How To Style Blowout Haircut
How To Style Men Blowout Haircut

While the pompadour, quiff, and undercut have already caught our attention, it’s now time for the blowout to reign supreme. From New York to Paris, gents everywhere are rocking this revived hair trend with style. The blowout haircut is not only eye-catching but it is also fashion-forward and cool. If you want to look and feel breezy and relaxed, a blowout haircut is a nice way to accomplish this. It gives an impression of the hair that was blown out from the back by a heavy wind.

Here are how you can style men blowout haircut, and if it fits you.

What Is A Blowout Haircut For Male?

 Photo: Men's Hairstyles Now
Photo: Men's Hairstyles Now

The men blowout haircut can have any length on top, often styled back, while the sides are kept quite short and slowly taper off — especially around the temple region.

The men blowout hairstyle, also known as a temple fade or taper fade, first became popular in the 1990s but made a comeback two decades later thanks to Pauly D from Jersey Shore. It continues to be a cool hairstyle for guys who prefer to stand out from the crowd.

This fade hairstyle works for a range of hair types, especially those with volume like curly or black hair that can be worn natural, in twists or styled with a curl sponge. Guys with straight hair have to put in a little more effort.

Pauly D was famous for his elaborate blow-drying, gel and hairspray routine but any strong hold product should work. Blow-drying hair while training it to stand up will help your blowout stand up higher, last longer and get the look with a minimum of product.

Here are a range of different ways to wear the blowout with different lengths and styles on top and fades on the bottom.

How To Get This Cut

Photo: The Hair Trend
Photo: The Hair Trend

When going to a hairdresser to get this haircut, simply asking for a temple fade or blowout should do the job. Otherwise, describe the fade-out from 1 cm long hair, below the sides of the forehead, and explain whatever you’d like the top to look like.

Should one of your friends or family members be helping you to cut your hair, simply using photos as a reference should work. Before beginning, make sure that they are able to taper the hair off properly, or you might end up with a slightly jagged style!

How To Style Haircuts Blowouts for Men

A blowout hairstyle is a great way to unleash your creativity. Thus, do not limit your imagination. Also, it does not require many styling tools and products, which makes it pretty easy to get. Just choose one of the following approaches:

1. Apply hair gel to the top, push it up and style back. In this way, you will achieve a really intensive blowout look.

2. Spike up all the hair on top. This works especially well if your thatch is medium long.

3. Complement an afro hairstyle with a temp fade. Thus, you will achieve a sporty and bold look.

Can you do a blowout on short hair?

While the classic blowout is designed for long or medium hair, a cropped blowout looks great on short hair – though it's typically more subtle than the longer version.

How long does a blowout last?

The taper fade part of the blowout typically lasts around three weeks. When it comes to the top section, expect it to hold for several hours up to a day. The type of product you use will determine how long the blowout maintains its shape. Using pomade is a great option because it combines longevity with flexibility, so you can reshape your hair throughout the day as needed without it getting crunchy or stiff.

How to Maintain Your Blowout Hairstyle Longer

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

1. Don’t Brush it on Day 1

Revel in your gorgeous blowout on Day One by trying your best to look and not touch! We know it’s hard, but trust that it’s worth it. Also, avoid brushing or putting any additional product in it. Doing so can create more oil and cause your hair to lose its newfound volume.

2. Use a Comb

This is especially important for the first few days. A comb helps maintain your hair’s style and body, whereas a brush can flatten the look, creating a limp and dull effect.

3. Sleep with a Light Hair Oil

Maintain the sleekness of your blowout by using some hair oil like Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing 5-in-1 Invisible Hair Oil whose formula can help smooth frizz and make your hair soft. Squirt a dime-sized amount into your hands and mix it around as you work the oil into your strands, focusing on the frizzy or unmanageable areas.

4. Sleep with a Low Ponytail and Headband

A lot of how your hair is going to look during the week is dependent on how you wear it during bedtime. Make sure to lightly wrap your hair in a low pony. Anything with too much grip can cause your hair to retain a bend. Also, cover the front of your hair with a loose headband or hair wrap to help tame any frizz or flyaways.

5. Revive Your Hair

By day three, you may notice that your locks are starting to get a bit limp. Revive them with a dry shampoo like Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Dry Shampoo whose formula absorbs your hair oils as it cleans and revives your hair. Simply spritz some dry shampoo onto your roots and then use your fingers or a comb to distribute the product throughout your ends.

6. Refresh your blowout hairstyle

Another technique for holding onto a blowout is to re-blow-dry your hair. This step usually happens on day three or four and is really only done in certain areas where you start to see frizz or where you think your hair needs a lift. This is also a good way to revive any curls or bounce created during your blowout. Make sure to apply a heat protectant to your hair like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray whose formula can help to protect your hair from heat styling as it also helps to guard against dryness and frizz.

If you find that you have flyways post-blowout, use some Bed Head by TIGI Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray whose formula can protect and nourish your hair as it tames annoying frizz.

Hottest Blowout Haircut Styles For Men

1. Straight Blowout

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

This straight blowout style with shaved sides is bold and fashion-forward. The key to making the look work is to maintain a natural texture while keeping everything in place. Be especially careful if you have fine hair. A blowout of this style could end up falling flat and limp before the end of the day if your locks are thin.

