Top 4 Dumbest Zodiac Signs According To Astrology

1. Cancer (June 22–July 22)

Cancers take this unflattering position on the list because of their hypersensitivity. Overreacting to things is the reason they are not known for making very intelligent and logical decisions.

These guys will make decisions and react before they have all the facts because they follow their emotions and not facts or knowledge. On the plus side, they also take the lead position among the happiest zodiac signs.

And also, experts insist that cancers have amazing instincts and great emotional memory. In fact, they rank very well on the list of the most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs.

However, the fact that they judge everything emotionally denies them the objectivity exhibited by the most intellectual zodiac signs in existence.

Cancer, like Pisces, has a particularly developed emotional intelligence. They are sensitive to the emotions, problems, moods, and reactions of others.

Cancers are great in teamwork because they know how to organize the activities of a group. Their social skills make them great leaders, and because of this, they often build careers as politicians, teachers, and managers. However, they are neither the smartest, nor the most intelligent zodiac sign.

They often live in the past—this is how their mind works. However, they are very good at manipulating people, because they are cunning by nature and intuitively feel the psychology of people. They are able to achieve high goals, become leaders, since their mind is hidden under their shell.

Cancers are very sensitive and focused on their families. However, their minds are not flexible at all. They are slow to make important decisions. They back away and cannot be ranked high among the most intelligent sodiac signs.

One of the biggest negative qualities a Cancer has is that they’re very emotional. Out of all of the different Zodiac signs, Cancer signs are known to be the ones who are in touch with their feelings…maybe a little too in touch. They’re the ones who almost always think with their hearts instead of their heads, which can land them in a lot of hot water. While this can be both a good and not-so-good trait, for Cancers, it’s usually the latter. They have feelings that run deep, and anything that is slightly annoying or rude can set them off. They don’t tolerate criticism well because of this, even if there’s a good reason and sound explanation behind it.

Like many people, Cancers don’t like change. But unlike many people, they don’t try to learn how to handle it well. They like what they like, and they’re ready to do anything to avoid giving it up. You could say they’re kind of set in their ways, and changing their mind is results in arguments and hurt feelings. Even though changing something may be better for them and make their life a bit easier, they don’t see the positive things that could come out of a little change.

Top 4 Dumbest Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
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2. Pisces (February 19–March 20)

One of the dumbest zodiac sign is probably Pisces because Mercury is very weak in this sign. In fact, their mind is too deep to focus on routine issues. In addition, Pisceans are a bit gullible trying to see the best in other people.

Pisces may suffer from the fact that Mercury is in its detriment in their sign. Yes, they live in a world of illusions, they can make a mountain out of a molehill, their imagination is rampant. Therefore, Pisces is the dumbest zodiac sign—they are too gullible. Lazy Pisces tend to go with the flow, so others do not always manage to recognize their erudition.

Meanwhile, Pisces is emotionally intelligent. They are excellent at understanding other people. They also know when someone is in trouble and offer their help and support. Pisces like to be around a lot of people and discuss different topics even without being the most intelligent zodiac sign.

Pisces are artistic by nature, and they often reflect their emotional nature and vision through art. Thanks to their resourcefulness, Pisces may still reach career heights despite not being the most intelligent zodiac sign. And they are creative as no other zodiac sign! Don't forget to add extraordinary luckiness to this weird mix that compensates for their being the least intelligent zodiac sign.

Enablers of all kinds love a Pisces, and why? Because Pisces is the most suggestible of all the signs.

Unfortunately, Pisces have always been ‘glass half empty’ type of people. They can’t see the good in the current situation, let alone for something further down the line. It’s difficult for them to think positively, as they’ve likely always been inclined to think negatively about something.

When a Pisces is pessimistic, they’re doubtful in all aspects of their life. They don’t expect much good to come from their home, school, work, or love. Even though all of these major factors of their life are based around different things, they take on a negative tone through their pessimism. Breaking a habit like pessimism is no easy task, but it’s even harder for a Pisces since they believe they can’t do it anyway.

What that means, Pisces, is that you are perceived as one of the dumbest signs of the zodiac, the "go-to schmuck" for gags, pranks and teases. You're the astrological wimp, the one we all know as "too sensitive" and "too emotional."

Guess what? It's not only true, it's dull. Hey, this is a hard life and nothing makes it harder than having "that person" around to weep and moan and hog all the attention so that we can all mutually celebrate the fact that our Pisces friend is just a little more sensitive (and deserving of all the attention in the room than others. Poor baby.

Seriously, some of those star signs at the top of this list can be a real bummer! But even here, you’re not fun all the time. You’re serious during the week, silly on the weekends. On weekdays you’re dealing with spreadsheets; on weekends you’re spreading out under the sheets. You work hard so that you can play hard. But seriously, I’m glad that you can be silly.

Top 4 Dumbest Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
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3. Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Sagittarius is another weak sign for Mercury. Here, Mercury is rather a firestarter, than a lazy dreamer (like Pisces).

