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Ranked: Drinking of 12 Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology
Drinking of 12 Zodiac Signs

Here is a chart of alcohol tolerance of 12 zodiac signs for each person to know their own limit, thereby having a mastery in parties.

Astrology reminds the 12 zodiac signs to eat in moderation and be wise, have fun, but don't drink too much alcohol even though your drinking ability is very good.

Alcohol in and out makes you not in control of yourself. Maybe one fine day the constellations suddenly lose the beautiful image they have built for so long, or even lose themselves, wreaking havoc on both physical and mental health.


Libra is the person with the lowest alcohol tolerance of the 12 zodiac signs, just hearing the word "alcohol" is already drunk, let alone having to drink or sip.

On occasions of eating and drinking, Libra will join the "army of killing prey", but even if they die, they will not touch a drop of wine.


Smelling the smell of alcohol, Cancer is already drunk on their faces and with just one click of their lips, they feel nauseated and uncomfortable in their bodies. Knowing his alcohol tolerance is not good, this zodiac sign often refuses to participate in drinking parties.

In a reluctant situation, they had to pity to drink a little and then accept to fall into a state of "drowsiness" that whole day.


Ranked: Drinking of 12 Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology
Aquarius in Wine Drinking

Better than the above two zodiac signs, Aquarius can drink 2 or 3 glasses of wine in fun. However, if they drink more than that, they cannot keep their sanity for themselves, once they have it. If you have yeast in your body, Aquarius will talk a lot.

When they came back to their senses, they completely forgot what they said, knowing this bad habit, so Binh Nhi always told himself to stay away from alcohol and limit drinking.


Sagittarius has many friends, so they often gather and eat with everyone. However, they are not good drinkers. Usually they will only drink after they have had a full meal and do not drink too much.

Sagittarius knows where his strength is, so he never drinks too much, just drinks a little so as not to ruin the fun.

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Scorpio is not very interested in drinking, mainly they drink out of respect for the invitations of the other party. Even if you try, this zodiac sign can't drink too much, only about 5-6 glasses. If that number is exceeded, the Cable will "down" immediately. After each drunkenness, their bodies become exhausted and tired, so Scorpio is really afraid of drinking.


Whenever something is not happy or contains a lot of confidants, Capricorn will invite friends to eat and drink a couple of glasses for a feeling of excitement.

They can sip all day and still have a normal body, but just drink a little, and if they drink too much at once, they will inevitably get drunk, no longer conscious of anything.

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Leos have a decent amount of alcohol and they themselves just want to drink in moderation to avoid the unfortunate consequences that can happen if they drink too much.

This zodiac sign understands the terrible harms caused by alcohol, so it is very limited to drinking, only on special occasions they will be present. Lions are aware of whether they are sober or not and will stop immediately if they see the body showing signs of being drunk, then no one can force them to drink any more drinks.


Ranked: Drinking of 12 Zodiac Signs - According to Astrology

Gemini's alcohol capacity also depends on their own mood, when they are happy they will drink more, and when they are not in a good mood, just 1 drink is already drunk.

Whenever drunk, this zodiac sign will probably tell all the secrets hidden in their hearts to others, they are really afraid of it, so they always remind themselves, no matter how happy they are, they must be in moderation when eating and drinking.


Pisces has a pretty good drink, they often appear in the top of those who can last to the end on the drinking table. At this point, they are not 100% awake, but they are not in a state of loss of control. Pisces is aware of how they are and knows to stop when they feel that their body is really not right.


As a fairly quiet person, few people think that Taurus has a pretty good amount of alcohol. They are not aggressive at the table, but are always ready to accept invitations from others.

Taurus looks very alert, even after drinking a lot. However, they also don't allow themselves to drink too much, so to some extent, Taurus will quietly withdraw from the fun.


Has a very good tolerance for alcohol, but Aries herself does not realize it. They keep thinking that they don't drink well, until they drink one cup after another and their bodies are still normal, then they gradually realize their ability.

If other people only need a little yeast in their body, their face will be red, but Aries alone does not, the face does not change color at all.


Alcohol ranking of the 12 zodiac signs: Virgo holds the championship.

They can drink from the beginning to the end of the meal and still have a clear face, not a bit lack of alertness. Outsiders look at them and think they are drinking filtered water, not wine or beer anymore.

With such a tolerance, friends will certainly not forget to invite Virgo every time they eat and drink, so the gathering schedule of this zodiac sign also becomes dense. But alcohol is not good for health, Virgo, even if you have a good amount of alcohol, please minimize drinking, don't destroy your health!

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