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In July, India is culturally vibrant and diverse, with various festivals, traditions, and observances taking place across the country. July marks the celebration of several religious festivals in India, including Rath Yatra in Odisha, Bonalu in Telangana, and Hemis Festival in Ladakh. These festivals are characterized by colorful processions, traditional music and dance performances, and fervent religious rituals, offering a glimpse into India's rich cultural heritage.

July is also a time for cultural events and performances, with music and dance festivals held in various cities across India. From classical music concerts to contemporary dance performances, cultural enthusiasts have plenty of opportunities to immerse themselves in India's artistic traditions and creative expressions.

July is a time for community bonding and social gatherings, with families and friends coming together to celebrate festivals, weddings, and other auspicious occasions. It's a time to strengthen bonds, share laughter and stories, and create lasting memories with loved ones.

As we approach the month of July, it is essential to keep track of the significant holidays and observations that mark this period. Let's embrace these holidays and observations, understanding their cultural and spiritual significance. Whether through grand celebrations or quiet reflections, these days offer a chance to connect with our heritage and honor the diverse traditions that make India unique.

July 2024 India Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National Holidays and International Events
July 2024 India Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National Holidays and International Events

July 2024 Calendar - Special Days and Observances in India

July 1 - Canada Day

Canada Day, celebrated on July 1st, marks the anniversary of the enactment of the Constitution Act, 1867, which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire. It is a significant national holiday for Canadians, akin to Independence Day in the United States.

July 1 - GST Day

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Day is observed on July 1st in India to commemorate the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax, a landmark tax reform aimed at simplifying the indirect tax structure and fostering economic growth.

July 1 - Doctors' Day

A day to honor the contributions of doctors to society. In India, this day is observed in memory of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, a renowned physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal.

July 5 - Birthday of Guru Hargobind Ji

This day commemorates the birth anniversary of Guru Hargobind Ji, the sixth Guru of the Sikhs. Guru Hargobind Ji is celebrated for his contributions to Sikhism, notably the establishment of the Akal Takht and the introduction of the concept of Miri-Piri, symbolizing the temporal and spiritual authority. Sikhs mark this day with prayers, kirtans (devotional songs), and community services. Gurudwaras are beautifully decorated, and special assemblies are held to remember his teachings and legacy.

July 6 - MHIP Day

MHIP Day is celebrated in the northeastern state of Mizoram to honor the Mizo Hmeichhe Insuihkhawm Pawl (MHIP), the largest women's organization in the state. This day recognizes the vital role of women in the social, cultural, and economic development of Mizoram. The celebrations include community programs, cultural performances, and discussions focusing on women's rights and empowerment. The day fosters a spirit of unity and highlights the achievements and contributions of Mizo women.

July 6 - International Day of Cooperatives

The International Day of Cooperatives is observed on July 6th each year to highlight the contributions of cooperatives to socio-economic development, particularly in promoting equality, inclusion, and sustainable development. Cooperatives play a crucial role in empowering communities, fostering entrepreneurship, and advancing social justice by providing a platform for collective action and shared prosperity.

July 7 - Rath Yatra

Celebrated predominantly in Odisha, Rath Yatra is one of the grandest festivals in India, commemorating Lord Jagannath's annual visit to Gundicha Temple. Devotees from across the country gather to pull the gigantic chariots through the streets of Puri.

July 7 - World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day, celebrated on July 7th, is a global observance dedicated to indulging in one of the world's favorite treats – chocolate! This day honors the rich history and cultural significance of chocolate, while also promoting awareness of sustainable cocoa production and ethical practices in the chocolate industry. Chocolate lovers around the world celebrate by enjoying their favorite chocolate treats and exploring new flavors and varieties.

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July 10 - Bakrid/Eid al-Adha (the Feast of Sacrifice)

Eid al-Adha
Eid al-Adha

Also known as Bakrid, this significant Islamic festival honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son in obedience to God's command. It is marked by special prayers, feasts, and charitable acts.

Feast of Sacrifice, or Bakrid, is an Islamic holiday that is celebrated in India and other places around the world where there are a lot of Muslims.The holiday doesn't happen every year on the same day because it is based on the Islamic calendar.

A domestic animal sacrifice is one of the most well-known parts of the Festival of Sacrifice. Camels, sheep, and goats are some of the animals that are sacrificed most often. Putting an animal to death is also called qurbani.

At this festival, some of the animal that was sacrificed is kept for a feast, and the rest of the meat is given to homeless and poor people. Every Muslim family has to kill an animal and give money to charity during Eid al Adha, so everyone has plenty to eat.

At different times of Eid al Adha, people say a number of special prayers, or dua. Before an animal is killed as a sacrifice, one of the most important prayers is said. People believe that the prayers of the Feast of Sacrifice bring wealth and peace.

