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Common Weaknesses

Before we go detailed, here is a list of common weaknesses dancers have. Of course, there is an underlying premise that it is important to accumulate practice every day. Yet, knowing your strength and weakness is the starting point of deliberate practices. Please read over each point, and apply it to yourself. You will know your weakness, and understand which part to focus on in your practice.

You are ahead of the music

You look at the floor

You cannot move the body as you wish

You lose balance making a turn

You become rough once exhaustion hits

Practice methods

Choose the style of dance that you want to learn

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There are so many different types of dance which means that there is bound to be a style that suits you. Look at dance books, watch dance videos online, or see dancers perform to find a style that you want to focus on. Some popular types of dance include ballet, jazz, contemporary, ballroom, and hip hop. Each style has a different feel. For instance, the quick beats of tap dancing are very different from the long graceful moves of ballet dancing or the edgy movements of hip-hop.

Explore as many different types of dance as you can to find one that you think that you will enjoy.

Watch dance videos, magazines, and books or professionals

Watching different videos to understand the basics of different styles of dance. Dance books describe the basics of dancing, so they give you an idea of what you have ahead of you.

Try checking out magazines from the library. It's a free way to explore your options. Dive into the history of dances. It may inspire you to choose one.

Go see a live show in your local community. It doesn't have to be expensive. Maybe your local college has a dance school. However, watching in person provides a different experience than watching a video. It sweeps you up in the performance.

If you watch someone dance, you'll get a better feel for dancing. You'll see some great moves and get ideas from the pros. Pay attention to the dancers to see what they are doing. Are they focused? What is their technique like? Do their emotions complement the music? If you notice what inspires you in their movement, it may help you decide what you want to do.

Warm-up and stretch before you begin dancing

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Stretching and strength training your body will keep it healthy, strong, and flexible. Move your ankle, shoulder, and hip joints in small circles. Stretch out your hamstrings by laying on your back and drawing each knee to your chest and then extending your leg. Repeat lunges 5-10 times to stretch out your thighs.

There are many warm-up workouts for dance available online. Try many different warm-ups to see what you prefer.

Warming up before your dance helps to enhance your body’s performance and to prevent injuries.

Practice to sharpen the movement

There is a concept called sharpness in dancing. It makes use of different speeds and sudden stops. In order to wipe off your amateur look, you want to master good reflexes.

Making poses in conjunction with music is the best way to train this. In the 8 count song, make a pose at every 4th one, and stop for the next 4 counts. Then make a pose again at the 8th beat. Repeat that process: 1, 2, 3, Pose, 5, 6, 7, Pose, 1, 2, 3, Pose, 5, 6, 7, Pose

A good side benefit of this practice is it trains a great deal of your creativity. You will realize quickly how repetitive your posing is. Try, but it is understandable you end up repeating your poses. There is no need to stress yourself over this in this exercise. This concern leads to my next point.

Create your own dance passion project

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Taking a class is fun, of course, but if you want to set a more personal standard for “accomplishment,” come up with a passion project!

For example: make a concept video! Or choreograph a piece!

These goals will challenge you to be artistic in more ways than just dance – and you're not relying on anyone else's time to make it happen.

Purposeful practice is the key to success

Practicing is the only way to get better, but you can still do things in the entirely wrong way. Repeating steps and choreography blindfolded will not take your dancing much further. It goes with any type of learning, but in order to make your progress faster, you want to be using your brain and thinking hard. You can practice anytime however much you want. That is why self-guidance is necessary since there is no one that simply gives you a list of requirements. The worst is when you spend all day practicing with little outcome.

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