The world of BL (Boys' Love) manhwa is as diverse and colorful as it is captivating. Among the myriad of tropes that enthrall fans, the "cold main character" archetype stands out prominently. These characters, often emotionally distant or stoic, add an intriguing dynamic to the romance, drawing readers in with their complex personalities and hidden depths. Here, we explore the top 10 best BL manhwa where the cold main character steals the show.

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold Main Character
Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold MC

What do MC and Cold MC Mean?

In the context of anime and manga, MC stands for Main Character. This term is commonly used to refer to the protagonist or central character around whom the story revolves. The MC is often the character with whom the audience is most familiar and whose journey is followed throughout the narrative.

A Cold MC refers to a main character who exhibits a "cold" demeanor. This can manifest in several ways:

Emotionally Detached: The character may appear indifferent, unfeeling, or unresponsive to emotional situations.

Aloof and Distant: They often maintain a distance from others, both emotionally and physically, giving an impression of being unapproachable or unfriendly.

Stoic Personality: Such characters are often reserved and composed, rarely showing their emotions openly.

Harsh or Blunt: They may come across as rude or blunt in their interactions, often prioritizing logic or practicality over feelings.

Complex and Mysterious: Cold MCs are typically more complex, with hidden depths and backstories that explain their detached behavior.

Why Are Cold MCs Popular?

Cold MCs are popular in anime, manga, and manhwa for several reasons:

Their cold exterior often hides a rich and complex backstory. The process of unraveling their true selves makes for compelling character development and keeps the audience engaged.

The gradual thawing of their cold demeanor, often triggered by relationships or key events, provides a satisfying contrast and emotional payoff for the audience.

Cold MCs often create interesting dynamics with other characters, especially those who are warm and expressive. These contrasting interactions can be humorous, heartwarming, or deeply moving.

A cold MC's mysterious nature often adds an element of intrigue to the story, as the audience is keen to discover the reasons behind their behavior and what might eventually change them.

Their stoic nature often portrays them as strong and resilient, able to withstand challenges without being swayed by emotions. This can make them appear heroic or admirable.

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold MC

1. "Painter of the Night" by Byeonduck

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold Main Character
"Painter of the Night"

Synopsis: Na-kyum is a talented painter who specializes in creating erotic images of men. Though he tries to give up painting, he is forced to continue by Seungho, a young nobleman known for his fiery temper and cold demeanor. Seungho's complex nature, masked by his seemingly harsh exterior, unravels as his relationship with Na-kyum deepens.

Why It Stands Out: The compelling blend of the historical setting and the intense, layered characterization of Seungho makes this manhwa a standout in the genre. His cold façade gradually crumbles, revealing a vulnerability that enriches the narrative.

2. "BJ Alex" by Mingwa

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold Main Character
"BJ Alex"

Synopsis: The story follows Dong-gyun, a college student who is a devoted fan of a charismatic BJ (Broadcast Jockey) named Alex. Unknown to his fans, Alex is actually Jiwon, a cold and aloof classmate of Dong-gyun. As their paths cross in real life, the enigmatic Jiwon struggles to maintain his emotional walls.

Why It Stands Out: Jiwon's duality as both the cold, distant individual and the alluring online persona adds a unique twist to the typical cold character trope, making his eventual emotional thaw all the more satisfying.

3. "Sign" by Ker

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold Main Character

Synopsis: Go-ho is a delivery boy who crosses paths with the stoic Yohan, a man with hearing impairment who works at a cafe. Despite Yohan's cold and distant behavior, Go-ho finds himself drawn to him, leading to a heartwarming story of overcoming barriers and connecting on a deeper level.

Why It Stands Out: Yohan's coldness is portrayed not just as a personality trait but as a barrier resulting from his disability, offering a fresh perspective on the cold main character trope.

