September 2024 in India is a vibrant month filled with a rich tapestry of cultural, religious, and social events. From major festivals and national days to global observances, each day offers a unique opportunity to celebrate and reflect on various aspects of life. This month’s calendar is packed with activities that highlight India’s diverse heritage and its connection to global communities. These days in September 2024 provide a snapshot of the myriad ways in which India celebrates and observes cultural, social, and global events, reflecting its vibrant diversity and active engagement with the world.

September 2024 India Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National Holidays and International Events
September 2024 India Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National Holidays and International Events

September 2024 Calendar - Special Days and Observances in India

September 2 - World Coconut Day

World Coconut Day celebrates the importance of coconuts, particularly in tropical regions like India. In states such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Goa, which are major producers, this day highlights the coconut's significance in the economy, cuisine, and culture. Activities often include exhibitions, workshops on sustainable coconut farming, and promotional events by the Coconut Development Board to showcase the diverse uses of this versatile fruit.

September 4 - World Sexual Health Day

World Sexual Health Day focuses on promoting sexual health and rights. In India, this day is marked by campaigns and educational programs aimed at raising awareness about sexual health issues, safe practices, and the importance of consent. NGOs, health organizations, and educational institutions engage in dialogues and provide resources to encourage open conversations and reduce stigma around sexual health.

September 5 - Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day is celebrated across India to honor the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a distinguished scholar and the second President of India. Schools and educational institutions pay tribute to their teachers through special programs, where students often take on the role of teachers and express their gratitude. It’s a day that highlights the significant impact of educators on shaping future generations.

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September 5 - International Day of Charity

Aligned with Teacher’s Day in India, the International Day of Charity honors charitable efforts and encourages giving. It commemorates the work of Mother Teresa, whose legacy is celebrated through acts of charity. Various NGOs and community groups organize drives, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities to support the needy, reflecting India’s deep-rooted tradition of philanthropy.

September 6 - Kerala's Onam

Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, is a grand celebration that lasts for ten days, culminating on September 6 in 2024. It marks the homecoming of the legendary King Mahabali. People of Kerala celebrate with vibrant flower arrangements (Pookalam), traditional dance (Thiruvathira), boat races, and sumptuous feasts (Onam Sadhya). It’s a time of joy, cultural performances, and communal harmony.

September 6 - National Food Bank Day

National Food Bank Day highlights efforts to combat hunger through food banks. In India, food banks and charitable organizations collaborate to collect and distribute food to those in need. This day emphasizes the importance of community support and encourages people to donate food or volunteer, ensuring that surplus food reaches the hungry rather than going to waste.

September 7 - Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is a major Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha. Across India, especially in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat, people install Ganesha idols in homes and public places, perform prayers, and engage in cultural festivities. The ten-day celebration culminates in grand processions and the immersion of idols in water bodies, symbolizing Ganesha’s return to his celestial abode.

September 8 - Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day in India is a time to honor and appreciate the wisdom and contributions of grandparents. Families celebrate by spending time with their elders, organizing special meals, or sharing stories. Schools and community groups often host events that encourage young people to express their gratitude and learn from their grandparents.

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September 8 - International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is observed globally, with a significant focus in India on promoting education and literacy. This day underscores the importance of literacy as a tool for empowerment and sustainable development. Educational institutions, NGOs, and government bodies organize events to advocate for literacy programs and celebrate advancements in education.

September 8 - Pardon Day

Pardon Day encourages acts of forgiveness and reconciliation. In India, this day resonates with the cultural value of forgiveness, as taught in various religious and philosophical traditions. People are encouraged to mend broken relationships and let go of grudges, fostering a spirit of harmony and understanding.

September 9 - International Sudoku Day

International Sudoku Day celebrates the popular number puzzle game. Sudoku enthusiasts across India engage in solving puzzles, and many schools and online platforms host competitions and challenges. It’s a day that promotes mental agility and problem-solving skills, appealing to people of all ages.

September 9 - National Teddy Bear Day

National Teddy Bear Day
National Teddy Bear Day

National Teddy Bear Day is a lighthearted day celebrating the beloved children’s toy. In India, this day is enjoyed by kids and adults alike, with activities such as teddy bear picnics, storytelling sessions, and charity drives where teddy bears are donated to children in need, spreading joy and comfort.

September 10 - International Makeup Day

International Makeup Day celebrates the art and creativity of makeup. In India, with its rich tradition of beauty and cosmetics, this day is marked by events in the fashion and beauty industry, makeup tutorials, and promotions by cosmetic brands. It’s a day to appreciate the role of makeup in personal expression and cultural rituals.

