Online Educational Platforms That Could Replace College
Online Educational Platforms That Could Replace College?

Remote learning provides students with course flexibility. They complete courses at their own pace. They don’t require to be in a physical classroom daily. Within the last few years, more students have been registering for online courses.

Already, there is a hybrid training that mixes both online and traditional learning. Going by the current trend, online learning could replace traditional learning soon. Some of these educational platforms are paving the way to that realization.


Coursera is one of the largest open remote course providers in the world. It was started by Stanford University in 2012. The university doesn’t directly offer the courses. It collaborates with other universities and organizations to make the courses available globally.

Its courses range from short-term, certificates and degrees. At the rate it’s growing, Coursera might change the education system in the US soon. The platform has a wide range of subjects they cover.

Currently, the platform has more than five thousand courses. They collaborate with more than 200 universities to create and deliver the courses. They also collaborate with major technology companies to make course delivery easy.

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edX offers free online courses to everyone who wishes to train. The courses are created by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Harvard collaborates with more than 160 universities to create and deliver the courses. Apart from the free online courses, students can register for degree courses. edX offers courses such as foundations of data analytics and introduction to programming.


Udemy courses target students and professionals. It was started in 2010 by Oktay Caglar, Eren Bali, and Gagan Biyani. The platform has more than 185 thousand courses. The courses are delivered as videos. The main courses are about programming languages. They have courses for web development, marketing, business, and photography. The platform hires trainers and collaborates with experts to create courses.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom was created for educational institutions. It aims to offer simplified online learning. Institutions use the platform to create courses, distribute them, and grade assignments. It makes sharing of files between students and tutors simple. The platform doesn’t contain or create any courses.

It is the teachers who create them specifically for their students. The teacher creates an account for their students. Within the account, they open an account for each student. The students directly receive courses or notes from their accounts. They do assignments and submit them. Students can view other students they are learning with.


Udacity offers a wide range of open courses to students around the world. Currently, it has more than 1.6 million users. It has more than 200 certificate courses. Students can choose courses such as Artificial Intelligence, executive leadership, and business.

Udacity has courses about autonomous systems, programming, and data science. Many students who take Udacity courses get better chances of employment. Their courses take between three to six months, although others take longer.

Online Classes Are Future of Education?
Online Classes Are Future of Education?


FutureLearn is co-owned by The Open University and SEEK Ltd. It offers both online courses and degrees. The platform collaborates with top universities to create and deliver courses. All courses and degrees are purely offered online. The main institutions the platform collaborates with are the British Council, King’s College London, John Hopkins University, and The Open University.


Skillshare creates short video lessons and offers them online. Students get the course through a subscription. They offer courses such as animation, creative writing, video creation, photography, etc.


Remote learning is becoming more popular lately. Its popularity is due to the flexibility of the courses offered. Students take courses at their pace. They can take and complete a course on any platform globally. The rise of remote learning has given rise to online training platforms. The platforms are gaining popularity fast. By the look of things, they could overtake traditional teaching soon. These are platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Google Classroom, and edX.

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