How To Style Miniskirts
How To Style Miniskirts

We tend to reach for midi- and maxi-length skirts when things get chilly but we don't need to sacrifice wearing some of our favorite pieces just because it’s cold outside. Minis are still perfectly suitable for winter weather. It’s all about how you style them if you know the tips to wear them.

There are some ideas of how to wear a skirt in winter that will still make you warm and fashionable as well. The cold weather of winter is not a problem to appear chic. There are various kinds of skirts that can be matched with the other winter wear, resulting in stylish looks and providing warmth at the same time.

What is a Miniskirt?

Miniskirt has seen it all – love, dislike, and all the brouhaha. Equally reviled, as it is adored, a mini skirt do enjoy an iconic status in fashion, among all the different types of skirts.

The most asked question about a miniskirt is usually “What is the proper length for a mini skirt?”. Everyone knows that a Miniskirt is a short skirt. But what length qualifies a skirt as a Miniskirt?

The answer is never straightforward. A mini skirt will finish somewhere mid-thigh – the length of it ranging from 11 inches to 17 inches. The length cannot be constant as the appropriate length will depend on the height of the person wearing it. For short women, a 17-inch mini skirt would be a regular skirt. A good rule of thumb is to count 3-4 inches above the knees.

Who Can Wear Miniskirts?

It's OK to wear short skirts no matter your age. A short skirt can be perhaps four inches above the knee, but not a millimetre shorter. The hemline should fall in the middle of that bit of the leg that is still thin before becoming thigh. For every year over 50, the length should perhaps come down a tiny bit.

Following the body positive movement of recent years many women are reclaiming their image and wearing what they want to, rather than what they feel they ‘should’. Mini skirts are an iconic part of fashion history, and we should be able to enjoy them into our 30s and beyond.

The Best Shoes to Wear With a Miniskirt

It's time for your legs to finally emerge from hibernation and see the light of day! Miniskirts are back with a vengeance this year (especially flirty denim styles), and given the amount of leg that a miniskirt shows, it's important to keep in mind the footwear that will best complement your mini without erring on the side of scandalous (e.g., high stilettos) or juvenile (e.g., flip-flops). The good news is that there are plenty of shoe styles that will work with the shortest of skirts.

Block Heels

Ankle Boots

Flat Lace-Up Sandals

Kitten Heels



Over-the-Knee Boots

How to Style Miniskirts in New Ways

1. Wear Mini Skirt with Combat or Thigh-high boots

Photo: adoreness
Photo: adoreness

Pair your mini skirt with a pair of thigh-high boots and wool socks. Additionally, if your boots have enough room, throw on a pair of leg warmers to keep your calves toasty. Nobody has to know!

If you want to show off your legs, try keeping your calves and ankles warm with some knee-high boots. Choose neutral tones to complement a patterned skirt, or go with some sparkly boots to make your outfit pop.

You can wear tights under your boots for an extra layer of warmth.

Since most of your legs are showing already, it isn’t difficult to make them look even longer with some chunky heels or booties. Try wearing a pair of these for a night out or a professional look.

-You can wear some black suede booties with a patterned mini skirt and black tights for a classic look.

-Try wearing some brown chunky heels with a brightly colored mini skirt and knee-high socks.

2. Wear Mini Skirt with Long Trench Coat

Photo: wheretoget
Photo: wheretoget

In order to balance out your shorter skirt layer, try putting on a trenchcoat or an overcoat to keep warm. You can put on a solid-colored one for a classic look, or go bold with plaid or stripes.

When it comes to wearing a skirt in winter, this outfit is probably one of the most classic ones. The outfit consists of a white sweater, a long grey trench coat, a black mini skirt, and knee-high leather boots. Wear black stockings to keep you warmer.

-Try wearing a gray mini skirt, black tights, a striped top, and a camel-colored overcoat.

-Or, go bold with a bright-colored mini skirt and patterned tights with a black overcoat.

3. Wear Mini Skirt with Long Sleeves

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

As you pair tops with your mini skirt, try to stick with full-length or 3/4 sleeves. Not only will this keep you warm, but it will also balance out the skin you are showing on your lower half. For a minimal winter outfit, you can wear a grey, oversized, high neck comfy knit sweater with a black pencil skirt. Pair with black leather ankle boots to complete this clean and chic look.

Add an off-the-shoulder neckline to make your outfit more fashionable.

6. Wear Mini Skirt with Blazers

Photo: outfittingideas
Photo: outfittingideas

A structured black blazer is worn atop a white oversized sweater teamed with a black-white animal print skirt. Complete this outfit with opaque tights and color-heeled deep brown leather ankle boots.

Occasionally, you may want to dress girly and fun to balance out the greyish winter days. You can wear all white with the white top, the blazer and the twirly frill skirt. Interestingly make it all black at the bottom by wearing black leggings and leather boots.

7. Add an oversized scarf for the ultimate winter outfit

Photo: stilettoconfessions
Photo: stilettoconfessions

Sure, we love our puffer coats and fuzzy bags, but if you ask us, no winter wardrobe is truly complete without the addition of a scarf. Aside from providing warmth, this accessory is often our outfit's missing piece, adding interest, color, or even a fun print. However, there are numerous ways for how to tie a scarf, and each twist or knot has the ability to transform a look, taking it from meh to whoa.

Nothing says wintertime more than a large scarf. Wrap one around your neck a few times to stay bundled up while showing off your style in a mini skirt.

