CANCER Horoscope: Prediction for Beauty and Health - All Life
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CANCER Health Horoscope: Overview

Your sign governs the chest, breasts, elbows, stomach and digestion, womb and female reproductive organs. You are prone to health problems and mental stress due to complex emotional makeup. You are susceptible to health concerns due to tension, anxiety, and emotional stress. You usually suffer from bad health when you are emotionally off and not tuned with your life. You tend to have a delicate and weak stomach and digestive system. You possess high intuition power and feel the connection between mind and body. You involve in fitness activities, workouts, exercising as you feel they are feeling to keep yourself calm. You find space for yourself in your hectic schedule for tuning your body. Health issues won’t go away if you ignore them and it will get worse with the intake of rich food. You also face issues due to water retention. You possess the unique ability to feel sick without any health issues or feel too well when actually ailing or facing issues.

Cancer needs to be occupied with something else rather than themselves. Focusing too much on their feelings can make Cancer depressed. Mood swings and depression are the cause for most of Cancer health issues.

Cancer health meaning shows that to stay healthy, Cancer needs to treat themselves with love. They should only eat what they like, but without exacerbating. Cancer has to develop a schedule and keep to it. They need to eat healthy food in small portions. They also need to introduce some physical activities in their life. Cancer is not likely to be a marathon runner, but they will enjoy brisk walking or swimming.

As per the Cancer health predictions, Cancer is not capable of withstanding physical pain. They are also emotionally very fragile. Their mood can change within seconds, and it is a lot of pressure on their nervous system. Cancer mostly suffers from psychosomatic diseases. Their mood mostly tends to be negative. That causes Cancer to get sick often. When they are in a bad mood or tired, Cancel will start to feel pain. Once they do, they will work themselves up, get stressed about their illness, and seek medical help. In most cases, there is nothing wrong with them, but sometimes Cancer can get very sick.

In classical astrological medicine, four temperaments were connected to four vital fluids and 4 essential constitution types. Cancer is a water sign, and so is associated with the phlegmatic temperament, which was understood to be cold and moist.

The phlegmatic temperament was thought to be connected to moisture and fats in the body, and the production of phlegm, which lubricates tissues and protects these from infection. Phlegm however can be the source of imbalance for the phlegmatic constitution, often being overproduced when Cancers fall ill, or if they become inactive or overly nourished. This represents a tendency for the phlegmatic constitution to become somewhat chilled and stagnant, physically and emotionally.

Because of their tendency to mood swings, Cancer natives can become too clingy, sentimental, and overly retentive of water and other fluids in their bodies. Their tissues can become boggy, lax, and clogged with toxic emotional substances, building up too much and not being adequately cleaned out.

Cancers, in particular, tend to be doubly phlegmatic, as their planetary ruler, the moon, adds another cold and moist layer to their constitution. As a result, it is important for Cancers to stay warm and active, and to guard against emotional eating that can cause them to feel sluggish. They may, however, have good powers of recuperation and regeneration, and will need lots of sleep to recharge.

CANCER Health Horoscope: Physical Appearance

You have an average height, with a fleshy body and possess short legs. You have a round face, soft skin, pale complexions, and prominent foreheads. Your hair are usually brown and eyes are small, circular, and blue or grey in color. Your nose is likely to be short, perhaps upturned and has a wide and grinning mouth. You have a fairly large skull, overhanging brows, and high cheekbones. You have pronounced lower jaw and prominent or irregular teeth. Your arms and legs may be proportionately longer than the rest of the body. You walk clumsily at times and waddle slightly when you walk fast. Your shoulders are broad and hands and feet are quite large. Not only your physique, but also your personality makes you unique!

CANCER Horoscope: Prediction for Beauty and Health - All Life
Cancer Zodiac Sign. Photo: wallpapertag.

CANCER Health Horoscope: Beauty

Cancer natives possess exquisite charm. You mostly dress according to your mood. You prefer to wear blue or grey when sad, red when upbeat, orange when hopeful. You will always be found neatly dressed, though it may not be in the most extravagant attire. Good and different clothes are your trademark. You adore getting beauty products and treatments at a reasonable price. Hence, usually you are not loyal to any brand and update beauty products and treatments quite frequently. You should choose subtle colors to blush. The light pink hue is a good option to make your cheeks look a bit rosy. Silver is your base color and shimmering rainbow colors suit you the best. Silver and rose color nail polish gives astonishing looks to your nails. You can add glowing appearance and illuminated look to your face by applying foundation, highlighter, and shimmer to your upper cheekbones. Naturally toned eyeshadows like tans, browns, cream color, and mauve will pull off your look and beauty. Brown and black eyeliners look fab on your gorgeous and soft eyes. You love body-hugging outfits mostly velvet and silk fabrics. You carry off clothes with a vintage flavor better than most. You prefer to wear a pearl necklace as it brings out your emotional side of your personality.

