In July, the United Kingdom is culturally vibrant, with a wide range of events and activities taking place across the country. July is peak festival season in the UK, with numerous music, arts, and cultural festivals happening throughout the month. From the iconic Glastonbury Festival (when it occurs) to smaller, niche events celebrating everything from literature to food, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Various cultural communities in the UK may host events and celebrations during July to mark important occasions from their respective traditions. These may include parades, food festivals, dance performances, and art exhibitions that showcase the richness of the UK's multicultural landscape.

Many historical sites and heritage properties across the UK stage reenactments and living history events during the summer months, offering visitors a chance to step back in time and experience life as it was in different eras.

July is an exciting month for sports enthusiasts, with events like Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix, and various cricket matches captivating audiences both in person and on television screens. These events often draw large crowds and add to the energetic atmosphere of the month.

Overall, July in the UK is a time of celebration, exploration, and enjoyment, with a diverse array of cultural activities and experiences waiting to be discovered. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, there's no shortage of opportunities to immerse yourself in the cultural richness of the UK during this vibrant month.

July 2024 UK Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National Holidays and International Events
July 2024 UK Calendar: Special Days, Full List of National Holidays and International Events

July 2024 Calendar - Special Days and Observances in the UK

July 1 - Canada Day

In the United Kingdom, July is marked by a diverse array of celebrations, ranging from international observances to cultural and historical events. July 1st is Canada Day, a day of pride and festivity for Canadians living in the UK, often celebrated with cultural performances, Canadian cuisine, and gatherings among the expatriate community.

July 4 - Independence Day (United States)

Although it is not a holiday in the UK, Americans both at home and abroad celebrate the United States' Independence Day on July 4. It's a day for fireworks, barbecues, and festivities.

July 5 - National Bikini Day

On July 5th, the United Kingdom observes National Bikini Day, a fun and lighthearted celebration of the iconic two-piece swimsuit. This day pays homage to the fashion innovation that revolutionized beachwear and became a symbol of summertime style. Originally introduced in the late 1940s by French designer Louis Réard, the bikini has since evolved into a staple of beach culture and fashion worldwide.

On National Bikini Day, people may celebrate by hitting the beach, hosting pool parties, or simply embracing the laid-back vibes of summer while donning their favorite swimsuits. Additionally, fashion enthusiasts and influencers may showcase the latest bikini trends and styles on social media platforms, inspiring others to embrace body positivity and confidence. Overall, National Bikini Day is a day to celebrate sun, sand, and style, bringing a splash of glamour and fun to the summer season in the UK.

July 5 - Tynwald Day

Tynwald Day
Tynwald Day

On July 5th, the Isle of Man commemorates Tynwald Day, a unique and significant celebration that honors the island's parliamentary system and rich cultural heritage. Tynwald Day is rooted in centuries of tradition and is considered one of the oldest continuous parliamentary assemblies in the world, dating back over a thousand years.

The highlight of Tynwald Day is the outdoor ceremony held at Tynwald Hill in the village of St John's, where members of the Isle of Man's parliament, known as Tynwald, gather to conduct official business and reaffirm their commitment to upholding the island's laws and customs. The ceremony is steeped in symbolism and pageantry, with representatives clad in traditional attire and proceedings conducted in both English and Manx Gaelic.

July 6 - International Day of Cooperatives

In the United Kingdom, the International Day of Cooperatives is observed on July 6th, joining the global community in celebrating the cooperative movement's contributions to socio-economic development and sustainable livelihoods. Cooperatives play a vital role in the UK's economy, empowering individuals and communities to come together to address common needs and challenges through collective action and shared ownership.

July 6 - International Kissing Day

Video of July UK Calendar - International Kissing Day:

In the United Kingdom, International Kissing Day is celebrated on July 6th, joining people around the world in honoring the universal expression of affection and love. While not an official holiday, International Kissing Day is observed with enthusiasm by many individuals who embrace the opportunity to share kisses with their loved ones and celebrate the bonds of romance and intimacy.

