How To Style Bootcut Jeans in Hottest Trends
How To Style Bootcut Jeans in Hottest Trends

Check out many of our favorite looks and styles with bootcut pants!

Boot-cut jeans are denim pants that are tailored straight from the waist to the knee and then slightly wider to the ankle.

They were influenced by trousers that were worn by sailors in the 1850s which were designed for them so they would allow wearing of the boots without much problem. Boot-cut jeans became popular amongst cowboys and ranch workers because they were comfortable and allowed for boots which were necessary for everyday work. When cowboys began to disappear in the real world, Hollywood reintroduced boot-cut jeans in their western films and it became popular again.

Boot-cut jeans were designed for those who want durability and comfort. In the 1960s and 70s, under the influence of flower children, design changes and legs became widely flared. Boot-cut jeans become bell-bottomed jeans which lasted until the 1980s when boot-cut jeans came back.

What Are Boot-cut Jeans And Why Did They Become Popular?

In regards to their actual style and cut, boot-cut jeans are jeans that start out straight and slightly tapered at the thighs, which goes down to the knees and from there they noticeably widen all the way down to the ankles. They generally are cut longer than regular jeans, since they are meant to go over the boots, but regardless, they are not as long as the flared jeans, which cover the feet entirely.

Boot-cut jeans come in a variety of designs and colors, but their distinct cut is the same regardless as it is what makes these jeans what they are.

How did these jeans become so popular and beloved?

We did mention the flower children above, which these types of jeans were associated with at the time, but their popularity starts much earlier and it can be traced to cowboys. Western movies that showcased heroes of the Wild West and life on ranches as cowboys are one of the major influencers that brought these jeans, just like the cowboy boots, to the public eye. While style-wise it may have seemed like a fad back then, being so practical and versatile in style is what made boot-cut jeans a staple in many men’s and women’s wardrobes.

They go with a variety of different tops and for women, they go really well with high heels and make great casual and party jeans.

Today boot-cut jeans-style continues to be popular and is acceptable casual wear for both men and women. Modern boot-cut jeans are slightly different than classical. The waist height is lower and placed at about the belly button and below the natural waistline.

Difference Between Straight Cut Jeans and Bootcut Jeans

Photo: fashionhance
Photo: fashionhance

The difference between straight cut and bootcut jeans is that difference lies in the fabric cut. The bootcut jeans are tapered, and snuggly from the waist to the thighs, the fabric around the legs widen up slowly till the ankle. In contrast, the straight cut jeans as the name suggest the jean's fabric remains the same and consecutive starting from the waist until the ankle, usually either the high waist or low waisted.

The bootcut jeans are designed in such a way to give an illusion that the person has relatively shorter legs. In contrast, the Straight cut jeans are designed in such a way to provide a misconception that the person has relatively longer legs due to the fact, the fabric runs straight from waist to ankle.

  1. The bootcut jeans start from the waist and remain straight and snuggly till the thighs but then tampers at the end, whereas the straight cut is preferably the same. The jeans start from the waist and remain straight and snuggly till the ankles.
  2. The bootcut is designed so that the person wearing it shows them having relatively shorter legs, whereas the straight cut is designed so that it appears to make the person taller.
  3. All shoes are welcome with straight cut jeans, whether sneakers, boots or sport shoes all go with it whereas bootcut is designed so that only heavy boots, thick shoes, and high heels look great with them.
  4. All kinds of tops, weather shirts, t-shirts, and zippers look excellent with the straight cut jeans, whereas the bootcut is available in two styles: a high and low waist, all tops look great with the soft waist style, but clothes tucked in looks great with the high waist jeans.

What shoes do you wear with bootcut jeans?

Yes, these jeans may have originally been designed to wear with (cowboy) boots but they shouldn’t be limited to just one type of fancy footwear. Cropped bootcut jeans that fall above the ankle look great with flats of all kinds, like stylish slip-on or casual wear which includes sneakers and boots without a heel. If you’re going to wear any type of heel, however, you’ll want a more traditional length specifically where the hem meets the toe of your foot.

Keep in mind that this could mean buying a longer inseam to wear with high-heeled shoes or boots.

How To Wear Bootcut Jeans The Right Way for Women in 2022

1. Bootcut Jeans With Heeled Booties and Tee/Sweater

Photo: herstylecode
Photo: herstylecode

Some ladies keep things trendy and original. Go for a camouflage print bomber jacket and team it with dark grey ankle-length bootcut jeans and block heel gold ankle boots.

If you want legs for days, try flares and heeled booties. Not only are they perfect companions for a lengthening look, but the heel also provides that ~extra~ bit of height you need to avoid a trip to the tailor. A Western-inspired boot plays well with the ’70s vibe of this denim style—and is so on point for now.

It’s an extremely comfortable style, plus you are free to create whatever look you love, starting from a bohemian outfit to a disco and retro rock look. Another great thing about these jeans, you can never go wrong with them. Feels like everything goes with them, from sock-style boots to cowboy boots, from a basic white tee to a chunky oversized sweater.