The problem is that Sagittarians sometimes fail to think carefully before they act and, therefore, cannot be among the most intelligent zodiac signs. Their plans can seem grandiose at the presentation stage, but the implementation phase may reveal a lot of shortcomings. They like to draw knowledge from books and have a theoretical framework in a particular area, but they are a bit hypocritical. Because of this, those who can read people may even consider Sagittarius one of the dumbest zodiac sign!

Sagittarius has an existential intelligence. This sign can spend a lot of time discussing human existence. Sagittarius is obsessed with the meaning of life and death and often has an interesting and profound point of view.

Jupiter inspires growth, expansion, and risk-taking. That's why Sagittarius prefers to absorb every experience. Learning and passing on knowledge is their favorite thing to do.

At the same time, Sagittarians are leaders by nature and people tend to believe them whatever they say. Don't forget that Sagittarius is the luckiest zodiac sign!

Usually, people under this zodiac sign are considered a little self-absorbed. Ironically, they also tend to be a little indecisive, and they have been known to have poor showing when it comes to standing up for themselves.

These attributes have made them seem less intelligent. But they have one thing going for them, though–they are pretty good at seeing the “bigger picture.” Nevertheless, they are usually at a loss to figure out the details, which is why they take this position on this list.

Sags can be hard workers who enjoy what they do, but are too often let down by the fact that they’re not very good at anything. Understandably, this can easily lead to frustration, boredom and substance abuse.

A bored Sag is very susceptible to developing habits that can only result in death or rehab.

But although Sags aren’t the best choice for getting something done, they can excel at talking about getting things done: planning, delegating and motivating teams of people who are actually far more qualified than they.

Their often delusional ego and blind faith in their own half-baked conceits can be contagious - so long as they can keep their cool when someone points out that their stupid idea is stupid, of course.

You are all pleasure, no business. Totally upbeat. You are such a wacky little ball of silliness, it’s almost impossible to be in a bad mood around you. You spread rainbows and sunshine and glitter and confetti and Silly String wherever you go, you silly rabbit, you. You’re also spontaneous AF—if you get soaked in a rainstorm, you’ll find the closest Laundromat and just throw yourself in the dryer.

Be warned: Sags can be extremely opinionated on subjects they know nothing about, or have completely misunderstood due to their Asperger’s-like grip on reality.

Try to correct them, and their stubbornness kicks in, and a Sag standing their ground can be blunt to the point of cruel. If they lose their cool, all their carefully studied social skills is instantly forgotten, and they start acting exactly like the boring, know-it-all, no-nothings that they actually are.

Top 4 Dumbest Zodiac Signs According To Astrology
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4. Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Unfortunately, Tauruses have been described as self-centered and foolish, and their handling of personal rejection might have a lot to do with it. When rejected, a Taurus can take it very, very personally.

A slight setback can derail their lives completely, and it can be annoying for their friends because this overreaction makes little sense to most people. They can also seem very confused and unhinged, and that does not exactly help their reputation as far as intelligence goes.

Also, while a Taurus can clearly understand well-explained ideas, they often lack imagination and abstract thought. That explains why Taurus is among the dumbest zodiac signs, according to experts.

Taureans are known for their heavy but steady and practical mind. Taurus men also have bodily kinesthetic intelligence. They know how to control their emotions and body language.

Their intelligence manifests itself when it comes to the material sphere. Then, they turn on their worldly wisdom, carefully think and weigh everything. The mind and body of Taurus are in sync, and they can do whatever they want.

Despite the fact, that many people may consider Taurus one of the dumbest zodiac signs, they can grow excellent careers as actors, soldiers, athletes, dancers, and craftsmen. Taureans have better motor skills than any other sign of the zodiac but they are definitely not the most intelligent zodiac sign. They are not the smartest zodiac sign either.

Of course, there are erudites among Taureans, but they do not boast of their own knowledge in a particular area. They reach career heights very often, but not because of their mind. It is the result of their perseverance or support of influential friends.

If there is one thing, you should learn from all this. Every star sign is unique in its own way. For instance, some signs are more powerful than others.

So, although you might find yourself on the list of the dumbest zodiac signs, it does not mean you don’t have your good qualities. And in the end, that’s what really matters, not that you are among the dumbest zodiac signs.

When you look at a Taurus’ inability to connect with people along with the desire to always remain ahead, they spend a lot of time doing things that may push people away. When someone wants to come talk to them or get advice, they may feel awkward about the situation because the Taurus is likely not mentally present. This emotional disconnect is another reason why Taurus are hard to deal with. You may feel like you’ve always been there for your Taurus friend in their time of need, but now that you want a shoulder to cry on, they’re nowhere to be found.

Remaining emotionally disconnected also pushes people even further away from a Taurus. If you’ve known them for a while, you’re probably used to it and don’t think too much about it. But for someone who’s never dealt with a Taurus extensively, it’s a completely new feeling. They may feel a bit hurt by the lack of emotion they’re showing to them, and they might even want to call things off before ever getting serious.

On the other hand, their natural introverted nature makes it harder for a Taurus to talk to someone about how they feel as well. They’re very closed off in their manner. They have a hard time talking themselves and what’s bothering them, as well as listening to someone else talk about their emotional worries.

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