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Do you want to visit the most attractive country in the world, which comprises mesmerizing landscapes and refreshing places? You have made an accurate guess. Yes! Switzerland is the country that has introduced various scholarships, fellowships, and grants for you.

Let’s explore top 12 scholarships in Switzerland for international students.

Why Study in Switzerland?

Photo join in campus
Photo join in campus

There are a number of reasons international students should choose Switzerland as their place for study.

People as Diverse as the Geography

With 26 federal states and four national languages, it is not surprising that Switzerland has one of the most diversified populations in all of Europe. So, foreign students can experience Switzerland in the way that most suits them. There is something for everyone, whether it is in or near the Swiss Mountains, on the central plateau, in a big city, or out in the country.

An International Network

International students make up around 25% of the student population in Switzerland, according to Studying in Switzerland. That's fantastic news for a student who has just arrived in Switzerland because it will make it easier for you to meet people and expand your social and professional networks. Also, it's the ideal method to broaden your horizons and even learn a new language!

A Safe Place to Live

Students may put any worries they have about their safety while studying abroad to rest because it is one of the safest countries in the world. In comparison to other countries, violent crime is nearly nonexistent, and the likelihood of minor crimes like pickpocketing is quite low. As a result, foreign students can feel secure touring Switzerland as long as they use common sense and prudence.

A Quality Higher Education

The reputation of any prospective university is crucial for any student thinking about participating in a study abroad program. Switzerland's world-class higher education system is your best option. Swiss universities have a strong emphasis on quality, providing a cutting-edge environment for learners and researchers to express their autonomy while obtaining an excellent, globally-focused education. Take Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, for instance, which provides students with a prominent education in the hospitality industry.

Top 12 Scholarships In Switzerland For International Students

Governmental scholarship

1. Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students

Scholarship value and benefits include a monthly living allowance, waiver of tuition fees, health insurance, travel and lodging expenses, and housing allowance.

Eligibility: Those with at least a Master's degree who intend to travel to Switzerland to conduct research or pursue doctorate or post-doctoral courses are eligible for the research grant.

For students with a master's degree who want to continue their research studies in an overseas university, the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships are the respectable options. The top-notch research is being done under the direction of smart researchers. Working on the research projects will teach you the laudable best practices and techniques used around the world. Additionally, several benefits are provided, including full payment of tuition costs, faculty housing, and air travel expenses. Students with strong academic standing and a desire to contribute something original to the field of study are urged to apply for these fantastic opportunities.

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Scholarships from universities and colleges

2. ETH Zurich Excellence Master’s Scholarships

ETH Zurich supports excellent students wherever they have finished their studies. All of them who wish to pursue a Master’s degree at ETH are eligible to apply for their two scholarship programs: the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP).

Scholarship value/inclusions: The Excellence Scholarship covers the full study and living costs of the students. At the same time, the Master Scholarship Programme (MSP) gives students a partial stipend and an assistantship offer.

Eligibility: Excellent students who have finished their Bachelor studies in the ETH or other Swiss or international university.

3. University of Lausanne Master’s Grants for Foreign Students

Photo ASEAN Scholarships
Photo ASEAN Scholarships

Those are scholarships for excellence awarded exclusively to students who have graduated from a foreign university and whose academic results are of a very high level. The UNIL Master’s Grants are offered to international students on a competitive basis by the University of Lausanne in Switzerland.

• Level of Study: Masters

• Institution(s): University of Lausanne

• Opportunity Focus Areas: Please see list below.

• Program Period: 2 years for students undertaking a Master

4. Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships

The Institute spends a lot of money on financial aid in an effort to draw outstanding students from all over the world, regardless of their country of origin or financial situation. The following types of financial aid are available: a full scholarship worth CHF 20,000; a partial scholarship worth CHF 10,000; a tuition discount; or a teaching or research assistantship. A 4-year package consisting of 2 years of full scholarship and 2 years of teaching assistantship is also available for the top PhD candidates.

5. Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Scholarships

Photo Studying in Switzerland
Studying in Switzerland

For its LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights and Master of Advanced Studies in Transitional Justice, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law, the Geneva Academy offers both partial and full scholarships. Tuition expenses are covered by partial scholarships. During ten months, full scholarships cover both the cost of living and tuition in Geneva. Students from non-Western nations who are international. Only candidates from Western Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States will be given full consideration, and only for the LLM program.

6. University of Zurich Scholarships for Ph.D. candidates

With more than 26,000 students, the University of Zurich (UZH) is the biggest in Switzerland. They provide scholarships for Master's graduates from all around the world, which are given to applicants based on their exceptional academic achievement. The scholarship can last up to 4 years, with continued assistance conditioned on satisfactory course completion.

Applications from all fields are encouraged, however preference may be given to students whose research objectives touch on topics of interest to the UBS International Center of Economics and Society.

Scholarship amount/benefits: The UBS Center Scholarships are complete scholarships that pay for tuition, living expenses, and all other costs, totaling about CHF 42'500.

7. Aristotle College

The Reginaldus Foundation awards several scholarships to deserving and needy students of the university campus of Lugano. These grants are aimed at students who intend to live in Aristotle College, which offers board and lodging and some academic activities.

