Best TIPS to Orgnize Your Jewelry and Accessories Prorperly Best TIPS to Orgnize Your Jewelry and Accessories Prorperly
What Is The Most Expensive Piece of Jewelry Ever Made? What Is The Most Expensive Piece of Jewelry Ever Made?
Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World
Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World. Photo KnowInsiders

Someone has said “Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.” What is your favorite jewelry brand? Is it one of the most famous brands in the world listed right below?

Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World

1. Harry Winston

Established in 1932, Harry Winston has always been a prestigious jewelry brand that is trusted and supported by the whole world, especially by big stars in many fields. Their jewelry is made from precious materials and by the "golden hands" of master jewelry making. With a classic and modern style, with meticulous attention to the smallest detail, each product of this brand is beautiful and sophisticated like a masterpiece of art.

Currently, Harry Winston's network has spread all over the world. Almost all major countries have the shadow of this brand, such as: New York (USA), London (UK), Paris (France), Tokyo (Japan).

Famous products of Harry Winston

Set of four watches with feather and priceless stone decorations is called the feather watch. Rare crimson peacock or pheasant feathers were chosen to be fastened to the watch. The timepieces are incredibly rare and expensive.

Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World
Necklace "Heart of the ocean"

"Heart of the ocean" necklace: The name of the necklace translates to "Heart of the ocean." The world's rarest blue diamond was used to create it. The necklace is a renowned representation of the movie Titanic; Gloria Stuart, who played Rose in the film, wore it when she accepted her Academy Award in 1998.

2. Cartier

Cartier is known as the "Emperor's Jeweler". This famous French jewelry brand was established in 1860. Cartier has a unique, luxurious and sophisticated "art deco" style. This jewelry brand takes the representative image of a leopard - a symbol of toughness, strength and authority. Each Cartier product is extremely delicate and valuable, because it is made by the hands of skilled craftsmen, with extensive experience and the richest creativity.

Famous products of Cartier

La Peregrina Pearl Necklace: Pearls, rubies, and diamonds are used to create this priceless necklace. With a final bid of 11,842,500 USD, it was sold at Christie's auction house in the United States. Elizabeth Taylor, known as the "Jewelry Queen," has this necklace.

Diamond Devant-De-Corsage Brooch from the Belle Époque: This magnificent hair accessory was created in 1912. It is made up of several diamonds that are of different sizes, shapes, and angles that have been delicately cut.

Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World
Wallis Simpson Panther Bracelet

Jaguars are a famous symbol of Cartier, and this bracelet, the Wallis Simpson Panther, contains one. This ring is comprised of black onyx, diamonds, and emeralds, notably the two that form the ring's elegant eyes. This bracelet went on to become synonymous with Cartier.

3. Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels, founded in 1906, is a famous jewelry brand from France. This is an extremely beloved jewelry brand, a great choice for many stars, as well as fashion lovers. Van Cleef & Arpels products are elegant and natural, yet still attractive and have a special charm. Each product is loved, because each piece of jewelry is very delicate and beautiful. Each product of Van Cleef & Arpels has a meaningful little story, along with the meticulousness in manufacturing and meticulous selection of materials, thus giving the brand a strong foothold in the world market. world and the trust of customers.

Famous products of Van Cleef & Arpels

Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World
Ruby Ring

Ruby Ring: Richard Burton bought his wife the 8.24-carat ruby and diamond ring as a present. The ruby on this ring holds the record for being the most costly and having the highest value per carat.

Oiseau de Paradis earrings: With its vibrant, calming hues and nature-inspired design, this earring model is admired by people all over the world. It features a pair of birds.

4. Tiffany & CO.

Tiffany and CO. is a famous jewelry brand from the United States. Founded in 1837, spanning nearly two decades, Tiffany and CO. always maintain its style, also maintain the trust and love of customers around the world. Jewelry by Tiffany and CO. This jewelry brand has products for both men and women, from young to old, so you can absolutely have the best choice.

Famous products of Tiffany & CO.

Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World
Majestic Diamond Necklace

Majestic Diamond Necklace: The necklace features a big diamond that weighs 30.31 carats in the center. There are over 300 tiny diamonds that are shaped like pears, flowers, or circles. The ring is stunning and so delicate.

Tiffany Atlats Bracelet: A bracelet from the same-named collection that was influenced by the Atlats of ancient Greece. The bracelet started a long-lasting fad in the fashion industry because it is straightforward, attractive, and quite personal.

5. Graff Diamond

Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World
Graff Diamond crown

In 1960, Laurence Graff founded the jewelry brand Graff Diamond. This brand is based in London (England), is loved and admired by the whole UK and spread to the whole world. If you're looking for a place with huge, beautiful and well-cut diamonds, Graff is a great choice. Not only with beautiful and valuable materials, the jewelers are also carefully selected.

