The world of Boys' Love (BL) manhwa and webtoons has grown significantly over the years, captivating readers with its diverse characters and engaging storylines. Among these, a unique subgenre stands out, where the protagonists are not just complex but also possess darker, more twisted traits.

Psychopath main characters (MCs) in media, including BL manhwa and webtoons, captivate fans for several compelling reasons. Their complex and often unpredictable nature brings a unique depth to storytelling that resonates deeply with audiences.

In BL manhwa and webtoons, the inclusion of a psychopath MC subverts traditional romantic tropes, adding a layer of psychological complexity to the romance. The tension between the dark nature of the psychopath and the romantic elements creates a compelling contrast that intrigues fans. This subversion challenges expectations and adds a fresh twist to familiar storylines.

These characters often serve as mirrors reflecting societal issues and cultural anxieties. Their actions and the reactions of others around them can highlight underlying social tensions, power dynamics, and the complexities of human interactions. Fans appreciate how these stories can offer commentary on broader societal themes while providing engrossing entertainment.

This article explores the top 10 BL manhwa and webtoons where the main character is a psychopath, blending romance with psychological thrills.

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoons Where Main Character is A Psychopath

How is a Psychopath MC in BL?

Complex and Multi-Dimensional Characters

Psychopath MCs are often portrayed with layers of complexity. They exhibit a blend of charm, intelligence, and often a façade of normalcy that hides their darker impulses. This multi-dimensionality makes them intriguing as they challenge the traditional notions of good and evil. Fans are drawn to the psychological depth and the opportunity to explore the nuances of a character who defies simple categorization.

Unpredictable and Thrilling Narratives

Characters with psychopathic traits drive stories in unpredictable directions. Their actions and decisions are often unexpected, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. This unpredictability generates suspense and excitement, as fans cannot easily foresee how the plot will unfold. The tension and anticipation created by these characters enhance the overall engagement with the story.

Exploration of Dark and Taboo Themes

Psychopath MCs allow for the exploration of darker, often taboo themes that might be uncomfortable to confront in real life. These stories delve into issues like obsession, manipulation, and moral ambiguity, providing a safe space for readers to engage with these themes from a distance. The allure of forbidden or unconventional relationships and the psychological underpinnings of such dynamics are fascinating to many fans.

Emotional Intensity and Complex Relationships

The relationships involving psychopath MCs are often intense and fraught with emotional complexity. Whether they are manipulating, controlling, or forming twisted bonds with others, the interactions are charged with a raw, often visceral, intensity. Fans are drawn to the high-stakes emotional drama and the exploration of power dynamics in these relationships.

Intellectual Appeal and Moral Dilemmas

Psychopath characters often display high intelligence and strategic thinking, making their actions and motives intellectually stimulating to follow. Fans appreciate the mental chess game these characters play, as they navigate and manipulate their surroundings. Additionally, their actions frequently raise moral dilemmas, prompting readers to question their own ethical boundaries and the nature of right and wrong.

Escape from Conventional Narratives

Psychopath MCs offer an escape from conventional storytelling where heroes are unequivocally good and villains are clearly evil. These characters blur the lines, providing a fresh and engaging perspective. They challenge readers to empathize with or at least understand characters who operate outside societal norms, offering a break from the predictability of more straightforward narratives.

A Glimpse into the Human Psyche

These characters provide a deep dive into the human psyche, exploring aspects of personality and behavior that are often hidden or suppressed in society. Fans are fascinated by the psychological insights these stories offer, revealing how trauma, environment, and inherent traits can shape individuals in unexpected ways. This exploration resonates on a profound level, as it touches on the complexities and darkness within us all.

The Allure of Anti-Heroes

Psychopath MCs often function as anti-heroes—characters who, despite their flawed or morally ambiguous nature, elicit empathy or fascination from the audience. Their struggle against their darker tendencies or their ability to evoke sympathy despite their actions adds a layer of depth and relatability. Fans are often drawn to these anti-heroes for their flawed humanity and the compelling journey they undertake.

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoons Where the Main Character is a Psychopath

1. Killing Stalking by Koogi

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoons Where Main Character is A Psychopath
"Killing Stalking"

Synopsis: This iconic webtoon follows Yoon Bum, a socially awkward and lonely man who becomes obsessed with his classmate, Oh Sangwoo. Yoon Bum's infatuation leads him to discover Sangwoo's horrifying secret—he is a sadistic killer. The story spirals into a dark exploration of obsession, control, and the blurred lines between love and madness.

Why it stands out: "Killing Stalking" is a psychological horror thriller that delves deep into the minds of its characters, providing a raw and unflinching look at the consequences of obsession and trauma.

