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Aside from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, Australia is a popular location for international students. But how much does it cost when you factor in groceries, lodging, transportation, and utilities?

According to recent research and surveys, international students are expected to pay between $24,000 and 25,000 Australian dollars per year for living expenses alone.

In general, universities around Australia provide on-campus housing that includes utility and meal plans. If you desire a different student experience, there are various off-campus options accessible, with prices changing correspondingly.

According to the most recent QS rating, Australia has seven top universities that are among the top 100 in the world.

Though it is difficult to give a firm figure to the actual costs of living in Australia because they vary by city and personal lifestyle, here is a list of the cheapest Australian cities to consider for international students:

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1. Adelaide, South Australia

Top 10 Cheapest Cities In Australia for International Students
City of Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide is a sizable city that was well thought out when it was created, making it a somewhat simple place to navigate. Adelaide is a large city, yet it is not as bustling as Sydney or Melbourne.

One of the country's Regional Areas, this city is 14% less expensive to live in than other significant Australian cities.

The cost of living in Adelaide, which is still a city, ranges from A$350 to A$700 a week.

Adelaide's transportation network consists of buses, trams, and trains. Concession cards work on a 14-day or 28-day pass with unlimited journeys, unlike the cities stated above.

Utilize this cost of living calculator to determine your own expenses before selecting to study in Australia.

Due to the fact that there are numerous festivals held throughout the year in Adelaide—known as the city of festivals—students may easily mix their studies with their free time.

Average Weekly Living Budgets

Accommodation (3 Bedrooms/Shared Apartment): AUD$ 190

Groceries: AUD$ 97

Utilities: AUD$ 50

Leisure: AUD$ 15

Public Transport: AUD$ 25

Total: AUD$ 377

2. Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia

Top 10 Cheapest Cities In Australia for International Students
The city of Darwin capital city of the Northern Territory of Australia

This city is the greatest choice for you if you wish to find employment as soon as you finish your study. It is one of the greatest choices for overseas students because Australia has one of the highest employment rates.

Due of the abundance of activities to do on the weekends and during semester breaks, it is perfect for students who enjoy studying while also exploring the natural world. You could swim in Wave Lagoon, swim with crocodiles in Crocosaurus Cove, or go to Nightcliff's monthly markets. You won't ever become bored!

You may expect great educational value at a low cost and plenty of adventure if you decide to study in this city.

Average Weekly Living Budgets

Accommodation (3 Bedrooms/Shared Apartment): AUD$ 196

Groceries: AUD$ 104

Utilities: AUD$ 49

Leisure: AUD$ 72

Public Transport: AUD$ 22

Total: AUD$ 443

3. Perth, Western Australia

Top 10 Cheapest Cities In Australia for International Students
Perth, Western Australia

This city is known as Australia's Education City since it welcomes the most international students. The best transit system, as well as the city's affordability for both living and studying, are factors that make it a favorite among students.

The institutions in this city are the best and provide top-notch education with the assistance of highly trained professors who are always willing to assist pupils in need.

Perth is the best alternative for students because of the affordable housing options and the effective transportation system. You can relax knowing that the reputed institutions in Perth will provide you with excellent instruction and education, and they will make sure you receive first-rate student support services throughout your studies.

Average Weekly Living Budgets

Accommodation (3 Bedrooms/Shared Apartment): AUD$ 203

Groceries: AUD$ 95

Utilities: AUD$ 55

Leisure: AUD$ 57

Public Transport: AUD$ 39

Total: AUD$ 449

4. Hobart in Tasmania

Hobart is another affordable location for international students on our list. Australia's regional area boasts the cleanest air in the entire country.

It is ideal for folks who appreciate the outdoors because it is one of the safest and most affordable cities to live in. Living here often costs between A$280 and A$625.

International students are entitled to the same discounts as domestic students, where the monthly full fee is A$75. Concessions are listed by the Tasmanian government under the transport heading.

Hobart residents are highly kind and pleasant, so students may tour the city and go around freely without worrying. Smaller class sizes at universities are advantageous for students since you will have more one-on-one time with your professors. This can enhance your comprehension and aid in your goal of graduating with a good GPA. Not to mention, this city is the greatest for international students because of its stunning scenery, mild climate, and low cost of living.

Average Weekly Living Budgets

Accommodation (3 Bedrooms/Shared Apartment): AUD$ 232

Groceries: AUD$ 100

Utilities: AUD$ 66

Leisure: AUD$ 57

Public Transport: AUD$ 20

Total: AUD$ 475

5. Gold Coast in Queensland

One of the most sought-after locations for international students is this city in Queensland. The largest Australian city outside of the capital is the Gold Coast, which is about an hour south of Brisbane.

International students will find living in Gold Coast to be far less expensive than in capital cities. Weekly expenses range from A$350 to A$700 and include rent, food, utilities, and transportation.

Students studying on the Gold Coast are required to apply for a go card, which enables them to specific discounts and perks. The Gold Coast uses the same transportation system as Brisbane.

