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Manhwa, the Korean manga equivalent, has a wide range of captivating genres that have made the business well-known. Subgenres that run parallel to these main categories and are just as appealing to a range of viewers are also present; one such subgenre is the "overpowered main character." These characters are powerful in their own stories because they typically have traits, prowess, and talents that greatly exceed those of their peers.

Character-driven stories centered on power dynamics and their repercussions are frequently combined with action-packed scenes in the best manhwa featuring these kinds of characters, all while crafting gripping stories. Enthralling conflicts and thrilling entertainment are centered around these overpowered core characters.

The wonderful thing about manhwa, though, is that numerous overpowered core characters may make for an entertaining read, extending the overpowered cliché beyond just the protagonist. Here are a few of the top manhwa that use the overpowering motif.

10 Best Korean Webtoons With Overpowered Main Characters
10 Best Korean Webtoons With Overpowered Main Characters

10 Best Korean Webtoons With Overpowered Main Characters

1. Reaper Of The Drifting Moon


The Moon's Drifting Reaper examines the boundaries of martial arts in a fascinating and exhilarating way. Pyo Wol, an orphan who eagerly wants to journey and discover the Jianghu, is the main character of the series. Pyo Wol meets an enigmatic figure and passes out, which throws his life into complete darkness. He wakes up to complete darkness in a small place, with only his senses to guide him.

Pyo Wol finds out very fast that he was taken captive together with a number of other kids his age. For several months, Pyo Wol and the other kids undergo a deadly and arduous transformation into the ideal assassins. Pyo Wol is fighting to stay one of the select few, desperate to live. If he is able to escape his captors, that is yet to be determined.

2. Leveling With The Gods


In a universe where folklore tales are as genuine as they come, Leveling With The Gods intriguingly examines and blends mythology and fantasy. The protagonist of the tale is Kim Yuwon, a player and unrivaled talent who has never been seen in the Tower. Yuwon's inventiveness, though, is short-lived as the Outer Gods drive humanity to the verge of extinction.

3. The Return of the Disaster Class Hero


Earth is at its knees due to Eldritch-like tragedies, in The Return of the Disaster Class Hero. Mysterious, otherworldly animals have claimed thousands of lives. Twelve people have ascended to become the constellations' embodiments in order to repel the monsters.

But there are outliers, like Geum Lee. He has fought alongside the blessed soldiers despite having no support from celestial beings. He is a man who exists outside of humankind.

Regretfully, he is cast into a dungeon pit, stabbed in the back, and betrayed. Can someone so heroically dead just like that, though? Naturally not. Geum Lee vows that he will exact his retribution, no matter how long it takes.

4. Player That Can't Level Up


10 Best Korean Webtoons With Overpowered Main Characters

Under the guidance of the events taking place inside the enigmatic Tower of Babel, The Player That Can't Level Up immerses itself in a world where the paranormal is ubiquitous. The series revolves around Kim Gigyu, the main character, whose life has been nothing but struggles, including taking care of his sick sister and mother. Kim Gigyu believes his life's struggles are over when he receives an offer to join the team and gains a special talent.

But no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to raise his level, therefore his problems simply became worse. But after five years, Kim Gigyu eventually learns how to connect with "Egos" and ascends the tower. He starts his search and learns the secrets that lie behind the Tower's appearance.

5. Solo Leveling


For E-rank hunters such as Sung Jinwoo, life is unforgiving. They are hopeless, impoverished, and at the bottom of the hunter social scale.

Jinwoo ends up being the only person to survive an escape dungeon, but fate is still full of terrible miracles. What did he get for making it through? A system of leveling that is mysterious.

To date, Solo Leveling has been the most well-liked OP MC manhwa. With tens of millions of followers worldwide, it is the jewel in the webtoon industry's crown.

It is jam-packed with superb artwork, a taut narrative, and masterful cliffhangers. I also think the fight sequences and character designs are excellent. Yes, a perfect score is in order for this masterpiece.

6. Mercenary Enrollment


Dante and Joo Seung-min are the creators of the South Korean manhwa (comic book) series "Mercenary Enrollment". In the series, a talented fighter named Jang Kun enlists in a mercenary school to try to find his missing friend and discover the truth about what actually happened to him. When Jang Kun advances through the mercenary college's ranks, he will face difficult assignments, peer pressure, and the mysterious "The Six." He discovers the truth about his own past and develops bonds with other students along the way.

7. Overgeared


10 Best Korean Webtoons With Overpowered Main Characters

Yoon Jae-Ho and Park Saenal created the manhwa (comic book) series "Overgeared" in South Korea. The main character of the show is Shin Youngwoo, a young man who begins playing the virtual reality game "Satisfy" in order to provide financial assistance for his family. As the game continues, Shin Youngwoo discovers that he has a unique aptitude for producing goods that other players really value. In addition, he has to handle challenges from other players and the politics and power struggles that occur inside the game's community.

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8. Tomb Raider King


Sanji & Yoon Kyung-won are the creators of the South Korean manhwa (comic book) series "Tomb Raider King". Among the best manhwa completed with OP MC is that one. The protagonist of the series is Kang Yoonsoo, a former tomb raider who finds himself in a mysterious universe where he has changed into the "Tomb Raider King," with the ability to command and manage the tombs he explores. While exploring the tombs of this new dimension, Kang Yoonsoo runs into challenges from other tomb raiders, guardians from the past, and his own past. With his companions' help, he unravels the mysteries surrounding the tombs and his own destiny.

9. Player


The player, Seol-Jin Heo, is an awkward young man who is looking for friendship. Regrettably, his pathetic disposition and inadequate social skills are huge turn-offs.

But better things are in store for him from fate. He finds himself suddenly transported into a well-known webcomic. His mission to become the tower's final and first conqueror therefore begins.

10. Kill The Hero


Created by D-Dart and Sung-woo Park, "Kill The Hero" is a South Korean manhwa (comic series). Show protagonist Kang Han-soo is a gamer who is trapped in a virtual reality game and has to fight to survive. As he progresses through the game, Kang Han-soo discovers that he has the ability to "retrograde," or go back in time, and change the course of events. But he soon discovers that there are other players who possess this ability, and that he must fight them in order to survive.

In conclusion

With their superb artwork, intricate worldbuilding, and compelling stories, these manhwa are sure to please readers. Whether you prefer action, adventure, fantasy, or sci-fi, there is a finished manhwa series with an OP MC that is guaranteed to catch your attention and hold it until the very end.

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