How To Style Baggy Jeans
How To Style Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans are not jeans that do not fit appropriately, but rather a fashion choice related to a number of different jean-wearing groups. This type of jeans comes in many different colors and can be made for both genders. While many people think of baggy jeans as those that sag below boxer shorts and are worn by men, there are actually a number of other styles that can be thought of as baggy. As such, this type of jeans is not easily definable and should be thought of primarily as way in which pants may fit rather than a certain style.

Baggy jeans have always been a fashion style among women, and are loved for years. Take a look at the article below for a detailed guide on how to style baggy jeans in hottest trends.

What is Baggy Jeans?

Wide-leg jeans, colloquially called baggy pants, are a style of clothing that were popular from the early 1990s to the mid 2000s. The quintessential brand of "hip-hop"-style wide-leg jeans comes from the Los Angeles–based JNCO ("Judge None Choose One"), although other youth- and ethnic-oriented clothing companies manufacture them as well.

Some of the most popular baggy jeans are associated with rap and hip hop styles and are worn only by men. These pants usually hang around the buttocks of men and display boxer shorts. This style of clothing is highly stigmatized in some areas and is therefore not advisable for professional ventures. Some schools even forbid students to wear baggy jeans of this type.

Many women wear jeans that are baggy simply for comfort reasons or as part of various slouchy styles. Boyfriend jeans, for example, could be thought of as baggy. This relaxed fit is often out of style, but pants that are fitted in the waist but baggy in the legs are usually considered more acceptable than those that are baggy everywhere. It is important to recognize that wide-legged jeans are not necessarily baggy, as this term implies a kind of looseness that stiff wide-legged jeans may not possess.

Men much more commonly wear baggy jeans than women, and these jeans may be either practical or fashionable. Any men's jeans that are not fitted can be considered baggy, but painter's jeans and various styles worn slightly too large are most common. Usually, fabric that is somehow distressed is particularly appropriate for baggy jeans because the fabric bunches and bends around the body.

Men's jeans in this style often have much wider legs than women's versions, leading to a much roomier fit. This can be convenient when doing work that requires bending and stretching. Many men also find this style more comfortable than tight jeans. Baggy styles are very popular for men and have a long history of being considered fashionable.

Baggy jeans come in many different colors and cuts, and plain denim shades are common. These jeans may be worn with a variety of accessories, although belts and chains are very common. Embroidery and printed designs are also sometimes found on these kinds of pants, particularly those of the sagging type. With so many variations, the only factor that unites all these different kinds of jeans is that they fit in a way that can be considered baggy.

The history of baggy jeans

Photo: iStock
Photo: iStock

Historically, the cut of pants has varied by period. From the 1500s until the early 17th century, very loose fitting breeches and hosen were fashionable among the wealthy. Frequently, these galligaskins, trunk hose and Rhinegraves had slits to reveal a contrasting fabric lining, and were paired with short doublet or jerkin. These were replaced with tighter breeches and justacorps frock coats during the 1660s, which remained in fashion until long pantaloons were introduced during the 1788 French Revolution and Georgian Regency era. Baggy pantaloons (named after Pantalone from the Harlequinade) were originally work clothing, and were worn by urban French Sans-Culottes seeking to distinguish themselves from the overdressed aristocratic fops of the Ancien Régime who wore tight knee breeches.

In the Islamic World, loose fitting harem pants and the shalwar kameez were traditionally worn for modesty. These trousers remain typical everyday menswear in modern Iran, Afghanistan and Kurdistan. Subsequent conflict between the Ottoman, Russian and Holy Roman Empire resulted in the development of the European loose trousers or Sharovary worn as folk costume in Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine. From the Crimean War until World War I, French Zouaves were also issued baggy red pajama pants inspired by those worn by North African and Turkish soldiers.