4. "Killing Stalking" by Koogi

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold Main Character
"Killing Stalking"

Synopsis: Yoon Bum is a socially awkward young man with a troubled past, who becomes infatuated with Sangwoo, a charismatic and seemingly kind man. However, Sangwoo harbors a dark, cold-hearted nature, revealing a chilling and complex relationship as Yoon Bum's obsession leads him into a nightmare.

Why It Stands Out: The psychological depth and intensity of Sangwoo's character set this manhwa apart. His coldness is not just a romantic barrier but a window into his dark and disturbed psyche.

5. "Under the Greenlight" by Jaxx

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold Main Character
"Under the Greenlight"

Synopsis: This manhwa delves into the tumultuous relationship between Matthew, a cold and calculated art student, and Jin, a street-smart delinquent. Their paths collide, leading to a gripping story of attraction, manipulation, and the clash of their contrasting worlds.

Why It Stands Out: Matthew's icy demeanor and his struggle with his own emotions create a gripping dynamic that keeps readers hooked as he navigates his evolving relationship with Jin.

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6. "Love is an Illusion" by Fargo

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold Main Character
"Love is an Illusion"

Synopsis: Hyesung, an omega who refuses to accept his true nature, encounters Dojin, a wealthy alpha with a frigid personality. Dojin's coldness is challenged as he grapples with his growing feelings for Hyesung, leading to a tumultuous but deeply engaging romance.

Why It Stands Out: The exploration of societal roles and the breaking down of Dojin's cold exterior in the face of genuine emotion adds depth to the narrative, making it a compelling read.

7. "Blood Link" by Brothers Without A Tomorrow

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold Main Character
"Blood Link"

Synopsis: Hwa Gok, a vampire living a solitary existence, encounters Yeonwoo, a human with an irresistible allure. Despite Hwa Gok's cold and detached nature, the two form a bond that transcends their differences, blending elements of supernatural intrigue with romance.

Why It Stands Out: The supernatural elements heighten the tension and complexity of Hwa Gok's character, making his gradual emotional thaw both compelling and intriguing.

8. "19 Days" by Old Xian

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold Main Character
"19 Days"

Synopsis: This slice-of-life manhwa follows the everyday adventures of Jian Yi and Zhan Zheng Xi, along with their friends. Zhan Zheng Xi, the cold and pragmatic counterpart to Jian Yi's lively nature, provides a refreshing take on the cold character trope in a more lighthearted and humorous context.

Why It Stands Out: The balance of humor and the gradual revelation of Zhan Zheng Xi's warmth beneath his cold exterior creates a delightful and heartwarming narrative.

9. "Here U Are" by Djun

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold Main Character
"Here U Are"

Synopsis: Yu Yang, a freshman in college, meets Li Huan, a senior with a stoic and unapproachable demeanor. Despite Li Huan's coldness, Yu Yang is determined to befriend him, leading to a slow-burning and beautifully nuanced exploration of their relationship.

Why It Stands Out: The slow, deliberate pacing and the detailed exploration of Li Huan's cold character provide a rich, satisfying emotional journey that resonates deeply with readers.

10. "Tale of the Yellow Dragon" by Panziji

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoon with Cold Main Character
"Tale of the Yellow Dragon"

Synopsis: Set in a fantastical world, this manhwa tells the story of the stoic and seemingly indifferent Yellow Dragon and his relationship with a passionate and adventurous young man. The dragon's cold nature contrasts sharply with the vibrant world around him, creating a compelling narrative tension.

Why It Stands Out: The blend of fantasy and the intricate development of the Yellow Dragon's character make this a unique and engaging read, where the cold protagonist's journey is both epic and emotionally resonant.

Final Thoughts

These BL manhwa series featuring cold main characters offer a range of emotions and narratives, from intense psychological dramas to light-hearted romantic comedies. Their common thread is the rich, multi-layered portrayal of characters who, despite their cold exteriors, harbor deep and often turbulent emotions. Whether you're drawn to the historical allure of "Painter of the Night" or the supernatural intrigue of "Blood Link," there's a cold character here for every reader to fall for.

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