Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World
Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Chocolate is the favorite and popular sweet food of many people on earth, especially in the West. On Valentine's Day, lovers often give each other boxes of sweet chocolate to express their love. Currently, the chocolate industry is growing and competing more fiercely.

Chocolate Bars Bring Us Happy

Scientists have studied whether or not eating chocolate makes humans happy throughout the years. I'm sure you know what happens when you eat a piece of chocolate. Chocolate causes a chemical response in our brains that enhances our mood. When we eat chocolate, the neurotransmitters responsible for happiness (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins) are released into our brains.

This euphoria, along with the amazing flavor of the chocolate, is what makes us want to return for more.

Chocolate companies all around the world have developed their own distinctive chocolate taste combinations. And in this post, we've assembled a list of well-known chocolate companies from across the world to help you branch out and perhaps discover your new favorite chocolate.

Let's find out with the KnowInsiders which are the top chocolate producing brands in the world.

1. Godiva

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Going around Belgium as well as many major shopping places in Europe, Godiva is always sold at the most luxurious and polite stalls, customers are always crowded even though the price of this brand's chocolate is twice as expensive as compared to the price of chocolate. with the normal type and Brussels airport became the place to sell the largest chocolate on earth.

Belgium and Switzerland are both famous for chocolate, but few people know that it was the Swiss who first learned how to make chocolate from the Belgians. Everywhere in Belgium, one can find chocolate making schools with courses from beginner to intermediate and advanced. The most basic course lasting 6 days costs up to 4 thousand euros, equivalent to more than 100 million VND.

Inheriting Belgian (Belgium) cultural heritage since 1926, Govida is the world leader in premium chocolate. Inspired by Lady Godiva's most quintessential values – her passion, generosity, and pioneering spirit – the legendary Govida common name has become the epitome of luxury, quality chocolate. , with the best taste.

2. Guylian

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Guylian was one of the best remaining Belgian chocolate manufacturers for a while. Guylian is most famous for its sea shell products. Although the design resembles a seashell, the surface of Guylian chocolate is very smooth and delicate. Just let the chocolate bar pass through your nose and you can feel its wonderful flavors.

Guylian creates all of its great tasting chocolates with only pure Belgian chocolate, sourced from a special blend of West African cocoa beans that meet the producer's high requirements. Cocoa beans must be sourced sustainably and producers must ensure absolute food safety for the farmers who process the cocoa they buy.

Guylian chocolate is not only a material food, it is also considered an indispensable spiritual gift for every tourist to Belgium. Today, thanks to its worldwide popularity, Guylian chocolate has become more familiar to international friends, becoming the perfect gift for relationship connections. Its excellent quality also deserves to be the preferred choice for you to send your sincere and loving wishes to your loved ones.

3. Lindt

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Rodolphe Lindt founded the Lindt chocolate firm in Zürich, Switzerland, in 1845. The Lindor Truffle, a spherical chocolate ball with a smooth chocolate filling, is the company's most popular product.

Lindt produces its chocolate using only exquisite raw materials and high-quality components to provide their consumers with the most delectable sweet delight.

Lindt manufactures full-sized chocolate bars, liqueurs, and spreads in addition to its iconic truffles.

4. Ferrero Rocher

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World
Ferrero Rocher

It was frightening how rapidly we could consume a whole box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. We were only hampered by the fact that they were individually wrapped, which forced us to spend an extra second and a half to determine whether or not to practice self-control. Everything is present, both in terms of flavor and texture.

The sweet is made out of a crispy wafer filled with a creamy hazelnut chocolate core and then enrobed in chocolate and almonds. It's the classic Italian chocolate. It's like the greatest bits of a KitKat, a Godiva Truffle, and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup all wrapped into one and prepared with premium ingredients.

5. Nestlé

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Nestlé is a well-known and beloved Swiss chocolate brand. Henri Nestlé invented baby food and condensed milk in 1867. This condensed milk was given by his firm to Daniel Peter, who used it to create the first Nestlé chocolate bar in 1880.

The Swiss multinational food and beverage firm currently distributes everything from infant formula and cereal to bottled water and nutritional supplements.

Nespresso, Nescafé, KitKat, and Milo are some of their well-known subsidiary brands.