Pair a neutral-colored scarf with patterned mini skirts, and add patterned scarves to solid-colored outfits.

8. Carry a structured handbag to fit your essentials

Photo: peakpx
Photo: peakpx

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but handbags are the real MVPs. What else holds your wallet, phone, lipgloss and adds the finishing touch to any outfit?

Whether you’re heading to the office, a formal event (ahem, a summer wedding), or even to the gym, you’re bound to have a handbag at your side.

A large handbag will balance out your look and make your mini skirt seem more intentional. Put your phone, keys, and wallet into a handbag that you can throw over your shoulder for easy access.

You can use a neutral handbag to look cohesive or add a pop of color with a pink or blue handbag.

How To Wear Mini Skirts To Work Without Getting Into Trouble With HR

Colour coordinate with a tailored suit

As seen on Tiffany Hsu, the buying director at Mytheresa, a bright fluorescent yellow skirt suit can look incredibly polished and chic. The key here is to opt for a well-tailored suit jacket in an oversized, slouchy silhouette to create a cool and relaxed fit that extends slightly past the hemline of your mini skirt. Bright saturated colors such as lime green and coral orange are also in this spring, so don’t be afraid to experiment with louder, in-your-face hues when it comes to your coordinated two-piece.

Opt for ladylike prints

Photo: popsugar
Photo: popsugar

Spanish fashion influencer Aida Domenech shows us how to look great in a graphic floral printed mini skirt. Teaming a high-waisted ruched skirt with bright pink florals with a casual white tee and an oversized blazer, Aida finishes her look with tall combat boots for a modern look that balances between ladylike and edgy for a grown-up vibe.

Team with a T-shirt and oversized blazer

One very popular styling combination lately has been teaming a casual cotton tee with a polished short skirt and an oversized blazer with strong structured shoulders. It looks comfortable, effortless, and sophisticated all at the same time. Finish your look with a pair of ankle boots, a chunky gold-tone chain choker, and a chain-link shoulder bag.

Wear it with tall slouchy boots

Wearing a pair of tall boots with shafts that extend over ankle territory may be an adventurous fashion choice for many of us especially when considering the humidity in Singapore. But it’s undeniable how chic it looks – especially when paired with a mini skirt. A pair of slouchy leather boots offer a proportional balance to the short hemlines of your skirts, elongates your legs, and helps you reveal less skin.

Lean into the ‘70s with colorful patchwork prints

Tapping into the ‘70s aesthetic with bright color-clashing patchworked patterns, this outfit is expressive, fun, and yet entirely sophisticated by dint of the stoic houndstooth jacket with short sleeves and padded shoulders. Emulate this look for yourself with a more conservative twist by teaming a patchwork suede mini skirt with a fitted ribbed polo sweater, an oversized tailored jacket, a saddlebag and a pair of immaculate pointed-toe mules

Wear it over a pair of pantyhose

Photo: closetfulofclothes
Photo: closetfulofclothes

Embrace hosiery or leggings when you’re wearing your favorite mini so that you can look professional and ladylike. A pair of pantyhose underneath a mini skirt helps ensure that you’re not exposing too much skin at the office, which may help if your workplace has stricter dress codes. Opt for darker or skin-colored stockings without prints or patterns for a more subtle approach.

Opt for conservative necklines like a polo top

Style influencer Brittany Xavier dresses a prim printed buttoned-up blouse in an A-line leather mini skirt and a color blocking turquoise and grey leather jacket with oversized proportions and contrasting textures in the form of quilted leather panels for added interest. Pairing a mini skirt with higher necklines, such as a polo top, a high buttoned-up collar, and a mock neck can complement and ground a mini skirt if you’re afraid of baring too much skin.

Dress it in a hoodie

Teaming an oversized black hoodie with a tartan printed mini skirt with pleats and a wide-cut belt, Yoyo Cao pulls off an urban take on punk dressing replete with oversized sunnies and lace-up mid-calf combat boots. For a similar casual-cool vibe, style a mini skirt in denim or colorful prints with a graphic sweatshirt or oversized hoodie and finish the look with block-heeled ankle boots.

Wear a serious print like heritage checks

When styled together with a “grown-up” print such as houndstooth or heritage checks, mini skirts are immediately elevated and look more sophisticated for the office. Pair a simple mini skirt with a solid colored cable knit sweater and a structured tailored suit jacket rendered in brown checks and in a few sizes up to pull off androgynous styling.

Tips to keep warm while wearing mini skirts in winter

Choose the appropriate skirts for winter

There is some basic guidance in selecting suitable winter skirts. The first thing is to get the skirts that are made of thick or heavy materials. These kinds of skirts will provide you with more warmth. Some examples of the heavy fabrics for winter skirts are denim, leather, wool, heavy cotton, and velvet.

You are free to select skirts from various kinds of length, from mini skirts, knee-length skirts, to maxi skirts are flexible to wear on almost any occasion. As for the detail of the skirts, dark colors are more suitable for winter wear with some simple patterns, such as stripes and geometric.

Cover up the legs to stay warm

There are some pieces that can be used as legs protection, such as nylon stockings, leggings, or knee-high or thigh-high socks. Similar to the skirt's nuance, dark colors, especially black are the best choice for the stockings or leggings. As for the socks, it is slightly more flexible to choose some brighter colors.

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