A high level of living can be attained along with a degree in education. Students can visit a variety of well-known tourist attractions during their breaks.

Regarding housing, the following list of websites allows you to look for shared or private housing: – Apply to rent private properties – Apply to rent private properties – Search and advertise rooms available – Search and advertise rooms available

Average Weekly Living Budgets

Accommodation (3 Bedrooms/Shared Apartment): AUD$ 236

Groceries: AUD$ 105

Utilities: AUD$ 48

Leisure: AUD$ 78

Public Transport: AUD$ 15

Total: AUD$ 482

6. Brisbane

Brisbane, commonly known as the Sunshine metropolis, is Australia's third-largest metropolis that is yet reasonably priced. Despite being one of the least expensive cities in the nation, it does not imply that the quality of your education is inferior to that of other cities.

Due to the universities' reputation as some of the best in the world, you will receive a top-notch education and excellent living conditions at a more affordable price. This is excellent for students who wish to cut costs without compromising the caliber of their education.

Brisbane is known for welcoming newcomers, job seekers, and students with open arms. Depending on where you live, the average monthly cost of living for students in Brisbane ranges from A$556 to A$1,120. Rent, food and groceries, utilities, transportation, and leisure activities are all included in this amount.

In Queensland, trains, buses, and ferries are all operated by TransLink. In order to use all Translink bus, rail (including Airtrain), ferry, and tram services in the greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast districts, students must apply for a go card.

The Cheapest Students Accommodation in Brisbane

The top 5 cheap student apartments in Brisbane are listed below. Our primary selection criterion is each tenant's individual rent.

The majority of these apartments provided services other than merely housing for students. They provide a variety of events and activities along with a number of discounts so that students can take full use of the city where they live:

Atira Student Living


Iglu Kelvin Grove

Iglu Brisbane City

Student One

Average Weekly Living Budgets

Accommodation (3 Bedrooms/Shared Apartment): AUD$ 234

Groceries: AUD$ 105

Utilities: AUD$ 54

Leisure: AUD$ 53

Public Transport: AUD$ 39

Total: AUD$ 485

7. Canberra

Top 10 Cheapest Cities In Australia for International Students
Canberra cheapest city in Australia

Sydney is frequently mistaken for being the capital of Australia, but Canberra is the official capital, and the name of this location comes from the word "Canberry," which meaning "meeting place." Canberra, also known as Australia's capital, is one of the most livable and reasonably priced locations for international students.

The typical cost of living in Canberra varies depending on your own preferences for lifestyle and kind of housing, particularly if you choose to live off-campus. Depending on the type of residence you select, the cost of accommodations ranges from A$

A house with two to three bedrooms might cost anywhere between A$400 and A$500 per week for a room in a shared house.

There are expenses for utilities and transportation in addition to the cost of lodging. In addition to the widespread use of public transit in Canberra, many students choose to cycle throughout the city.

Tertiary students can purchase concession cards for public transportation, which lower the cost to just A$1.61 per journey with a daily ceiling of A$4.80. Utilities might cost anywhere from $20 to $55 each week.

Average Weekly Living Budgets (updated 2023)

Accommodation (3 Bedrooms/Shared Apartment): AUD$ 260

Groceries: AUD$ 108

Utilities: AUD$ 58

Leisure: AUD$ 60

Public Transport: AUD$ 23

Total: AUD$ 509

8. Wollongong

Another well-liked and reasonably priced Australian city is Wollongong. The fact that it is only 80 kilometers from the well-known city of Sydney makes it a popular option for international students who cannot afford to live there. However, while residing here, students can simply travel to and take advantage of a quick trip to Australia's largest metropolis.

Additionally, the high standard of education at a reasonable cost makes it a desirable location for overseas students.

9. Melbourne

International students might find a number of opportunities in Melbourne. You'll be interested to learn that it has been crowned the most livable city in the world for seven years running. The finest alternative for studying for overseas students as a result.

Even though it is not as inexpensive as the aforementioned places, if you could locate the correct finance methods, you may still find it to be a reasonable option. Universities have cutting-edge, world-class facilities that can help you land a job wherever.

10. Sydney

It is the last city on our list and welcomes more than 50,000 foreign students annually. Its high employment rate and standard of education account for its popularity.

Even though this city has a high affordability rate, students still take advantage of it to get the best education they can in this charming place. The list of some of the top universities and courses available in this city is provided below.


Thousands of students dream of studying in Australia, not only for the quality of its education, but also for the country's living standards. There are always cheaper accommodation options in Australia, from dormitories to shared apartments or even suburban living versus city living, regardless of which city you choose to live in.

In this blog, we discussed the ten cheapest cities in Australia for international students. Do you want to continue your education in one of these cities? Reach out to our expert mentors at Leverage Edu for the best advice on selecting the best course and university for your needs.

Not only that, but you will be able to reduce your financial burden while studying in Australia because the Australian government allows international students to work up to 40 hours fortnightly at a minimum wage of AUD$ 19.49 per hour. So, don't give up on your dream; there's always a way!

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