On this day, couples may exchange kisses as a gesture of love and affection, whether it's a tender peck on the cheek or a passionate embrace. Public displays of affection are common, with couples holding hands, cuddling, and stealing kisses in parks, cafes, and other romantic settings.

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July 7 - Islamic New Year

Islamic New Year
Islamic New Year

The Muslim community celebrates the Islamic New Year on July 7th with prayers, reflections, and get-togethers with family and friends to usher in the new year according to the Islamic lunar calendar. These diverse celebrations reflect the multicultural fabric of the UK, fostering unity and understanding among its diverse populations.

July 7 - Formula 1 British Grand Prix

On July 7th, the United Kingdom hosts the exhilarating Formula 1 British Grand Prix, a premier event on the motorsport calendar. Held at the iconic Silverstone Circuit, racing enthusiasts from around the world gather to witness high-speed action and cheer on their favorite drivers in a thrilling display of skill and speed.

July 10 - Dont Step On A Bee Day

July 10th brings awareness to environmental conservation with Don't Step On A Bee Day. This observance encourages people to appreciate the vital role bees play in pollination and ecosystem health while promoting actions to protect bee populations from threats such as habitat loss and pesticide use.

July 11 - World Population Day

On July 11th, the UK joins the global community in recognizing World Population Day. This observance highlights the importance of addressing issues related to population growth, reproductive health, and sustainable development to ensure a better future for all.

Through education and advocacy, efforts are made to empower individuals and communities to make informed choices about family planning and population management.

July 12 - National Simplicity Day

National Simplicity Day
National Simplicity Day

Henry David Thoreau, who promoted a life of simplicity and mindfulness, served as the inspiration for National Simplicity Day on July 12.

On this day, people are encouraged to embrace minimalism, declutter their lives, and focus on what truly matters, whether it's spending time in nature, connecting with loved ones, or pursuing personal passions. By simplifying our lives, we can find greater peace, purpose, and fulfillment in the modern world.

July 14 - Bastille Day (France)

Bastille Day is celebrated in France to mark the anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille on July 14th, 1789, a key event in the French Revolution. Despite not being a recognized holiday in the UK, Francophiles and the French community celebrate it.

July 15 - St. Swithin's Day

The folklore surrounding St. Swithin's Day suggests that if it rains on July 15th, it will continue to rain for the next forty days, while a dry and sunny day foretells forty days of fair weather. This belief has been passed down through generations, with many people paying close attention to the weather on St. Swithin's Day to determine what to expect in the weeks ahead.

While St. Swithin's Day weather predictions are considered purely superstitious by many, they nonetheless add a touch of intrigue and anticipation to the summer season in the UK. On July 15th, people may keep a keen eye on the sky, hoping for favorable weather and perhaps indulging in a bit of weather-related folklore.

July 15 - World Youth Skills Day

On July 15th, the United Kingdom joins the global community in observing World Youth Skills Day, dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of empowering young people with the skills they need to thrive in the workforce.

This day serves as a platform to promote vocational training, apprenticeships, and other educational opportunities that enhance youth employment prospects and contribute to economic growth and social development.

July 17 - World Emoji Day

July 17th is celebrated as World Emoji Day, a fun and playful occasion that honors the tiny pictographs that have become an integral part of modern communication. People around the world mark the day by sharing their favorite emojis on social media, participating in emoji-themed events, and reflecting on the role of emojis in shaping digital culture and language.

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July 18 - Nelson Mandela International Day

Nelson Mandela International Day
Nelson Mandela International Day

On July 18th, the UK pays tribute to the legacy of Nelson Mandela, one of the world's most revered human rights activists and statesmen, on Nelson Mandela International Day.

This day encourages people to emulate Mandela's values of peace, reconciliation, and social justice by engaging in acts of service and philanthropy that make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

July 24 - National Tequila Day

July 24th is celebrated as National Tequila Day, a spirited occasion that honors Mexico's iconic distilled beverage. In the UK, tequila enthusiasts may raise a glass to toast the day, enjoying tequila-based cocktails, tastings, and themed events that showcase the diversity and craftsmanship of this beloved spirit.

