial government of Alberta.

The provincial government gave the organization university status in 2009. There are currently 12 degrees and 32 major courses available, with an average class size of 29 students.

11. University of Waterloo

Total Enrollment: Over 40,000

Address: 200 University Ave W, Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1, Canada

A public research university with a strong reputation for its science and engineering programs is the University of Waterloo.

On the list of Universities in Canada that Don't Charge International Students Tuition is also University of Waterloo. Due to the university's two graduate scholarship programs, this is the case. The two programs are the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship and the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship.

Students enrolled full-time in a doctoral program in the humanities or social sciences are eligible for the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship. The award has a maximum three-year duration and a maximum annual value of $60,000. Each year, up to 16 doctoral scholars are chosen to receive generous funding for their research.

A three-year Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is also given to doctoral students. The scholarship is worth $50,000 a year.

Additionally, the University of Waterloo offers a number of entrance scholarships for incoming undergraduate students.

The university is known for its accomplishments in science, math, and engineering. One of Canada's top research universities, it provides over 100 degree programs through 13 faculties. There are more than 170,000 alumni from the university worldwide who are active in the alumni network.

12. York University

Total Enrollment: Over 55,000

Address: 4700 Keele St, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3, Canada

In Toronto, Ontario, York University has more than 100 undergraduate and graduate degree programs available to students. The areas of business, science, and the arts are where they offer the most popular programs.

International students can apply for a number of scholarships from York University. The university is consequently included in the list of International Students' Tuition-Free Universities in Canada.

One of York University's scholarships is the President's International Scholarship of Excellence. Each year, about 20 international awards worth $180,000 ($45,000 for four years) are given out.

The Scholarship will be given to international high school applicants who have demonstrated a strong commitment to extracurricular activities and excellent academic achievement.

13. University of Alberta (UAlberta)

On the list of Best Canadian Universities with Free Tuition for International Students is the University of Alberta.

The University is ranked in the top five universities in Canada and among the top 100 worldwide.

The University of Alberta President's International Distinction Scholarship will be given to students who excel academically and show signs of leadership.

The award is worth $120,000 CAD and will be paid over four years. Additionally, it is given to undergraduate students starting their first year of study on a student visa permit.

14. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is included on the list of International Students' Tuition-Free Universities in Canada.

For international students, the University of Ottawa offers a variety of scholarships. President's Scholarship for International Students, as an illustration.

One full-time undergraduate international student will receive the President's Scholarship for International Students. The scholarship is worth $30,500 ($7,500 annually for four years).

15. McGill University

First-time university students enrolling in a full-time undergraduate program are eligible for merit-based entrance scholarships from McGill's Office of Scholarships and Student Aid. McGill University now appears on the list of Canadian universities that don't charge tuition for foreign students.

16. University of Winnipeg

This institution is one of the Tuition-Free Universities in Canada for Foreign Students.

International students starting any program for the first time are eligible for the University of Winnipeg President's Scholarship for World Leaders.

International students are also eligible for the UWSA International Student Health Plan Bursary. International undergraduate students at the University of Winnipeg who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance will be given a bursary to help cover the cost of their international student health care plan.

17. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

On the list of Universities in Canada that Offer Free Tuition to International Students, SAIT is last.

SAIT is pleased to provide more than $5 million in awards to students in almost every program thanks to the kind support of donors.

These scholarships are given based on a student's academic performance, financial need, level of community involvement, and other achievements and support.

Best Scholarship Programs to International Students in Canada

MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

The MasterCard Foundation collaborates with academic institutions, including those in Canada, to offer scholarships to African students. University of British Columbia, as an illustration.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The scholarship program aids in luring doctoral students of the highest caliber to Canadian institutions.

During doctoral studies, this scholarship is worth $50,000 per year for three years. Additionally, it is given out based on leadership, research potential, and academic excellence.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

In 2001, the Scholarship program was started as a permanent tribute to the late prime minister.

Its goal is to prepare exceptional doctoral candidates for Canadian institutions. The scholarship has a three-year value of $60,000 per year. $20,000 for travel and lodging during doctoral research, in addition to $40,000 for tuition.

MPOWER Funding

MPOWER offers various scholarships for international students that wants to study in the US or Canada. University of Calgary is one the Universities in Canada recognized by MPOWER.

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In comparison to other countries, Canada has a large number of tuition-free universities. Many international students choose Canada as their study destination because of its low tuition fees, excellent reputation, and ease of living, among other factors. International students seeking admission to Canada are in high demand.

Tuition-free universities in Canada are designed to provide international students with an excellent learning environment.

Tuition-free universities in Canada provide a diverse range of programs and courses in a variety of disciplines.

The universities are spread out across the country, allowing students to choose from a variety of locations.

Some of Canada's best educational institutions are publicly funded and do not charge tuition to international students.

Some private institutions also provide free education. However, there are some limitations on the number of international students who can be admitted.

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