Famous products of Laurence Graff

The 100-carat vivid yellow diamond that forms the centerpiece of the Graff Vivid Yellow Ring is encircled by several little white diamonds. Jewelers worked on sharpening, cutting, and polishing this ring for nine months.

The 5 carat pink diamond that makes up the jewelry, "The Vivid Pink Ring," is used. One of the few and most expensive pink diamonds in existence is this one. This ring's platinum, rose gold, and white diamonds are placed into the band.

The Peacock Head Brooch is a pricey accessory that costs over $100 million. It is constructed with 1305 priceless gems, including a rare, deep blue diamond that is shaped like a peacock extending its tail.

6. Piaget

Originating from the Jura valley, Switzerland, Piaget overcame all difficulties to rise to the top of the jewelry industry. The image of a beautiful rose is a long-standing symbol of Piaget. With a modern, youthful style, this jewelry brand is loved and supported enthusiastically by the whole world.

Each Piaget necklace is a masterpiece created by Piaget's longtime designers and craftsmen, who have been imbued with Piaget's ideas over the centuries.

Famous Piaget products

Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World
Octopus Watch

Octopus Watch: This design features 18-karat gold and stones that have been cut into an eye-catching octopus form. Being one of the most unique timepieces in the world, the watch has a unique appearance.

Caliber 12P: According to Guinness, a watch with a 2.3 mm mechanism is the thinnest automatic mechanical watch in existence.

7. Bvlgari

Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World
Bvlgari ring

Bvlgari, established in 1884, is a famous jewelry brand from Italy, is a master of gold jewelry. With a delicate, elegant style and meticulousness in the selection of materials and processing, Bvlgari's jewelry has always received high praise and support from all over the world. Its main jewelry materials are precious stones, diamonds and 18 carat gold. Bvlgari's products have both traditional and modern styles, always satisfying the most demanding customers.

Famous products of Bvlgari

The Emeral Suit Jewelry Set is a six-piece emerald and diamond jewelry set. Richard Button gave this jewelry set to his wife, Liz Taylor. Its estimated market worth is close to $30 million USD.

Two diamonds make up the Bvlgari Blue Ring: a blue tablet measuring 10.95 carats and a white diamond weighing 0.87 carats. The cost of this special ring is $15.7 million USD.

8. Mikimoto

Mikimoto is a famous jewelry brand from Japan. Founded in 1893 by Kokichi Mikinoto, over nearly 2 decades in the industry, Mikimoto has always been a jewelry brand loved by many people. This jewelry brand is famous for its pearl culture technique.

Each product of Mikimoto is mainly made from natural pearls and artificial pearls, especially rare pearls such as Tahitian pearls, black pearls, pink pearls. The perfect combination of classic and modern also makes each piece of jewelry attractive.

Famous products of Mikimoto

Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World
Pearl scarf

A necklace and earring set from the Waterfall Collection has diamonds and pearls of excellent value. The world has long admired this jewelry design. This business is also well-known for its pearl jewelry.

White pearls make up the full length of the approximately two-meter-long scarf. The scarf appears to be very unique, opulent, and aristocratic.

9. Chopard

Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World
Chopard jewelry

With more than 45 years in the industry, Chopard is always on the list of famous jewelry brands. This famous Chopard jewelry brand from Switzerland is famous for its fine jewelry, especially watches. Chopard often uses natural gemstones and 18 carat gold to make products.

Each piece of Chopard jewelry made is very delicate, meticulously cut and honed to every little corner.

Famous products of Chopard

This Chopard blue diamond band was designed as an engagement ring. The Blue diamond ring by Chopard is highly regarded for its uncommon deep blue hue. It costs around 16.26 million USD.

Carat Watch (Chopard 201): This watch has a distinctive design that combines elements of jewelry and time machine engineering. With a price tag of up to $25 million USD, it is the most expensive watch in the whole world.

10. Boucheron

Top 10 Most Famous Jewelry Brands In The World
A set of Boucheron jewelry

Coming from France, Boucheron is a very famous brand in jewelry. Boucheron was founded in 1858, owned by the big brand Gucci. This jewelry brand follows a traditional, luxurious and elegant style. Along with sophisticated and sophisticated manufacturing techniques, Boucheron's products are always supported and appreciated.

In 2018, France's most glamorous luxury brand Boucheron celebrated 160 designs and creations. Renowned worldwide for his bold, free and liberal style, Boucheron has captured the hearts of women by providing them with innovative jewelry designs combined with distinctive, precious gemstones. price.

Famous products of Boucheron

The Reves d'Ailleurs jewelry set consists of five pieces, each of which features a distinct subject related to a different region of the world: the Treasures of Persia; the Japanese Shores; Magnificent Russia; India and flowers; and Chinese and the art of calligraphy. Each item is incredibly complex, one-of-a-kind, and significant.

Pearl toad ring: The ring has a distinctive jade toad form and is prized for both its aesthetic appeal and financial worth. This ring has long been the desire of many fashionistas since it is made from hundreds of high-quality ruby gemstones.

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