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Ranked: Which Zodiac Sign Likes to Eat the Most - According to Astrology
Top Zodiac Signs That Are Food Lovers

Food lover, who isn’t? The appetite rating of the 12 zodiac signs shows that although many people have a soul to eat, they are also very picky in each of their portions.


Taurus finds security in what is called "materialism". This sign is often attracted to things that they can feel, touch and especially eat. And this is the biggest reason why Taurus is known as a glutton.

However, they are also picky eaters, they only like really good food. As a constellation that likes luxury, Taurus especially likes to enjoy food at luxurious restaurants, serving dishes that ensure both taste and aesthetics.

If the food served at a restaurant is not up to Taurus' standards, they won't visit a second time. They just love good food and high quality, and unfortunately eat a meal that isn't worth the money. they get angry very easily.

Taurus doesn't appreciate anything new because it only feels comfortable in familiar places. However, when they try new restaurants, they are excited and full of expectations, ready to step out of their comfort zone to enjoy new dishes.

It is no exaggeration to rank the appetite of the 12 zodiac signs, Taurus is the first.


As a person who always appreciates aesthetics like Taurus, Libra judges dishes not only by taste but also by how they are presented on the plate. This constellation is also known to be very gourmet.

When it comes to eating, this Air sign also wants to plan carefully so that every meal is delicious.

It is worth mentioning that Libra also loves to snack in the middle of the night. Without a proper exercise routine to curb this appetite, it is extremely easy for them to gain weight.

Although someone is said to be indecisive, difficult to make decisions, but this is not true when it comes to food. Libras know how to make extremely quick decisions when it comes to their favorite foods.

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Gemini is especially voracious and eats more than others. Their dream life is food "flooded" and enjoyed while gossiping in the sky and in the pool with their best friend who forgot all the time.

For Gemini, it seems that when they see food, they "mom" to the wharf without thinking too much. Every time they eat, they feel very happy endlessly.

Gemini's appetite often peaks at times when they're not consciously aware of it. They kept chewing and swallowing, eating one dish after another.

This constellation always respects the person who made them, so eating delicious, clean dishes will make the cook happy. That's why they rarely leave leftovers on the table.

The appetite ranking of the 12 zodiac signs, Gemini is in 3rd place


Lions are famous for being gourmet and their food preferences are not easy to please, they do not like junk food and are also very picky about soup.

Ranking the luxury of the 12 zodiac signs, Leo is at the top because they only love to eat expensive food and only indulge in gourmet-guided dishes. They can sit for an hour to watch someone review a restaurant that is both delicious and beautiful, the more genuine the better.

This sign does not like to buy fast food to pass the meal like busy people do. For them, eating is to enjoy, not to ease some problem in the soul. Eating to forget sorrow does not happen to people like Leo.

When they go to a restaurant, with their pride, they will definitely order the most expensive meal or dessert on the menu because that is what they believe for money.

It also means that when invited to an event, they are often interested in what will be served. If it is a 5 star quality meal they will take the opportunity to go right away. However, if the dish doesn't sound too impressive or exciting, they may move the event.

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When it comes to eating, Aries' eyes are already glowing, this sign is ready to try a variety of foods. They also love spicy and exotic foods, and they're not afraid to try new things every day.

Aries often have cravings and may eat 5 or 6 meals a day instead of 3 like everyone. It seems that this Fire sign's ability to digest food is faster than the average person.

But Aries does not like to eat the same food day after day, week after week because it is too boring for them. This means that if they ate a spicy seafood meal last week, they won't eat it again for the next few weeks. It's no wonder that when going to the supermarket, they will fill their shopping cart with a variety of different foods.

Ranked: Which Zodiac Sign Likes to Eat the Most - According to Astrology
If you are a true food lover, you know how hard it can get to resist food


Sagittarius is in this middle position is also because they have an eating soul, but it is not entirely passion. For them, food is a way to reflect on the culture and people of a certain land.

Sagittarius loves to eat something new every day, which is why they love traveling through different lands and enjoying local foods there. The characteristics of the region and the spices they cook will give Sagittarius an unforgettable experience.

With this sign, they eat not just to eat but also to challenge themselves a little. They want to try a new restaurant in the city center that serves the local culture.

This means that they will not be too fond of familiar foods where they live and grow up.


Virgos are not too gluttonous, so they are always willing to give their meals to someone else if needed. Even on very busy days, they just gnaw on a piece of bread and candy bars to pass the meal and then continue to work.

Although the Virgo constellation is not too passionate about food, they are also gourmets, so they often only "eat the dishes" with the "unique" dishes they are extremely interested in. Virgos prefer to cook than to eat because they enjoy showing off their ingenuity in cooking and serving others.

So when someone else cooks for Virgo, if that meal has only ordinary dishes, he will eat it very slowly, making others sometimes annoyed by this slow eating style.


The Pisces zodiac sign is passionate about junk food and is open to trying new foods. However, their love for food is not too great or it can be said that they do not really have a special fondness for it.

They are comfortable in eating, not too picky and often eat when sad. This means that they will eat a packet of chips and half a chicken at once just because they are sad, want to comfort themselves.

This sign only sees food as something to help them stabilize their mind similar to exercising or journaling. This is why they often have weight problems when they are in a bad mood.


Cancer especially only likes to eat at home, then they eat a lot because of the feeling of peace of mind. On the contrary, if you go to a restaurant, it is usually in a forced situation. However, if the place is a place of quality assurance, they will not refuse.

Whenever they take Cancer to a restaurant that has something they like, they will eat a lot more delicious. This type of "selective gluttony" of Cancer is completely understandable.

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Talking about eating, Capricorn is too easygoing, they often "just go there" and have no concept of liking a particular type of eating. With this sign, they are not too picky about food. If the food suits their taste, they eat a lot, if it doesn't, they eat less, they are afraid to criticize for fear of displeasing the cook.

Actually eating is not a pleasure for Capricorn, they may even skip meals often just because of work. So when ranking the appetite of the 12 constellations, there will be no Capricorn name.


Every time they go to eat, Scorpio is considered a "good eater" because each dish only kicks a little bit of chopsticks. This constellation only eats with "poisonous" dishes that I really like.

This constellation eats very carefully and is quite picky. They often take a lot of time to enjoy all the food on the table. If they go out to eat with strangers or new acquaintances, they don't dare to eat much. But if you go to eat with someone you are close to, they will be themselves and eat very comfortably.

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Aquarius doesn't take food lightly, they just don't think it's a priority in life when there's so much to do out there. What this constellation cares about is comfort, so they don't like it just because they want to eat this, don't want to eat that but make it difficult for others, so basically they can eat anything. .

For others who have not been to a restaurant for a long time to enjoy delicious food, it will feel uncomfortable, but for Aquarius, staying at home to eat a dish all the time is not a terrible thing.

Even eating while eating bread or fast food is too familiar to Aquarius. It seems that they do not distinguish what is delicious or not, it is only important that they are full and have enough energy to let them work.

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