July 24 - Pioneer Day (Mormon)

In the United States and Canada, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) are primarily responsible for celebrating Pioneer Day. It commemorates the arrival of the Mormon pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley on July 24th, 1847. While not widely observed in the UK, it may be acknowledged by Mormon communities.

July 25 - St James Day

On July 25th, the United Kingdom celebrates St. James Day, also known as Santiago Day, in honor of St. James the Greater, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.

While not widely observed in the UK, St. James Day holds significance in certain religious communities, particularly among Catholics and Anglicans, who may commemorate the saint's life and teachings through church services, processions, and other religious rituals.

July 26 - Sysadmin Day

Sysadmin Day
Sysadmin Day

July 26th is recognized as Sysadmin Day, a day dedicated to honoring the hard work and dedication of system administrators, IT professionals who play a crucial role in maintaining and troubleshooting computer systems and networks.

In the UK, businesses and organizations may show appreciation for their IT staff by organizing events, providing perks, or simply expressing gratitude for their tireless efforts to keep technology running smoothly.

July 28 - World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly

On July 28th, the UK joins the global community in celebrating World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, a day dedicated to honoring the wisdom, experience, and contributions of older generations.

This observance encourages people to spend time with their grandparents and elderly loved ones, showing appreciation for their guidance, stories, and the invaluable role they play in families and communities.

July 29 - Manchester Day

July 29th marks Manchester Day, an annual celebration of the city's rich cultural heritage, diversity, and community spirit. This vibrant event features parades, performances, art installations, and other festivities that showcase Manchester's creativity, resilience, and sense of identity. From street parties to live music concerts, Manchester Day brings residents and visitors together to celebrate all that makes the city unique and dynamic.

July 30 - International Day of Friendship

On the International Day of Friendship, people in the UK may take the opportunity to reach out to friends, both near and far, to express appreciation, share memories, and strengthen their connections.

Whether it's through heartfelt messages, thoughtful gestures, or spending quality time together, individuals celebrate the joys and benefits of friendship while reaffirming their commitment to building bridges of friendship across cultural, geographical, and ideological divides.

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July 30 - World Day against Trafficking in Persons

On July 30th, the United Kingdom participates in the global observance of the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the issue of human trafficking and promoting efforts to combat this heinous crime. This solemn occasion serves as a reminder of the millions of men, women, and children who are victims of trafficking each year, subjected to exploitation, forced labor, and other forms of abuse.

In the UK, organizations, activists, and government agencies may organize events, campaigns, and educational initiatives to shed light on the realities of human trafficking, raise public awareness, and advocate for stronger measures to prevent trafficking, protect victims, and prosecute perpetrators.

July 31 - National Avocado Day

National Avocado Day
National Avocado Day

On July 31st, the UK celebrates National Avocado Day, a lighthearted and food-focused occasion that pays homage to the beloved green fruit. Avocado enthusiasts across the country may indulge in avocado-themed dishes, snacks, and treats, showcasing the versatility and nutritional benefits of this popular superfood. From avocado toast to guacamole, people may share their favorite avocado recipes on social media, participate in avocado-themed events, and perhaps even plant avocado trees to celebrate this delicious and nutritious fruit. National Avocado Day offers a fun and flavorful way for people in the UK to come together and enjoy the simple pleasures of good food and good company.

Full List of July 2024 Holidays and Celebrations in the UK

• 1 Mon

World Bronchiectasis Day

• 1 Mon

International Joke Day

• 2 Tue

World UFO Day

• 4 Thu

National Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

• 6 Sat

International Day of Cooperatives

• 7 Sun

World Chocolate Day

• 11 Thu

World Population Day

• 12 Fri

Malala Day

• 12 Fri

Orangemen's Day (The Twelfth)

