Within the realm of Boys' Love (BL) manhwa, a prominent subgenre of Korean comics, readers frequently come across narratives that showcase a main character initially displaying a seemingly feeble or susceptible nature. KnowInsiders has curated a compilation of the finest BL manhwa featuring protagonists with feeble characteristics.

1. Paid (Fujoking)

Author: Fujoking

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi, Webtoon

Released: 2019-2020

Chapters: 55

Where to Read: https://mangatoto.com/series/77889

Top 5 Best BL Manhwa with the Weak MC To Become Strong
Paid (Fujoking)

The engrossing manhwa "Paid (Fujoking)" expertly blends yaoi, comedy, romance, and drama components to create a genuinely singular and captivating reading experience. The public calls Heejae, the youngest executive director of the prestigious Jinhwa Group, the "Chaebol Prince" because of this manhwa's remarkable quality. But when Taekyung, an accounting student, finds evidence connecting Heejae to an embezzlement scheme, Heejae's life takes an unexpected turn.

It is recommended that readers of "Paid (Fujoking)" check out the most recent chapters of the manhwa online. By doing this, readers can fully immerse themselves in the world of Heejae and Taekyung and stay up to date with the exciting turns and turns of the story. This manhwa is sure to make readers excited for every new chapter with its superb artwork and cleverly written story.

The public calls Heejae the "Chaebol Prince" because he is the youngest executive director of the Jinhwa Group. But his life is turned upside down when an accounting student named Taekyung finds papers that connect him to a scheme to steal money. Just to keep the secret safe, Heejae acts like she has a crush on him. But is there more to Taekyung than meets the eye?

2. K's Secret

Author: Morak

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Supernatural, Yaoi

Released: 2018 - 2020

Chapters: 61

Where to Read: https://cloudrecess.io/manga/unquenchable_kim

Come into the interesting world of "K's Secret" by Morak! Get ready to go on an amazing journey through a webtoon that combines yaoi, romance, drama, and fantasy to make an unforgettable ride. You'll be hooked on "K's Secret" from the beginning to the end thanks to its interesting plot and likeable characters. Hold on tight, because we're about to deal with employee Kim Doyoon's problems.

From the outside, Doyoon looks like any other office worker. He is busy with his daily tasks. That being said, he has a secret he will do anything to hide: he is part vampire and part human. Doyoon, who was created when a vampire and a human mated in a very special way, struggles with the complicated parts of his two natures.

But, as luck would have it, he makes one mistake that changes his life in a big way. This unexpected event has broken Doyoon's world, and he has to deal with the results. His already complicated life is going to get even more complicated as he deals with the chaos and a wide range of exciting and unexpected events.

3. Tenth Time's the Charm

Author: Gom

Genre: Romance, Yaoi

Released: 2020 - 2021

Chapters: 50

Where to Read: https://mangatoto.com/series/95818

Take a magical trip into the world of "Tenth Time's the Charm," a captivating manhwa that skillfully combines smut, yaoi, and romance to create a reading experience that will pull you in and make you want more. Hyunwoo, a shy returning student who has a strange affinity for flowers, is at the center of this sweet story. His perfect life takes a sudden turn for the worse when he gets a strange and interesting illness. Because Hyunwoo can pass out when he's overstimulated, his daily routine could be thrown off by this problem.

The manhwa looks at the complicated side of romantic relationships by exploring the fine line between worry and desire. Hyunwoo's illness, which at first seems like a problem, turns out to be the spark that leads him to a world of passion and self-discovery. Readers are drawn in by the characters' touching explorations of sexuality and closeness, which are shown through their emotional journeys.

4. Trap City

Author: Team JT

Genre: Drama, Yaoi

Released: 2018-2019

Chapters: 37

Where to Read: https://comiko.net/series/84820

Top 5 Best BL Manhwa with the Weak MC To Become Strong
Trap City

People are the first, second, and third things you need to watch out for in Trap City, a dangerous city. As Noah travels through dangerous terrain, he comes across a story of love that is unfolding. When his life is in danger, he gets caught up in a web of emotions and has to do terrible things to stay alive.

To fully experience the captivating and complex story of Trap City, make sure you read the most recent issues online. The bright and varied characters in this manhwa really bring the story to life, making it a very interesting read. With their own unique goals and actions, each character moves the story forward and keeps readers interested all the way through.

Enjoy the thrilling journey of Trap City as it looks into the worst sides of loyalty, betrayal, and strength. This manhwa is a great choice for readers who like complex and immersive stories because it skillfully blends genres, has complex characters, and deals with themes that make you think. Don't wait any longer—dive into Trap City and find a world where love grows in the middle of chaos and every step you take could be your last.

5. Love History Caused by Willful Negligence

Author: Space Rabbit

Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi

Released: 2022 - Ongoing

Chapters: 69

Where to Read: https://cloudrecess.io/manga/love_history

Top 5 Best BL Manhwa with the Weak MC To Become Strong
Love History Caused by Willful Negligence

"Love History Caused by Willful Negligence" takes readers on an exciting ride through a storm of feelings, taking place in a world where love and longing meet. The plot is full of twists and turns that readers don't see coming. They are kept interested and on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

It turns out that the main characters are involved in a love story that has been purposely ignored. The story delves into the complicated layers of character development, showing how hard it is for two people to deal with the complicated mix of their feelings and wants. As the story goes on, readers become more interested in the small details of their relationship and learn more about what it means to be human and how far people will go to find love.

The main characters are skillfully portrayed, which lets readers relate to their flaws and complicated situations. Every page makes the reader feel like they can relate to the characters' thoughts and feelings, from their cute quirks to their most private moments with each other.

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