July 11 - World Population Day

This United Nations observance aims to raise awareness about global population issues, including the importance of family planning, gender equality, and maternal health.

July 12 - Desi Army Selca Day

South Asian fans of the K-pop group BTS, particularly those who are "Desi" (South Asian), observe Desi Army Selca Day as a special day. On this day, fans share self-portraits (selcas) of themselves alongside messages of love and support for BTS, showcasing their admiration for the group's music, talent, and positive influence. It is an opportunity for fans to connect with each other and express their appreciation for BTS's impact on their lives.

July 13 - Bhanu Jayanti

This day commemorates the birth anniversary of Adikavi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya, the first poet of Nepal who translated the Ramayana into Nepali. His works are celebrated in regions with a significant Nepali-speaking population, such as Sikkim, Darjeeling, and other parts of Northeast India. The celebrations include poetry recitals, cultural programs, and literary discussions highlighting his contributions to Nepali literature.

July 13 - Martyrdom Day

On this day, India remembers and honors those who sacrificed their lives for the nation. It is a solemn occasion marked by various ceremonies, including wreath-laying at memorials, patriotic songs, and speeches reflecting on the bravery and sacrifices of martyrs. Educational institutions and organizations often hold events to inculcate a sense of patriotism among the younger generation.

July 15 - World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day, observed on July 15th, aims to raise awareness about the importance of equipping young people with the skills they need to succeed in the workforce and contribute to sustainable development. This day highlights initiatives and programs that promote skill development, vocational training, and entrepreneurship opportunities for youth around the world. It underscores the crucial role of skills development in empowering young people and fostering economic growth.

July 16 - World Snake Day

World Snake Day, celebrated on July 16th, is dedicated to raising awareness about the conservation of snakes and their habitats. Snakes play a vital role in ecosystems as predators, helping to control rodent populations and maintain ecological balance. However, habitat loss, pollution, and human persecution are threats to many snake species. World Snake Day seeks to educate the public about the importance of snakes and promote efforts to protect and conserve these fascinating creatures.

July 17 - World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day, observed on July 17th, celebrates the universal language of emojis and their impact on communication in the digital age. Emojis, small digital icons representing emotions, objects, and symbols, have become an integral part of online communication, transcending language barriers and adding depth to text-based conversations. On World Emoji Day, people share their favorite emojis, discuss emoji trends, and reflect on the cultural significance of these digital symbols.

July 17 - Muharram

Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, is particularly significant for Shia Muslims who observe it as a period of mourning in remembrance of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, at the Battle of Karbala. The tenth day, known as Ashura, is marked by processions, recitations of elegies (marsiyas), and reenactments of the Battle of Karbala. Sunni Muslims also observe fasts and engage in prayers, reflecting on the themes of sacrifice and perseverance.

July 17 - Ashadhi Ekadashi

Ashadhi Ekadashi
Ashadhi Ekadashi

Celebrated primarily in Maharashtra, this day marks the culmination of the Pandharpur Wari pilgrimage, in which devotees walk to the Vithoba temple in Pandharpur. It is an important event for the Warkari sect.

July 18 - Nelson Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela Day, observed on July 18th, commemorates the birthday of Nelson Mandela, the iconic leader of the anti-apartheid movement and the first President of South Africa to be elected in fully representative democratic elections. This day serves as a global call to action to promote peace, reconciliation, and social justice, inspired by Mandela's lifelong commitment to fighting injustice and building a better world. People around the world honor Mandela's legacy by dedicating 67 minutes of their time to community service, symbolizing Mandela's 67 years of service to humanity.

July 19 - Muharram

The Islamic New Year and a day of mourning for Shia Muslims, remembering the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. Processions and recitations of elegies (marsiyas) are common, particularly in regions with significant Muslim populations.

July 21 - Guru Purnima

A spiritual observance dedicated to teachers and mentors. Disciples honor their gurus (teachers) by performing pujas and seeking their blessings. It is celebrated by Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains across India. On Guru Purnima, disciples express their gratitude towards their gurus and seek their blessings. Special prayers and rituals are held in monasteries.

July 22 - The National Flag Day

July 2024 India Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National Holidays and International Events
The National Flag Day

India celebrates National Flag Day every year on July 22nd, commemorating the adoption of the tricolor as the national flag in 1947. This day is dedicated to honoring the Indian flag, a symbol of the nation's unity, pride, and sovereignty.

The Indian National Flag was officially adopted by the Constituent Assembly on July 22, 1947, just a few weeks before India gained independence from British rule. The tricolor flag, designed by Pingali Venkayya, consists of three horizontal stripes of saffron, white, and green, with the Ashoka Chakra, a 24-spoke wheel, in navy blue at the center.