2. Painter of the Night by Byeonduck

Painter of the Night
Painter of the Night

Synopsis: Na-kyum, a talented painter, specializes in creating erotic artwork. His life changes when he meets the nobleman Seungho, who demands that Na-kyum becomes his personal artist. Seungho's twisted desires and controlling nature soon trap Na-kyum in a world of psychological manipulation and emotional turmoil.

Why it stands out: The webtoon combines beautiful art with a gripping storyline, capturing the complexities of power dynamics and the dark allure of forbidden relationships.

3. Lezhin's Reincarnation by Hata

Lezhin's Reincarnation
Lezhin's Reincarnation

Synopsis: After a tragic death, the protagonist is reincarnated as a different person. However, the twisted nature of his new life quickly emerges as he navigates a world filled with manipulation, power plays, and his own dark desires.

Why it stands out: This story uniquely blends the themes of reincarnation with psychological elements, creating a protagonist who is both compelling and unsettling in his relentless pursuit of control.

4. Love is an Illusion by Fargo

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoons Where Main Character is A Psychopath
"Love is an Illusion"

Synopsis: Hye-sung, an omega who believes he is an alpha, encounters Dojin, a dominant alpha with a cold demeanor. Hye-sung's delusions and Dojin's psychopathic tendencies create a volatile relationship that challenges the boundaries of love and sanity.

Why it stands out: The manhwa explores the complexities of identity and the dark sides of love within the framework of the omegaverse, making it a fascinating read for fans of psychological drama.

5. Heaven Official’s Blessing by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (adapted by STARember)

Heaven Official’s Blessing
Heaven Official’s Blessing

Synopsis: Though not explicitly a BL, this series features a central character, Hua Cheng, who harbors deep obsessions and complex feelings towards the protagonist, Xie Lian. Hua Cheng’s manipulative and sometimes sinister actions make him a fascinating figure in the realm of BL-tinged psychological tales.

Why it stands out: The rich narrative and intricate character dynamics offer readers a deep dive into themes of obsession, loyalty, and the darker sides of affection.

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6. Path to You by Lero

Path to You
Path to You

Synopsis: The story revolves around Seunghee, who appears charming and kind but hides a dark, manipulative side. When he sets his sights on a seemingly innocent college student, their relationship takes a sinister turn, exploring themes of control and psychological torment.

Why it stands out: The manhwa expertly juxtaposes the facade of normalcy with the underlying darkness, keeping readers on edge with its psychological twists and turns.

7. Raising a Bat by Jade

Raising a Bat
Raising a Bat

Synopsis: Sun-woo is a vampire who finds himself irresistibly drawn to Sangyong, a seemingly naive boy. However, as their relationship develops, Sangyong's true nature is revealed, showcasing a psychopathic streak that turns the hunter into the hunted.

Why it stands out: The webtoon plays with the predator-prey dynamic in innovative ways, offering a fresh take on psychological horror within a BL context.

8. Window to Window by Anashuin

Top 10 Best BL Manhwa/Webtoons Where Main Character is A Psychopath
"Window to Window" by Ji Hyun

Synopsis: The story centers on Seungjae, who discovers his new roommate, Minho, has a disturbing obsession with him. As their relationship evolves, Seungjae must navigate Minho's increasingly erratic and dangerous behavior.

Why it stands out: This webtoon blends slice-of-life elements with intense psychological drama, providing a chilling look at how obsession can warp reality and relationships.

9. Dark Fall by Tsubasa Fukuchi

Dark Fall
Dark Fall

Synopsis: After a traumatic event, the protagonist develops psychopathic tendencies, using his charm and intellect to manipulate those around him. His twisted view on love and relationships makes for a compelling and dark narrative.

Why it stands out: The series excels in portraying the duality of its main character, balancing his outward charisma with his inner darkness, making readers question the nature of morality and affection.

10. Blood Bank by Silb

Blood Bank
Blood Bank

Synopsis: In a world where vampires dominate humans, Shell Overlord, a powerful vampire, falls for a human banker named One. Shell’s obsessive love and his manipulative nature bring a unique twist to the traditional vampire-human relationship.

Why it stands out: "Blood Bank" offers a dark, thrilling exploration of power dynamics and the complexities of love, all set against the backdrop of a dystopian society.


These BL manhwa and webtoons offer a captivating blend of romance and psychological intrigue, challenging readers to explore the darker sides of human nature and relationships. Whether you are drawn to intense psychological drama or the allure of forbidden love, these stories provide a unique and gripping experience.

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