Beginning in the early 20th century, baggy pants began to gain rebellious connotations. During the 1920s, wide Oxford bags were favored by the Hearties of Oxford and Cambridge University because they could be put on over the knickerbockers then worn to play rugby football. In the US during the 1930s and 1940s, Black, Italian and Mexican zoot suiters, Pachuchos and hep cats wore very wide legged high waisted pants to the dancehalls as a protest against wartime rationing, and because it was easy for gang members to conceal weapons beneath a baggy suit. The popularity of baggy pants among teenagers faded in the 1950s, when young members of the greaser subculture favored drainpipe jeans.

In modern fashion


In the 1980s, baggy jeans entered mainstream fashion as the Hammer pants and parachute pants worn by rappers to facilitate breakdancing. In the 1990s these jeans became even baggier and were worn by skaters, hardcore punks, ravers and rappers to set themselves apart from the skintight acid wash drainpipe jeans worn by metalheads. They were largely an underground trend in the early 1990s, but took off in popularity in the mid-1990s. The baggy jeans were very popular along with baggy bondage pants during the nu metal era which lasted from the late 90s to the early-to-mid 2000s.They continued to be popular in the 2000s, but by 2003 baggy jeans started to be replaced by boot-cut jeans and trousers among white men. However, they continued to be popular among African-American and Latino men throughout the mid 2000s until about 2008.

In the United Kingdom, during the 1990s fad they were known as "baggies". However, this term faded with the original fad and now they are generally known as "wide-leg jeans".

In the late 2000s, rap stars like Kanye West popularised a more refined indie-inspired look but baggy jeans continue to be worn by the raver and gangsta rap subcultures.

Why baggy jeans in style in 2022?

The primary reason why the baggy jeans remain in style is that they are quite fashion-forward, and as the go-to style for most people this year, then baggy jeans would be a great option. And with skinny jeans being out of style, then it’s time to get in your best baggy jeans. Just keep in mind that the baggier the jeans, the better they feel.

There’s also the fact that there is more than one style of what would be regarded as baggy jeans. These options include the 70s flares, the pleated 80s denim, the undone hems, and the 90s bootcut jeans.

Pros and cons of wearing baggy jeans


  • The baggy jeans work well as the perfect option of transitions from loungewear, given the baggy and the freeing feel of the baggy pants that match that same freeing feeling that comes along with your favorite pair of sweats.
  • Baggy jeans are also available in a wide variety of silhouettes, which means that whatever the style of baggy jeans you choose, this pair of pants will always feel like the perfect showstopper.
  • The other reason why baggy jeans are a great option for you has to do with the fact the baggy jeans are highly regarded as fashion winners for this year.
  • Finally, there is the fact that the baggy jeans are quite comfortable
  • Skinny jeans are also out of style, which means that if you are looking for something unique to fill in the gap created by the baggy jeans being in style, then this could be it.
  • There are endless ways of making the baggy jeans work for you, and you can wear them with everything from long sweaters and denim coats to blazers, loose and baggy tops, and sweaters.


  • They might fade out of style just as fast as they show up
  • Baggy jeans are not for everyone, especially for heavy individuals who will have the clothing simply skim over curves and bulges, and the clothes will not fit as well as you may hope.
  • The baggy jeans (and clothes) would also make you look thicker than you really are.

How to style baggy jeans with hottest trends

With a Hoodie


It's the ultimate solution if your goal is casual-cool. Add a handful bold accessories, such as a big-buckle belt or layered necklaces, in order to give this classic look some personal flair.

With a Puffer Coat


It's essentially the opposite of the jellyfishing trend, but this oversized combo gives off a nostalgic '90s vibe that's perfect for 2022. Style your outdoor-friendly ensemble with a form-fitting shirt underneath, such as a stretchy turtleneck, this way you won't get lost under all those layers.

With a Button-Down


Give baggy jeans a structured and somewhat preppy twist with the help of a collared shirt. While a crisp white something continues no-fail option, a bright hue will help make your look pop. A pair of loafers or even babydoll shoes will work to pull it all together.

With Summer Staples


Baggy jeans are pretty airy, making them a perfect year-round piece, even during the warmer months. For not-too-hot spring and summer days, reach for a light-wash option and wear it with an eyelet top and chunky sandals for a sweet, seasonal look.