National Flag Day serves as a reminder of the struggles and sacrifices made by countless individuals to secure India's freedom. It reinforces the values of patriotism, unity, and respect for the nation. The day also emphasizes the importance of upholding the dignity and sanctity of the national flag, instilling a sense of responsibility and pride among citizens.

Observances and Celebrations The National Flag Day

National Flag Day is marked by various activities and events across the country to honor the flag and the values it represents.

Public and private institutions, schools, colleges, and government offices organize flag-hoisting ceremonies. The national anthem is sung, and patriotic songs are performed, fostering a sense of national pride and unity.

Schools and educational institutions conduct special programs to educate students about the history and significance of the national flag. Competitions such as essay writing, drawing, and quizzes centered around the flag and its history are also held.

Community organizations and local bodies arrange cultural events, parades, and exhibitions showcasing the journey of the Indian flag and its role in the independence movement. These events often include speeches by prominent leaders and freedom fighters, reflecting on the importance of the national flag.

With the rise of digital platforms, social media campaigns play a significant role in spreading awareness about National Flag Day. Hashtags like #NationalFlagDay, #Tiranga, and #FlagOfIndia trend, encourage citizens to share their stories, pictures, and videos celebrating the tricolor.

Tributes are paid to freedom fighters and leaders who played a pivotal role in the adoption of the national flag. Documentaries, books, and articles highlighting their contributions are widely shared and discussed.

July 24 - Cousins Day

Cousins Day, celebrated on July 24th, is a special occasion to honor the bond shared between cousins. Cousins often share a unique and cherished relationship that combines the closeness of family with the camaraderie of friendship. On Cousins Day, people take the opportunity to reconnect with their cousins, reminisce about shared memories, and celebrate the special connection they share.

July 26 - Kargil Victory Day

A day of remembrance for the martyrs of the Kargil War. This day commemorates India's victory in the 1999 conflict with Pakistan, honoring the bravery and sacrifice of the Indian armed forces.

July 28 - World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day, observed on July 28th, aims to raise awareness about viral hepatitis and promote actions to prevent, diagnose, and treat this potentially life-threatening infection. Viral hepatitis, particularly hepatitis B and C, is a major global health problem affecting millions of people worldwide. On World Hepatitis Day, organizations, governments, and healthcare professionals come together to advocate for increased access to testing, treatment, and vaccination to combat hepatitis and reduce its burden on public health.

July 28 - World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day, also observed on July 28th, highlights the importance of protecting and preserving the natural environment and biodiversity. This day serves as a reminder of the need to adopt sustainable practices and conservation efforts to safeguard ecosystems, wildlife, and natural resources for future generations. People around the world participate in various activities such as tree planting, beach cleanups, and nature walks to promote environmental awareness and conservation action.

July 28 - Hariyali Teej

Celebrated by women in North India, particularly in Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. It marks the advent of the monsoon and is dedicated to Goddess Parvati. Women dress in green, sing traditional songs, and perform dances.

July 29 - World Tiger Day

World Tiger Day
World Tiger Day

Observed to raise awareness about tiger conservation. India, home to the majority of the world's wild tigers, holds special programs and campaigns to promote the protection of this endangered species.

July 30 - International Day of Friendship

International Day of Friendship, celebrated on July 30th, promotes the importance of friendship as a fundamental aspect of human relationships and social cohesion. This day encourages people to cultivate friendships across cultural, linguistic, and geographical boundaries, fostering mutual understanding, empathy, and solidarity. International Day of Friendship serves as a reminder of the positive impact of friendships in promoting peace, cooperation, and mutual respect among individuals and communities worldwide.

July 30 - World Day against Trafficking in Persons

World Day against Trafficking in Persons, also observed on July 30th, raises awareness about human trafficking and mobilizes action to combat this heinous crime. Human trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery, affects millions of men, women, and children worldwide, exploiting them for forced labor, sexual exploitation, and other forms of exploitation. On World Day against Trafficking in Persons, governments, organizations, and individuals unite to condemn human trafficking, support victims, and strengthen efforts to prevent trafficking, prosecute perpetrators, and protect the rights of survivors.

July 31 - Shaheed Udam Singh Martyrdom Day

This day honors the memory of Shaheed Udham Singh, a freedom fighter known for avenging the Jallianwala Bagh massacre by assassinating Michael O'Dwyer, the former Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, in 1940. His actions highlighted the Indian independence struggle on the global stage. On this day, tributes are paid through various programs, including speeches, documentaries, and discussions on his life and contributions. Memorial services and events are held, particularly in Punjab, to remember his courage and dedication to the nation's freedom.

