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How Zodiac Signs Cope With the Grief and Sorrow, According to Astrology
How to deal with the grief and sorrow base on your zodiac sign

In life, everyone has to go through pain and loss at some point. Based on the personality and characteristics of the constellations,'s astrologer reveals the secret to helping the 12 zodiac signs quickly overcome sadness to continue to live optimistically and love life.


Aries is the sign of the zodiac that is fierce, aggressive and prone to transient emotions, often with a bit of pressure that is hard to escape.

You often try to prove yourself to be strong and fearless in the face of pressure. You have a great brain and eloquence, not too afraid of pressure and will actively find a solution.

But Aries is also just an ordinary person, with emotions, sometimes weak, you really want to receive sympathy and understanding from others, you are not a stone that does not know what sorrow is.

Melancholy Remedy: Aries is prone to euphoria and depression when under pressure, and your weakness will also lie in reason, astrology's suggestion to help this sign relieve stress is phase one. a cup of lavender tea and put it on the table, eat cake, drink tea and rest will help a bit.


Taurus is always a slow buffalo, always silently clinging to you, rarely seeing you get angry. But actually you are very depressed, always trying to make yourself strong to resist the pressure.

Taurus usually completes difficult tasks quietly and often surprises people with your abilities.

In fact, Taurus is not inert, cold as their appearance often shows, if anyone plays with Taurus, they will know that he is a person who lives quite emotional and funny, giving without calculation but meeting all the time. It's not the people who don't know what to do, so they get sad easily.

Measures to relieve melancholy: You are a person who is not good at expressing yourself and often silently swallows bitterness. If things go beyond your planned or expected routine, you will feel panic. That won't be healthy in the long run.

The secret to solving sadness for the 12 zodiac signs from the universe tells you to use color to change your mood. The energy of red is the color that can arouse the fighting spirit of this sign, consider changing the color of your clothes to make you more courageous and cheerful.

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Gemini is quick-witted and sharp but quite sensitive, you often get mad over annoying trifles.

Although you belong to the group with high EQ, you do not have the courage to solve the trifles in the life of the world around you, you are often hesitant, unable to control the situation that occurs to the point of becoming psychotic.

Melancholy Remedy: If you can give your brain a full rest, you'll be better able to resist stress.

This constellation can also prepare a pillow with a chrysanthemum pattern or smell of chrysanthemum, drink chrysanthemum tea in the afternoon because this flower can help blood circulation, treat headaches and ease headaches.

How Zodiac Signs Cope With the Grief and Sorrow, According to Astrology
How to deal with the grieving process


Sensitive, careful, gentle and caring, Cancer is always loved by many people, in fact you are very attentive to details and care about other people's feelings, you easily worry about small failures and is a person who easily puts pressure on himself.

Measures to relieve melancholy: When feeling depressed, pressured, do not close yourself, Little Crab can invite a few close friends to chat, drink coffee to relieve moodiness, or drink a cup of mint tea for mental refreshment and relaxation.

In addition, you need to listen to the advice of your friends rather than sitting alone in a sad city or in an eerily silent room with your phone.

5. Leo

Leo loves face very much, attaches great importance to your own face, if you suddenly lose your power, you will be ashamed and extremely sad.

This zodiac sign is intelligent, resourceful and responsible. When there is no applause or support around, before falling into a state of melancholy, it is best to examine yourself first.

Because a Leo who is frustrated and angry must first see his own weakness, prepare a mirror for himself, put himself in the audience, review what you want to express to him. others, and see if you can accept it?

Melancholy Relief: Whether it's work or exams, cultivating self-confidence is the best way for this sign to relieve stress.

Walking or jogging more is good to help you express volatile emotions this day. Cool chrysanthemum tea, yellow orange juice is also a good choice. You organize your emotions to give you the energy to start over.


You are a perfectionist, delicate, a picky saint, you should try to be open and open, and try to let go of perfectionism and leave it to your teammates to complete the task together, do not take all the responsibility. responsibility on themselves.