September 10 - World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day is dedicated to raising awareness about suicide and promoting mental health. In India, mental health organizations and communities engage in campaigns to reduce stigma, provide support, and encourage conversations about mental well-being. It’s a day to highlight the importance of seeking help and supporting those in distress.

September 13 - Positive Thinking Day

Positive Thinking Day encourages optimism and a positive mindset. In India, motivational speakers, wellness coaches, and mental health advocates host workshops and seminars to promote the benefits of positive thinking. The day inspires individuals to adopt a more hopeful and constructive approach to life’s challenges.

September 13 - International Chocolate Day

International Chocolate Day is a delightful celebration for chocolate lovers. In India, chocolate manufacturers, bakeries, and confectioners offer special deals, tastings, and chocolate-themed events. It’s a sweet occasion to indulge in various chocolate treats and appreciate the joy they bring.

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September 13 - National Peanut Day

National Peanut Day celebrates the versatile and nutritious peanut. In India, where peanuts are widely used in snacks, sweets, and cuisine, this day highlights their importance in the diet. Markets, food fairs, and culinary events feature peanut-based dishes, promoting their health benefits and culinary diversity.

September 14 - Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas
Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas is celebrated to mark the adoption of Hindi as the official language of India on this day in 1949. Schools, colleges, and government offices organize events and competitions to promote the use of Hindi and celebrate its literary heritage. It’s a day to honor and promote the rich linguistic diversity of the country.

September 15 - Onam (ओणम)

Onam is a major festival in Kerala, marking the harvest and the return of the mythical King Mahabali. Celebrations include intricate floral designs (Pookalam), traditional feasts (Onam Sadhya), boat races, and cultural performances. The festival embodies Kerala’s rich cultural heritage and spirit of unity and is celebrated with joy by Malayalis around the world.

September 15 - International Day of Democracy

The International Day of Democracy emphasizes the importance of democratic principles and governance. In India, this day fosters discussions on democratic values, political participation, and the protection of civil liberties. Educational institutions and civic organizations host debates, workshops, and events to encourage active and informed citizenship.

September 15 - Engineer's Day

Engineer’s Day commemorates the birth anniversary of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, a renowned Indian engineer and statesman. On this day, India recognizes the contributions of engineers to the nation’s development and innovation. Various engineering institutions and organizations host seminars, workshops, and events to inspire and honor the engineering community.

September 16 - Marathwada Liberation Day

Marathwada Liberation Day commemorates the integration of the Marathwada region of Maharashtra into the Indian Union in 1948. Celebrations include flag hoisting, parades, and cultural programs, reflecting the region’s history and its journey towards freedom and integration.

September 20 - Surgical Strike Day

Surgical Strike Day
Surgical Strike Day

Surgical Strike Day honors the anniversary of the 2016 surgical strikes conducted by the Indian Army. In India, this day is marked by tributes to the armed forces and discussions on national security. Patriotic events and educational programs are organized to commemorate the bravery and strategic success of the military operation.

September 21 - International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace, observed worldwide, is dedicated to promoting peace and the cessation of violence. In India, peace walks, educational programs, and interfaith dialogues are held to advocate for harmony and understanding across diverse communities. This day aligns with the nation’s longstanding tradition of non-violence and its efforts to resolve conflicts peacefully.

September 21 - National Chai Day

National Chai Day celebrates India’s beloved beverage, chai (tea). This day invites people to enjoy a cup of chai, reflecting the deep cultural connection and social rituals associated with tea in India. Tea stalls, cafes, and homes participate in tastings and events, showcasing various regional flavors and preparations of chai.

September 22 - Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox marks the transition from summer to autumn, with day and night being of equal length. In India, it signifies changes in agricultural cycles and seasonal festivals. Cultural and spiritual practices often include reflecting on balance and harmony in nature and life.

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September 22 - World Rhino Day

World Rhino Day highlights the plight of the endangered rhino species. In India, where rhinoceroses are native to regions like Assam, conservation groups and wildlife sanctuaries organize events to raise awareness about rhino protection and anti-poaching efforts. It’s a day to celebrate and support the efforts to preserve these magnificent creatures.

September 22 - World Car-Free Day

World Car-Free Day promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation. In India’s urban centers, this day encourages people to reduce car usage, opting for walking, cycling, or public transport. Events and initiatives highlight the benefits of reducing traffic congestion and pollution for healthier cities.

September 23 - International Day of Sign Languages

Observed again in India, this day continues to promote the importance of sign languages and the rights of Deaf communities. Awareness campaigns, educational workshops, and cultural events emphasize the inclusion and recognition of sign language users in society.