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Full List of July 2024 Holidays and Celebrations in India

  • 1 Mon

    International Joke Day

  • 2 Tue

    World UFO Day

  • 6 Sat

    Islamic New Year

  • 6 Sat

    International Kissing Day

  • 7 Sun

    World Chocolate Day

  • 7 Sun

    Global Forgiveness Day

  • 11 Thu

    World Population Day

  • 12 Fri

    National Simplicity Day

  • 16 Tue

    World Snake Day

  • 16 Tue

    Moon Landing Anniversary

  • 17 Wed

    World Emoji Day

  • 18 Thu

    Nelson Mandela International Day

  • 20 Sat

    National Moon Day

  • 21 Sun

    Guru Purnima

  • 22 Mon

    Kanwar Yatra

  • 22 Mon

    National Flag Day

  • 24 Wed

    Cousins Day

  • 26 Fri

    Kargil Vijay Diwas

  • 26 Fri

    Uncle and Aunt Day

  • 28 Sun

    World War I

  • 28 Sun

    Parents' Day

  • 29 Mon

    International Tiger Day

  • 30 Tue

    International Friendship Day

India's Regional Festivals in July 2024

Hemis Festival
Hemis Festival

1. Hemis Festival – July 1-2 (Monday-Tuesday)

Celebrated in the Hemis Monastery in Ladakh, this Buddhist festival honors Guru Padmasambhava. The celebrations feature traditional music, masked dances, and vibrant costumes.

2. Ker Puja – July 15 (Monday)

A traditional festival celebrated in Tripura to appease the deity Ker. It involves rituals for the welfare and prosperity of the community.

3. Bonalu – Various Dates

An annual festival in Telangana, primarily in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, Bonalu is dedicated to Goddess Mahakali. The festivities include offerings, dances, and processions.

India's Weekly Observances in July 2024

Van Mahotsav
Van Mahotsav

Van Mahotsav (Forest Festival) – July 1-7

Van Mahotsav is an annual tree-planting festival celebrated across India. It encourages citizens to plant trees and emphasizes the importance of forests in maintaining ecological balance. Various activities, including tree plantation drives, environmental awareness programs, and workshops, are organized during this week.

National Postal Week – July 8-14

This week celebrates the role and significance of the Indian postal system. Events include exhibitions, philatelic workshops, and activities highlighting the history and evolution of postal services in India. It also recognizes the efforts of postal workers.

World Youth Skills Week – July 15-21

Observed to coincide with World Youth Skills Day on July 15, this week focuses on promoting skill development among young people. Workshops, training sessions, and career fairs are held to enhance employability and entrepreneurial skills among the youth.

National Newborn Care Week – July 22-28

This week is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of newborn care. Healthcare providers and organizations conduct seminars, workshops, and community programs to educate parents and caregivers about best practices in newborn care, nutrition, and immunization.

World Hepatitis Week – July 29-August 4

Leading up to World Hepatitis Day on July 28, this week focuses on raising awareness about hepatitis, a viral infection that affects millions globally. Campaigns, health check-ups, and educational programs are conducted to promote the prevention, testing, and treatment of hepatitis.

India's Monthly Observances in July 2024

National Nutrition Month
National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month

July is designated as National Nutrition Month in India, emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition for overall health and well-being. During this month, awareness campaigns, workshops, and educational programs are conducted to promote healthy eating habits, address malnutrition, and ensure adequate nutrition for all segments of society, especially children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Plastic-Free July

In line with the global initiative, July is observed as Plastic-Free July in India, urging individuals and communities to reduce their usage of single-use plastics and adopt sustainable alternatives. Awareness drives, clean-up campaigns, and initiatives to promote plastic recycling and waste management are organized throughout the month to combat plastic pollution and safeguard the environment.

National Immunization Awareness Month

July is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of immunization in preventing infectious diseases and protecting public health. Various initiatives, including vaccination drives, awareness campaigns, and outreach programs, are undertaken to ensure that individuals of all ages are vaccinated against preventable diseases and understand the significance of immunization in disease prevention.

Monsoon Safety Month

Given the onset of the monsoon season in many parts of India, July is observed as Monsoon Safety Month, focusing on disaster preparedness, safety measures, and risk mitigation strategies during heavy rainfall, floods, and landslides. Awareness campaigns, workshops, and training sessions are conducted to educate communities on monsoon-related hazards and promote resilience-building efforts to minimize the impact of natural disasters.

National Parks and Wildlife Month

July marks National Parks and Wildlife Month in India, highlighting the importance of conservation and biodiversity preservation. Activities such as nature walks, wildlife safaris, and conservation workshops are organized to promote environmental stewardship, wildlife protection, and sustainable tourism practices in national parks, sanctuaries, and protected areas across the country.

Mental Wellness Month

Recognizing the significance of mental health in overall well-being, July is dedicated to promoting mental wellness and destigmatizing mental illness. Awareness campaigns, counseling sessions, and mental health workshops are conducted to raise awareness about mental health issues, provide support to individuals facing psychological challenges, and advocate for greater access to mental health care services.

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