Top 10+ Best-Selling Comic Books Of All Time
Top 10+ Best-Selling Comic Books Of All Time

Comic books have been around for a long time. When online streaming and reading were not yet popular, it was common practice to purchase printed editions and issues of your favorite superheroes. Some issues have sold millions of copies, according to sales figures. Continue reading to find out if your favorite comic books are among the Top 10+ Best-Selling Comic Books Of All Time.

Top 10+ Best-Selling Comic Books Of All Time

1. X-Men #1 (October 1991) - 8.1 million copies

X-Men #1 is unrivaled as a champion. It earns the title of best-selling comic book of all time, selling nearly eight times as many copies as the number two spot on this list.

Many people have been captivated by the idea of purchasing a limited edition of a popular comic book and then reselling it for millions of dollars. Furthermore, comic book companies make money by publicizing and hyping major plot events such as new outfits, first character appearances, shocking deaths, or first printed volumes. These events are not only exciting for fans, but they are also profitable.

2. X-Force (1992) No. 1 - 5 Million copies

That's correct. One of the best-selling comic books of all time is a Rob Liefeld creation. Allow that to sink in for a moment. The X-Men were already hot, so why not make them grittier and rougher? Red-hot. Not long after this series debuted, Liefeld went on to become a founding member of Image Comics, essentially duplicating X-Force as an off-brand team called Youngblood.

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3. Adventures of Superman (1987) No. 500 - 4.2 Million copies

Imagine what his return would do if his death generated money! At least, that's what retailers thought when they ordered hundreds of thousands of copies of this modern dollar bin favorite. Don't forget to get six copies of the white polybagged version as well!

4. Superman (1987) No. 75 - 3 Million copies

Many believe that this storyline, and the media hype surrounding it, contributed to the "collector mentality" of the 1990s, which nearly bankrupted the industry. In Superman (1987) No. 75, DC Comics killed off the world's most famous superhero, complete with a black, polybagged cover and the now-iconic bleeding 'S' symbol. Of course, the Man of Steel would return the following year, but the "death" of such a well-known character had everyone and their grandmother buying copies. Three million, to be precise. When you consider that a popular title nowadays sells around 90,000 copies per month, you can see how insane Superman (1988) No. 75 was.

5. Spider-Man (1990) No. 1 - 2.5 Million copies

A couple of years before he would break records again with Spawn (1992) No. 1 (using the same iconic pose for that series’ first issue as he did for this one), Todd McFarlane took complete control of a brand-new Spider-Man title for Marvel, and the comic book buying public couldn’t get enough. Aided by five slightly different variant covers, Spider-Man was the highest selling comic book of all-time … for about a year.

6. Superman: Man of Steel (1991) No. 22 - 1.71 Million copies

This issue and its three counterparts were part of the "Reign of the Supermen" storyline, which introduced four "replacement" Supermen while the real deal was "dead." Speculators salivated at first appearances, new directions, and a change in the status quo. None of this happened, and most collectors now have six copies (each) of these things.

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7. Spawn (1992) No. 1 - 1.7 Million copies

It marked the start of the Image Comics revolution. Was there anything Todd McFarlane couldn't do in the early 1990s? McFarlane, fresh off his run on Marvel's Spider-Man (1990) series, joined other comic book creator/superstars in forming Image Comics, where Spawn would rule for years and is still published today.

8. Star Wars #1 (January 2015) - 1 million copies

Following the conclusion of the original series, the Star Wars fandom was left befuddled. Marvel Comics chose this precise moment to usher in a new era known as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, reintroducing old fans to the franchise. People suddenly realized that the original stories had several gaps that needed to be filled, and Marvel was more than happy to oblige, having recently reclaimed the Star Wars comics license from Disney.

Star Wars #1, as a collection of canonical stories set in the midst of the original Star Wars franchises, struck the right balance and appealed to a wide range of fans. It satisfied readers who missed the old extended universe while also introducing something new to younger audiences.

9. Fantastic Four #60 (October 2002)- 752,699 copies

Fantastic Four #60 is a cross between Amazing Spider Man #1 and The Ten-Cent Adventure. Although this is not the first issue in the series, it does mark the beginning of a new era for the comic, as author Mark Waid begins what will soon become a celebrated three-year tenure.

Although Fantastic Four #60 is not an anthology, it did include a special promo version for only 9 cents. The issue emphasizes that it is the "world's least expensive comic book magazine," which significantly boosts sales.

10. Batman: The 10-cent Adventure #1- 702,106 copies

We can conclude that Batman: The 10-cent Adventure #1 accomplished its goal of luring fans in with a nostalgically low price tag. After all, many people became comic book fans because of Batman. They wanted to know what happened next, and they wanted to know right away.

The 10-cent Adventure kicked off the two-part crossover arcs Bruce Wayne: Fugitive and Bruce Wayne: Murderer?, both of which have been lauded and ranked among the best Batman comics ever produced. The 10-cent Batman Adventure #1 ended on a cliffhanger, with Bruce Wayne being falsely charged with manslaughter. The only way to prove his innocence was to confess to his hidden alibi - Batman, who had been far away from the crime scene at the time it occurred.

11. Free Comic Book Day Ultimate Spider Man #1 - 631,990 copies

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 is a unique case. It is not a commemorative issue or an anthology. Despite having only four alternative covers, it ranked fifth on this list. In retrospect, Ultimate Spider-Man represents the beginning of a series that would have a significant impact on Marvel Comics. First and foremost, it boosted creator Brian Michael Bendis' writing career. Second, it established the context for Miles Morales' transformation into Spider-Man.

But we're not just talking about the original Ultimate Spider-Man #1. We're also talking about Free Comic Book Day Ultimate Spider Man #1, which was released to coincide with the release of Sam Raimi's Spider Man in the United States.

12. Amazing Spider-Man #1 - 559,200 copies

Amazing Spider-Man #1 was a pleasant character defining moment. It was set in the middle of Dan Slott's now-legendary Spider-Man series. Doc Octopus had merged himself into Peter Parker's body a few years before, and Peter Parker had lost all control of himself. Peter appears to have died in Otto Octavius' sickly body, but his final request compelled Otto to repent of his evil deeds and accept the mantle of Superior Spider-Man.

With the release of Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Marvel's third Amazing Spider-Man #1, in fact), Peter Parker regained control of his entire body (and of Spider Man) for the first time in two years.

13. Secret Wars #1 - 550,500 copies

Secret Wars #1 was released in 2015 as a sequel to the most popular Marvel Comics crossover of all time, Secret Wars, which debuted in 1984. A cosmic monster called the Beyonder zapped all of Marvel's most famous good guys and bad guys to an alien world and forced them to fight to the death. This 2015 version maintained the "Everyone is here!" theme by shattering the Marvel universe. The remaining shards of all the Marvel alternate Earths were merged into a single mismatched planet known as Battleworld. The story progressed from there.

Throughout its history, Marvel has been keen on creating miniature mashups and bizarre timelines that turn everything inside out. Age of X, Age of Apocalypse, House of M, and so forth are examples.


Which comic books are your favorite? These are the best-selling comic books of all time. Is there any best-selling comic book you want to recommend? Drop us a message and feel free to share this article!

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