With a Tank Top

Just because it's a wardrobe basic doesn't mean it's boring. When styled with simple, solid tank, baggy jeans come across as elevated. The combo also looks great with a variety of footwear, from high heels to sneakers.

With a Blazer


A structured jacket has the ability to amp up the comfiest clothes and make any lazy-day look feel a bit more polished and pulled-together. It's a good go-to if you're hoping to make your mom jeans feel a tad more professional or dressed up.

With a Band Tee


Go for a laid-back grunge vibe with the help of a well-worn, vintage graphic tee. If the choice feels a little too casual or oversized, give your outfit a DIY touch — and show off more of your shape — by cropping or knotting your top to your liking.

As an All-Black Outfit

Compared to slim-fitting denim, black baggy jeans will give this popular monochromatic combination a boost, adding a unique, exciting element that's interesting to look at.

Tucked Into Boots

While you might be tempted to let your baggy jeans hang loose, styling them with platforms or sneakers, tucking your pair into knee-high boots will create an eye-catching and playful shape (and prevents them from dragging along the floor).

The best baggy jeans outfit ideas

1. Transitional Baggy Jeans Outfit

Photo:  Editorialist
Photo: Editorialist

Behold, the perfect transitional outfit. Opt for a gray baggy jean, like Balenciaga’s high-rise, wide-leg jeans, which work for the last chilly days of spring and the scorching summer months. Complete the outfit with other neutral pieces like a boxy white T-shirt under a black leather blazer for a casual-cool look that never feels out fo season.

2. Medium Wash Denim Baggy Jeans Outfit

Photo: @drearmil
Photo: @drearmil

Sometimes a classic, medium denim wash is all we really need. Medium wash baggy jeans are perhaps the most versatile version of the baggy jean; they can be easily elevated for a more polished, elegant look or paired down for a daytime outfit. Take inspiration from style icon Aimee Song and pair your baggy jeans with a bright-colored silk blouse and Saint Laurent sunglasses for a feel-good outfit.

3. Minimalist Baggy Jeans Outfit

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

We adore minimalist style, which is why we are obsessed with this baggy jean outfit. Keep it simple, making baggy jeans the statement piece. Style them with a black T-shirt and hints of gold jewelry like a classic Hermès timepiece or chain-link necklace.

4. White Baggy Jeans Outfit

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again—monochrome looks are a stylist’s secret to instantly elevate any look. Opt for white baggy jeans and style them with monochromatic pieces, like a white tee and neutral-hued blazer, to create an effortlessly chic outfit. Expert advice: a contrasting strappy sandal will elevate the look to new, posh heights.

5. Light Wash Baggy Jeans Outfit

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

If you’re in the mood for a lighter wash, Sandro’s high-rise baggy jean brings all the retro vibes this season. The perfect pale blue, these light wash jeans will look good with almost anything. We suggest styling them with an oversized button-down and cable knit sweater for an off-duty aesthetic that’s just as comfy as your go-to leggings and sweater WFH look.

6. Classic Baggy Jeans Outfit


Keep it classic with this ’90s-inspired outfit. You cannot go wrong styling your baggy jeans—no matter the wash—with an oversized, menswear blazer, silk headscarf, and Fendi’s iconic Baguette bag. Not to mention, it’s the ideal throw-on-and-go outfit—all black (almost) everything for the win.

7. Dark Wash Baggy Jeans Outfit

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

While laidback baggy jean outfits have proven to be stylish, sophisticated baggy jean outfits are just as easy to pull off. Invest in a dark wash baggy jean for a more polished look, and style them with your other elevated essential wardrobe pieces, like a cashmere knit, Prada pumps, and sleek, gold hoops.

8. Relaxed Baggy Jeans Outfit

Photo:  WhoWhatWear
Photo: WhoWhatWear

Let’s clarify, just because this baggy jeans outfit is casual does not mean it is unprofessional (music to our ears). Take inspiration from style icon Sylvie Mus and accessorize the relaxed look with a low-heel, strappy sandal, and an iconic diamond tennis bracelet.

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