Scholarship value/inclusions: The scholarships cover the college fees, totally or partially, depending on applicants’ merit and financial situation.

Eligibility: Low-income, deserving students.

8. IMD MBA Scholarships

Photo Studying in Switzerland
Photo Studying in Switzerland

IMD has several scholarship options available for international students from various nations and backgrounds. Every scholarship program gives out between CHF 25,000 and 50,000. The most deserving candidates who also satisfy the extra requirements will get these scholarships. No application is required, but scholarship recipients often have high GMAT/GRE scores and exhibit traits like career advancement, an international perspective, an open mind, and great interpersonal skills throughout the application and assessment process. At the moment the admissions offer is made, the recipients are confirmed.

9. The University of St. Gallen Scholarships for International Students

Via its scholarship programs, the University of St. Gallen, a gorgeously constructed institution, offers you remarkable opportunities. Students from all over the world with ability and academic excellence are awarded the scholarships. Students who possess academic degrees or other qualifications that are well recognized are eligible for this. The test for Excellence Scholarships must be passed by all qualified international applicants, and their selection will be based on the overall weighting of both their credentials and the test.

Also, the university provides The Starr International Foundation Scholarship Fund for exceptionally bright students who have a foreign Bachelor's degree and are currently enrolled in this university's English-taught courses. Moreover, both of the aforementioned awards provide a stipend.

10. Alfred Werner Masters Scholarships

The Foundation offers a maximum of ten scholarships. Candidates must apply for admission to an M.Sc. program at a Swiss University or a Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and, at the same time, ask for the support of the institution for an Alfred Werner Scholarship. The Foundation expects to receive the nominations of the different institutions by mid-April 2021.

Scholarship value/inclusions: For the academic period from September 2021 to May 2023, a maximum of 10 scholarships of CHF 30’000 each.

Eligibility: International students in the top 10% of their undergraduate programs.

Scholarships for fellowship or internship/from organizations

11. CERN Short Term Internships in Switzerland

The CERN in Switzerland is an organization that offers hundreds of Internship opportunities to international students in all fields. If you are an undergraduate student, graduate student, or Master student, you can apply for the CERN Internships, with a duration of 1 to maximum 6 months geared towards your particular field of study.

12. Human Rights Fellowship for Africa Descents

The United Nations Agency has taken the incredibly noble step of creating the Human Rights Fellowship for Africans. Africans with strong educational backgrounds, a desire to study abroad, and a desire to further human welfare are given the chance to take advantage of this opportunity to gain extensive knowledge of the laws and procedures governing human rights. Through team-based meetings, talks, and training, it seeks to increase each person's capacity in the humanitarian field by instilling the ideals of social work and humanity. Thus, they are able to take part in the overall success of the countries. This will cover all facets of human rights and the problems that governments around the world are having with them.

At Swiss universities, the application procedure is very straightforward. We have compiled all the requirements you must meet in order to apply to your top-choice Swiss institution and start your fascinating academic journey.

How to apply for a scholarship in Switzerland

Photo golden gate study abroad
Photo golden gate study abroad

Choose a program.

Switzerland is a well-liked study abroad location for fields like IT or computer science and engineering because of its modern technological society. Additionally, it provides top-notch degrees in banking, business administration, and finance and accounting. Consider the factors that influenced your decision to move to Switzerland, and pay attention to your inner passions and professional goals. then pick the program you wish to apply for carefully!

Check the entrance requirements.

When preparing your application for Swiss universities, there are specific admission standards you need to pay close attention to depending on the purpose, your nationality, and the academic level of your studies. Develop a thorough strategy and get more information by contacting the Swiss Embassy or Consulate in your area. For additional questions, you can also get in touch with your university' student support services.

Prepare the paperwork

Considering that Switzerland is a bilingual nation, depending on where your selected institution is located, you may need to translate your documents into French, Italian, or German. Your Swiss Embassy offers translation services to help you with that process. In general, the following papers are required for applying to Swiss universities:

• A fully filled and signed application form.

• A valid passport and passport-size photographs.

• High school diploma or previous academic transcripts and diplomas, if applicable.

• Language proficiency certificates in English, Italian, French or German.

• Curriculum vitae.

• Motivation letter explaining the reasons you chose to study in Switzerland.

• Evidence of paying the application fee.

Keep in mind that depending on the Swiss canton your university is located, you might be required to submit additional documents.

4. Submit your application

It is finally time to submit your application once you have acquired, completed, signed, and translated all relevant paperwork. Applications to Swiss institutions are not subject to a centralized admissions process. Once you've decided on a program, research the institution's website to make sure you meet the admissions requirements in terms of academics before submitting a direct application through the institution's application portal. In the case of private institutions, get in touch with them directly as they have their own admittance policies.

5. Apply for a visa/residence permit

You have a valid student ID from Switzerland. Although the process for long-term visas may take some time, you should apply for a visa or residence permit as soon as you receive your letter of admission. For further information on the visa process, get in touch with the Swiss Embassy or Consulate that is closest to you.

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