September 24 - World Bollywood Day

World Bollywood Day celebrates the global influence and cultural significance of Bollywood. In India, the day is marked by film screenings, music and dance events, and tributes to the stars and creators of the Indian film industry. It’s a time to appreciate Bollywood’s impact on entertainment and its role in showcasing Indian culture worldwide.

September 24 - NSS Day


NSS Day honors the establishment of the National Service Scheme (NSS) in India. This day celebrates the contributions of student volunteers who participate in community service activities. Schools and colleges organize social welfare programs, encouraging youth to engage in nation-building and community development efforts.

September 25 - National Daughter's Day

National Daughter’s Day is a special day to celebrate and appreciate daughters. In India, families express their love and pride for their daughters through special gestures, gifts, and quality time. It’s a day to acknowledge the joy and fulfillment daughters bring to their families and society.

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September 25 - World Pharmacy Day

World Pharmacy Day recognizes the critical role of pharmacists in healthcare. In India, this day is celebrated by pharmaceutical organizations, hospitals, and educational institutions with events that highlight the contributions of pharmacists to patient care and public health. Workshops, seminars, and health camps often mark the day.

September 26 - International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

This UN observance promotes global efforts towards nuclear disarmament. In India, discussions, and advocacy on nuclear disarmament and peace-building are conducted by educational institutions and peace organizations. The day encourages reflection on security and the pursuit of a world free of nuclear weapons.

September 26 - World Maritime Day

World Maritime Day highlights the significance of maritime activities and the shipping industry. In India, with its extensive coastline and maritime heritage, events focus on the contributions of the maritime sector to trade, economy, and security. Ports, shipping companies, and maritime institutions often participate in educational and promotional activities.

September 27 - World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day celebrates the role of tourism in cultural exchange and economic growth. India, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, participates with events that promote sustainable tourism practices. The day encourages both domestic and international tourists to explore India’s vibrant destinations and supports initiatives that preserve cultural and natural heritage.

September 28 - National Singles Day

National Singles Day
National Singles Day

National Singles Day celebrates the single lifestyle and independence. In India, this day is an opportunity for singles to appreciate their autonomy and personal growth. Social events, workshops, and meet-ups provide spaces for individuals to connect and celebrate their choices and lifestyles.

September 28 - World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day aims to raise awareness about rabies prevention and control. In India, where rabies is a public health concern, veterinary services, health organizations, and NGOs conduct vaccination drives and educational programs to promote responsible pet ownership and rabies prevention strategies.

September 28 - International Day for Universal Access to Information

This day underscores the importance of access to information as a fundamental human right. In India, discussions and initiatives focus on improving transparency, public access to information, and the role of media and technology in empowering citizens. It aligns with efforts to promote freedom of information and digital inclusion.

September 28 - International Rabbit Day

International Rabbit Day celebrates rabbits and promotes their welfare. In India, pet owners, animal welfare groups, and enthusiasts participate in events and activities that raise awareness about responsible rabbit care and the protection of wild rabbit populations.

September 29 - World Deaf Day

World Deaf Day is dedicated to recognizing the Deaf community and advocating for their rights and inclusion. In India, events, and campaigns focus on promoting sign language, accessibility, and equal opportunities for Deaf individuals. The day highlights the cultural and social contributions of the Deaf community.

September 29 - World Heart Day

World Heart Day focuses on raising awareness about cardiovascular health and the prevention of heart diseases. In India, health organizations and medical institutions conduct free health camps, educational seminars, and fitness events to encourage heart-healthy lifestyles and regular check-ups.

September 30 - International Translation Day

International Translation Day honors translators and their role in bridging linguistic and cultural gaps. In India, with its multilingual population, this day celebrates the work of translators in literature, business, and communication. Events include literary readings, discussions on translation challenges, and recognition of translators’ contributions to society.

September 30 - International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day celebrates the growing influence of podcasts in media and entertainment. In India, podcast creators and listeners participate in events that highlight diverse voices and stories shared through this medium. It’s a day to explore and appreciate the wide range of topics and perspectives available in the podcasting world.

Full List of September 2024 Holidays and Celebrations in India

  • 1 Sun

    National Nutrition Week

  • 2 Mon

    World Coconut Day

  • 4 Wed

    World Sexual Health Day

  • 5 Thu

    Teachers' Day

  • 6 Fri

    National Food Bank Day

  • 7 Sat

    Ganesh Chaturthi

  • 8 Sun

    Grandparents Day

  • 8 Sun

    International Literacy Day

  • 8 Sun

    Pardon Day

  • 9 Mon

    International Sudoku Day

  • 9 Mon

    International Day to Protect Education from Attack

  • 9 Mon

    National Teddy Bear Day

  • 10 Tue

    International Makeup Day

  • 13 Fri

    Positive Thinking Day

  • 13 Fri

    International Chocolate Day

  • 13 Fri

    National Peanut Day

  • 14 Sat

    Hindi DIwas

  • 15 Sun

    Engineer's Day

  • 15 Sun

    Wife Appreciation Day (National Wife Day)

