Australia has both national and state-based public holidays. States alone, however, have the authority to determine whether public holidays that fall on weekends can be replaced. When New Year's Day, Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day, or Boxing Day fall on a Saturday or Sunday, most states usually grant an additional public holiday. In the event that this occurs, Monday is declared a public holiday, extending the weekend.

Because of Australia's generally mild climate, a simple three-day weekend can be a wonderful excuse to take a vacation. Most people go to lakes, mountains, or beaches. Additionally, on a public holiday weekend in the winter, the snowfields in Victoria and southern New South Wales are sure to be crowded.

The state and the worker's pay award will also determine the rules regarding whether or not the day is paid time off. Generally speaking, an employee who is required to work on a public holiday may be penalized up to "double-time-and-a-half," or two and a half times their regular hourly wage.

Like in many other parts of the world, Australia has the most public holidays during the summer and the Christmas season. Some people can take a ten-day break from Christmas to New Year's Day, missing only one or two days of their annual leave.

Regardless of a person's particular family history, Australian culture is relaxed.

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Australia Public Holidays 2024: Full List of National/State Dates
Full List of Public Holidays In Australia in 2024
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How many public holidays in Australia 2024?

Making travel plans around Australia's public holidays will help you make the most of your well-earned time off.

You can take 17 days of annual vacation and spread it out to get 45 days off with proper planning starting next week.

Ten paid public holidays are observed throughout the year in Australia.

You can boost your yearly leave by arranging it to coincide with weekends and public holidays in January, April, June, and December. This will allow you to spend a greater time off work.

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Public Holidays 2024

Holiday Day Date States
New Year's Day Mon 1-Jan National
Devonport Cup Wed 10-Jan TAS
Australia Day Fri 26-Jan National
Royal Hobart Regatta Mon 12-Feb TAS
Launceston Cup Wed 28-Feb TAS
Labour Day Mon 4-Mar WA
King Island Show Tue 5-Mar TAS
Canberra Day Mon 11-Mar ACT
Eight Hours Day Mon 11-Mar TAS
Labour Day Mon 11-Mar VIC
Adelaide Cup Day Mon 11-Mar SA
Good Friday Fri 29-Mar National
Day following Good Friday Sat 30-Mar National except TAS & WA
Easter Sunday Sun 31-Mar ACT, NSW, QLD & VIC
Easter Monday Mon 1-Apr National
Easter Tuesday * Tue 2-Apr TAS
Anzac Day Thu 25-Apr National
Labour Day Mon 6-May QLD
May Day Mon 6-May NT
Reconciliation Day Mon 27-May ACT
Western Australia Day Mon 3-Jun WA
Queen's Birthday Mon 10-Jun National except QLD & WA
Alice Springs Show Day Fri 5-Jul NT
Tennant Creek Show Day Fri 12-Jul NT
Katherine Show Day Fri 19-Jul NT
Darwin Show Day Fri 26-Jul NT
Picnic Day Mon 5-Aug NT
Ekka Wednesday * Wed 14-Aug QLD
Borroloola Show Day Fri 16-Aug NT
Queen's Birthday TBA WA
AFL Grand Final Friday TBA VIC
Burnie Show Fri 4-Oct TAS
Labour Day Mon 7-Oct ACT, NSW & SA
Queen's Birthday Mon 7-Oct QLD
Royal Launceston Show Thu 10-Oct TAS
Flinders Island Show Fri 18-Oct TAS
Royal Hobart Show Thu 24-Oct TAS
Recreation Day Mon 4-Nov TAS
Melbourne Cup Day * Tue 5-Nov VIC
Devonport Show Fri 29-Nov TAS
Christmas Eve * Tue 24-Dec NT, QLD & SA
Christmas Day Wed 25-Dec National
Boxing Day Thu 26-Dec National except SA
Proclamation Day Thu 26-Dec SA
New Year's Eve * Tue 31-Dec NT & SA

What are the public holidays in 2024?

There are a total of seven national public holidays in Australia during 2024:

Monday, 1 January 2024 - New Year’s Day

Friday, 26 January 2024 - Australia Day

Friday, 29 March 2024 - Good Friday

Monday, 1 April 2024 - Easter Monday

Thursday, 25 April 2024 - Anzac Day

Wednesday, 25 December 2024 - Christmas Day

Thursday, 26 December 2024 - Boxing Day

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Holidays 2024 in Australia by Months

January 2024

Monday January 1: New Year's Day

Friday January 26: Australia Day

Monday 29 January: Take day off

February 2024

Monday 12 February: Royal Hobart Regatta (only observed in certain areas of the state)

March 2024

You can get a ten-day break over March and April (March 29 - April 7) by taking off four days in April.

Monday 4 March – Labour Day (Western Australia)

Monday 11 March - Adelaide Cup Day (South Australia subject to proclamation)

Monday 11 March: Canberra Day (ACT Only)

Monday 11 March – Labour Day (Victoria)

Friday 29 March: Good Friday

Saturday 30 March: Easter Saturday

Sunday 31 March: Easter Sunday

April 2024

Monday 1 April: Easter Monday public holiday

Tuesday 2 April: Take day off

Wednesday 3 April: Take day off

Thursday 4 April: Take day off

Friday April 5: Take day off

Saturday 6 April: Weekend

Sunday 7 April: Weekend

Saturday 20 April: Weekend

Sunday 21 April: Weekend

Monday 22 April: Take day off

Tuesday 23 April: Take the day off

Wednesday 24 April: Take day off

Friday 26 April: Take the day off

Saturday 27 April: Weekend

Sunday 28 April: Weekend

May 2024

Monday 6 May - Labour Day (Queensland)

Monday 6 May - May Day (NT)

Monday 27 May - Reconciliation Day (ACT)

June 2024

Monday 10 June: King's Birthday (ACT, NSW, NT, SA, and Tasmania)

Monday 3 June: Western Australia Day

July 2024

No national public holidays

August 2024

Monday 5 August: Picnic Day NT

Wednesday 14 August: Royal Queensland Show (Brisbane area only)

September 2024

No national public holidays

October 2024

Monday 7 October: Labour Day (SA, ACT)

Monday 7 October: King's Birthday (QLD)

November 2024

Monday 4 November: Recreation Day (areas of the state that don't observe Royal Hobart Regatta)

Tuesday 5 November: Melbourne Cup

December 2024

Monday 23 December: Take day off

Tuesday 24 December: Take day off

Wednesday 25 December - Christmas Day

Thursday 26 December - Boxing Day

Friday 27 December: Take day off

Saturday 28 December: Weekend

Sunday 29 December: Weekend

Monday 30 December: Take day off

Tuesday 31 December: Take day off

Wednesday 1 January: Public holiday

Working on Public Holidays in Australia

The option of working on a public holiday as an employee may exist based on your industry and kind of work arrangement. In such circumstances, it's critical to understand your rights and entitlements.

Your rate of pay may change if you have to work on a public holiday based on a number of variables, such as your employment contract, the industry award or agreement that applies to your job, and the particulars of your employment. For working on public holidays, certain employees can be eligible for penalty rates or extra benefits, while others might just get their regular salary with other arrangements like time off in lieu of work.

It's important to familiarize yourself with the applicable award or agreement that pertains to your role in order to make sure you understand your rights and entitlements. The committed staff at Agri Labour Australia is available to offer assistance and direction with regard to your particular work agreements and responsibilities.


Australia's public holidays offer a chance to engage in local activities, discover customs, and fully embrace the lively culture of your surrounds. Don’t forget to celebrate those days by your own unique way.

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