The fact that others often suggest some ideas that are new to you are a bit unreliable, unrealistic, making it very difficult for you to absorb other people's opinions and extremely uncomfortable.

Remember that you also have many shortcomings, not always others are as bad as you think, high mountains are higher, when people give advice, don't be pressured, struggle, but go on slowly. collect if true. In addition, you should reduce the burden on your body to reduce fatigue.

Melancholy Remedy: For an anxious Virgo, only when their emotions are stable can they show themselves at their best.

You should take advantage of your free time to go to the spa or massage your neck and shoulders, or soak with your favorite essential oils to relax tense nerves at home at night.

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Although you are a good diplomat, so you often have good interpersonal relationships, but you are too focused on image and appearance, often do not know how to refuse other people's requests, so you often suffer.

You also care about the fairness of everything, so you are often hesitant and awkward, or choose to avoid. Struggling with stress can easily give the impression that Libra is irresponsible.

Melancholy Remedy: Being treated unfairly will drive you crazy and will greatly affect your mood.

Seeing more green things can help you stabilize your mood, if you can put some potted plants on your desk, it will enhance your study and work performance.


Smart and careful, you know how to manage yourself. In fact, Scorpio's intuition is so sharp that you can often detect threats in advance and skillfully avoid them.

However, your sensitivity and competitiveness often bring you a lot of pain and trouble, sometimes it is too much to understand, we know.

Melancholy relief: Stress is caused by yourself, as long as you are not too vindictive, possessive and stubborn, you will live a happy life, which is also beneficial for learning and do your work.

According to the secret to solving sorrows for the 12 zodiac signs from astrology, the Scorpio uncle has a healthy body but is often stressed, so remember to add B-complex vitamins, fiber and calcium to help balance the body.

How Zodiac Signs Cope With the Grief and Sorrow, According to Astrology
How to Cope With Loss


Innocent, straightforward and enthusiastic Sagittarius often has a craving for boredom, comes and goes quickly, leaves an indelible shadow in the hearts of others, is the constellation with the least trouble.

Personality is curious and doesn't like to be constrained, as long as you like it at any time or you can have long trips and study, it will make you relaxed and refreshed.

How can the difficulties of life and study disturb this sign when they are so optimistic, but in fact this sign is also vulnerable and sulky if not cared for by others, no? be free.

Melancholy Remedy: Chewing on some mint-flavored gum can also help you relax before making hasty decisions.

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10. Capricorn

Capricorn is unruly, serious and practical, if there is no job for you, or if others ignore your achievements and hard work, it will be your biggest pressure that will tire you out. I've been sad for quite a while.

Measures to relieve melancholy: Being able to achieve achievements in work and study is your greatest encouragement and pride.

However, Capricorn should avoid arranging working hours (study hours) too long, and at the same time do some exercise or massage - shoulder and neck massage to help promote blood circulation.

Please add more calcium and pay more attention to bones and joints, a healthy body is a guarantee for your positive state.


Aquarius is inherently a forward-thinking and very creative zodiac sign, so it can't stand a lifeless study and work environment.

The result of cramming and being ordered around at work will make Aquarius feel very boring, impatient and under great pressure.

Measures to relieve melancholy: Aquarius should communicate more with friends, try to find a suitable study and work method to relieve too much pressure smoothly.

If you regularly massage the acupoint on the top of your head, it can also help you reduce your stress and pressure quite a bit.


Pisces wants to do everything perfectly, but there are always too many reasons to lose focus.

You are quite permissive when it comes to helping others, not knowing how to politely decline others, so you often have to take on some responsibilities that you shouldn't have. This is the biggest problem for Pisces!

The Melancholy Remedy: Pisces are emotionally unstable and often feel like the one making mistakes for no reason.

To relieve stress, Pisces must create a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Great music, good food, nice clothes are the things that make you feel good, besides Pisces is very prone to swollen feet, massaging the soles of the feet with essential oils is a great way to help you relieve stress.

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