6. Hershey's

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Hershey's is one of the oldest chocolate companies in the United States and an icon of the American chocolate industry. This brand has succeeded in producing sweet chocolate candies. Hershey's is a name that people think of first when choosing to buy chocolate in any occasion of the year.

Hershey's Chocolate is a world famous brand, from raw materials to production processes all meet strict and safe standards for health. With more than 120 years of experience in chocolate production, Hershey's promises to create joy for you and your family when enjoying excellent delicious candies together. Hershey's is committed that all its products are made from simple ingredients, 100% farm fresh milk, never any artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.

7. Richart

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Richart French chocolate maker is truly dedicated to chocolate lovers all over the world. Truly the people who design Richart's products have created masterpieces. It brings different sensations when chocolate blends with carefully selected flavors. Richart's chocolate is perceived with freshness and smoothness.

Committed to quality, French chocolate maker Richart assures that the chocolate is refined from the finest ingredients. The chocolate recipe tested and developed by the Richart family has won the honorary prize at the 7th Bleu Ruban festival in France. Currently, Richart is convening on flavor enhancement, design design and color. Richart's chocolate box is extremely beautiful. If you want to impress someone, buy a solid wood box of chocolates with seven compartments of seven types of chocolate and a temperature and humidity meter for a pretty expensive price of $ 850.

8. Jacques Torres

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World
Jacques Torres

What you need to do when you go to Jacques Torres stores is to sit and sip a cup of hot chocolate, enjoy the taste of pure chocolate and relax.

When entering a Jacques Torres store, you will feel like entering an antique European store. Chocolate connoisseurs want to visit Jacques Torres' shop for fresh, handcrafted chocolate.

Visitors can visit the chocolate making process at large stores. Currently, there are five major Jacques Torres stores in New York.

9. Ghirardelli

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Domenico Ghirardelli created Ghirardelli, an American chocolate company, in 1852. The exceptional quality of the cocoa beans and other components used in the creation of the company's premium chocolates and chocolate products has made it famous.

Ghirardelli has been operating for a long time, and its chocolates have received several awards for their brilliance. The firm collaborates with farmers in West Africa, South America, and the Caribbean to ensure that cocoa beans are grown in a sustainable and ethical manner.

Because of its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, this chocolate company has developed a number of programs to reduce its energy use and waste production.

10. Cadbury

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

The Easter chocolate eggs have to be Cadbury's most renowned and popular sweets. If you like milk chocolate with a creamy filling, these eggs are for you. Years ago, you had to wait until Easter to enjoy them, but they have just made them available all year.

Of course, they have many more varieties of chocolate that are just as tasty and reasonably priced as their most popular item.

11. Milka

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Milka chocolate candies have an extremely smooth flavor and a creamy, sweet chocolate core.

You'll enjoy the way the chocolate melts in your tongue. The chocolatiers employ the greatest quality ingredients to make a soft 100% alpine milk chocolate, making the delicacies really distinct from other brands.

The firm recently revamped its confectionery and now sells a more rounder truffle with an image of its Milka cow, Lila.

You'll love the flavors, so stock up on some for the holidays as a fun treat for your kids.

12. La Maison du Chocolat

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World
La Maison du Chocolat

Robert Linx, a visionary chocolatier, founded La Maison du Chocolat in 1977. Nowadays, La Maison du Chocolat creates chocolate with a distinct flavor and heightened flair. With an exceptional chocolate-making method, the company sources and manufactures chocolate utilizing rare and pure cocoa: Outside of Paris, all chocolates are handcrafted with exceptional accuracy and care. We appreciate the work and care put into each square piece of chocolate by the brand.

13. Kinder

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World
Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Kinder is a subsidiary brand of Ferrero, an Italian international candy manufacturer. Although being Italian, Michele Ferrero invented Kinder in Frankfurt, Germany, where it quickly acquired popularity.

The term "Kinder" means "children" in German, and the food was advertised as wholesome and nourishing because to its high milk content.

Kinder Chocolate Bar, Kinder Bueno, and Kinder Joy are some of the company's best-known goods. The Kinder Surprise is an egg-shaped chocolate with a surprise toy hidden within. Kinder particularly markets to children in the expectation that they would beg their parents to purchase them one. Their marketing methods are faultless.