2. Afro Blowout

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Men with afro hair can also rock an awesome blowout style. Thanks to plenty of natural texture and volume, this hair type is the ideal partner for the look. If you want to try an afro blowout, just remember to keep the sides of your hair shaved and neat for a balanced appearance.

An afro is a hairstyle produced by a natural growth of kinky hair, or specifically styled with chemical curling products by individuals with naturally curly or straight hair. The hairstyle can be created by combing the hair away from the scalp, dispersing a distinctive curl pattern, and forming the hair into a rounded shape, much like a cloud or puff ball.

For people with wavy or straight hair, the hair style is created with the help of permanent hair structure-changing creams or gels and/or other solidifying liquids to temporarily hold the hair in place. Particularly popular in the African American community of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the hairstyle is often shaped and maintained with the assistance of a wide-toothed comb colloquially known as an Afro pick.

"Afro" is derived from the term "Afro-American". The hairstyle is also referred to by some as "natural"—particularly the shorter, less elaborate versions of the Afro—since in most cases the hair is left untreated by relaxers or straightening chemicals and is instead allowed to express its natural curl or kinkiness.

3. Blow Out Sponge Twist

Photo: Mens Haircuts
Photo: Mens Haircuts

As a blowout taper takes off the hair from the sides, it creates a cleaner and smarter appearance of the style. Besides, it makes the hair on the top of the head the focal point of the look. So, do not limit your imagination when choosing the style for it.

4. Blowout with Fade

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Traditionally, blowout hairstyles have featured faded sides. Although today you’ll find all kinds of variations, a blowout with a fade is still a great look. To modernize the style, begin your fade from the crown with definition between the longer hair on top of your head and the shorter sides. Doing so will also reference the undercut hairstyles that are so popular today.

The fade haircut, also known as a taper, involves gradually cutting the hair on your back and sides shorter as it gets closer to your neck. By blending and fading the hair on the sides, from long at the top to short at the bottom, your barber can taper your fade cut into your neck and sideburns.

The most common way to cut a fade is with hair clippers. Using different haircut numbers or clipper guard sizes, your barber will start with a longer length and slowly trim down your sides, back and neckline.

This gradual and seamless shortening and buzzing makes learning how to fade hair one of the most difficult parts of becoming a barber.

5. Wavy Blowout

Photo:  Haircut Style – Fade Hair Styles
Photo: Haircut Style – Fade Hair Styles

If your hair is naturally wavy, try embracing the blowout. Thanks to your hair’s organic texture, your blowout will appear modern and stylish. While the long length on top of your hair will display your waves nicely and have a relaxed appearance, the faded sides will keep things tidy and sophisticated.

Wavy hair men are a type of hair that grows straight before taking loose curly shapes. Naturally, men tend to look classy when they are on wavy short hair because it got hair styling almost all the modern haircuts. These modern haircuts include fade, undercut, disconnected undercut, crew cut, mohawk, and a whole lot of them.

6. Full Volume Blowout

Photo:  Haircut Inspiration
Photo: Haircut Inspiration

Gents with thick hair will find that a blowout looks great on them. The full volume appearance will have the type of dramatic look that was intended for this cut. Just be sure to keep things neat and well-groomed. A wild and frizzy voluminous blowout can often appear unkempt and unstylish.

7. Messy Blowout

A sharp, structured blowout can easily seem outdated. To keep things modern, opt for a stylishly disheveled look instead. To create the style, simply mess and scrunch hair using hands and some pomade after blow-drying. The result will be a polished bedhead look that’s perfect for the weekend.

Messy hairstyles for men have been incredibly popular in recent years. In fact, messy hair for guys is a trendy go-to look because messy haircut styles are easy, quick and fashionable. The best part is that there are a number of cool men’s long, medium and short messy hairstyles to try. With good hair products, guys can style all the best messy haircuts.

Whether you want to style an unkempt fringe or crop top for short hair, a textured comb over fade or scruffy quiff for medium hair, or tousled long hair, there’s a messy hairstyle for you.

8. Crown Blowout

Photo:  Cool Men's Hair
Photo: Cool Men's Hair

This contemporary blowout style features a long section of hair on the crown of the head with a high fade on the sides. The contrast between the tall top section and the shaved sides creates an elongating effect, making it ideal for those with a round face shape. If your face is oval, you can still rock this look but consider shortening the length on top or lowering the fade.

The quiff hairstyle has remained one of the most influential and enduring hair trends for many decades. It is one of the most classic, timeless styles that can be harnessed by different age groups and is appropriate for various events. The quiff has also been the hairstyle of choice in cinema, music, and even politics. From its earliest versions to its current adaptations today, we take you through the best quiff hairstyles for men.

9. Crown Blowout

This contemporary blowout style features a long section of hair on the crown of the head with a high fade on the sides. The contrast between the tall top section and the shaved sides creates an elongating effect, making it ideal for those with a round face shape. If your face is oval, you can still rock this look but consider shortening the length on top or lowering the fade.

10. Short Curly Blowout


As short curly hair already has a natural tendency to sit up, a blowout can make a great styling option. The simple look shouldn’t take much work and will have a stylish result. Just remember that the more you blow-dry, the frizzier your hair will be.

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