2. Sneakers With Bootcut Jeans

Photo: glamour
Photo: glamour

You can wear sneakers with bootcut jeans. It is very fashionable to wear sneakers with jeans, as well as other types of pants. The problem with wearing sneakers with pants is that it takes practice and patience to find the right fit. Women who wear this style say it helps give them a more put-together look when getting ready for work or going out in public, while still maintaining their casual style and comfort level.

Wearing sneakers with bootcut jeans is not a difficult task because it can easily be done as long as you know how to choose the right pair of shoes, and know how to make your outfit look complete. The key to this look is maintaining the balance in your outfit to prevent it from looking messy.

To complete this outfit, you have to wear the right accessories. Accessories are important because they can make or break an outfit. Accessories are the little things you wear that aren’t part of your main clothing that help your clothes look complete. To complete this outfit, I usually go with a pair of silver hoop earrings and a silver necklace. But you can add some fancy backpack or a clutch. The look should always be completed with a matching belt and buckle; if possible match the color of the belt and shoe eyelets.

3. Bootcut Jeans With Combat Boots and Jacket

Photo: ladyfashioniser
Photo: ladyfashioniser

If you are more into edgy and grunge style, then I recommend trying on a black leather biker jacket with a grey sweater tucked in bootcut jeans with frayed hem completed with lace-up black leather combat boots:

If you want to create a trendy look, then go for cropped bootcut jeans. They sit about 1 to 3 inches above the ankles. They are ideal for those who want to show off their new shoes.

4. Bootcut Jeans And Heeled Sandals and Blouse

Photo: fashioncanons
Photo: fashioncanons

Make a lovely casual weekend look for Summer days. Go for a silk blush-white blouse and half-tuck it inside wash-blue bootcut jeans. Complete the look by adding heeled sandals and aviator sunglasses.

Speaking of shoes, I personally wear my bootcut jeans with high-heeled boots, this makes me look classy. Make sure the jeans hit just above the boots, or below your ankles. The color of shoes should be darker if your jeans are light and vice versa if your jeans are dark, then you should go for lighter shoes.

5. Crop Blouse And Bootcut Jeans with Sneakers

Photo: ladyfashioniser
Photo: ladyfashioniser

A voguish semi-sheer white boho crop blouse with puffy sleeves is worn with black bootcut jeans and white sneakers. Love these chic cat-eye shades. A kind of hippie-inspired boho look.

High-waisted bootcut jeans can be styled with cropped sweaters and flowy tops. A flowy top will add a romantic flair to your outfit. Try them on with a short-sleeve V-neck top made of lightweight material, like lace, silk, or linen. I love choosing tops that hit just below my waist, so they ideally balance the bootcut jeans.

6. Cropped Bootcut Jeans And Heeled Pumps

Photo: ladyfashioniser
Photo: ladyfashioniser

We see a white long-sleeve top with a deep V-neck tucked in cropped bootcut jeans with frayed details completed with light brown suede heeled pumps and aviator sunglasses. In love with that shoulder saddle bag with tassel detail.

7. Bootcut Jeans With Blazer

Photo: herstylecode
Photo: herstylecode

The suit jacket is an ideal addition to bootcut jeans. Go for a camel blazer in a slim fit and team it with a classic shirt in light blue tucked in classic blue bootcut jeans and block heel booties.

8. Turtleneck with Bootcut Jeans and High-heeled or Boots

Photo: herstylecode
Photo: herstylecode

This is a great outfit for fall or colder weather. Pair a cool gray turtleneck with some bootcut jeans or trousers. We love the dark-wash look; it’s classy and chic. Pair these with some black pumps or stilettos. Accessorize with bracelets and choose a warmer toned lipstick. A slouchy cowl neck sweater in beige color is paired with bootcut jeans with side slits completed with UGG boots in beige color.

9. Pair bootcut jeans with a flowy top for a romantic look

Photo; ladyinviolet
Photo; ladyinviolet

Bootcut jeans look great with short sleeve tops with a round or V-neck in flowy materials like lace, silk, cotton, or linen. Get tops that hit just below your waist to balance out the bootcut of the jeans.

You can also opt for tops that are cropped and flowy if you are wearing bootcut jeans that are high-waisted.

How to wear bootcut jeans to work?

If you are one of the lucky people that get to wear jeans to work then I implore you to make the most of it. Make your dark wash bootcut jeans work for you and dress them up for a day at the office with a patterned blouse and tailored jacket helping to create long lines from top to bottom. Add a pair of high-heeled shoes and you’ll be all set for whatever that hectic day throws at you. And, by the way, you’ll also be more than ready to grab a cocktail at happy hour with your co-workers if you’re so inclined.

Whether at home or at the office, for work or for play, as far as I’m concerned bootcut jeans are the pair you need to keep you looking and feeling good all day long, no matter what the day holds. So what are you waiting for? Get some bootcut jeans today and feel good about doing whatever comes your way tomorrow. Because you know that you’ll be dressed for it. Whatever it becomes.

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