CANCER Health Horoscope: Possible concerns

You may suffer from dropsy, piles, varicose veins, pleurisy, and breast cancer You are likely to have weak digestion and hence suffer from gastric problems and other stomach ailments. There are chances of coughs and weakness of vision. You may be prone to ulcers, gall bladder upsets, gastric pains, and nausea. You are likely to suffer from receding gums, a curvature of the spine, and eye problems. You are prone to skin disorders mainly due to a lack of calcium. You may suffer from the rollercoaster tummy or major abdominal cramps and heartburns. You hold back emotions and feelings due to which you may suffer from abnormal weight gain and water retention problems.

About Those Cancer Stomach Aches

Ruled primarily by the chest and stomach, this sensitive water sign feels everything physically. Whether it's a tightening of the chest when something feels emotionally off or stomach butterflies, Cancers feel physically sick when they're not emotionally in tune with their life. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away, and rich foods can make the issue worse. For Cancer, tummy-calming foods like oatmeal, steamed veggies, and rice can help make them feel better, but in general, a rollercoaster tummy or major abdominal cramps is a sign that something external needs to be fixed


Based on the Cancer health tips, one of the most common diseases for Cancer is depression. That is usually the cause of all of their problems. Doctors usually can’t help Cancer. They have to work with themselves to gain more positive emotions. Cancer needs to change their habits, go out more, and find companies they enjoy.

Hate for Sports

If there is one thing that Cancer truly hates, it is sports. These people like a certain level of activity, but they never have the motivation for strenuous physical activities. The Cancer health astrology shows that Cancer will enjoy everything that is connected with water.

The idea of going to the gym usually makes them sad. Cancer also does not have good coordination. They will most likely hurt themselves and give up sports. If they do decide that it is good for them, Cancer will learn how to enjoy sports. They need some company to go with them. Still, Cancer will probably keep whining all the way.


Cancer food habits reveal that Cancer has a habit of overeating. They tend to comfort their sadness with food. When they feel down, food can boost Cancers mood. On some occasions, it is acceptable. More often, Cancer will make midnight trips to the fridge, eat and drink excessive amounts of bad food and later feel even sadder.


Using alcohol is also very hazardous for Cancer. Alcohol usually brings out sad emotions in them. It also does damage to their weak stomachs. Cancer has to be cautious about their stomach, liver, bladder, and intestines. These are the weakest spots in their body, therefore, prone to Cancer diseases. Cancers also tend to have low blood pressure.

CANCER Horoscope: Prediction for Beauty and Health - All Life
Cancer Zodiac Sign. Photo: wallpapertag.

Pain in Women

Weak spots of Cancer are the chest and stomach. Cancer woman often has migraines and menstrual pain. It is not advisable for them to ever have an abortion because it will severely influence their mental Cancer health. Usually, giving birth is easy for Cancer women. They don’t feel much pain and have no complications. Women also should take good care of their breasts because they tend to have problems with them.

Cancer should always keep busy with something to maintain Cancer well-being. They have to force activities on themselves. If Cancer has too much time alone, they will start to become lazy and self-analytic.

CANCER Health Horoscope: Best Food

You should intake a good amount of calcium fluoride in your diet which unites with albumen and oil in the body's system to keep elastic and connective tissues healthy. The deficiency of it will lead to varicose veins, receding gums, a curvature of the spine, and eye problems. You should intake a potassium-rich diet as it will help you in dealing with stress and prevent water retention in your body.

You should intake egg yolks, whole grain rye, yogurt, beets, fish and oysters. You should also intake calcium-rich foods like milk, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. Okra is also a good option as it helps you in reducing stomach inflammations. Your diet must involve fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and lean protein.

You should avoid starch and sugar as it causes constipation. You should avoid salt as it creates bloating. You should also avoid spicy, highly seasoned food, and should forego hot pepper sauce. You should keep a watch on the intake of sweets as excess intake makes your stomach worse. You love food and hence should keep a watch on diet as well for a healthy digestive system and to control your weight. The intake of fruit juices and milkshakes helps you to control your mood swings and calm your grumpiness.