• 14 Sun

Bastille Day

• 15 Mon

National Give Something Away Day

16 Tue

National Cherry Day

• 16 Tue

World Snake Day

• 16 Tue

Moon Landing Anniversary

• 18 Thu

Nelson Mandela International Day

• 20 Sat

International Chess Day

• 21 Sun

National Ice Cream Day

• 22 Mon

National Hammock Day

• 28 Sun

World War I

• 28 Sun

Parents' Day

• 29 Mon

International Tiger Day

• 29 Mon

National Lipstick Day

• 30 Tue

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

• 30 Tue

International Friendship Day

• 31 Wed

World Ranger Day

UK's Weekly Observances in July 2024

Social Justice Week
Social Justice Week

Week 1: July 1st - July 7th

National Parks Week: Celebrating the beauty and importance of the UK's national parks, this week encourages people to explore and appreciate the natural landscapes and wildlife conservation efforts.

Creativity and Innovation Week: Fostering creativity and innovation across various sectors, this week encourages individuals and organizations to think outside the box and pursue new ideas and solutions.

Week 2: July 8th - July 14th

Health and Wellness Week: Promoting physical and mental well-being, this week emphasizes the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, including exercise, nutrition, and stress management.

Community Engagement Week: Encouraging community involvement and social cohesion, this week highlights the importance of volunteering, civic participation, and building strong community ties.

Week 3: July 15th - July 21st

Environmental Awareness Week: Raising awareness about environmental issues and sustainable living practices, this week encourages individuals and communities to take action to protect the planet and preserve natural resources.

Heritage and Culture Week: Celebrating the UK's rich cultural heritage and diversity, this week showcases traditional arts, music, cuisine, and historical landmarks.

Week 4: July 22nd - July 28th

Education and Learning Week: Promoting lifelong learning and educational opportunities, this week encourages individuals to expand their knowledge and skills through formal education, self-directed study, and experiential learning.

Social Justice Week: Advocating for equality, fairness, and human rights, this week focuses on addressing social inequalities, combating discrimination, and promoting inclusivity and justice for all.

Week 5: July 29th - July 31st

Youth Empowerment Week: Empowering young people to reach their full potential, this week highlights initiatives and programs that support youth education, employment, and leadership development.

Culinary Delights Week: Celebrating the UK's diverse culinary heritage and gastronomic delights, this week encourages people to explore and enjoy the country's delicious cuisine, from traditional favorites to modern innovations.

UK's Monthly Observances in July 2024

Plastic-Free July
Plastic-Free July

1. National Picnic Month

July is designated as National Picnic Month in the UK, encouraging people to enjoy outdoor picnics with family and friends. This observance promotes the benefits of spending time in nature, socializing, and savoring delicious picnic fare in scenic settings such as parks, gardens, and beaches.

2. Plastic-Free July

Plastic-Free July is a global movement aimed at raising awareness about plastic pollution and encouraging individuals to reduce their use of single-use plastics. Throughout the month, people in the UK are encouraged to make environmentally-friendly choices, such as using reusable bags, bottles, and containers, and supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability.

3. Independent Retailer Month

July is dedicated to celebrating independent retailers and small businesses in the UK. This observance highlights the contributions of local shops and businesses to the economy and encourages consumers to shop locally and support independent retailers in their communities.

4. Parks and Recreation Month

July is also recognized as Parks and Recreation Month, emphasizing the importance of parks, green spaces, and recreational facilities in promoting physical activity, mental well-being, and community engagement. This observance encourages people to explore and enjoy their local parks and participate in recreational activities such as walking, cycling, and outdoor sports.

5. National Ice Cream Month

In addition, July is celebrated as National Ice Cream Month in the UK, a sweet and refreshing tribute to everyone's favorite frozen treat. Throughout the month, ice cream lovers indulge in scoops, cones, and sundaes of their favorite flavors, supporting local ice cream parlors and enjoying the simple pleasures of summer.


Throughout July, various cultural and religious communities in the UK come together to observe and celebrate these holidays, fostering unity and understanding among diverse populations. F

rom solemn remembrances to joyous festivities, the month offers a rich tapestry of traditions for people to participate in and appreciate.

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