  • 15 Sun

    International Day of Democracy

  • 15 Sun

    International Dot Day

  • 17 Tue

    International Country Music Day

  • 17 Tue

    World Patient Safety Day

  • 18 Wed

    International Equal Pay Day

  • 21 Sat

    International Day of Peace

  • 21 Sat

    World Gratitude Day

  • 21 Sat

    National Chai Day

  • 22 Sun

    Autumnal Equinox (Start of Fall)

  • 22 Sun

    World Car-Free Day

  • 22 Sun

    World Rivers Day

  • 22 Sun

    World Rose Day

  • 24 Tue

    World Bollywood Day

  • 24 Tue

    World Gorilla Day

  • 26 Thu

    World Contraception Day

  • 27 Fri

    World Tourism Day

  • 28 Sat

    National Singles Day

  • 28 Sat

    World Rabies Day

  • 28 Sat

    International Rabbit Day

  • 29 Sun

    World Heart Day

  • 30 Mon

    International Podcast Day

September 2024 India's Cultural and Religious Festivals


Vishwakarma Puja (September 15)

Vishwakarma Puja is a significant festival for artisans, craftsmen, and workers in the industrial sector. Lord Vishwakarma, the divine architect, is worshipped for prosperity and success in their respective fields. Workshops, factories, and offices organize special prayers, and tools and machinery are decorated and revered as a mark of respect.

Mahalaya Amavasya (September 17)

Mahalaya Amavasya marks the beginning of the Durga Puja festival preparations. It is believed to be the day when Goddess Durga begins her journey to earth. In Bengal, it’s a day of ancestral worship and the recitation of the epic poem “Mahishasura Mardini” which narrates the story of Durga’s victory over the demon Mahishasura. This day sets the tone for the forthcoming grand celebrations of Durga Puja.

Milad-un-Nabi (September 28)

Milad-un-Nabi, or Eid-e-Milad, commemorates the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. This day is marked with special prayers, sermons, and processions in various parts of India. It is a time for Muslims to reflect on the Prophet’s teachings and to engage in acts of charity and community service.

India's Weekly Observances in September 2024

National Nutrition Week
National Nutrition Week

1. National Nutrition Week (September 1-7, 2024)

National Nutrition Week aims to highlight the importance of nutrition for health and well-being. The Indian government and health organizations run campaigns to educate the public about balanced diets, healthy eating habits, and combating malnutrition. Schools, hospitals, and community centers host workshops and activities promoting nutritional awareness.

2. National Eye Donation Fortnight (August 25 - September 8, 2024)

Extending from August into September, this fortnight promotes the cause of eye donation. In India, awareness programs and drives encourage people to pledge their eyes for donations to help those suffering from corneal blindness. Hospitals and NGOs conduct campaigns to educate and motivate the public about the impact of eye donation.

3. National Hindi Week (September 14-20, 2024)

Following Hindi Diwas, National Hindi Week continues to promote the use and appreciation of the Hindi language. Various cultural and literary events are organized throughout the week to celebrate Hindi’s contribution to India’s literary and cultural tapestry.

India's Monthly Observances in September 2024

Poshan Maah
Poshan Maah

1. Nutrition Month

September is observed as Nutrition Month in India, focusing on promoting nutritional awareness and healthy eating habits. This aligns with the efforts of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to address issues of malnutrition and encourage a balanced diet for all age groups.

2. National Eye Donation Month

Throughout September, the focus on eye donation continues beyond the fortnight, with ongoing campaigns and activities to encourage more people to pledge their eyes and support corneal transplant programs.

3. Poshan Maah (Nutrition Month)

Poshan Maah, or National Nutrition Month, is part of the government’s Poshan Abhiyaan (Nutrition Mission) aimed at improving nutritional outcomes for children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. Various programs and initiatives are conducted nationwide to enhance awareness and provide access to nutritious food.

4. September of Languages

Recognizing the linguistic diversity of India, September often sees celebrations of different languages and cultural expressions. Events and activities promote multilingualism and respect for the country’s rich linguistic heritage.


September 2024 in India is a dynamic month with a plethora of observances that reflect the country’s cultural richness and commitment to global causes. From grand religious festivals and national holidays to international awareness days, each occasion provides a chance to celebrate, learn, and connect with the broader community. As India moves through this vibrant month, the spirit of unity, tradition, and awareness shines brightly across the nation.

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