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What is BL Omegaverse?

Omegaverse, often known as A/B/O (which stands for "alpha/beta/omega"), is a subgenre of speculative erotic fiction that originated as erotic slash fan fiction. Its assumption is that humans have a dominance hierarchy, with dominant "alphas", neutral "betas", and subservient "omegas".

Top 10+ Most Popular Boys’ Love Webtoons With Omegaverse Theme
Top 10+ Most Popular Boys’ Love Webtoons With Omegaverse Theme

Top 10+ Most Popular Boys’ Love Webtoons With Omegaverse Theme

1. Love Chain


This series focuses on Xhen, a 17-year-old omega who was unintentionally tagged by his boyhood buddy Wei, a domineering alpha. After fleeing, they reconcile four years later, finding their feelings still exist.

2. Here U Are

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Djun wrote and painted Here U Are, a finished manhua. It was published by Dongman Manhua.

YuYang is tasked with registering the arrivals, and he ends up assisting the unsociable and towering LiHuan, the type of person who does everything to make others despise him. However, as they get to know each other more, he realizes that the giant isn't such an awful person.

3. Heartthrob

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Top 10+ Most Popular Boys’ Love Webtoons With Omegaverse Theme

The popular BL (Boys' Love) manhwa "Heartthrob" has won readers over with its seductive plot and charming characters. This manhwa, set in the present day, chronicles the budding romance between its two male heroes, as well as the challenges they face. The plot revolves around the lives of two characters who typically have opposing personalities or backgrounds. They gradually get drawn to one another as they navigate the ups and downs of life, resulting in a growing relationship. Heartfelt storytelling in "Heartthrob" captivates readers as it skillfully portrays the emotional intricacies and private moments shared by the heroes.

4. Love is an illusion!

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Love is an Illusion is a full manhwa with ninety-nine chapters. Fargo is responsible for both the writing and illustration. It was released in 2018 and published by Lezhin. with a world where anybody can conceive thanks to pheromones, Park Dojin becomes entangled with Kim Hye-sung's life. The sequel story is called Love is an Illusion! - The Queen.

Hye-sung had spent his entire life believing that he was an Alpha, the winner of the genetic lottery. But his life is turned upside down when he discovers he is not a proud Alpha, but a poor Omega. Following this realization, he frequently crosses paths with Dojin, an Alpha who despises Omegas. When their physical connection leads to a life-changing incident, the two men's hot-and-cold relationship is tested to its limits.

5. Pheromone Phobia

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Top 10+ Most Popular Boys’ Love Webtoons With Omegaverse Theme

Jeong-oh, a beta, lives with his alpha friend Yeong-won. They've had a tight friendship for years and everything appeared fine.Until Ha-yeon, the recently recruited alpha at Jeong-oh's office, brings up an important fact: Yeong-won has been discreetly showering Jeong-oh with his pheromones to keep other alphas and omegas away. As their friendship crumbles and hidden depths emerge, Jeong-oh must negotiate his fast changing relationship with Yeong-won—which will be much more difficult now that Ha-yeon has entered the picture.

The rogue prince is secretly an Omega. In this play, Prince Etienne de Frederick, who was born a dominant omega, is forced to appear to be a beta due to the empress' avarice. His childhood friend, Grand Duke Rishar von Eckhart, returns as a war hero, resulting in surprising revelations2.

6. Into the Rose Garden

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Arok, an aristocratic nobleman, falls in love with Klop, but their relationship is complicated by their social inequalities and the fact that they are both alpha. Arok's jealousy leads to ruthless retaliation, and the story continues from there2.

7. Minmotion Syndrome


Alpha Seo Taeyoon, overwhelmed with debt, meets crime leader Park Jae-in. When Jae-in finds Taeyoon can smell his pheromones, their relationship takes an unexpected turn.

8. Omega Complex


The popular Boys' Love (BL) manga "The Omega Complex" is well-liked by fans of the subgenre. It is one of the top BL Omegaverse manhwa (webtoons). The manhwa, penned by an anonymous author or artist, features a fascinating plot full of intrigue, drama, and romance.

In a society when same-sex partnerships are acceptable and normalized, the current drama "The Omega Complex" delves into the complexities of relationships between men. "I Hate Omegas" Tae Gyeom avoids omegas and relies on his childhood friend Yoon Woo after becoming irritated by unexpected omega odors while manifesting as a dominant alpha. Yoon Woo, on the other hand, unexpectedly surfaces as an omega, and he mistakenly runs across Taegyeom in a bar outside the school before ignoring him for five years. The manhwa focuses on the lives of its main characters, delving into their internal issues, emotional journeys, and intricate romantic relationships.

9. Beta Off, Not Dating

Ju-Hyeok is an inexperienced beta who is pushed into the chaotic realm of alpha-omega dynamics after he quits his wholesome beta college to work for a more diversified firm. There, a full-fledged fistfight and loud makeup knotting in the bathroom isn't "workplace violence" or "sexual harassment," but rather a typical lovers' argument. Ju-Hyeok vows to avoid dating until he has enough money to relocate to a distant haven for betas, repulsed by the pheromones that trump common sense in this insane milieu. Unfortunately, fate appears to be conspiring against him when he draws both the flirty alpha director and the adorable omega junior at his company without lifting a finger. Can Ju-Hyeok escape the dating world without losing his sanity, or will he succumb to his heart palpitations?

10. Low Tide in Twilight


"Low Tide in Twilight" is a well-known example of a Boys' Love (BL) manhwa, a Korean term for comics or visual novels that depict love relationships between males. That's one of the top BL Omegaverse manga (webtoons). Within the BL genre, it has received a lot of attention and a devoted audience.

Kim Euihyun considers death as he sees a man bleed. Men in suits discuss whether Yeongdo traveled alone before spreading accusations that Kim Sahyeok's son is an omega. When chatting with a manager over the phone, one discloses their location in Sowang-dong. Euihyun intends to plunge himself and Kim Euiyoung into the water after taking a cab to the oceanfront. Yeo Taeju grabbed Euihyun as she entered the ocean and dragged her back onto land. Euiyoung defies Taeju's attempt to kidnap him and returns him.

11. Love Shuttle

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Top 10+ Most Popular Boys’ Love Webtoons With Omegaverse Theme

Popular BL (Boys' Love) manhwa"Love Shuttle"catches readers' attention thanks to its alluring plot and engaging characters. In the manhwa, two male characters named Shin Myoungsoo and Kang Jaemin experience unexpected circumstances in their daily lives.

Kang Jaemin is an enthusiastic and dynamic person, whereas Shin Myoungsoo is a quiet and devout student. When they realize that their bodies have switched, their lives are turned upside down. Shin Myoungsoo and Kang Jaemin must learn to walk in one other's shoes both practically and figuratively, as they adjust to their new environment. As they attempt to adjust to their new identities and solve the mystery underlying their odd situation, this results in both amusing and moving moments. Their friendship develops as time goes on, and they start to feel things for one another.


A select few works in the BL Omegaverse manhwa genre have outperformed the competition and are regarded as among the best ever. Intimate stories of love, power, and intimacy are beautifully woven into these manhwa inside the unique Omegaverse backdrop.

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