Advices for CANCER

As per the Cancer health facts, Cancer needs to follow their diet. At any age, they shouldn’t eat fast or irregularly. They are prone to develop stomach ulcers. Cancer loves to use a lot of grain products and potatoes in their diet. They should use proteins, especially those from seafood. They also need to have a lot of vitamins. Eating vegetables, grapes, citrus fruit, coconut products can benefit their health. Cancer should avoid having sugar and fat as much as possible. These foods slow them down even more.

Herbal Allies

Marshmallow root is a truly lunar plant. It has a somewhat sweet, nourishing flavor, and has a lubricating, repairing, and protective effect on the body and tissues. It grows in what would be considered lunar conditions, in damp, cool mashes, where there is abundant moisture. If one were to be suffering from inflammation, irritation, or dehydration, this lunar plant contains moistening mucilage, a gel that cools and lubricates the respiratory and digestive tract.

White willow bark has been regarded as a lunar plant since ancient times. Its dry, astringent qualities are constrictive, reducing swelling and excess moisture. This is an important antidote to lunar dampness, bogginess, and fluid build-up.

White willow bark can be chewed to relieve toothache and general pain and is known to contain salicin, an ingredient in Aspirin. Willow bark also contains flavonoids that help with the reduction of fever and inflammation. It is a known cramp and pain reliever for the moon-cycle, which can be potent for moon-ruled Cancerians.

Mullein is traditionally a Saturnian plant that offers the medicine of antipathy to the damp, congested conditions that Cancer can suffer from. Its dry hairy leaves hint at its affinity for the cilia of the respiratory tract, that can become clogged with mucus in the phlegmatic constitution in illnesses that produce excess phlegm. Mullein tea and tinctures have been used to treat all manner of respiratory infections, including tuberculosis, asthma, and dry chronic coughs. It also contains soothing, mucilage ingredients that help make coughs more productive.

CANCER Health Horoscope: Best Fitness Routines

More than any other sign, Cancer intuitively feels the mind-body connection and sees fitness as essential to calming the mind and finding space in the day for tuning into his or her body. Cancer sees fitness as an almost spiritual practice—a time to commune uninterrupted with mind and body—and tends to shy away from group fitness classes where an instructor can interfere with the flow. Cancer has a reserve of self-discipline, doesn't have any problem DIY-ing a routine, and may find yoga, running, or Pilates to be great ways to simultaneously move and meditate.

CANCER Horoscope: Prediction for Beauty and Health - All Life
Cancer Zodiac Sign. Photo: HelloGiggles

Emotionally intuitive and sensitive, Cancer doesn't shy away from blue moods, and actually loves diving into all of life's emotional intricacies—even the bad ones. Because of this, Cancers may have a tendency to wallow a little too much in their own bad mood. Want to snap out of it? Here's how:

-Sing. Creative Cancer might not sing in front of an audience, but belting out a song in the shower can help beat the blues.

-Engage in talk therapy. Cancer believes in talk therapy, and may be intrigued by psychoanalytic processes. Engaging with a professional—even when life is going well—can help Crabs maximize their emotions as a powerful life tool.

-People watch. This sign loves

-Get outdoors. Intellectual Cancer can sometimes get too caught up indoors. Getting outside and getting dirty, whether it's starting a garden, taking a hike, or even just feeling breeze on skin, can remind Crabs to put their problems in perspective.

-Get lost in a book. Cancer loves reading and can get swept away by a story. The only thing is that Cancer sometimes feels reading is too self-indulgent. But regularly getting out of their head with a book is essential.

-Swim. Water signs like Cancer are drawn to any body of water, and feeling water on their skin can help them get out of their head.

-Have sex. Cancer loves physical passion. Indulging in the communion of sex—or even solo pleasure—is essential to keep Cancer happy.

-Watch a favorite movie. To Cancer, characters in movies feel like friends. Revisiting a well-loved movie can help get their mood back on track.

-Help others. The best way for a Cancer to get out of his or her head is to help other people with their problems.

-Journal. Cancer's rational side sometimes needs to see words on paper to determine next steps.

Connected to Family

The Cancer health forecast shows that Cancer has a very close connection to their family and ancestors. They can be influenced by their family members and what happens in their lives. Cancer should keep to their traditions. If they choose another path, they will continuously feel discomfort, causing many health issues.

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