14. Anthon Berg

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World
Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Anthon Berg bottle-shaped chocolate is a unique product of the Danish company Anthon Berg, produced only on holidays. The bottle-shaped chocolate candy product is a harmonious combination between famous wine brands such as Rémy Martin, Cointreau, Grand Marnier with high-class Chocolate flavor.

The ANTHON BERG brand is the leading company in Denmark specializing in the production of the best-selling liqueur chocolates in the world. Those who have ever tasted it are hard to forget the special taste of wine and chocolate mixed together, fragrant taste and left a sweet taste after enjoying.

15. Puccini Bomboni

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

This is an extremely famous chocolate brand in the land of tulips. Puccini Bomboni originated from a small coffee shop in the city of Amsterdam. Thanks to a unique recipe that brings delicious taste to the product along with an affordable price, Puccini Bomboni has won the hearts of locals. Over time, the deliciousness of Puccini Bomboni chocolate was "rumoured". Any visitor visiting this city will want to enjoy once said.

The company's chocolate is processed entirely by hand, so it cannot be produced in large quantities, but this is what makes the product attractive. If you have the opportunity to visit here, you must definitely try these delicious chocolate bars!

16. Teuscher

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Its name is taken from the personal name of the founder of the brand – Mr. Dolf Teuscher. After many years of researching and testing chocolate production methods, he was able to develop a perfect recipe, making Teuscher chocolate one of the 10 best chocolates in the world.

Up to now, the company has released more than 100 chocolate flavors based on the original recipe passed down by Dolf Teuscher through his descendants, the most famous of which are fondant chocolate and champagne chocolate. .

17. Scharffen Berger

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World
Scharffen Berger

Scharffen Berger is one of the most famous chocolate manufacturers in the world. They have their own full chocolate production process, from the extraction of the best cocoa beans they can find until the formation of a dark chocolate bar after blending with different types of coffee to create flavors. Very unique and unique taste. Because the production is completely handmade, the amount of chocolate sold to the market is very small.

18. Mars

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Mars is commonly regarded as one of the top chocolate brands in the United States. They're most known for their regular Mars bar, a chocolate-covered nougat bar with a black wrapper and the name Mars in red and gold letters, but they also make a variety of other sweet delicacies.

Other subsidiary bars made by the Mars corporation include Dove, Snickers, M&Ms, Twix, and 3 Musketeers.

When you hear the name Mars, you immediately think of chocolate, but you might be surprised to learn that they also make a variety of other items unrelated to the chocolaty pleasure we all adore.

19. Toblerone

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World

Toblerone is a well-known Swiss chocolate company whose products are shaped like a triangle. Theodor Tobler and Emil Baumann created the firm in 1908, however it is now controlled by the American multinational corporation Mondelez International.

This firm is a well-known chocolate manufacturer with a global presence in over a hundred countries. The firm sources its cocoa beans from all around the world, including West Africa, South America, and the Caribbean.

Toblerones begin with excellent Swiss chocolate and gain their unique texture with crushed almonds and honey. The brand's goods include milk chocolate, Chocolate Minis, dark chocolate, and white chocolate bars, to name a few.

20. Richard Donnelly Fine

Top 20 Best and Most Famous Chocolate Brands in the World
Richard Donnelly Fine

This chocolate is very different. Richard Donnelly likes to combine different types of chocolates and ingredients to create a variety of chocolates. He uses Belgian, French chocolate and ingredients such as lavender, saffron, cardamom.... It is these creations that helped Donnelly win the award for the best craftsman in the chocolate festival. Europe held in Perugia (Italy) just 10 years after opening the store.

To ensure quality and freshness Donnelly produces no more than 50kg a day. If you fancy a new chocolate discovery try Donnelly White Chocolate with macadamia nuts or honey vanilla caramel.


Chocolate, in all of its flavors, is a product that will never go out of vogue. People all across the world have enjoyed this cocoa-based sweet treat since its inception in the 17th century, gratifying various desires in the process.

Without a doubt, chocolate has a huge market, and many amazing chocolate businesses are establishing themselves these days.

Above is the list of 20 best chocolate brands in the world. Let's make your special days more impressive with the sweet chocolate bars that KnowInsiders shares!

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