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When it comes to weight loss, men do have an advantage over women. Testosterone gets a lot of the credit, but there’s more to it. According to one recent article from Almased, men have more lean muscle mass than do women and are quicker to burn up fat reserves for energy.

Their metabolism is faster, too – designed for size, strength, and speed.

1. Best TIPS to Lose Weight: Drink more water

Now we aren’t saying you need to carry around a gallon jug of water all day, but finding ways to increase your daily water consumption can help keep you full and feeling satisfied. If you don’t drink a lot of water, find ways to remind yourself to drink! Alarms on your phone and computer can be a great way to catch your attention and remind you to drink some of the good stuff. Also, try finding a water bottle you like and keeping it within an arm’s reach throughout the day.

2. Best TIPS to Lose Weight: Be mindful of calories

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This is where using tools such as Noom can help in providing a calorie budget and food log to stay on track! Caloric density can also help you eat a wide range of foods that allow you to continue meeting your daily calorie needs, without having to eat bland chicken breast and broccoli for every meal.

3. Best TIPS to Lose Weight: Calculate your BMI.

"One reason men may not attempt to lose weight, or at the least report it, is that they may not perceive themselves as needing to do so," says Valdez. "Though BMI is not a perfect tool, it is a starting point. Most people in an overweight or obese BMI range will see significant benefits from weight loss but it may take a wake up call to kick things into gear. Losing weight shouldn't be for anyone else but you so you can have a longer and better quality of life."

4. Best TIPS to Lose Weight: Sleep More (a Minimum of 7 Hours)

Most guys don't realize that getting quality sleep is one of the most important aspects of losing weight. During sleep, your body burns fat and regulates all your key metabolism hormones – including growth hormone, cortisol, insulin, etc.

Without getting too “sciency,” if you miss out on sleep, your body will not lose weight effectively. And the weight you do lose will come from muscle.

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5. Best TIPS to Lose Weight:

m guilty of this myself," says Gorski. "When we eat fast, or distracted, we don't realize how much we have eaten until it's too late. There is a delay between our stomach and brain on the signals of fullness." To do this, try putting your fork down between bites, and don't lift it back up until you have chewed your food thoroughly and swallowed.

6. Best TIPS to Lose Weight: Be mindful of your fruit and vegetable intake

"The average American consumes just 1 serving of fruit/vegetable daily. So let's opt to improve our intake by shooting for more than you currently do now," says Planells. "Make it a priority by having it around you and accessible. This could be cutting the fruit in Tupperware containers, making a weight loss smoothie having some easy veggies with a dip, throwing spinach with your morning eggs. If you habitually get 1 serving of fruit per day, shoot for 2."

7. Best TIPS to Lose Weight: Take time to learn to cook.

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"Higher consumption of convenience store food may signify a lack of willingness to cook and a need for instant gratification. In this case, it is best to learn a few simple recipes and/or meal prep once a week," says Valdez. "In addition, you can replace snacks and other quick foods with healthier options; such as low-calorie snacks and take out from health food stores rather than typical high-calorie snacks and fast food options."

8. Best TIPS to Lose Weight: Always eat breakfast.

"A lot of guys are into fasting because it allows them to skip breakfast and they find it easy on time and just wait until lunch to eat. However, studies have shown that skipping breakfast can actually make you gain weight," says Castillo. "The reason is that we are ignoring our hunger cues, then our body tells us to eat more later. So, when guys skip breakfast, they tend to have heavier dinners and then late-night snacks. All this putting them in a calorie surplus."

9. Best TIPS to Lose Weight: Strength train regularly.

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"Many guys stop lifting because they think it's bad for their joints, or they don't have time to train like they used to, so they 'can't train at all'. Look, the glory days of 2 hour squat sessions might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't workout at all," says Gorski.

Strength training especially is the fountain of youth, and proper strength training with an expert should not lead to injury or bad joints.

Especially, get friends and family involved! Real talk – weight loss and behavior change can be hard! Especially if you go at it alone. Finding ways to get friends and family involved can help your choices become more sustainable. Not only will friends and family help hold you accountable, but they can also be there to celebrate victories and milestones along the way!

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